Bryan Singer Wants Gambit & Nightcrawler in ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’

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Gambit Nightcrawler X Men Movies Bryan Singer Wants Gambit & Nightcrawler in X Men: Apocalypse

When Twentieth Century Fox and producer Lauren Shuler Donner brought director Bryan Singer back into the X-Men film universe with X-Men: First Class -  a movie Singer was originally set to direct – little did we know that the man behind the first two X-Men films would end up working on an entire new trilogy of series installments. Singer of course, had to drop out of the First Class director’s chair due to scheduling with another project (Jack the Giant Slayer) and so Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) stepped in.

For the First Class sequel, an ambitious project that also doubles as a followup to the original X-trilogy, Singer and Vaughn trade spots as both of their roles expand. Singer is helming X-Men: Days of Future Past with Vaughn producing it and Fox’s other upcoming Marvel movie, Fantastic Four, while Simon Kinberg helps write both. This of course, is just a new beginning for the studio’s own version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe where we’re going to see quicker releases between films and stories that span over multiple movies.

It’s because of that plan that Kinberg signed a three-year deal with the studio and it’s how he, Singer and writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty, are already breaking the story for a Days of Future Past followup titled X-Men: Apocalypse, which will serve as the trilogy-closing installment for the younger First Class team.

nightcrawler alan cumming x men Bryan Singer Wants Gambit & Nightcrawler in X Men: Apocalypse

We know from Singer’s brief teases of the next film that it’ll be an ’80s period piece (First Class was in the ’60s and Days of Future Past takes place mostly in the ’70s) meaning we’re going to again see slightly aged versions of Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique, Michael Fassbender’s Magneto, James McAvoy’s Professor X and Nicholas Hoult’s Beast. We wouldn’t be surprised if ’80s Wolverine is in there too considering we’re seeing two versions of him in Days of Future Past.

What other mutant characters could we see on the ’80s X-Men roster fighting off against Apocalypse in a film that’ll feature the most “mass destruction” the franchise has seen and ancient mutants? According to Singer in an interview (translated) with Cine PREMIERE, he wants to bring back two familiar fan-fave characters from the comics.

“I’m considering a Gambit and potentially a young Nightcrawler for Apocalypse. [We were] going to have to Nightcrawler [in Days of Future Past] and even wrote a scene, but I felt that we were forcing too mutants known history.”

Gambit of course, was rumored to be a contender for introduction in X-Men: The Last Stand but that was before Singer – and funny enough, Vaughn too – left the project and Brett Ratner took over. The character did finally get an introduction in the spinoff X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch taking on the role, but suffering from the same adaptation issues most international characters face in the franchise – he lost his accent and wasn’t the “Ragin’ Cajun” fans know and love from the books. Take a look at Colossus, Banshee and Pyro for more examples of characters who didn’t get their signature accents either.

X Men Days of Future Past Empire Cover 27 Gambit 570x739 Bryan Singer Wants Gambit & Nightcrawler in X Men: Apocalypse

As for the one cool X-Men who did get a good translation into live-action, Nightcrawler, the lovable teleporter stole the screen in X-Men 2 when played by Alan Cumming only to never return again. Don’t be surprised to see a younger version of him, alongside Gambit, in Apocalypse. The real question is who will play them. If X-Men: Apocalypse takes place in the ’80s, that’s not far off from where X-Men Origins: Wolverine took place so Taylor Kitsch – who expressed interested in returning to the character – could come back. But then again, producer Lauren Shuler Donner is keen on making a Gambit standalone feature with Channing Tatum, who’s willing to do Gambit’s real Cajun accent.


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Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, Evan Jonigkeit along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore.

X-Men: Days of Future Past releases May 23, 2014, followed by Fantastic Four on June 19, 2015, X-Men: Apocalypse on May 27, 2016, The Wolverine 3 (not the official title) on March 3, 2017, Fantastic Four 2 on July 14, 2017, and an unspecified Marvel film on July 13, 2018.

