‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Will Be Even Bigger Than ‘Days of Future Past’

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x men days future past featurettes X Men: Apocalypse Will Be Even Bigger Than Days of Future Past

The buzz and marketing surrounding Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past is happily reaching a boiling point with early reactions from its first press screening yesterday promising that the ambitious project might be the series’ best outing to date. It’s a fitting response to tracking numbers earlier this week suggesting that Days of Future Past will have the biggest opening for the franchise yet, even bigger than this year’s two Marvel-branded blockbusters that hit theaters already in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

And that’s exactly what the studio ordered. After box office performances of franchise installments failed to surpass that of X-Men: The Last Stand - a film which had lasting negative effects on the series (made even worse by X-Men Origins: Wolverine) – Fox,with the help of Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn, went in a different direction with a ’60s set period piece (X-Men: First Class) that re-introduced younger versions of key X-Men characters. For the followup, the team went way, way bigger, so big in fact that X-Men: Days of Future Past is reportedly the most expensive superhero film ever made, the second most costly production for the studio behind only James Cameron’s Avatar.

Much of that has to do with Days of Future Past serving as a course correction for the franchise, bringing back Singer to the director’s fold, introducing the Marvel Comics favorite plot device of time travel, and bringing back not only the stars of First Class, but pretty much every character from the original X-Men trilogy which began 14 years ago. Toss in the largest set pieces and action the franchise has ever seen, and the scale, scope and risk of the project is through the roof. But it’s looking like it’s all about to pay off come May 23rd when X-Men: Days of Future Past opens worldwide.

X Men Apocalypse Movie Scale 1024x682 X Men: Apocalypse Will Be Even Bigger Than Days of Future Past

Fox is placing much of their resources in the X-Men and next year’s reboot of Fantastic Four (which began shooting this week), having dropped Daredevil to focus on these two properties with the hope that they can build their own shared cinematic universe. Days of Future Past aims to “fix” the continuity as we know it, and with time travel, it can help set the stage for a quasi-relaunch (or a re-positioning) of the series. The next sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse already has release date for 2016, along with sequels for Fantastic Four and The Wolverine, and another unannounced X-movie.

What fans will see in Days of Future Past will lead into Apocalypse, the ultimate X-Men villain, the oldest of all mutants. With writer and producer Simon Kinberg signing a three-year deal with Fox to help orchestrate and build stories that span multiple movies, he’s already talking up ideas for the followup, which he promises in an interview with SHH to be even bigger than anything else we’ve seen before. That means it’s even bigger than Days of Future Past, a movie Hugh Jackman describes as three films in one, a movie that’s the most expensive in the genre.

“We want to tell the Apocalypse story and there’s massive scale and scope to telling that story. There’s going to be set pieces that I suspect are going to be bigger than anything we’ve ever done in an X-Men movie before and he’s a great character. The biggest and funnest challenge of the Apocalypse movie to me is his character. How do you create a new villain for the X-Men world that is as good as any villain that’s come before, is compelling philosophically as Magneto, not just in his physical powers, but in his philosophical depth. ‘Apocalypse’ is going to be a fun movie to write and make.”

We already know that X-Men: Apocalypse will continue with the core cast of First Class and will skip ahead another decade (again) to take place in the ’80s. With the time period and setting, this means we could see younger versions of the original X-Men cast – including potentially Cyclops, Jean Grey and Storm – as hinted at by Bryan Singer. We also know from a separate interview with the director, that he and the X-Men: Apocalypse writing team are very interested in bringing back Quicksilver – an apparent highlight of the film according to early word – along with fan-favorites in Gambit and Nightcrawler, who both weren’t brought back after their onscreen introductions.

X Men Days of Future Past Magneto poster 702x1024 X Men: Apocalypse Will Be Even Bigger Than Days of Future Past

Are you excited to see Apocalypse make his long-awaited introduction? Will Mr. Sinister come into the fold? What’s the mysterious unannounced X-Men movie? Is there room for the Deadpool and Gambit solo movies? Be sure to enter our X-Men: Days of Future Past contest for a chance to win a 4K HD TV from TCL!


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past arrives in U.S. theaters on May 23rd, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19th, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27th, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3rd, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14th, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13th, 2018.

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  1. I suppose it’d have to be bigger considering the villain involved and the ramifications if he “wins” the fight and possible timelines coming off that.

    • the question here on X-men:Apocalypse is who’s going to play the strong muscle men Apocalypse that is the question who’s going to be playing the strong men Apocalypse and i wanted to see again if she is a mutant Blink and sunspot

  2. Why does future Wolverine have metal claws?

    • It’s implied in the backstory that Magneto helped Wolverine getting Adamantium back to his skeleton
      Whether that particular scene will be shown onscreen or not , it remains to be seen

    • Because Erik got some Adamantium from Alkali Lake, and installed it into my claws, causing me to have MEtal calws again.

