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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & 5 in Active Development

A year and a half ago, I posed the question of whether Bryan Singer could return to the X-Men franchise to helm X-Men 4. At the time, he revealed he was in talks with Fox and expressed his love for the franchise and cast. It only seemed fitting that he we return to right the ship, so to speak, for a franchise he established.

We all know now he later signed on to direct the prequel, X-Men: First Class, instead and following an interesting turn of events, he had to drop out of the director’s chair due to at-the-time scheduling conflicts for Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer. Well, we may have been right from the start regarding Singer because X-Men 4 is still in development… and so is X-Men 5!

Obsessed With Film shared a tidbit from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which featured a very intriguing and buzz-worthy quote from X-Men franchise producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it…  And X4 leads into X5″

She explains that the films are in “active development” and what that truly means is anyone’s guess but franchise Lauren Shuler-Donner has been talking up her interest in X-Men 4 for quite some time now. Dating back to the home video release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she revealed that she was working on plans for an X-Men 4 which would bring back the cast we’re all so familiar with from the trilogy.

This is however, the first we’ve heard of X-Men 5 so we can connect the dots and assume the plan would be to film both back-to-back, the only logical way to keep costs under control. X-Men: The Last Stand cost $210 million back in 2006 and it sucked.

The big question mark is if X-Men trilogy staples Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore and Famke Janssen return alongside X-Men 3‘s added mutants played by Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Kesley Grammer. We all know Berry’s need for screentime and Paquin’s appropriate desire to actually become the Rogue we know from the comics and partake in the action. Plus, a few of these characters may need to return from the “dead,” including Cyclops who was never allowed to become the leader he was meant to be.

It’s going to be expensive and they’d need to find the right director to handle such a large project. Someone like Bryan Singer…

From Bryan Singer almost two years ago:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

Fast forward almost a year later, and in an interview alongside Donner, he joked about wanting to take on X-Men 4:

“Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now.”

Singer’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, but Jack the Giant Killer is currently his only project filming, with casting underway and a release date already set. His other two directorial gigs include Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur, both in pre-production with no timelines or casts as of yet.

Looking at Fox’s timelines, they have X-Men: First Class this year, potentially The Wolverine next year with a question mark around the dates for Deadpool. Assuming it’d take them two years to get underway on the X-Men 4-5 double feature, Singer is a legitimate contender for the job and I have no doubt he and Donner have spoken about it. I would like to see him return and finally have the opportunity to take advantage of unused ideas for what X-Men 3 could have been.

Check our some of our thoughts from before on what we need from X-Men 4. What overarching storyline could (or should) X-Men 4 & 5 tackle?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: Obsessed With Film

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  1. Halle Berry shouldn’t have played Storm. Storm is tall, fierce and motherly. Halle is short, cute and bossy. They needed someone exotic looking e.g. Iman or something. Not saying Halle isn’t a good actress or anything, she just was NOT good for the part imo. The Phoenix story (sigh) I could rant about this for DAYS! I liked the lead-up in X1 and 2. As for X3? Total shizz. Famke Janssen was great. She has fantastic emotional range for an actress, especially in movies like Turn The River, but she wasn’t able to show ANY of it in X3. All she did was stare, stare, stare. She needed more depth (and better make-up). I mean come on, Phoenix killed by 3 metal claws? Bugger off… Wolvie, bless him. Too much screentime. That is all. Cyclops deserves an entire saga of his own for what they did (or didn’t do) for his character. I could rant forever… Basically, a lot of it could use a re-boot. I don’t really wanna see First Class. I don’t want to see a bunch of teenagers playing emotionally mature roles. If they make X4 or X5, they need to think hard about it and stay true to the comics. 20 X-films should do that 😛

    • In all honesty they were probably happy to get someone with name recognition like Halle Berry and I don’t know if they know enough black actresses to even look for to play the part. Like most of the other characters she didn’t do much anyway so it almost would not have mattered who they got to play Storm.

