X-Men 4 With Lost Star As Gambit?

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josh holloway X Men 4 With Lost Star As Gambit?According to ShowBizSpy.com, Josh Holloway, who lately has been playing the “kinder and gentler” conman Sawyer on ABC’s Lost has stated he’s been approached by Fox to play the part of Gambit in X-Men 4.

If this is in fact true, then it confirms that despite the studio announcing that they were done making X-Men movies (yeah, right) they are indeed going ahead with another sequel.

For fans of X-Men 3 this is good news, and it may even be good news for those of us who thought that movie was mediocre. A new movie means another turn at bat and there’s always that snowball’s chance in hell that if they make it, X-Men 4 could be better.

Holloway said:

“We had a meeting and they wanted me to play Gambit, the card dealer character, they thought I’d be perfect for the part. We’ll see.”

He went on to say that he’d love to play a superhero:

“l would love to play a superhero. I’d love to wear a cape and tights”

Last time I checked Gambit doesn’t have a cape, although he has worn a long trench coat and does wear tights. simple smile X Men 4 With Lost Star As Gambit?

Source: Superherohype.com

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  1. ya know what bryce, i do agree with you in that sense: that x-men 2 came out right after x-men 1 and because of that, you couldn’t just go and make a recast. but recasting each character, except for the patrick stewart and kelsey grammar (if he ever comes back to play the role, or if they ever use beast again)needs to be done. i remember telling someone in an earlier blog, based on another topic that it would have to be about 8-10 years later before that could be done, just so the fans could get used to the new change.

    however, if they decided to release x4 (just for sake of argument) say 2 years later, with a whole new cast such as: iman as storm, someone like angie everhart as jean grey, for example, and advance the movie background (not the production) by about 8 to 10 years, i am fully assured that the fans (the comic books fans, who are actually the ones who make comic books movies into blockbuster hits because we are the ones who will see a GOOD marvel or dc flick several times at the theater itself, and then just collect the dvd) would more than welcome it.

    besides, the suits love to take chances, despite what they say, with movies. if they didn’t, how the heck would know what not to do next time?

    by the way, my problem with val was that in the promo (the part where he and robin are running side by side in silouhette) the cowl is shaking. it looks like it’s about to fall right off of his head; a clear indication that he was too thin for the batsuit itself.

  2. I saw an interview with Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry during the time X3 was reliesed and one of the questions asked was “will there be an X4″ with the exeption of the Origin Movies the reply was that it is really all down to the fans. So if there is enough intrest from Xmen movie FANS then you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be another movie…… SO COME ON PEOPLE STOP THE b******* DISCUSIONS ABOUT WHO WILL PLAY WHO. FOR ALL YOU KNOW IT COULD BE ME!!!!!!!! MAKE SOME REAL NOISE LET THE WORLD KNOW YOU WANT THIS MOVIE…

  3. I think you’ve missed the point of the discussion here. We’re not saying who should play who; we’re saying how do you make X-4 when a large part of the cast is gone. The only way to do it is scrap the cast and start a new more comic accurate line of X-Men movies. Pound for pound I had fun watching the X series, I own all the movies, but where can you really go from here? That’s why they’re doing the spin offs, the current X-Men brand might be done.

  4. honestly, gambit, just by us having these discussions about the upcoming x-4, shows that we want this movie.

    Bryce, if you are referring to “a large part of the cast being gone” as cyclops and jean…first, those two are not a large part of the cast. second, i really don’t think they killed off cyclops. not even the execs would do that since cyke is not only the leader of the team, but probably the foresight of it as well.

    however, in referring to a change in the actors who played the roles, i would tell you that the way you make x-4 is by having a completely new storyline. rehaul the whole thing. as a huge comic fan (and one that has been one for about 25 years), my point is this…the studios, the guys and gals who rarely know anything about the particular characters (not comics), tend to view the comic book fans (not the people who know about characters, but never picked a single comic book and read it) of these characters like they view every other movie goer. by your question, i can tell you would want x-4 to be a hit. but in order for that to happen, the execs need to know who their audience is. it is not little children, nor is it the people who pay huge bucks to see a drama movie, although these movie goers probably will go and see a comic movie, but probably not as much as we who grew up idolizing our favorite heroes. you want to know how to make x-4 with a large part of the cast gone, simple…pick one of the storlines from the comic itself (preferably a peter david piece), have the studio let the fans know that WE ARE GOING TO DO A NEW THING WITH THE X-MEN AND HERE IS OUR IDEA. Then have the studio do something that it is not accustomed to doing, which is include the fans. post info on the up and coming x-movie, and have the fans choose who they want to play each x-character that is going to be in the movie.

