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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & 5 in Active Development

A year and a half ago, I posed the question of whether Bryan Singer could return to the X-Men franchise to helm X-Men 4. At the time, he revealed he was in talks with Fox and expressed his love for the franchise and cast. It only seemed fitting that he we return to right the ship, so to speak, for a franchise he established.

We all know now he later signed on to direct the prequel, X-Men: First Class, instead and following an interesting turn of events, he had to drop out of the director’s chair due to at-the-time scheduling conflicts for Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer. Well, we may have been right from the start regarding Singer because X-Men 4 is still in development… and so is X-Men 5!

Obsessed With Film shared a tidbit from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which featured a very intriguing and buzz-worthy quote from X-Men franchise producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it…  And X4 leads into X5″

She explains that the films are in “active development” and what that truly means is anyone’s guess but franchise Lauren Shuler-Donner has been talking up her interest in X-Men 4 for quite some time now. Dating back to the home video release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she revealed that she was working on plans for an X-Men 4 which would bring back the cast we’re all so familiar with from the trilogy.

This is however, the first we’ve heard of X-Men 5 so we can connect the dots and assume the plan would be to film both back-to-back, the only logical way to keep costs under control. X-Men: The Last Stand cost $210 million back in 2006 and it sucked.

The big question mark is if X-Men trilogy staples Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore and Famke Janssen return alongside X-Men 3‘s added mutants played by Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Kesley Grammer. We all know Berry’s need for screentime and Paquin’s appropriate desire to actually become the Rogue we know from the comics and partake in the action. Plus, a few of these characters may need to return from the “dead,” including Cyclops who was never allowed to become the leader he was meant to be.

It’s going to be expensive and they’d need to find the right director to handle such a large project. Someone like Bryan Singer…

From Bryan Singer almost two years ago:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

Fast forward almost a year later, and in an interview alongside Donner, he joked about wanting to take on X-Men 4:

“Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now.”

Singer’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, but Jack the Giant Killer is currently his only project filming, with casting underway and a release date already set. His other two directorial gigs include Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur, both in pre-production with no timelines or casts as of yet.

Looking at Fox’s timelines, they have X-Men: First Class this year, potentially The Wolverine next year with a question mark around the dates for Deadpool. Assuming it’d take them two years to get underway on the X-Men 4-5 double feature, Singer is a legitimate contender for the job and I have no doubt he and Donner have spoken about it. I would like to see him return and finally have the opportunity to take advantage of unused ideas for what X-Men 3 could have been.

Check our some of our thoughts from before on what we need from X-Men 4. What overarching storyline could (or should) X-Men 4 & 5 tackle?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: Obsessed With Film

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  1. How about a Reboot? Jeez man. Enough already.. Bryan Singer needs to be hanged for what he’s done. I cant escape this man..

    • Well, the ‘X-MEN: First Class’ is kind of a reboot.

      • It’s prequel.

      • It’s not a reboot at all dude it’s a PREQUEL..

    • screw reboots

      • Thats how Hollywood tells you that your movie sucked and this is how it should’ve been, i agree reboots suck……

    • Hanged for making a movie you didn’t like? That’s childish. There are people who like those movies. And if you are referring to X-men: The Last Stand, that was Brett Ratner. Bryan Singer made the first two X-men films which were very good. The costumes for the team weren’t what I would have liked to see, but the movies themselves were good.

      And if you are referring to Superman Returns, it’s probably for the same reason all of the other “fans” hate it for. Not for the movie itself, but because it’s not Chrisopther Reeve.

      Time to grow up little boy, everything isn’t made for you. It’s made for everyone, you are just one in a few idiots who hate everything and play expert when you don’t like it.

      • “And if you are referring to Superman Returns, it’s probably for the same reason all of the other “fans” hate it for. Not for the movie itself, but because it’s not Chrisopther Reeve.”

        Very dumb comment. The movie was awful. I don’t think it’s a matter of opinion.

        • Actually it is a matter of opinion and with a 76/67 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, looks like the average is against you.

          SR wasn’t the superhero movie people expected (neither were X1 or X2 for that matter) but audiences still approved of them overall. I think that’s largely because they tell human stories through superhero-type characters and people relate to those stories.

    • Hanged? Over a movie? Really?


  2. YAY…………………………………………………………………………………..

    Fox and Singer, yet again? Yuck.

  3. Some kinds of time-travel plot, in order to bring Cyclops back!

    • Jean didn’t kill Scott. She “cured” him of his inability to control his optic blast, then went further and changed his consciousness so that he could have a fresh start in life (that’s why Xavier couldn’t sense him). He’s working on a fishing boat somewhere.