      They didn’t know what to do with Jean Grey and they did no build up to her becoming Phoenix. Even if they didn’t want to get into the whole Phoenix Force thing the way they explained it was just lazy writing. Funny thing is she was “seduced” by Mastermind who was part of the Hellfire Club at the time and that helped her turn. I guess the Jason that was Strikers son was some knock-off of him and now the Hellfire Club shows up in the retro prequel.

      Rouge was a waste and Anna Paquin’s character on True Blood is tougher then they made Rouge, and way more Southern. Aside from Mystique, who they have a fetish for, none of the women were used a strong characters.

        The only thing is I would of used Sanaa Lathon (AVP), Gabrielle Union or my favorite Angela Bassett. Halle is just a pretty face who won an oscar for boning Billy Bob Thorton. They would have given anyone an Oscar for that task. Who ever the Fox goons that continue to give Singer the Grrenlight should be held as accountable.

    • She’s not even bossy. Did I see Mystique in an X-man uniform? Why do they continue to mess up these movies and not stick with the original storyline?4

      • Yeah read the other post about the synopsis for First Class, someone just has a thing for Mystique at the studio for whatever reason.

        As for Storm I think Halle Berry got the part because she was a available and they gave it to her. She is big name and I doubt they cast a big net for the part in the first place. Someone like Naomi Harris would have been an interesting choice since she might have pulled off the being from Africa thing better but, Halle is a bigger name. If they were casting that part again Zoe Saldana would get it based on her being with Fox in the Avatar movies and her name is known big time in Sci-Fi circle right now. If her agent even called and said she wanted it they wouldn’t look any further.

  2. Colossus was Russian!!! Though he was not student! Yes, Bryan Singer really messed things up. The whole X Men franchise is horrible. Only reason I watched it was b/c of Wolverine. And when the Wolverine movie came out I only watched b/c of Gambit. Gambit was cool for like 5 minutes. If they gonna try something new then they should at least tie the stories to comic book level. Not kill of characters or not use or explain correlations between characters. Nightcrawler/Mystique connection or the back story of Jubilee. Remember her? God Bryan Singer should not be involved anymore. He really screwed things up. I agree with most of yall! Let’s leave it alone. Forger future Wolverine movies, x4 & x5 and this X men 1st class…OMG what a joke!

  3. start X4 or whatever its called as if 3 never happened like they did with superman returns, that way jean, cyclops and prof. x aren’t killed, and all is good again

  4. apocalypse nuff said.

  5. Just title the next two movies “The Age of Apocalypse”, have Cable use time travel to ressurect Scott Summers and Professor X, have Jean Grey come back under her own power (surpressing the Phoenix in doing so), and boom, the problem is fixed.

  6. I know this has been brought up before, but the best way to handle 4 and 5 is with the alternate timeline approach.

    In one swoop they can (1) disregard the occurances in X3, (2) introduce Cable and Bishop (maybe Apocalypse), (3) all the while keeping storylines from the comics. Everyone WINS!

  7. Personally, I have been wondering why MR. Sinister and Apocalypse haven’t been introduced in the first place.

    I also agree with alot of the other comments, implying that we should mess with the storyline a little from the previous sequel in order to make the movie work.
    I just don’t think it would be fair to completely dis-regard the events however. This is how I see it. In the scene of X-men 3- where it is implied that pheonix (AKA Jean Grey) Nuked the hell out of scott, you will notice that the most it shows is him making out, and all that other jazz, and his skin almost disintegrating and then the screen goes black.

    To play on that event where technically no one witnesses scott get killed black widow style, they can have cable (whose enormous psychic potential enables him to time travel) intervene, then have a psychic battle with jean (he wins, since he is classified as an omega level mutant in the comics) knocks jean out, which also rolls right into the fact that wolverine and storm find her unconscious levitating s***. To excuse scott’s absence however, they may need to come up with some mission that cable would specifically need him for in order to bring him out of that time period.