  3. Question, is Singer gonna be able to direct X-Men: Apocalypse considering the predicament he’s in?

    • If there isn’t any truth to it, I’m sure he’ll be back. If there IS something to the accusation…no idea. His career for the next few years could be over.

      • As far as I’m aware, someone else has stepped forwards now, a British male this time. I can say here now that abuse of underage children of both sexes in the entertainment industry has been massive news here since 2012, with major publicists, TV presenters and others being jailed or currently going through the trial process with victims coming forwards bravely to name and shame these formerly untouchable people.

        Due to that, the stories of those currently prosecuted/jailed and the bragging we’ve since found out about from those now dead (including former TV presenter/radio DJ, professional wrestler/charity patron Sir Jimmy Savile and former radio DJ John Peel) about their underage conquests has made me think that with this second person coming forward, there may be truth to the allegations against Singer and others named in the same lawsuits.

        If so, he’s done.

      • @Deadpool
        Singer has indeed gone underground. Even his Twitter account is dead
        LBGT has hidden him in a closet somewhere

        • Not sure why people connect homosexuality and underage child abuse considering the factual information on child abuse shows that it happens most commonly with adult men and underage girls… sorry but facts are facts

          • The fact is a 30 year old man has come forward in press claiming he was sexually abused when he was a minor by a group of gay men, one of them is Bryan Singer.
            Sorry, but fact is fact.

          • I hate when people go facts are facts. Do your facts consider that boys are less likely to come forward about being molested than girls are?

            • Still, homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia or, in this instance, ephebophilia and rape.

        • Excuse me but do not group the LGBT community with what 1 man allegedly did , and saying we put him in the closet is offensive joke about something else please and thank you .

    • The next X-Men will be filmed in France :)

  4. I was never a fan of Apocalypse, he always seemed like a big talker and very arrogant but never seemed to impress me in anything he did. I remember watching the arcs with him in the 90s cartoon show and always being bored. I always kind of put him and Darksied in the same category because of their traits, but I always liked Darkseid more. I really hope they can do something to make him seem more interesting.

    What I really want them to do is redo the Dark/Phoenix Saga. Phoenix as always been my favorite character, and Dark Phoenix has been my favorite X-men villain since I started getting into the series. I was supremely disappointed with the Last Stand version, especially with what they were leading up to in X2, so I really hope they revisit that storyline at some point.

    • yeah he was like a big purple robot either talking someone to death and transforms his hand into a giant hammer, apocalypse would be great though if he is done right.

    • In my 30′s and have been an X-Men fan since I was a kid! Love the cartoon series. Phoenix is my favourite character. They royally screwed up her storyline which could have been great for the franchise. Introducing so many characters is quite a tease especially if they aren’t in future movies. Fans of the comic/cartoon get disappointed.

      Marvel should do a Spiderman and his amazing friends movie – with Firestar (Angelica) and Iceman in it.

    • You fans of the cartoon no nothing about the characters and storylines in the comics. You had a tiny sampling of it all and think yourselves experts. Sad, really. Like dumb kids writing book essays from seeing the movie adaptation.

  5. So will they tease Apocalypse in the post credit scene?

    • It would be cool if they made it so that pyramid with the eye on the U.S dollar bill signified the coming of Apocalypse (a spin on the coming of the anti-Christ).

      • But you do know that there is no mythical “the anti-Christ”. Just anti-Christs, which are the same as any anti-anything: anyone who’s a nonbeliever of Jesus. But you knew that!

    • I read somewhere that the post scene will be him coming from space to the desert where the young magneto is hiding, be a robot, and say something like “I have been looking for someone like you” right before he possesses him.

      Not sure if it is true, but I would not be surprised considering that he are dealing with FOX.

      • That was rumored, but it was denied by FOX.

        • Lets hope that the post credit scene is false, but knowing FOX I would not be surprised… Do you know what it is, or is it top secret?

  6. I think this is a smart move for fox. my only concerns are how are they going to fit all of apocalypse’s story into one film? His story as ruler in Age of Apocalypse and his backstory is just massive. and how are they going to fit Cable in the mix, you can’t really have an Apocalypse tale without Cable. and on top of that introduce Cyclops, Jean, and Storm, and fit this into one film? it better be a 3 hour epic! also I really hope they get a new director besides Singer. This whole scandal is not what is needed to be attached to Xmen. As a gay man, I find his actions grotesque and really tarnish what X-men are all about. He is a disgrace to the Gay community in my opinion! Fox needs to distant themselves from him big time. I’ve heard these underage rumors far too long.

