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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & 5 in Active Development

A year and a half ago, I posed the question of whether Bryan Singer could return to the X-Men franchise to helm X-Men 4. At the time, he revealed he was in talks with Fox and expressed his love for the franchise and cast. It only seemed fitting that he we return to right the ship, so to speak, for a franchise he established.

We all know now he later signed on to direct the prequel, X-Men: First Class, instead and following an interesting turn of events, he had to drop out of the director’s chair due to at-the-time scheduling conflicts for Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer. Well, we may have been right from the start regarding Singer because X-Men 4 is still in development… and so is X-Men 5!

Obsessed With Film shared a tidbit from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which featured a very intriguing and buzz-worthy quote from X-Men franchise producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it…  And X4 leads into X5″

She explains that the films are in “active development” and what that truly means is anyone’s guess but franchise Lauren Shuler-Donner has been talking up her interest in X-Men 4 for quite some time now. Dating back to the home video release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she revealed that she was working on plans for an X-Men 4 which would bring back the cast we’re all so familiar with from the trilogy.

This is however, the first we’ve heard of X-Men 5 so we can connect the dots and assume the plan would be to film both back-to-back, the only logical way to keep costs under control. X-Men: The Last Stand cost $210 million back in 2006 and it sucked.

The big question mark is if X-Men trilogy staples Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore and Famke Janssen return alongside X-Men 3‘s added mutants played by Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Kesley Grammer. We all know Berry’s need for screentime and Paquin’s appropriate desire to actually become the Rogue we know from the comics and partake in the action. Plus, a few of these characters may need to return from the “dead,” including Cyclops who was never allowed to become the leader he was meant to be.

It’s going to be expensive and they’d need to find the right director to handle such a large project. Someone like Bryan Singer…

From Bryan Singer almost two years ago:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

Fast forward almost a year later, and in an interview alongside Donner, he joked about wanting to take on X-Men 4:

“Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now.”

Singer’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, but Jack the Giant Killer is currently his only project filming, with casting underway and a release date already set. His other two directorial gigs include Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur, both in pre-production with no timelines or casts as of yet.

Looking at Fox’s timelines, they have X-Men: First Class this year, potentially The Wolverine next year with a question mark around the dates for Deadpool. Assuming it’d take them two years to get underway on the X-Men 4-5 double feature, Singer is a legitimate contender for the job and I have no doubt he and Donner have spoken about it. I would like to see him return and finally have the opportunity to take advantage of unused ideas for what X-Men 3 could have been.

Check our some of our thoughts from before on what we need from X-Men 4. What overarching storyline could (or should) X-Men 4 & 5 tackle?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: Obsessed With Film

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  1. I would love this movie of all people old cast returning !
    I agreed most people would want to see villains for x men 4 are
    Apocalypse, Mr Sinister, Proteus, Bastion, Holocaust, Onslaught, Giant Sentinels, the Living Monilith, Omega Red !
    Bring Famke Janssen as The Dark Phoenix back and she turns into the White Phoenix. it would be awesome ! I agreed Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, Kelly Hu, Anna Paquin, should bring back.

    and I thought Charlize Theron is the best to play as Emma Frost, Monicca Bellucci plays as ( Black Queen ) Selene, and Serinda Swan plays as ( Scarlet Witch ) Wanda Maximoff
    Ryan Reynolds as Dead Pool, Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth, taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Michael Clarke Duncan as ( Apocalypse )En Sabah Nur, Jason Isaacs as Mr Sinister

    I really want that people ! what do you think everybody ? Do you agree with me please ?

    • You know, you make pretty good suggestions. I think Jason Isaacs would be a good Mr. Sinister, he does a hell of a job being a bad guy in the harry potter series.

      I think Emma Frost should be played by Tricia Helfer though. She can totally pull off the frosty blonde hair, and still look stunning, as she proved in the Battle Star Galactica Re-imagined series. Her awesome acting chops, also enabled her to take on many different personalities by still playing as the same Cylon Models. That’s talent if you ask me. You should google her, if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • You can’t bring Famke Jeensen back as White Phoenix, she is dead! Wolverine stabbed her at the end of ‘The Last Stand’. They even buried her. As for Cyclops and prof.X, Jean caused them to burst into dust, so they can’t return either, unless the producers will make them return from the dead which will give the film crap ratings in my opinion, so who knows what they’re gonna do

      • You must not had watched past the credits cuz the professor is still alive an they never showed what happened to Cyclops!