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Source: Cine PREMIERE (hat tip Smitty)

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  1. Nightcrawler in the White House is one of my favorite superhero scenes

    • Nightcrawler scene at the white house was crazy good… all xmen movies should have MORE action of that caliber!

    • yeah I remember when I first saw it in trailers, DOPE!

  2. I love the idea of them bringing Nightcrawler back… But… A younger Nightcrawler? That must mean that they’re thinking of re-casting the role to a different actor. I think that Alan Cumming played the character perfectly, and that he should reprise the role.

    • the problem is that Alan Cumming doesn’t want to play the role of Nightcrawler again, he hated the make-up he had to put on to play the character.

      • Alan Cumming made a statement back in January saying that the rumor about him not returning to reprise his role as Nightcrawler as false. He hasn’t reprised his role because FOX never asked him back. Just thought I’d throw that in there before others start rallying behind this lie!

      • “he hated the make-up he had to put on to play the character” …that’s telling me Alan Cumming doesn’t like $$MONEY$$. You never heard Jennifer Lawrence crying about a make up, where did you get that news? LOL

      • Yeah, he was about as vocal about the makeup thing as John Rhys-Davies was about the Gimli makeup process.

      • So did J-Law and she’s getting a suit + CGI this time

    • I believe that Cumming has been emphatic about having absolutely no interest in reprising the role at any price.

      I think it mostly was because of the insane makeup he had to go through. Can’t say I blame him, its pretty crazy that folks go through that. I think Michael Dorn should probably have a record or something.

  3. Gambit has been the biggest under-utilized character! His accent, his powers, his look… it all begs to be put on screen. I can imagine a stand alone flick set in the back streets and alley ways of spooky Louisiana. It worked for True Blood in a campy sort of way… I think if done right it would GREAT!

    I like Taylor more then Channing… but Taylor has had some serious bad luck with box office numbers… even though I’ve like most of the stuff he’s done.


    • I agree. I think Channing would be better for an older Gambit, but Taylor would make a great younger Gambit. I wish he had more box office luck, but it seems like he’s only courted for projects that are destined to fail financially, not due to anything on his part. I hope to see his star rise at some point.

      • I don’t blame Kitsch for Savages, Battleship or John Carter. He wasn’t the problem with those movies. He’s a good actor and was great on Friday Night Lights. Wish him luck in the future.

        • For me the biggest problem of John Carter was its budget. Couldn’t be helped though, what with the setting.)

    • I’m actually glad he’s been underused. He needs his OWN movie, not be some tacked-on, secondary character or minor bit player in another big movie

    • How about David Belle from District 13 & Brick mansions….plus you would be able to do a nightcrawler in the white house scene with gambit…imagine David Belles Gambit jumping off a ledge ala Parkour to throw Cards at a sentinel…he would be a hit.

  4. Cummings was perfect for Nightcrawler… Too bad these X movies suck balls…

    • If one thing is fairly good about the X-Men movies, it’s the casting. Almost everybody was spot-on, even Cyclops. The acting isn’t even that bad save for Halle Berry’s Storm. It’s the flipping story! The plots are always about the mutants losing their powers or the government. Very shallow stuff.
      And of course the overuse of not only Wolverine but Magneto as well. Magneto as the bad guy for three straight movies? Granted he wasn’t technically the main antagonist in X-Men United which, by the way, is a terrible sequel name.

    • X1, X2 and First Class were all awesome movies. Last Stand, Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine were the ones that sucked.

      • I agree 100%. And I loved all the actors. I thought they were all great: Halle Berry, Famke Jansen, James Marsden and Hugh Jackman.

  5. I think that because Nightcrawler is Neyaphem they should be able to use Alan Cumming to reprise the role and say that the Neyaphem age differently than other mutants. Also, what ages will Mystique and Azazel be in the film anyways?

    • They have already established that Mystique ages slower then a normal human, and POSSIBLE SPOILER…………..Mystique is pregnant with Nightcrawler in DOFP. And In that viral promo site about Magneto killing JFK it is implied that it was Mystique in disguise seeking vengeance for the death of Azazel and several other mutants who were killed by an anti-mutant task force authorized by JFK. Mystique and Charles are supposed to be the same age approximately in the films, so with the slowed aging if Mystique has Nightcrawler after DOFP he could be brought in as a teenage mutant (if he is from the 80s and not elsewhere in the timeline).