    If that doesn’t work, we can have a more dark individual come save scott. Maybe even Mr. Sinister who has been obsessed with breeding both scott and jean in the comics to produce the super mutant (nathan summers), and saves scott with his ulterior motive being to breed him like cattle with jeans clone Madelyn Pryor. Spinning off this event, can also introduce the goblin queen.

    We already know Professor Xavier is alive, because at the end of the movie of Xmen 3 they show him in his twin brothers body. Which implies he made a moral sacrifice, in switching bodies when jean disintegrated him.

    As for Jean Grey, this bish never stays dead for long in the comics. No matter how she dies. So to give this chicka an excuse, we can just say that her (dual personality) or the pheonix split from her body, and created a psychic shell to use as its own vessel. While her real body is still at the bottom of that lake, cocooning herself. To excuse the moments where the Phoenix Jean actually thought she was the real jean and gets emotional, we can play on the fact that a Psychic Connection between the real jean and the psycho b**** jean, caused a sort of warped rift in personality where the balance of conscious power shifts between the two.
    Therefore Implying that wolverine, killed the psychic shell jean at the end of the movie.

    As for everything else that needs fixing. We need to actually introduce the FireBird Form jean actually takes. This wasn’t once used in Xmen 3, and was maybe only used 3 times in Xmen 2.

    And at this moment, it’s probably a good idea to find a younger actress to portray as her. No offense Famke. And maybe no un-naturally colored wigs in this one either.

    • I agree with much of what your thought are on the subjects of the deaths in X3. I have always thought of Apocalypse as the best villan in all of marvel, Mr. Sinister would be a great choice too. They could both be introduced since many of their plans have crossed and they have often been involved in the same schemes.
      I think however from the end of X3 the next logical step would be Onslaught!
      I would love to see both Cable & Bishop.
      The X-Factor making an apearance would be another logical step in my opinion since they were created by the government & with all the turmoil in the films with mutant-kind it would be a great way to showcase much of what marvel has offered in the X-Men’s story.
      Another Great choice is to simply bring in the whole Sentinel project- that could take a film up in it self (although I would love to see much more than that). This has been one of the bane of the X-men’s existence for many years and it still hasn’e been seen in the movies.
      I would love to see some Savage Land stuff too. (Mr. Sinister)
      But what I have heard about bringing in some of the AoA story I think might be a little much for many of the non-comic book readers to follow… Although I would love it.
      The Inferno story would be a great way to bring in mister sinister…
      The X-ecutioner’s Song would be great for Cable, Apocalypse, Bishop, & Mr. Sinister.
      Also, the Mutant Massacre… Oh, the possibilties… there are so many options but I hink we are letting our wishes & knowledge of the comics cloud the fact that the studio has to make this something easy to introduce (like if some one knows nothing of the comics & the earlier movies; will it be able to stand alone “will they get it?”) this will have to something that needs no back story (longer than the opening credits), makes sense according to today’s tech & science; & most importantly will leave the audience with a sense of both longing & fullfillment (I know Oxymoron) but they have to fill the time with out overfilling the time.
      I truely hope that many of the ideas discussed in these post can make it (many of them seem to have recurring themes or suggestions).
      I hope that this will filter through to the people making the descisions in the matter.

  8. Totally right on the Cyclops/Jean Grey/Prof X all not really being dead. Cyke and Jean’s deaths were too ambiguous, either could be brought back easily in 4 and 5 without disregarding 3 completely. I also like the idea of bringing either Apocolypse or Mr. Sinister as the main villian instead of Magneto, both were awesome in the comics and a lot could be done with them.

    For my part, since I haven’t seen anyone mention her yet, can we redo Psylocke, please? They REALLY screwed her up in Last Stand, you can’t even recognize her or realize who the hell it is until you read the credits.