      • If one reads comics, the Dark Phoenix and in mythology. The Phoenix is reborn from the ashes, so does the Phoenix in the Xmen! She was buried in the comic also. The Pheonix Saga is one of the most awesome cartoon and stories in the Xmen. It gave me chills when you could not see what was coming through the clouds to reveal the Gladiator summoned by Eric the Red to battle Colossus and Rouge! Then to have an enemy so powerful come along to battle all the Xmen, Gladiator and the Pheonix at the same time because of a Super powerful Source Crystal which makes or breaks Universes and creation! Wow! This was way before alot of the shows you see today.

  2. Yes yes yes !!1!! I AGREE WITH you Pleo !!!!!I’d rather Monica Bellucci as Selene
    I love Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost. and I love Jeniffer Garner as Scarlet Witch. I love Halle Berry come once more as Storm with her best friend Famke Janssen as White Phoenix, Rebecca Romijn Stamos as Mystique, and Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike
    I wish this movie could be better than Avatar Film
    Bryan Singer is very very good a director for X 4
    and I love to see James Marsden as Cyclops a leading man for X 4
    Patrick Stewart as Professor X is still alive bring him back
    Ian McKellen as Magneto, Kelsey Grammer as Gambit, I’d rather Scott Porter as Havok, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Michael Jai White as Bishop, Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler, Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut,
    Jason Isaacs as Mr Sinister and Michael Clarke Duncan as Apocalypse

    • Monica Bellucci….yum. She can star in ANY film as far as I’m concerned. Really hoping for her to be in the next Bond film!

      Regarding Wolverine, while I like Hugh Jackman as an actor I am far less impressed with him cast as Logan. I grew up reading and collecting comic books with Wolverine as my all-time favorite. Hugh doesn’t even come close to Wolverine’s stats no matter how hard he works out. He’s also way too tall. Good actor, ok casting, but could be better. I am thankful though that his casting in the original X-MEN jump-started his career. Just ready for a recast on the character of Logan/Wolverine.

      • Thank you tuscano I have been saying that about Hugh Jackman he looks nothing like wolvie and another thing I’m tired of the fact that he never goes berserk IMO they have ruined one of my favorite characters

        • hugh jackman is an excelent wolverine

    • Casting for all the Xmen movies have been Awesome and fit so well, to put it mildly, Bad azz! Every actor has been a class act in every movie. Only thing I’m confused about is why they have’nt unleashed Colossus & Rouge. Like they did with Kitty Pride and Gambit. Rouge could combined all the Xmens powers or the pheonix and could use that power to battle the enemies through training, in the Danger room. Rouge became very powerful in the comics.

  3. Cameron Diaz ? Yes I agreed if she is played as Emma Frost
    Monicca Bellucci ? Yes I agree if she is played as Selene
    Jennifer Garner ? Yes I also agree if she is played as Scarlet Witch
    don’t forget to bring Halle Berry, Rebecca Romijn, Famke Janssen, Kelly Hu, Anna Paquin and Ellen Page back

    the next after Jean turned into Dark Phoenix, for X 4 she should turn into
    The White Phoenix of the Crown

    Villains for X 4
    here they are

    Mr Sinister
    The Living Monilith
    Omega Red
    Lady Deathstrike

    • we’ve already had lady deathstrike (x-men 2) she dies remember ? wolverine fills her up with liquid adamantium

      • Lady Death Strike in the Comics Actually was all Adamantium, Skin and all. That was just showing how she became Lady Death Strike.

  4. Also I think if they ever needed to re-cast someone as Jean Grey… They could go with a person with red hair like Isla Fisher, who doesn’t need a wig to pull it off.