    • So good to hear!
      Exactly! Too often something like this draws
      imaginary battle lines and people take sides
      without realistically looking at evidence and
      the actual crime. This isn’t about Singer being
      gay, and that needs to be ##$%^ highlighted
      more than anything. He a a screwed up user that
      has attended parties at the M & C Estate, parties
      known for their underage boys. The group that
      owned the estate are known pedophiles. Sadly only
      one was actually charged with it, and he got barely
      any time (while pot heads are still serving time
      for possession of a joint).

      As for AoA, I can only wish big things as it’s my
      dream movie ever since the idea of an X-Men film
      was announced. Personally, I’d kill to see the
      Horsemen, Dark Riders and Mr. Sinister (alongside
      Cable and Stryfe of course ;) ) but, realistically,
      I’d be happy w just Cable. They do need the right
      guy tho. They messed up Bishop. Too much hair, and
      not enough upper body.

  7. More Nightcrawler and no crappy actor playing him in his younger form! *BAMF*

    • Don’t know if Alan Cumming would be willing to return. He was pretty vocal about his dislike of the makeup process. It would be great though, as he pretty much nailed the part. Also, the makeup could hide his aging since X2.

  8. The Apocolypse from space and taking over Magneto has been confirmed by Singer himself to be false.

  9. It may beat Spiderman or Captain America but no way will it match the Avengers….

  10. Personally, I’d love to see them do the Phalanx Covenant storyline which would be a great way to introduce a crop of new characters and keep major franchise characters basically limited down to minimal screentime etc…or sometime down the road I’d love to see X-Tinction Agenda which was my all time favorite crossover arc and builds off of themes they’ve been using since day one anyways

    • or the BROOD….

      • M-DAY!

        • M-Day would be cool but sort of got done already with the “cure” in Xmen 3 so I don’t see it being rehashed. Sucks that the dark avengers/xmen/utopia story lines could ever be done… Or the Uncanny Avengers with Havok, Rogue, Wolverine, Cap, etc verses Kang and the Apocalypse Twins

  11. I’m excited.

  12. Got to have sinister and do a Cyclopes, Jean , Cable, Hope Summers, Madilen Prior storry line. Would be cool to See more of Gambit but Nightcrawler dosn’t fit into the time line. He could fit into an X Force movie if they base it on the future or present day. Fantastic 4 vs Brotherhood movie would be cool if the brotherhood wipes them out, like dead!

  13. And Dazzler Cameo, it’s the 80s gotta have Dazzler.

  14. If singer isn’t back I’d love to see it, I refuse to pay for his garbage xmen movies

    • You’re forgetting his “garbage” X-Men movies are still the best ones in the whole franchise so far, with James Mangold’s The Wolverine.

  15. With the willingness to take on such large concepts like Marvel and Hollywood have commited themselves to I see NO reason we cant eventually have a Civil War series. It would bring every single Marvel movie character together and even have the villians chosing sides. I always thought we would get an animated movie for Civil War but my hopes for live action have perked with the attention the entire Marvel Universe is receiving.

  16. This is going to be good. If you havent seen Xmen evolution on Disney XD, you would know that this villain means business. We knew though that he was going to show up eventually right?

  17. Rob… who made that Apocalypse manip with the full body shots of the First Class and the new mutants? I dont remember seeing stand alone pics of each member, especially the new mutants

    did you make this? or someone else?

  18. Cyclops, jean, and storm joining the X-men is a must, also seeing Gambit, and Night crawler would be awesome, but I really want to see Archangel, a better Juggernaught, and a small role for Beak at this point these are the characters I want to see be brought in or return. More Rogue too.

  19. If bigger means better, than to me that means Cyclops is back. And the rest of my want-list (although not quite as important as Cycke): Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler, maybe an older Havok and older Banshee (by older I mean older that in First Class, not necessarily older than Cyke). Oh, and we could use a movie without Wolverine or Magneto in it. How about Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister, and Omega Red to cause trouble for the X-Men?

    • I was thinking about the Brood. To dark for this kind of movie?

  20. My two cents (recipe): A teaspoon less of Wolverine to make room under the pot for Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cable and Mister Sinister… will the cake overflow? :/

    • Edit button :
      Archangel (the four horsemen?) and Gambit too!

  21. I like the effort, but realistically I’ll be witholding judgement until I see what they do with DOFP with my own eyes – Fox has not proven they can create a multi-hero multi-villain movie that is better than “OK” in my book. I recently re-watched X2 and found that it doesn’t date particularly well – it was good in its time (with no quality competition) but honestly, it doesn’t hold a candle to Avengers, Cap 2, or even IM3 in my book. And apart from First Class, the other Fox movies are really not very good. Still, I’m hoping for the best, but Marvel makes the best superhero movies for a reason – they get GREAT actors, GREAT directors, and they respect the source material.