  9. tbh, everyone has ideas about how to do it, but lets all be honest no-one will ever agree, we would all way different story lines, different characters and the way that the visual display it but what they need to do is re-boot it, non of us want it but they need to do it xmen 1 was about wolverines introduction, but little introduction about the xmen and brotherhood in general and trying to turn the world into mutants just didnt work, xmen 2 was about wolverines past and xmen 3 was about the cure for mutants but wolverine was still the main cast member and the story revolved around him, we will moan about them rebooting xmen as then have done with almost with most superhero movies but i think for xmen to win back fans they need to do it, if the make a 3 part film about a famous storyline from the comics and they are all better and more comic like than the first 3, then leave it at then then maybe come back in 4 years and do another 3 about another storyline from the comics. mckellen and Stewart will always be the best magneto and prof x, but times move on. the old cast played the parts well, but they are the only actors in hollywood who would be up to playing the parts. bring in fresh faces to play the parts, make them all more kick-as, show their powers for what they are really worth ie storm,cyclops and magneto.

  10. I definitely agree about the avatar FX for these types of films. It can definitely work.

  11. Here’s a question. How do we get these ideas to FOX and Singer and not let him continue to ruin the best franchise in Comics. What will it take, how many more cinematic failures will we have to endure before the true Marvel comic fans dont pay another dime to see their so called retarded vision of what we pay to see. I think I’ll get these next few movies off of bootleg until they straighten up

    • THANK YOU! I thought I was the only guy thinking that Singer is a Xmen killer!

  12. we have been waiting for this very very long time for developing X-Men 4 and 5. we are so excited that there’s the continue of after X men The Last Stand. we want the roll for the characters are using older cast and adding new roll about big star which the most famous in the world.

    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
    James Marsden as Cyclops ( He must return from his death )
    Famke Jenssen as Jean Grey / The White Phoenix of the Crown
    Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost
    Leonardo Dicaprio as Havok
    Orlando Bloom as Gambit
    steven seagal as Bishop
    Halle Berry as Storm
    Shawn Ashmore as Iceman
    Anna Paquin as Rogue
    Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier ( Return Again )
    Ian McKellen as Magneto
    Rebecca Romijn as Mystique
    Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Witch
    Jared Padalecki as Quicksilver
    Tyler Mane as Sabretooth ( Return Again )
    Ray Park as Toad ( Return Again )
    Vinnie Jones as Juggernaut ( Return Again )
    Tilda Swinton as Selene
    Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike ( Return Again )

    • Is that a typo? Steve Seagal as BISHOP? BISHOP as in the black mutant cop from the future with the M on his face? I respectfully disagreed with some of your choices but please tell me that Steve Seagal was just to check who read your post… LOL!

      On another note, I can see Jennifer Garner but she already had a crack at Elektra… plus she is getting old and not as hot, bring someone new. Jare Padalecki could be a Quicksilver… just like any white guy thats athletic and you can dye his hair to silver color.

      Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost? So many real blondes to pick… plus Cameron doesnt have the sophisticated look and she need to look more high-nose and bitchy. Cameron doesnt reflect good as an elder, leader or someone of wealth in films. Look at her in “Any Given Day”. That would be the closest role she had to Emma Frost… and also Cameron is not white enough in my opinion. Not to be racial but Emma has to be like american royalty type.

      Now Orlando Bloom as Gambit would be perfect if you planning to kill Gambit as a cameo. Gambit is rough, a leader (of a gang, and thieves) and he is manly… Orlando Bloom is that guy that you want when you want to have a “pu…y” guy that gets better or someone you wanna doubt to do something manly because he is so not manly. Actually the Jared guy would be a better Gambit, but then he would have to act away alot from Supernatural so people see him away from that character but he would be a better fit.

      Leonardo DiCaprio… he wouldnt sing for this in a million years because he is a leading man and Havok wouldnt be the center of attention.

      • That type of casting would be the whole budget, nothing left for effects at that point.