  5. There need to bring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry Famke Janssen James Marsden back. X men 4 should have the Apocalypse’s story. I’m so proud there should be the Dark Phoenix as villains turn into White Phoenix of the Crown who more powerful again about her force and she is become a hero.
    there also need to put Inner Circle The constant intrigue, backstabbing, blackmailing and politicking that plague the Hellfire Club have resulted in many changes of the Inner Circle, as new players seek out membership in order to obtain influence, power and wealth. The following lists the membership of each incarnation of the Inner Circle and the title they held; in descending order of rank are Kings and Queens, followed by Bishops and Rooks.the members like : Sebastian Shaw, Selene, Emma Frost.
    and the villains for X 4 are :
    Apocalypse Mr Sinister Bastion Holocaust Proteus Silver Samurai Master Mold Lady Strike Domino Deadpool Archangel and Omega Red
    my choice for

    Selene is Monicca Bellucci
    Emma Frost is Cameron Ciaz or Charlize Theron
    Scarlet Witch is Jennifer Garner

    Deal or No Deal ? people…? please give me your reason completely

  6. How can you say The Last Stand sucked? Clearly the best film in my opinion maybe level with the first

    • @ xmenfan

      I agree. X3 didn’t suck but it wasn’t the best imo. Imo i liked all 3 films the same, maybe the first film just alittle bit more than the two that follow though. Outta the 3 films i felt the first film wasn’t mostly focused on Wolverine half of the time like X2 & X3. But thats just me. I can only hope X4 & X5 get back to that.

    • How can you say it didn’t? The myth of the phoenix was TARNISHED Xavier was not supposed to die, neither was Cyclops. It was an EPIC fail.

      What Singer needs to do is go back FIX X-men 3 with the myth HE started with the Phoenix. Remember the firebird in the water at the end of X2? NEVER showed in 3. NEVER. That was the TRUE phoenix.
      Fix X3 and then they can do 4 and 5.

      • In the comic Xavier Did’nt die, he was transmuted into pure energy, and reborn. If you look at the very end of the credits of every Marvel Movie, there is a prelude to whats to come. Xavier is alive!

      • Also Cyclops was Transported to another world, on a ship is where he awoke in the Pheonix Saga. A Princess will seek out Xavier and the Xmen for help! They will battle her brother for the throne and a very very powerful Crystal!

        • Oh! The Pheonix is the Guardian of the Crystal by the way!

  7. i think they should go the route of the sentinels and apocalypse. i think it would be cool to see how that story plays out. and all the old cast members should return

    • @ tom buzzi

      Im hoping to see those characters aswell.

  8. x4 should have the people who died come back but i dont know how they could tell us that they did

  9. Is sabretooth going to appear in x men 4 & 5 if so liev schieber should play that role

    • I agree and bring in Omega Red, quick Silver. Either Bring in Ms Marvel or leave out rogue. What about Jubilee. Oh and dont forget the Juggernaut that knows he is Xavier’s half brother and not a mutant. When do we expect the Shiar empire to visit.

  10. I cannot see how anyone will want Singer back. As a marvel fan, youhave to want this guy on a list next to Bin Laden. He destroyed the franchise. Had he done what he was supposed to there would be no reason for a reboot. We could have gone further in to the Age of Apolcolapse or seen the Morlocks. He killed off charactrs that shouldnt have died in movies and brought in characters that should not have been there. He failed miserably. And some people like him. This is not an attack on anyone, just trying to understand how anyone can vouch for this guy when he did a horrific job, not just once but too many times.

    • No Singer didn’t destroy it. 1 and 2 were fantastic. a little skewed perhaps, but story wise, great. BRETT RATNER destroyed the franchise that SINGER built.

  11. People forget that Singer’s X-men is part of the reason we have so many big-budget CBMs today. After the Schumacher Batman & Robin catastrophe, Singer’s film’s success gave the studios more confidence in these properties (circumstantially). I think Sony’s Spiderman was already in production at that point so it probably would have happened anyway but still X1 was a success.

    Not to mention that X2 exceeded that success with strong opening numbers so apparantly audiences like X1 enough to see X2 opening week.