  6. If DoFP hits the reset button on continuity issues, couldn’t that open the door to get Gambit his accent back? Or give them a backstory for why he “lost” it. Hiding out from Trask and mutant hunters by hiding his accent?

  7. I liked Taylor’s Gambit. Agree that he’s had no luck at the box office (I don’t think his films have been that bad – yes even Battleship and John Carter) but I actually like him and would like to see him as Gambit again instead of Channing.

    • I actually liked Taylor Kitsch’s Gambit as well. (Though here is where I also reveal that I don’t possess the intense hatred for X-Men Origins: Wolverine that so many people do, so maybe my opinion is invalid?)

      I’m not opposed to the idea of Channing Tatum as Gambit, but if I really had to choose between the two, for some standalone film or new appearance or whatever, I’d stay with Kitsch.

      I do think Kitsch either needs better luck when choosing projects, or needs a new agent or manager. I mean, it’s not like there’s anything particularly wrong with him, moreso that the projects he keeps getting attached to all go very badly.

  8. So….I wonder if Channing’s big line will be….”Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck a kinetically charged playing card? The same thing that happens to everything else!”….except with a really bad Cajun accent and possibly leftover eyeliner from Jupiter Ascending.

    • Next up as a crossover movie, “X-Men Meet The Muppets”. Toad will be played by Kermit….

      • Oh…that would be awesome….Miss Piggy yelling hi-yah and karate chopping Magneto!

        • Well, maybe not karate chopping…more like “pork-chopping”…remember, she is a pig!

          • Que Fozzy in the background “Wakka Wakka Wakka” :D

  9. Nightcrawler and Gambit? Works for me. BUT–and it is a big “but”–we need Cyclops, Cyclops, Cyclops!!!! Before anything else is added, planned, etc. Also would not mind seeing Mr. Sinister and Omega Red at some point. And no Wolverine. Getting sick unto death of him always being the main focus to save the day. In fact, since I did not care for X-Men First Class, maybe they need to quit wanting to focus on the cast from that one. And while I am all of a sudden tuning this into a grumble-tumble, maybe a rebot of the whole schmeer is in order, focusing on canon-canon-canon, like starting with comic #1 and going from there from the comics original X-Men in the 60s on out? They can speed ahead with those characters (Cyclops, Prof. X, Iceman, Beast, Marvel Girl, Angel) from there, and eventually approach a team of say, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine (tamped down ALOT), and Rogue. Maybe fit Banshee and Havok in somewhere in the middle (of course by this time we will be several movies and a number of years into the future in real time). After a bunch of you get done telling me why this is such a bad idea, I bet a few of you will peek out of the closet and say, “Uh, we support some of those ideas, Goldilocks”.

    • if they went exactly by canon, then they’d have to include all the racism, sexism, anti-feminism, etc. that would also include situations like reed smackin’ sue for talkin’, yellin’ at her for botherin’ him while he’s busy, etc. the kinda sh*t people throw a b****-fit about today. u always talk about wantin’ these movies to be exactly like canon, but obviously u don’t understand that not everything can be translated to screen from the comics. especially the culture of those time periods. there’d be too much backlash about the glorification of anti-feminism, racism, etc.