        • Slayer you are so right lol!

          I do love new blood and I bet there are sooooo many new faces that would also fit perfectly with the characters.

    • Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Witch is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, it’s kind of funny because Scarlet witch dresses so similar to Elektra. In fact, Jennifer wants to do more action. She’s already signed on to do “Miss Marple” which is like a female Sherlock Holmes. And, it would be cool to see Jennifer and Halle in a movie together, because I think those two actresses started the whole “chicks can kick ass” thing back in 2001-2007. They can bring it back again!!!!!!!

  13. To : Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn, Hugh Jackman, James Marden, Ian Mckellen, Anna Paquin, and Shawn Ashmore.

    I’m so proud. because X men 4 and 5 is going to come out. I’m one of big fans for this x men to star just like :
    Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn, Hugh Jackman, James Marden, Ian Mckellen, Anna Paquin, and Shawn Ashmore.
    I really want they to appear again in X men 4 and 5. I really miss them.
    I see the writer for United Kingdom is right. they should be seeing other new star as other x men charactes. i love Cameron Diaz, Tilda Swinton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Garner, as new characters for roll of X men 4 and 5.
    I like for X men 4 and 5 X men, Brotherhood, and Hellfire club to be one for destroy Apocalypse. and i like villains for X4 and 5 are :

    Mr. Sinister
    Shadow King
    Master Mold
    Shadow King
    Omega Red
    Stepfor Kucoos
    The Living Monilith
    Black Tom Cassidy
    Lady Strike

    please, give my message to :
    Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, Rebecca Romijn, Hugh Jackman, James Marden, Ian Mckellen, Anna Paquin, and Shawn Ashmore, Cameron Diaz, Tilda Swinton, Leonardo Dicaprio, Orlando Bloom, Jennifer Garner.
    give me new info anymore about them for X men 4 and 5.

    • Who would you want Jennifer Garner to play?

  14. Please, DO NOT BRING SINGER AGAIN! I dont think he even knew what was an X-Man before the movie. He just kills superheroes left n right.

    DO NOT MAKE XMen a Wolverine movie again… thats what Wolverine movies are for and as much as I love Wolverine, he is not the whole team.

    Please make the next Xmen darker and more fighting. Get Michael Bay or Snyder to direct… DO NOT TALK TO SINGER EVER AGAIN!

    Please change the cast, please add new characters! Bring Sinister or Apocalypse… and Cable!

  15. OK first thing wrong with Xmen is Halle Berry and the weak guy that does CYCLOPS.

    STORM was never a model, she is a rough african and older… Angela Basset was always the perfect fit but then again EVERYBODY loves Halle Berry for been hot even thought she sucks as Storm and Catwoman!

    CYCLOPS suppose to be a leader, someone that has command presence and TALLER than Wolverine… CYCLOPS should be Bradley Cooper, but he is been consider for his own hero movie… FLASH.

    CYCLOPS or HAVOK or GAMBIT… Matthew McConaughey could play any of these guys. He got the body hands down but if you down believe me… go watch Reign of Fire, he was bigger than Hugh. He can do a leader any day of the week so he can do CYCLOPS the right way. He can do blonde so he could do Havok but been that Havok wouldnt be a leading role then Matthew would be a waste of an actor. Now Gambit he can do in every single way there is. He has the hair for Gambit short or long. He is witty, manly and he can do the whole ladies guys. Then again he was my first choice for Captain America too. He is just great to still the thunder from Hugh and start taking the XMen movie away from a Wolverine driven story.

    BISHOP… this is too easy! Who else? The ROCK! Come on! Just take a sharpee and draw the M on his face! He got the body and the face and everything… hands down!

    ICEMAN… I rather see Justin Hartley(Green Arrow in Smallville). The current Iceman doing his “I love Rogue and I am a wuzz” is not the happy inmature Iceman of the comic. Hartley can do that and maybe work on the funny a lil. Also he fits the part of HAVOK.