  4. Age of Apocalypse!!


      • They could have Arnold Schwarzenegger as Apocalypse. “Tonight’s forecast….an Apocalypse in coming” 😛 Seriously though, he has the build, and they can just bud over his voice in post-production.

        • amazing idea. Comic Book movies, go on Arny, everyone is doing it 😉

        • No, it’ll be Michael Clark Duncan… Since Daredevil never happend…

          • Yeah, I think he would be better choice, and get the guy who played “Raze” in the Underworld films (I keep forgetting his name) to voice Apocalypse.

            • Love the Freeze! Now Im not going to look at Apocalypse the same way again. Thanx Ghost.

  5. Just Ignore X-Men the Last Stand.If Ryan Reynolds plays deadpool In film
    which reboots Deadpool and If Judi Dench can continue to play M In James Bond despite the fact she played New M to the Brosnon Bond and now plays the vetern M to Rookie Craig Bond just make First Class and It’s possible
    sequels as Prequels to X-Men and X2.And have these 2 new films as sequels
    to X-Men and X2.

  6. X-23, por favor…

  7. I still think the Dark Phoenix was wasted in that morass of a movie ‘The Last Stand’! Let’s do it right and film the whole Byrnes-Claremont envisioned Dark Phoenix Saga with the climax on the moon!

    • Agreed. Pheonix should have been enough to take up two films, but was reduced to a supporting character.

  8. why are the Singer hate?

    • I know, if i didn’t know any better I would have thought he directed X-Men: The Last Stand or something. Goodness… the fact that that abomination is called The Last Stand makes it hurt just that little bit more :(

  9. I was actually hoping for a reboot. I love the first two Xmen films but too much time has passed, these guys are too old for their parts.

  10. If they do X-men 4 and 5 Prof X can be brought back because they brought him back at the end of 3 after the credits. Jean Grey is Phoniex so she should not be a problem. Cyclops is dead though and unless you are doing a time travel story with Cable and Bishop I think bringing him back would be cheezy. Let him stay dead.

    My approach with these films is have them take place 5 years or more after X-men 3. Have an older Iceman and Rogue, find some way to reincoporate Gambit, recast Storm, and essentially recreate and revamp the X-men core team.

    Also someone other than Magneto as the main villain this time. Maybe Mr. Sinister? I think that he would be a great choice.
    Its the X-men the chracaters and stories are endless, move on from the old and try something different. As long as you get Wolverine on board your guaranteed money

    • Well of course it would be quite a few years after the events of “Last Stand.” It’s been five years since that movie came out.

      I’ll watch it, I just hope Halle Berry decides she’s too good for it, because she is one of the reasons “Last Stand” sucked so bad.

  11. I’ve been wondering if First class will lead into a sequel, but i guess that’s singer’s x-men 1.

    My suggestion, forget the intros, we’ve had them… just begin with the team in the action.

    here’s a few ideas:

    1. the Reavers. The x-men are hiding from the mutant registration act and donald pierce (new black king) in australia, and the reavers arrive to eradicate them. big battle and they end with going through the siege perilous. The siege device can FIX the messed up continuity.

    2. Maurauders and sinister. The mutants, calling themselves morlocks, have fled underground new york and Sinister sends his Marauders to kill them all, x-men intervene, finale between Sinister and x-men, with the revelation that cyclops’s eye beams are his weakness.


    3. cable/stryfe. cyclops’ son returns from the future to make things right, but his clone also returns and the x-men fight the Mutant liberation front.


    4. Genosha. this storyline would go well with the film canon. a whole country using mutants as slave labor and the x-men intervene with Magneto being the wild card.

    any thoughts?

    • Well, if they’re continuing past X3, then they can’t use the Registration Act anymore. Unless, they do something similar to what Stryker did, and organize a mutant attach. May be they could bring in The Sentinels then.

    • The hope is that First Class can be a trio of its own, taking place before X-Men 1.

      I totally agree about the intros though – not needed for X4.

    • 1. They seem to be against mentioning anything that can’t be explained away as just some mutant power thing. They dodged the whole Dark Phoenix thing and just killed the Juggernaut concept so trying to go into the Siege Perilous would just give them something else they seem unable to explain in any meaningful way. And they already used Lady Deathstrike as just some generic Weapon-X mutant knock-off and three of the Reavers along with Pierce were out of the Hellfire Club story so this would just end up generic cyborg government types hunt the X-Men in Fox’s world.

