X-Men 4: Can Halle Berry Promise It Won’t Stink?

Published 8 years ago by , Updated February 9th, 2012 at 9:15 pm,

halle berry storm X Men 4: Can Halle Berry Promise It Won’t Stink?According to Superherohype.com, after having won the People’s Choice Award for “Favorite Female Action Star” Halle Berry was so pleased that fans like her “Storm” character so much that she told them if they really want X-Men 4 to be made, it’s up to them.

Here’s what she said:

“You guys really love X-Men? Ok, here’s what you have to do. Write letters. Every one of you in this building who love X-Men and want to see X-Men 4, write a letter to Tom Rothman at Fox and tell him so and you will get another one, and I’ll be there too.”

Considering how fairly weak X-Men 3 was (yes, I gave it 3 out 5 stars, but I was in a generous mood that day) and the fact that generally speaking, each consecutive sequel in a series gets worse than the previous film, I won’t be blasting any emails off any time soon clamoring for another movie. Maybe if they brought Bryan Singer back to helm it, but he’s probably going to have his hands full with the Superman sequel.

I find it funny that Halle actually won the award considering how awful her performance was in X3. Of course considering the competition was Uma Thurman in My Super Ex-Girlfriend which was no doubt pretty awful and Kate Beckinsale in Underworld: Evolution which had a lot fewer people see it I guess I’m not surprised.

If you’re actually interested, the contact info is at the SuperHeroHype.com link above.

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  1. if there is a x-men4 movie,alllllllllll my friends want to see nightcrawler in X4.Also if mystique is coming too,ill give you two thumbs up+mystique is cool but lets not morph into jean or what ever to trick logan or wolverine into kissing,thats soooooooo not a good idea.

  2. I’m with Dust,sort of. I want to see logan and rogue togather maybe including iceman X-3 was a little good,just to be say that no one really wants to see sexual stuff at all really,in X-3 i liked what storm looked like,short hair white with a little gray the talent and others.Beast and Nightcrawler should meet,Scott or cyclopes should come back some how,

    so far the X-men movies are getting morefor adults.once I saw this blog or whatever that had to do with scott found and then him naked in a bed with logan doing something with him.I have a feeling that X-4 will be rated R you gotta watch what your doing here,cause teens and chids want to watch.hopefully X-4 will be like the first X-men movie with no sexuality or nudity.PG-13 PUH LEESE.

  3. What a disappointment with Wolverine : Origins

    Can’t hollywood learn from both the today’s audiences and critics. We are aware of special effects. We know the movies. We know technology has made things easier for us- but I totally agree with who ever stated that it has made us lasier. There are soome scenes in that movie that were just unecessary; and additional to saying that we have seen this all before. It was as if they stole ideas from games and other movies which they did not need to.

    Wade Wilson destroying bullets with his blades. Errrh rubbish. Yes he is just like Wolverine; okay a little enhanced. I swore i saw guys firing at him from behind.

    Hollywood- We know of Grey Fox from Metal Gear solid and that last leap with slow motion- that was painfully unecessary. Now you have ruined my anticipation for G.I.JOE.

    Weapon XI- What can I say? Covered mouth. Admantium sword like blade for talons. That was already stupid. But they made it more stupid with the additional abilites like teleportation and optic blast. You should not have called him Weapon XI, it sounds so awkward, compared to weapon X, you should have simply called him Mimic.

    There are a lot of us gamers who are familiar with a game called Mortal Kombat. We have already seen crap movie ‘Jumper’ – and i hope this does not hurt but Nighcrawler scene in X-men 2 still looks better than your final fight.

    The Admantium- Good lord from Africa. When they said meteorite from Africa. I thought it would be about Apocalypse or the ancient Gems of Cytorak. All that fighting just to ask for where admantium is situated.

    Agent Zero- throwing the guns in the air and loading them from the bottom. Please we have seen a lot of gun tricks and had enough. Yes they are cool to load and shoot. But when you have seen Matrix(fine), Equilibrium(brilliant), Resident Evil(cheesy); they could have at least come out with something better. The way he killed that militia was just so boring.

    Maybe Magneto would be alright. To be honest, enough of Wolverine- for the past 4 movies.

  4. who thinks storm should have really long hair and have the same suite as the 2nd movie and same hair couler as the third plus be the leader again!

  5. If they are going to make another x-men movie. They should make it better.The story has so much potential. These days of global paranoia predicting were our future will lead us. Topics such as renewable energy, poverty, competition to explore other planets e.g Mars(Usa,China, Russia- Russia may call Colossus back for service, terrorism, advancement in technology(through mutant knowledge)
    X-men should deter from the usual special effects clips and keep in tune with what is happening today in the world

  6. Frankly after watching all the X-men sequels, I do not understand why Wolverine gets so much attention. If you study the best action sequences that were executed properly, the highest praise should go to Mystique.
    There should do a spin-off about her character.

  7. i like halle berry as storm on x-men movies she’s cool i like helle berry she’s pretty hott sexy and beauitful so i like halle berry on x-men movies you know why she’s hott so i will see her on x-men 4 in theatres august 19th 2012 see ya.

  8. Storm- What is it? McCoy!
    Beast- This is unbelievable! Never have I been so astonished in my entire life. It seems years of research, prophecies and conclusions have all been misguided or incorrect. Name them all, the crystal skulls, mayan calender, the great asteroid, atlantis,zulu history,the illuminati, 2012. The geniuses of mankind have been totally mistaken- the information here; ancient and authentic as the day it was created during the age of the babylonians.This information was never suppose to be here. Its states its origin from the northern part of ancient africa- probably egypt. Someone went through a lot of trouble, centuries ago to keep this from ever reaching mankind again, until today of course.

    Storm- what does it say? McCoy! you are freaking me out.

    Beast- Ororo! Most people believe that in 2012 something great will change our world forever. A great catastrophic event is what most people prophecy. This is different-makes sense why they all got it wrong. It is not a prophecy about the end of the world. It is a prophecy, about the reawakening of a great being known as the Apocalypse.