    • @Panda- This isnt an attack on you, i respect your views BUT, I don’t understand how you say Singer was successful. He singlehandedly ruined the franchise. Destroyed storylines and charcter associations. He bought in Characters and placed characters on teams they didnt belong on. He screwed up. Yes, there are more big budget films, but it wasn’t Singer or X-men. It could be a number of films, Blade, the second fantastic 4, maybe even Downey jr’s performance in Ironman that has the so-called confidence going. How can you explain how there was no dialogue between Wolverine and Sabertooth in X1, or Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike in X2, or Rogue as an X-man when she started of with the brotherhood and her encounter with Ms Marvel, Mystique’s lack of acknowledgement that nightcrawler is her son and no one in the whole film recognizing that we have 2 blue people with yellow eyes looking eachother in the face (maybe there related). He ruined the films. Thats what Singer did.

      • @ Berserker

        I assume you knew Singer intended to make the X-men films realistic as he can & change things around from the comics for story purposes. He aint the first director who has done that nor be the last. I can’t think any comic book based film that character storylines & associations been messed with from comic to film. Even all the Batman films & i do mean all- including Nolan’s films didn’t stick w/ same material as comic as you mention Singer hasn’t.Bottomline, imo people enjoyed Singer’s work on the X-men films.

        • I will agree to disagree

  12. I want the same people in Xmen 4 and 5. I want Cyclops to come back. I want to see some new mutants too.

  13. I hope they save Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, & The Sentinels for X4 & X5 and not for the sequels to X-Men: First Class.

    • after x-men 2 they released a video game to do with after the movie . the sentinals were in it and nightcrawler tells the x-men he isnt cut out for that lifestyle (wich is why he is not in x-men3 the last stand). i dont see the sentinals comming back personally wich btw is fine by me . bring on mr sinister !

      • also bring cyclops back (and its not like they ever found his body) so . very possible . maybe perhaps mr sinister has been holding him captive

      • also notice at the start of x-men 3 the last stand . they face a sentinal in the danger room ? . courtesy from the video game

  14. I think they should bring cable or bishop in and have them go back in time because of some horror events in the future then that gives the dead xmen a chance to come back in a quick and logical way as if the “3rd” movie has changed then you can tie all the movies together with less hassle and then be able to bring in mr. sinister or Apocalypse as the bad guy they are trying to stop then cyclops can become the leader he intended to be, rouge could get ms marvels powers like the cartoon, you can bring gambit and rouge together as a drama 3 way love triangle to replace cyclops, wolverine, and jean, professor x gets his body back, and anything they want to change that no one liked in the 3rd they can as the future will change or keep what they liked its a perfect way to “fix” some mistakes and tie everything in a neat bow so at the end of it you have the iconic x-men we all feel in love with the way they were meant to be

  15. I just want jean grey to return…

  16. In X4 & X5, i hope the two films aren’t too focused on Wolverine like X2 & X3 seemed to be. I know he’s the most popular of the team but i just felt X2 & X3 focused little more on him than the rest of X-Men. Like in X3, wasn’t Storm supposed to lead the team & give the orders?

  17. First, two thoughts:
    #1: Let there be Cyclops!!!
    #2: Let there be Sentinels!!!

    I am all for another X-Men movie or movies (#4 & 5). I recently bought the X-Men: First Class movie (I have all the others as well), and was disappointed in it in just about every aspect. The writers are getting way too far away from the original concept of the 60s and 70s comics. I, who generally don’t care for most reboots, would almost take a chance on this one…although for the things that are good about the franchise, I don’t know how they would improve on those. I don’t know if I could do it any better or not if I were a director/writer, but I would have done alot of things different.
    I might add, OK, Wolverine and Magneto are about done to death…let’s do someone different.

    • I feel you. I love Wolvie and Magneto as much as the next comic fan but they are overdo. There are soooooo many other Xmen and specially villains they could focus on.

  18. Xmen movies have been great to people that never heard of Xmen before. To others it has been a very painful dissapointment at times. I am not saying that I dont owe them or wont see them, but it seems that there is no respect for what made Xmen great and the storyline.