    ROGUE… get someone taller, HOT and athletic.

    Just make the next 2 Xmen more grown up. I get that they had to do the academy years but they should focus more on a mature team that fits intergalactic, eternals, giant goverment robots… you know! Bigger and meanier and focus on the ass-whooping more than anything. Xmen should be more like Transformers type of movies.

    PLEASE NO MORE LEATHER! Is not tactical is not even easy to move in, WTF?!

  16. Dear : Lauren Shuler Donner for X men 4 and 5

    Finally there will be continuing after the last stand. this story should be told about ” AGE OF APOCALYPSE ” with Apocalypse Rising. we need the cast members such as :

    Male :

    Hugh Jackman as Logan / Wolverine

    James Marsden as Scott Summer / Cyclops

    Chris Pine as Alex Summer / Havok

    Michael Jai White as Lucas Bishop

    Jackie Chan as Shiro Yoshida / Sunfire

    Taylor Kitsch as Remy Etienne LeBeau / Gambit

    Alan Cumming as Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler

    Kelsey Grammer as Dr. Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy / Beast

    Ben Foster as Warren Worthington III / Angel / Archangel

    Daniel Cudmore as Peter Rasputin / Colossus

    Shawn Ashmore as Bobby Drake / Iceman

    Ian McKellen as Eric Lehnsherr / Magneto

    Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier / Professor X

    Vinnie Jones as Cain Marko / Juggernaut

    Jared Padalecki as Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver

    Ray Park as Toad

    Aaron Stanford as John Allerdyce / Pyro

    Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson

    Kevin Durand as Fred Dukes / Blob

    Sean Patrick Flannery as Sean Cassidy / Banshee

    Liev Schreiber as Victor Creed / Sabretooth

    Neal McDonough as Sebastian Shaw

    Michael Clarke Duncan as Apocalypse

    Daniel Craig as Mr Sinister

    Daliph Singh as Genesis

    Roland Kickinger as Omega Red

    Steve Burton as Bastion

    Danny Devito as Mojo

    Tim Curry as Shadow King

    ason Lewis as Proteus

    Conan Stevens as Holocaust

    Josef Sommer as The President

    Female :

    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix / White Phoenix ( Good Girl )
    Halle Berry as Onroro Munro / Storm

    Monica Bellucci as Selene / The Black Queen

    Cameron Diaz or Charlize Theron as Emma Frost / The White Queen

    Rebecca Romijn as Raven Darkholme / Mystique

    Serinda Swan as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

    Rachel Weisz as Lorna Dane / Polaris

    Kelly Hu as Yuriko Oyama / Lady Deathstrike

    Anna Paquin as Marie / Rogue

    Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde / Shadow Cat

    Olivia Williams as Dr. Moira MacTaggart

    give us repond from their answer.

    By Australia Fans Signature

    • So the fact there are no Sentinals is a mistake? Oh wait, all of the “mistakes” you mention are deviations from the comics. Film is a different medium and what works in print doesn’t always work in film.

      Singer gave us (IMO) two well-directed, well-conceived films taht did a great job of bringing the spirit of X-men to film.

      If you onlly look for direct translations from comic to film you’ll never be satisfied because either there will be deviations (inevitable) or it will suck on film because the direct translation won’t work on film (in general).

      • The point is, the characters have a story, and there are other characters that they have stories with (Wolverine and Sabertoothe/Lady Deathstrike for example) to alter these stories when they’re known by every fan of this genre is appauling. To make wolverine a leader when he isnt, to make Cyclops less than the true leader he was suppose to be, to name a movie X-men: first class and not have scott summers in attendance when “HE WAS THE 1ST FREAKIN X-MAN” and have his younger brother in the class is a slap in the face to anyone who followed this comics. So to defend singer when he is totally wrong makes about as much sense as Japan dumping 11,000 gallons of nuclear waste contaminated water into the pacific ocean.