      • I do not remeber Reed ever smacking Sue. if he did, it was not the original writers that put that in. I do remember LATE in the character of Hank Pym him smacking janet. That should never have been put in a comic book. These are not supposed to be “social experiments”, they are supposed to be entertaining. The original concepts for these comics would never have included these. Unfortunately, some more modern writers like to try to raise a hue and cry just to make a stink, and that does not belong in comics. And of course there are those who take an incident like Tony Stark deinking, Hank Pym’s martial scrap, etc., and ride that horse to death, forgetting all the GOOD things about the character. I do not support drug use, alcoholism, same-sex issues, below-the-belt violence (other than that crash-bam-pow stuff that is supposed to be in comics), or any of a bunch of other issues that some writers try to foist on readers like me who have always respected the characters for what they originally were. Also, respecting traditionalism in the origins of characters does not mean it is a detail-for-detail exact clone/carbon-copy of every issue of the comics, but once you stray as far as some comic story-lines do from the original, or some movies do from the original, it ceases to be the original product.
        Here is a side-thought: let’s say someone wants to do a biography flick about your life. They paint you as a drunkard, a druggie, a treasonous traitor to your country, a heathen who defames and defiles church-altars, a little old lady-beater and purse-snatcher, a homosexual cheating on your wife with a same-sex partner, a kiddie-rapist and molester, a torturer of people you don’t like, a thug at heart, a liar, an ethnic background other than your own, a defenseless animal-abuser, a criminal committing a multitude of crimes even though in real-life you are none of these things, and would not consider lowering yourself to any of these things because in reality you try to lead a clean, moralistic, and law-abiding attitude. So…the ones doing this biography step WAY far away from canon, tradition, “reality”. Was that OK? Are you not a little miffed or disturbed? Well, this is pretty extreme, but there is a reason for the saying, “It is what it is”. Paraphrased, “canon is what it is”. Let’s not go to extremes to exercise creative fantasies when it is raining on someone else’s creativity or enjoyment-parade.
        Keep the comics traditionalist when it comes to movies, and remeber their original purpose and the long-term fans who supported making them famous so we have something to make movies of in that genre at all.

      • You sound like a liberal (shudder). The comics then may have reflected the mood and attitude of the times, but did not really rub anyone’s face in it,. That was just the way things were back then. Maybe not necessarily right, maybe needed fine-tuning, but that was the way it was; if you ignore that part of history, you may as well deny the Holocaust!
        I ran across someone recently who started complaining that the big bad white man kept slaves in early America (I agree, he did, and it was 100% wrong!! I would have supported the North body and soul in the Civil War. Slavery is NEVER right!) However, slavery did not start and end with the early American white man. Many of the black African tribes kept slaves clear back to the renaissance times’ early years and before. As did the Portugese, Indians and packistanis, Afghans, and many Asians countries, clear back to Roman and Greek Classical times. Also as did the South American tribes. So: when I pointed out to this fellow (who was a black American) that many cultures practiced this hundreds of years ago, and that history books will back this up, he could only sputter. I did point out that I would thoroughly oppose this practice in any culture (even the Scandanavians did it, and I am part Danish). So is this like a pot calling a kettle black or what?

        • no, i’m not a liberal.

          • Oh thank Heavens…hope for you yet (I am a conservative, and like Ronald reagan, I like jelluy beans. What more proof would one need?)!

            • “jelly”; I meant to say “jelly”. Must have had my mouth full of so many jelly beans when I said “jelluy” that it affected my brain’s spelling ability!

  10. Please Bryan Singer.

    Stop making X-Men movies.

    Enough, already.

  11. Blahh. I honestly dont even care about the past timeline. I’m more interested in the present day, future X-Men storyline. Somebody fire Singer and just reboot the X-Men where everyone has a proper origin and all the characters are approached with a some respect!

  12. I think the best choice to play Gambit is Josh Holloway.

  13. People do know singer only made two x men movies right , just two and those two did well in the box office and made back their revenue so what exactly is the problem again im really confused on that.

    • don’t get all the hate either. I loved Singer’s take on the x men.
      The main complains seem to be:
      1- To much focus on Wolverine. While he was the main character, i didn’t find X2 to be that Wolverine centric. But the fact is that Wolverine really clicked with the audience and Hugh Jackman sells tickets.
      2- They are not 100% percent faithful to the source material; like any adaptation is. X men and X 2 didn’t depart to much from the comics.
      3- They don’t wear the costumes. The x men costumes wouldn’t translate well to the screen, and giving Wolverine a mask wouldn’t make him a better character. X men don’t have secret identities anyway and we have seen them before wearing uniforms in the comics (ultimate X men, Gran Morrison’s run)

  14. Please just bring back Halle Berry, Famke Jensen, James Marsden and Hugh Jackman with substantial roles and major screen time. And let’s not centre the whole story around Wolverine -they didn’t do that in the comic books. With these actors and their characters and an excellent story, the movie will be a hit.