    • I’m with you. The X- men movies are extremely poor and FOX is hurriedly trying to replicate Marvel’s success. I have hopes, but don’t think it will match Cap 2, the avengers, or Iron Man 3.

  22. Stoked for DOFP and looking forward to Apocalypse.

    Wolverine 3 – Omega Red!

  23. I can only say that I’m happy to watch another X Men film. If done properly, it will open the window for another set of stories and new characters. As for the third Wolverine, it has to be rated R so that we get a Wolverine going to extremes.

    I will support the franchise as long as they don’t make a crossover with the bastardized version of the f4 Crap (in small letter).

  24. more mutants please and bring back a better CYCLOPS

  25. Younger version of Storm?! Can TPTB please right the wrongs of Halle Berry and cast Lupita N’yango

    • No way she too ugly to play storm, Judith Shekoni would be perfect she played the lead amazon chick in breaking dawn 2 hot too.

    • yes please storm is my favorite but halle screwed it up she is afican.

  26. My take would be to build him up as a menace through the film, we know he can possess or astral project himself vast distances so why not make him initially some essence that possesses mutants and in the process enhances their power, or having a gradual revitalization through his horsemen. Like if the story goes that to be awakened 4 celestial elements at different points on earth hidden for centuries when combined are an activation key for his revitalization chamber that is a machine that would evolve all mutants on earth to their peak but kill every human (even if it is similar to the X-men 1 idea, but this seems a different trilogy so I think it’s OK). We have Apocalypse possess and work through first one horseman retrieving a component element/key and then another and at every point we can have him battlea new mutant group, through taking over a new host .Then with the movie progressing we can say first the Acolytes of Sinister are defeated by him, to get the first key, then perhaps the Brotherhood of Mutants and Magneto are defeated to get the 2nd key and X-men get defeated as he takes the 3rd key. Each horseman would grow in power set as he transfers his essence to the next, so that the next from retains the powers of the preceding host and also gets new abilities of the current host. To make the film dark maybe each horseman dies when his essence leaves and that is why he needs to find his revitalisation pod to keep his body permanent without needing hosts. he is finally stopped when the 4th horseman is defeated by all the groups combined so that his full power or form is not complete and the master revitalization pod is destroyed before he can enter it.
    Anyway I was just thinking what would make the story engaging and almost mystical in a way. I mentioned on here before that I don’t want Apocalypse to mimic Kang the Conqueror where we have all emphasis on celestial technology and robots, it would be too much like Avengers. I think he should be shown as an essence that when he possesses a mutant maybe some glowing circuitry (almost tattoo like) is shown on their face or body and they turn dark grey in colour and their eyes glow red .Once his in a mutant’s body he exhibits his own powers like shape shifting, morphing his body into blades or even power mimicry i.e able to duplicate powers of mutants he fights against while in his host as well as rendering his hosts temporarily(while he inhabits them) indestructible in a much more potent way than even wolverine enabling him to regenerate blown off body parts if he is facing an army or heavy weaponry. As the movie progresses and he gets a new host the newer host has a bigger form and becomes a more and more powerful Apocalypse , his body also evolves in every host such that on top of more powers the celestial tech also is shown to be evolving into a more dangerous weapon system enabling him to morph his body into weapons that can even shoot projectiles or split into autonomous smaller duplicate entities.
    Obviously with each essence combining into another, every succeeding body of the horseman host would grow in size and so by the end of the movie we can have a larger Apocalypse that is closer to his comic form and by the end of the 3 horsemen combining he has an awesome power set. We can actually say he selectively picks his horsemen for their power sets that he enhances with his celestial technology that is part of his being, perhaps first horseman could be Sinister who is effectively immortal, the next horseman could be a cyborg like Spiral, the 3rd a telepath maybe Exodus, the 4th a reality-jumper like Mikhail Rasputin. So you get the idea the movie builds up as it goes to an awesome climax. At the end in fact we can have the host/4th horseman that was defeated retain the apocalypse essence so that while Apocalypse’s scheme is defeated one of the ‘cogs’ is still present and so Apocalypse is free to be a threat another day even if this is a concluding chapter to the trilogy.

  27. This is my own opinion here. But they really need to do a Nathanial Essex story, especially if they intend on introducing Cable. (Stephen Lang has the persona for it, maybe not the bulk) I am pretty sure that Apocalypse made Essex into Sinister, and now that Scott and Jean are alive again. The timing could not be more perfect.

  28. I hope they introduce Jubilee and give Rogue and Storm a bigger Role

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