        • Don’t you understand that a film doesn’t have the time to get to every relationahip between every character that has developed over 40 years in the comics? Hense, what isn’t central to the plot (or plot of a future installment) gets cut, otherwise the film becomes a cluttered mess. Singer made 2 great films about oppression and exploitation of mutants and how two groups had their own ideologies of how to deal with it. Isn’t that the heart of Xmen? Not the Summers boys, not Wolverine and Sabertooth, not Sentinals.

          • The problem most people might be having with all of the X-Men movies is not just the lack of building the correct relationships between characters, it might be the lack of character development in general. After watching all the movies it dawns on me that while they can’t and don’t follow things from the books to the letter they did rely on people having knowledge of some things because they really did not explain allot of things.

            The oppression theme which was key after the God Loves, Man Kills graphic novel is a huge part of the X-Men myth but, I don’t think the movies even dig deep enough into to hang their hat on alone. In the first movie they were doing the whole registration angle which Magneto responded to by doing the whole crazy bad guy plot that would have probably just made people want to kill mutants even more.

            The second movie introduced the more radical anti-mutant sentiment with Stryker (who if you go by Wolverine should have died in a military prison) wanting to kill all mutants on earth. Which Magneto also thought was a good reverse idea. So basically you have both humans and mutants are genocidal madmen when something in their past defines them. Oh and Bobby Drake’s brother narcs him out to the police.

            Three was some mess they must have based loosely on Forge’s gun where you had the military using the “cure” as a weapon but, some mutants lining up to take it own their own. Magneto again wages war against the humans and gets allot of mutants killed in the process calling them pawns.

            So even as a study in oppression between groups with massive differences it is no District 9.

    • I agree with the anti-Singer sentiment on these blogs, but most of the blame must go to the folks that give him the greenlight without any supervision.

      • thank you.

  17. No point of bringing Anna Paquin back if Rogue isn’t gonna use her greater powers. She just seemed like a bystander almost in X3.

  18. i the 4 and 5 x-men are good movies then third one i seriously want to watch them

  19. Did I read it right Is singer working on battle star for cinema that sounds interesting, I thought he had ditched the idea years ago. Has he been working on a new script idea, is he serious again about battle star, I sure would love to see it in the cinema. Im glad to see he is coming into the x men sequels he sure done a great job on x men. I really enjoyed his x men films and superman even tho it was not liked by some. Well God bless him on his next films of the x men I hope it works out its not easy trying to make folk happy all the best.


  21. Who would Cameron Diaz play?

    • i agreed if Cameron Diaz play as EMMA FROST / THE WHITE QUEEN
      i agreed famke must look again in X 4 as white phoenix and also Halle Berry MUST be there too..

      and I agreed if Mnica Bellucci as Selene / THE BLACK QUEEN and Serinda Swan as Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch..
      bring Kelly Hu as Lady Death Strike !!!!!

      but i’m not sure if Rachel Weisz as Lorna Dane / Polaris ?????

  22. All I can say is…… Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Witch! That sums it up right there. And, she just did a movie with Hugh Jackman….. perhaps they’ve discussed this…..

    • so are you going see the 4 and 5 x-men movies

      • Definetly.

  23. what will be the 5 and 4 x-men dude.

  24. I hope that we will have seen the last of those black leather one-piece unitard suits for the X-men… Almost any design of Uniform or ‘Under-Armour’ suit with the comic book inspired color schemes will be perfect..

    And the movies needs to ride on a hard and gritty PG-13 edge, of not nearly an R-rating.
    Everyone appreciates the humanistic and humor-relief in the films– that is like life, and humor and grins are an important part of a good story. It breaks up the risk of sensory overload, and keeps you watching and thinking from scene to scene.
    But the other intense aspects of a ‘comic book’ fighting conflicts cannot be bypassed either.