  15. As long as they bring Rogue or Storm front and center in a way that doesn’t butcher the characterization before they pull in more cool looking dudes from previous flicks (even two of my very, very favorite cool looking dudes), I would be totally fine with this.

    Or they could just give the franchise back to Marvel so we could see a real X-Men movie. I don’t know. My ability to care about these movies is a little shot.

  16. I like Taylor Kitsch, and think he was a great gambit, granted some things need to be changed about him, but im so tired of recasting I just want some CONTINUITY! with Xmen so I say bring back Taylor Kitsch, its not his fault his films failed, if fact they did well it was there budgets that made them fail.

  17. Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not that cool. I remember hearing the news that Gambit would be in that movie, but was disappointed for what we got.

  18. Its Friday and I`m gonna DRINK to this ….YAY !

  19. It would be nice if the various studios would put the petty fodder aside and think about the fans. All of the Marvel movies should be interconnected, with Agents of Shield being the premise of the overall big picture.

  20. “[We were] going to have to Nightcrawler [in Days of Future Past] and even wrote a scene, but I felt that we were forcing too mutants known history.”

    Best joke I´ve heard so far.

    But seriously. All those people complaining about Gambit´s missing accent… I´m wondering if those are the same people that don´t even think about Xavier´s British accent, even though he´s actually American.
    Or Magneto´s British accent, even though he´s German.
    And Kitsch is a million times better than Channing Tatum, who Lauren Shuler-Donner wants to play Gambit.

    Get a life, people.

    • Good point about Magneto and Xaviers accents in the movies…

      However, Magneto’s and Xaviers’ accents didn’t really ever define who they are. It wasn’t a main part of their schtick like Gambit and his accent.

      Gambit’s accent definately is more relative to his character and is more of an identifier (IMO)

      Honestly, in the cartoons and video games, (from what I remember) Magneto never had a German accent and Professor X’s voice from the movie is not super thick with British accent in my opinion. Gambit always had a thick cajun/Louisiana accent. Even in the comics his words are written so you can tell his accent defines him.

  21. I know you guys not all like Taylor as Gambit, or blame his other bad films, but he was pretty great in Lone Survivor. I hope he comes back

  22. I just want Jean Grey/Phoenix back in some capacity. If Professor X can be brought back, so can Jean. We NEED a decent Phoenix movie. I love the X-Men, they are my favorite, but it sucks without Jean.

  23. I hope they bring them both back, seeing as how seeing two of my favorite mutants made me slightly happy while watching Fox take a huge dump over their Marvel properties.

  24. Isn’t that one of the spoof magazine covers that SR made couple of months ago ?
    It’s cool though.

  25. For the part of gambit i think gaspard ulliel would of been a better fit than both taylor and channing but i guess we’ll see

  26. what i really want is bryan singer to never direct another x-men movie

    • He only directed X men and X 2, and they were both great.

  27. Yes indeed, a very good scene and one of the better ones in the movie! There ws actually an air of tension and expectation as Nightcrawler moved in on the Oval Office!
    (Probably the only time things happened fast in that office in many years, I might add in snarky fashion).

    • Well, how did my comment end up clear down here? Anyways, I was referring to the excellent scene of Nightcrawler invading and attacking the White House. Loved it! This was in reference to a comment at the beginning of the comments for this article.

  28. Having Gambit return is a must and this makes it even better news today.

    This flatly confirms that the new movie is canon from Age of Apocalypse because other Apocalypse appearances, don’t spend any time on Gambit and he is easily one of the best characters in the marvel universe. Yes make it happen, bring back the Sugar Man and Gambit in the X-Men Apocalypse movie!!”Moin Ser, Cheri….” Gambit has returned!

  29. I want to see Magneto display his full power!!!