    When you start taking characters and just keeping their names and powers and putting them in any timeline and disregarding their history in relationship to the whole Xmen universe thats when Xmen movies stop been Xmen movies.

    Give this movie to the producers/directors of 300 and Transformers… if lucky to the Dark Knight… WISHFUL THINKING! The movies would start been more about ass-whopping and keeping them real to the comic.

    Is just sad growing up always wondering how great an Xmen movie is gonna be when it makes it to the big screen and then when it did, you walked out thinking that whoever made it never read the comic book once….

    When I walked out of Iron Man, 300, Spiderman, BATMAN Begins… crap even Fantastic 4 and Captain America! All I could think was how great they adapted the comic to a movie and made it awesome. With Xmen (and Green Lantern) all I was thinking was all the huge mistakes they did were more than what they got right.

  19. Here are characters I think might be good for future X-Men movies:

    Patrick Stewart – Professor X
    Hugh Jackman – Wolverine
    James Marsden – Cyclops
    Halle Berry – Storm
    Famke Janssen – Jean Grey
    Kelsey Grammer – Beast
    Anna Paquin – Roque
    Shawn Ashmore – Iceman
    Ellen Page – Kitty Pryde
    Daniel Cudmore – Colossus
    Ben Foster – Angel
    Taylor Kitsch – Gambit(but with da french accent Gambits sposed to have)
    Alan Cumming – Nightcrawler
    I’d love to see Jubilee introduced into the films

    Ian Mkellen – Magneto
    Liev Schreiber – Sabertooth
    Rebecca Romijn – Mistique
    Jason Isaacs or Ralph Fiennes – Mr. Sinister
    Vinnie Jones – Juggernaut
    Aaron Stanford – Pyro
    Kelly Hu – Lady Deathstrike
    Michael Clarke Duncan – Apocalypse
    Kevin Durand – The Blob
    Tom Hardy – Avalanche

    Other Characters:
    Michael Jai White – Bishop
    Chris Hemsworth – Ka-zar
    ????? – Karl Lykos/Sauron

    • Absolutely NOT!!!!!!
      No More Hally Berry as Storm, Bring in Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathon or Gabriel Union!!! I’m sure the remaining cast of the first 3 X-men films are not interested in reprising their roles in this genre. (Maybe those that can’t find work), Get rid of Ian McKellen as Magneto, after seeing Fassbender in First Class, He truly was the Magneto we have been waiting for. Everyone else is replaceable, Keep Schrieber as Sabertoothe, don’t bring in sabertooth unless you have wolverine and start looking for a replacement for Hugh Jackmon, who might be back because no one wants to see him unless he has claws sheathing between his knuckles.

    • jubilee is in the uncut version of x-men 1 did u know that ?

      • she is also in x-men 2 (a deleted scene – available on youtube)

  20. People, you need to calm down.
    First of all, instead of complaining, you can simply submit your ideas, what’s done is done…
    All of the X-Men movies have been great, even though they are not like the comic books because as the name implies, they are not comic books, they are movies; think for a second, how many comic books are there? And how much did they cost? Now compare that to the costs of producing BIG films and even more: a series of films.
    The reason why they are ALL great is because they have good stories from where you can pick up and do a sequel or even a prequel. They could have ALL been different and more adapted to the comics, but since they’re not, stop whining.
    An X4 and X5 would be amazing, keep the timeline in mind, Ian Mkellen HAS to be Magneto because you cannot randomly change his age to make him Fassbender. If none of you noticed, at the end of the credits of X3 Xavier comes back in a different body in the presence of Moira (which would therefore need to be involved in the movies).
    Anyway, I will not talk about the plot that these two movies should’ve because I am not the director thus I have no say in what’s going to be included in the movie.
    Furthermore, there should be an X-Men first class 2: the memory loss of Moira, the beginning of Magneto and his “Brotherhood” with Mystique and the start to Xavier’s School and how everyone became involved: Wolverine, Storm, Cylops, Jean, Beast etc…
    There should also be another X-Men origins Wolverine 2 (which I believe is already being talked about but is put on hold due to Jackman’s agenda, I BELIEVE)
    Deadpool is a good idea too.
    And perhaps, they could make other X-Men origins but focusing on different characters from the X-Men trilogy and what their past is like and why they are who they are in the trilogy.