    marvel does this all the time on their website, by letting the fans choose who the next villain should be (although i don’t know if what the fans say on marvel’s site has any bearing on the movie itself, since marvel does not create their own movies for the big screen).

    but you can start fresh with a whole new idea and concept, even with a whole new cast despite the fact that it may have been 2, 3, or 4 years laters since last the production. why? because like i said before, comic book fans love their characters and will go and see the same flick more than once because spiderman, the hulk, the x-men were our heroes. if you let the fans know early that you are doing something completely new, and by new…the movie will not start off where the last one finished, the fans won’t mind. just give us a heads up. that way you won’t hear a lot of complaining and grumbling. if the movie is good, we’ll see it more than once, and pay the 10 to 12 bucks it costs to see it. but if it is bad you can forget it. and you can be sure we will tell others to not see it and they won’t, because we share the same thing, we love our marvel and dc heroes. the incredible hulk movie that ang lee did is a perfect example.

  5. Quicksilver your fingers must be tiered because my eyes sure are. In your essay you reinforce what I’ve been saying the whole time, IT’s TIME TO TAKE THE SERIES IN A NEW DIRECTION. X-Men like Spiderman could be a never ending empior like 007. I do have to say I find it funny how big this thread has goten about who is going to play Gambit, and yet the guy pictured isn’t the guy. Did any of you go look at IMDB yet?

  6. hey bryce, i guess ugh… we agree on the new direction thing. well, ugh…alright.

  7. bryce, i also agree with you that x-men, even spiderman could be epic type movies like 007.

  8. Let me refraze, they should take series somewhere ells. And nothing for nothing Quicksilver but if Cyclops isn’t dead, and they tried to bring him back somehow that would be the dumbest #@%&#%! thing I’ve ever seen. The way they wrote the charactor for the movie isn’t a team leader, but a cry baby little b****. I won’t miss him and I’m sure most people would agree.

  9. that’s precisely what i’m talking about. rehaul the entire movie, and have cyke play the character the way he is showed in the comics.

  10. I’m at a loss Quick, I thought we were on the same wavelength a few post ago, but then you made it out like I’m a retard for suggesting it. Look I personally don’t think that the current series of X-men movies are going to continue. That’s why they had the big battle royal at the end of it. I do however think that the spin-offs will be a way for them to keep telling the tale with out having to explain them selves to us. They dug too big of a hole to get out of, and there’s not enough ink in their pens to get out it!

  11. ok, ok, how about we agree to disagree? but personally i think there will be more x-flicks (with x-4 being not the last x-men movie, with the whole team), even if that means having another film company make it. i do look forward to the spin offs though.

  12. by the way, i do think that cameron mathison is gambit. the guy has a good build and he’s got the face. plus, he’s tall enough for the job.

  13. I think that the new Wolvy flick will be bad ass, but I hope they take a look at doing Meltdown if they realy want to get a great story line involving Wolverine!

  14. Gambit should have been Harry Connick, Jr., but he might be to old for it now.

  15. harry connick jr.? are you crazy? i think i know why you chose him. is it because he’s from louisiana, and speaks that cajun tongue? oh man, no way, even if he was younger. but you are right, he is just a bit old.

    not a bad choice with meltdown, but i think maybe they should start it off with wolverine’s relationship with Silver Fox. (vol. 2 number 10). with that, they could somewhat delve into wolvie’s past. this way they will also be able to introduce sabretooth, and maybe save sabretooth up for “wolvie spin off number 2″

  16. That would be quite strainge having Harry Connick Jr playing the part lol, espesialy since Gambit has been know to mention the cajun star as a promise he makes to Rouge about taking her to a concert, anyway just because some characters are dead and buried doesnt mean it would be smart to change the whole cast, personaly I would be really disapointed seening anyone other that the mighty Hugh playing Wolverine, and Patrik Stewart is more than perfect as the Proffeser, so what if the new body doesnt look identical, there is always cosmetic surgery and maby it would be cool if he could even walk!!!! The great thing is they dont have to follow any of the comic story lines, m,aby a completly original story following the “surviving” characters and hopefully introducing many of the new ones. ok ok blah blah maby I am talkin crap but what I would actualy like to see is an Xmen series like Lost or Heros or something what dya’ll think?

  17. First of all Hugh is Wolvy that’s it. It would take 10 years before they could change the face of that character. If your worried about the over all look of gambit That’s what the make-ups for, because I’m pretty sure that Kelsey Grammar isn’t blue and hairy, LOL. Hero’s since you brought it up is the best thing on TV right now. It’s a new Teen Titans with characters that I don’t sit their and say, “well they screwed that one up”. Not that I did that that to any one of the X-Men, but when your watching them as a whole it get’s me just a little bit. Like I said at the top of this thread, you can fit over 20 years of back history into 6 hr’s of film. I say pop them in, get some pop-corn, kick back, take a grain of salt, and just enjoy the flashy lights and big explosions.