    For example, in the Wolverine Film- Wolverine’s only failure was the atrocity of writing a movie based upon a character with Knives as Appendages into a Bloodless PG-13 kiddie show. If the story of Weapon-X would have been taken frame-by-frame out of ‘Marvel Comics Presents’ and made into a movie from that– it would have been as Exciting and Bloody as ‘Rambo(2008),’ or ‘the 300,’ or ‘the Punisher(2008).

    I hope to see a much more intense and visually stunning production this time around.

    • As much as people hate to admit it spandex looks terrible on film most of the time. And if you want to see what it would look like to have a bunch of adults running around in multicolored spandex outfits check out pro wrestling or a cosplay convention. In both cases unless the person is super fit the sight can be traumatizing.

      As for getting an adult Wolverine (or Daredevil, Ghost Rider)that probably won’t happen because of the fear of losing that box office dollar if it’s rated R from the teen audience. Why do you think they make PG-13 “horror” movies, which is an oxymoron if I ever saw one.

      • @ Slayer

        Depends on the design/colors of the costume. Theres always been more than one costume ive seen Wolverine wore, and Cyclops for example.I saw good picture of costume for Angel, especially if Ben Foster reprised the role.

  25. I really hope they make a X-men 4 & 5 with most of cast returning. Only thing is i don’t care to see Magneto return as villain. I wanna see Mr. Sinister,Apolcalypse,& The Sentinels. I also don’t care to see the White phonix? After X3 not so sure unless they better have one heck of a script.

    @ Jason

    I agree with ya. For X4, it would be a great start for the X-men to have different costumes intead of them almost all lookin the same. Heck Wolverine has black costume in the comics with a mask. I just wonder if im the only one who’d like to give it a shot at seeing if it would look good on Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in live-action.

  26. I think the reason people didn’t like X3 was because Rogue took the cure in the end. Had she chosen to keep her powers like in the alternate ending, I think the movie would have been more well-recieved. Oh, and they should shoot these in 3-D.

    • @ The Catwoman Riddler

      I thought the reason people didn’t like X3 was because of the whole Cure in general. I have to admit i liked Singer’s approach before he left for Superman Returns. I liked X3 but it wasn’t the best. I hope they get most of everyone back, especially Kelsy Grammer as Beast. Jennifer Garner as Scarlett Witch? Bad or good in the film? I liked how Scarlett Witch was played out in X-men Evolution animated series.

      • She could be either a hero or a villain in the film.. it would depend on what the writers have in store for the character.

    • Magneto also had the ‘cure’ implemented on him as well, but at the end of the movie you could see he could still move a metal chess piece. To play on this event, they could easily imply that “since the cure utilizes the mutant gene itself, that it actually (in given time) further causes a more powerful mutation”. If they were smart, they would use that excuse as to how Rogue got ‘Super strength’ and ‘Super Flight’. To be honest, rogue was the most useless character in the series, when she didn’t have to be. They took a Powerful tough b**** from the comics and other re-imagined series, and totally dumbed her down to a whiney, ‘wahh I can’t touch anyone’, skank. With that being said… Other characters who had the cure implemented on them should have Amplified powers as well, such as mystique.

      • @ the il one

        I agree with your post. Especially concerning X3, even though that film had things i didn’t like too fondly with what they did with some of the characters, i still enjoyed the film. I think alot of people don’t want to admit they enjoyed it more than they say they hated it, otherwise the franchise would of been rebooted like Spider-Man franchise.

    • I would actually prefer,if they were not shooted in 3D, because, first of all, it saves the company money, second of all, 3D is a mere unnecessary luxury, also if the producers or the developers are not wasting all their money and time over 3D, they’ll waste it over the graphics

  27. I would only watch X-Men 4 and 5 if Singer makes them. I love the trilogy, and only he can make them.

  28. I seriously hope Synger will be back, because X-Men: Wolverine was pretty bad, save for Ryan Reynolds who stole his few scenes, and X-Men 3, awful, just awful, for me, it ruined the franchise.