  21. So I never read the comics, but from reading all these comments, it sounds like Cyclops was super huge in the series. The movies always gave me the impression that Wolverine was the main character. It made me sad when they killed Cyclops in the 3rd movie. To me, he didn’t get enough action in the movies.

  22. I agree there really should be an xmen 4 but Bryan Singer needs to direct it make it much more better than the last stand. I am a big fan of comic book movies like watchmen, superman, the dark knight, etc. But i have to say xmen 4 was bad. They kill of almost everybody or they lose there powers I mean come on killing cyclops was a terrible idea or anybody else if there is a xmen 4 which i hope they should say the cure was a failure or say something. They should really focus a bit more on other characters like um… i dont know CYCLOPS!Its called the xmen you know storm,Jean,cyclops its not called all about wolverine. All the same actors should come back no different actors Hugh jackman, James marsden,Famke jansen, and halle berry. 4 main characters it should really focus on. And i also dont like there costumes they should just leave them in clothes or something.

  23. I think Singer did a great job with the franchise. “X2″ was one of the very best superhero films ever made, behind only “Watchmen” (the most faithful adaptation of a comic book I’ve seen). Brett Ratner took everything I loved about the first two films and just ruined “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Bottom line, “X-Men 4″ needs Bryan Singer. Also, even though I would love to see the original cast return, I know in some cases, the actors are simply too old now. Here are my picks for an updated cast (take with a grain of salt):

    Professor X – Arnold Vosloo. He’s the right age (at least in regard to the comics), has the look and can exude both warmth and danger (he was all smiles in the camptacular “The Mummy Returns”). Vosloo’s the man to play Xavier.

    Cyclops – John Krasinski. I loved James Marsden’s performance as Cyclops, but he just didn’t have enough screen time to be taken seriously as the X-Men’s field leader. Krasinski is young, forceful, has a commanding voice, and, best of all, has the tall, lean, but powerful build that Marsden kinda lacked. When Krasinski barks an order or makes a threat, everybody listens.

    Emma Frost – Ali Larter. January Jones just didn’t cut it, even though she was closer in character than Tahyna Tozzi’s portrayal in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Ali Larter has the “ice queen” persona down to a fine science, and she’d definitely keep Scott Summers on his toes with plenty of sexual tension. Plus, she’s gorgeous.

    Rogue – Olivia Wilde. C’mon,doesn’t she look exactly like a film version of Rogue should look? She’s a shade too lean, but she has the piercing gaze and saucy smirk that our southern belle should have. Sorry, Anna Paquin, but Wilde’s our gal.

    Wolverine – Hugh Jackman. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Love him or hate him, Jackman IS our big-screen Wolverine, the only guy who can’t be recast without a MASSIVE fan backlash. Besides, with Krasinski as Cyke, the height difference isn’t as big a deal, PLUS Jackman has bulked up (and aged) to the point that he really does resemble ol’ James Howlett pretty well. No need to switch things up now.

    Psylocke – Maggie Q. Let’s pretend the Psylocke in “X-Men: The Last Stand” wasn’t Psylocke, a’ight? Maggie Q was a no-nonsense butt-kicker in “Balls of Fury,” and is perfect for Psylocke!

    Beast – Philip Seymour Hoffman. Would it be hard to get him to take the role? Very. But just look at him . . . and, more importantly, listen to his voice! Add blue fur and he’d even outclass Kelsey Grammer’s performance (although Grammer was surprisingly excellent).

    Cable – Patrick Warburton. Before you groan, think about it. Look? Check. Build? Check. Attitude? CHECK. So what if he’s typecast as a goofball? Warburton looks like the ultimate bad@$$, and he’d be absolutely smashing with grey hair.

    Banshee – Dennis Quaid. Since “First Class” established Banshee as an older guy by the time the regular series takes place, Quaid would be perfect as a veteran mutant who still kicks major butt.

    Shadowcat – Scout Taylor-Compton. Cute as a button with wide-eyed innocence and pluck, to boot. She’d fit the Joss Whedon interpretation pretty dang well.