  18. bryce, I agree entirely with the last sentence in your post. but as a true x-fan i gotta say, i wouldn’t be a true x-fan if i didn’t critique/criticize the studio’s casting choice even if the film was the best film ever. because if i didn’t do that they would take away my x-men fan license. i must say i did enjoy all 3 x-movies, but as a fan i had to find something wrong or missing, either from the actors playing characters, the storyline, or something. the very known fact that halle berry isplaying storm, just gets me. i mean come on. iman was and still is the best choice. as for wolverine. i have always said and continue to say this day even before the first x-film came out that chris benoit should have been wolverine. unfortunately he killed himself last year. but the man looks exactly like him, and he can act. but since they already chose hugh jackman to play the part, i guess for now we are stuck with him.

    they were right on with patrick stewart as prof x.

  19. hey, gambit, they did have an x-men series on tv back in 1994. it didn’t do to well because the storyline wasn’t there and because the special effects (probably because it was tv and some 14 years ago) was poor. the tv show HEROES was a good show. i am glad they are bringing it back. it’s one of the shows i always looked forward to seeing when stepping into the house. but if they truely are commited to it, i think having a new x-series on tv could make it.

    one more thing, gambit, you are right about them not having to follow any of the comic book story lines, but i do think that if they want the film or potential tv series to be hot, they should at least bring in someone that knows the chracters well. therefore, i think peter david would be an excellent choice as a writer for the film or series, or even as a consultant.

  20. Years ago when I was a kid and my brother and would sit around talking about the day that X-men the movie would come out, we would talk about who should play who. I think any kid who has read an X-Man comic has done this. Storm in my eyes should have been played by Grace Jones, Wolverine just from a look stand point was Danzig. Prof-X was Patrick Stewart, Gambit I already told you, Colossus would have to dolph lundgren post Rocky IVVVIII, This is just to name a few.

  21. The director I would like to see do an X-Men TV series would Joss Wedon. He’d bring the most to the table for the effects, stories, and over all dialague. Buffy is still my #1 tv show, next to Hero’s, but that’s a long time in the in the top spot, and if you havn’t cought Fire Fly then you havn’t seen good TV!

  22. bryce, my man, we did they same exact thing. my firned and i years ago, instantly chose pat stewart as prof x. we knew who he was because we would watch star trek the next generation. dolph lungren for colossus was chosen by my friend, while i said arnold swarzenneggar( i have no idea how he spells his last name so bear with me). grace jones…i understand that choice. and if iman ever refused the part, then i grace is right up there.

    danzig could probably play lobo for dc. but still not a bad choice

  23. bryce, my man, we did they same exact thing. my firned and i years ago, instantly chose pat stewart as prof x. we knew who he was because we would watch star trek the next generation. dolph lungren for colossus was chosen by my friend, while i said arnold swarzenneggar( i have no idea how he spells his last name so bear with me). grace jones…i understand that choice. and if iman ever refused the part, then i grace is right up there.

    danzig could probably play lobo for dc. but still not a bad choice

  24. It would be really if Josh Holloway plays the Gambit role…because they are both bad ass..

    Rumors are telling that Prof. X is alive so as Cyclops..unbelievable from the plot they had at XMen 4…

    I also heard that it was the writer of OC that would direct this sequel..i dunno, but i think the same director would do it..

    I really can’t wait for it!!..arrgghhh…it’s on April 5 2009!…gosh!.

    I hope more mutants will be featured at this one.

    Wolverine, Storm and Gambit are my favorites!…and I also heard that Storm will die at this fiLm..

    how sad!

  25. man it is so cool that gambit is finly going to be in x-men4.the only bad thing is that thay are only going to it so that thay can try and save it’s idea.and by that i mean that x3 was a nife in the back. If you look at it real hard you find so meny things that are not right. People with powers that are not there powers,people shown female when in the x-men world there male, or the other way uround. tha had better do good job this time.

  26. bryce hugh wolvy is one of only people thay casted right.well besides prof x. come on the guy thay have playing cyclops is a tool tom cruz should have played him. and the juggernot what was up with that.and thay killed sabertooth in first movie… lameooooooo

  27. No xavier, no point!!!!! I think they’re best off just doing origins!

  28. i will see x-men 4 i will see taylor kitsch as gambit on x-men 4 i like taylor kitsch he did a great job on x-men origns wolverine so i will see him on x-men 4 movie this is cool so i will see taylor kitsch on x-men 4 in theatres august 19th 2012 see ya.