    Storm – Zoe Saldana. She’s far more beautiful and regal than Halle Berry, and also comes across as more dangerous and seductive. Heck yeah.

    Mr. Sinister – Sam Neill. Strange casting? Yes. But wouldn’t it be great? He was certainly sinister enough in “Daybreakers,” and he brings a cultured gentleman vibe to the character that would be perfect.

    Omega Red – Dolph Lundgren. Duh.

    Apocalypse – Djimon Hounsou. The body, the voice, the commanding presence. Maybe not as powerful looking as Michael Clarke Duncan, but really, Duncan is too obvious. Hounsou brings all you need and then some.

    Magneto – Alan Rickman. The voice. The hair. The features. Get that man in shape and put him in a purple cape, because he’s the one! Give him the same haughty attitude that he sported as King Philip on “King of the Hill” and the same cold villainy of Hans Gruber in “Die Hard” and we’ve got a truly menacing Magneto.

    Toad – Ray Park. Give this guy a bigger speaking role, because Ray Park is awesome! Park has the physicality and the humor to take Toad to a new level of awesomeness, just as he did in the first film.

  24. I think they should bring Appocolypse and Mr Sinister in for the 4rth and 5th. They should use the sentinels for a sequel for the prequel. of course they should. xm4 is going to be expensive. they have to notch it up a megaton. appocolypse should be totally insane. he should be bizzare and unassuming. he shouldn’t be the center grandoise epic. he should be filmed on the edge with passive silence in his mega-awesomeness. he should be unnerving. superrealism. not realism. it should disturb you too see. And mr sinister should be a maddened and confused plot. The plot should make perfect sense, but it should be hard to follow. no plot holes. really deep story.

  25. All thou I have always loved the superhero Cyclops X-men 3 did set the stage for a X-men 4 who better to become Apocalypse Death

  26. Bryan Singer and Halle Berry ruined the X-Men franchise – end of story. What director in their right mind would tell their cast not to read the comics to get a feel for their character. That tells me that he had planned, from the start, to change the characters personalities and core character traits from the start. As for Berry’s turn as Storm, I feel that she was too weak for the character. Storm is supposed to be this African goddess which means she’s supposed to be rough, tough, and ready. what that means is that she wouldn’t have let Sabretooth or Toad get close enough to get the better of her before she zaps ‘em with a lightning bolt, she would have just fried ‘em. Berry’s Storm was more of a scared wuss who couldn’t hold her own in combat if she tried.

    • I totally agree with you. Storm’s character in the movies was weak, and totally lame. She got her butt kicked, when she actually participated in the fighting. She and Rogue were my biggest disappointments.

      • I knew I was going to dislike storm’s character was to be played by Halle Berri. I think she is a horrid actress and and her looks are nothing compared to Ororo, but for some reason eveytime there’ astringent black female role it goes to her. Instead of simeone more deserving like vivicaVA. Fox and Vanessa Williams. To me X-2 is the only one I like and it’s all thanks to Singer and his bastardized versions of American classics

  27. I just have two requests for X-Men 4-5: Leave the whole Wolverine, Cyclopse, Jean Grey love triangle alone! And please oh please make Rogue the kick-butt mutant that she was in the comics.

  28. They should get rid of the cure, have every ones cures wear off after a while. And bring back Charles (there was a clip at the end of X3 that hinted at his return). Not sure how they could bring back Cyclops but maybe no Cyclops would be better.

  29. I think that the movies were great, the casting was great, and people just complain too much. You have every right not to like what they did, ’tis understandable. You cannot please everyone.

    For X-Men 4, it should be about them relaxing. Perhaps they go on vacation and visit a beach. Instead of swimming, Logan will wrestle a shark and everyone else will just enjoy themselves. It seems to me that these guys are always fighting something. They need a break. Then in X-Men 5 they can go back to saving the world.

    That would be a heck of a challenge… Making an X-Men vacation movie (with little to no romantic-y happenings going on, or world/life saving stuff) an interesting movie. And no one can die.

    That would be VERY difficult. :)