      2. They used Callisto in 3 and had Arc-light with her with Magneto for some reason. Some character called Riptide is going to be in first class, don’t know if it’s the same one from the Massacre story since they are pulling characters from later books and putting them in the movies now. Sinister would be a logistical nightmare for them and would have to be tied into Cyclops, who they killed off and didn’t do much with in the first place. Then there’s the Sabertooth continuity to deal with since they had him with Magneto and it’s already weird that a career mutant hunter (from the Wolverine movie arc) would be with Magneto who should consider someone like Sabertooth a traitor at best.

      3. Cable, eh. Popular character but, time travel was messy in the books. These movies are scattered enough without letting them just play Star Trek with jumping through time. And you bring Cable in and they would have to do Bishop and then the floodgates would open.

      Pretty much anything that has them having to manage even more characters seems like a recipe for disaster since that seems to be what got them in trouble in the first place.

    • The movie’s supposed to be the first part of a new trilogy starring X and Mags.

  12. My bet Is the Days of Future past storyline Is going to be used as starting point for this.

    The cast will depend who wants to come back and can they make deals to work with budget.Halle Berry may price herself out of this.Obvisously
    they will want Hugh jachman back.Rogue could replace Kitty Pryde In a Days of future past story since ELlen Page’s deal may have expired and
    It may be easier to get Anna Paquin.Plus Bryan Singer worked with Paquin
    Instead of page and my want to bring Paquin In.

  13. No, NO and HELL NO!

    After what Singer did with X3 and killing off 3 MAIN characters, anything after would not have the soul of the X-Men.

    There’s got to be a strong leader of Xavier’s school and Halle Berry’s Storm is not it. She was more like the den mother.

    Side note: My favorite moment of X-Men 3 are when Wolverine, Professor X, and some others are walking up to Jean Grey’s house in the middle of a cul-de-sac and are seemingly surprised by Magneto and his crew… in the middle of the cul-de-sac. I guess if it’s off camera, they can’t see it either.

    • Ratner directed X3, not Singer. But if we were to pick favorite scenes, then I would pick the credits 😛 B/c it lets you know the film is now over.

    • Brett Ratner is the one who trashed X-men 3. Not Bryan Singer. Everyone hates Bryan Singer for “ruining” the x-men film franchise. Give credit where it’s due. 1 and 2 were awesome, 3 was garbage. Blame Ratner, not Singer.

      • You are both correct. I humbly apologize.

        I actually meant Ratner and typed Singer. Freaudian slip, I guess.

    • In comic book fashion, all of those characters could be brought back.

      Xavier is in a new body, Cyclops’ “end” was ambiguous and he could just as well be alive, and Phoenix… well, you can’t really ever say she’ done forever.

      If Sinister is a player, he can be responsible for bringing back Scott and Jean as well… and who knows, maybe we’ll finally get some Cable/time-travel action.

  14. Bryan Singer didn’t direct The Last Stand.That was all Brett Ratner.Singer
    did X-Men and X2.Blame Ratner and Fox for The Last Stand.

  15. Oh no, dear God. Hollywood, I’m begging you, what the hell? What the hell?! Leave the freaking series alone, why do you need MORE sequels, MORE money, MORE negative reviews, etc.? You’re disgusting.

  16. Maybe it’ll turn out that X-men: The Last Stand was just a dream someone was having.

    • HA!! I have often hoped the same thing would happen!

  17. Not enough info to go on. I’m more interested in the X-men Anime by madhouse. maybe when we have a more solid story on who the cast is and the possible plotline will I put in my comments about the movie. For now I’ll watch what is currently available.

  18. Even though it sounds corny, they should treat X3 as a dream…or a possible alternate reality. What would be more XMen than that? They’ve done it tons of times (Days of Future Past, Age of Apocolypse, etc.) That way, can still be part of the cannon, but they can also completely ignore it. Win-win.

  19. While Singer might not have directed X3 and likely would have done a vastly better job than Ratner did, I still don’t like that Singer just up and left the X-Men franchise for the Superman movie. He said it himself, X-Men 1 and X2 took six years of his life. After that he needed to go ahead and finish it up with a third movie just like Nolan is doing with the Batman franchise, but he turned traitor and ran away.

    So no I don’t want him back.

    And I’d rather have a full reboot rather than a continuation from the horrible mess that X3 and the Wolverine movie became.

    • I just don’t see how the series demise is blamed on Ratner alone since the script was clearly terrible and that’s what the studio wanted. Singer himself bailed on the project and I think Vaughn and someone else left the movie before Ratner took the project (and the bullet it seems).

      Wolverine was a mess too but, it just pretty much used what was set up in the first two X movies and the various elements from the comic books. Thing is they didn’t really have to try to explain Wolverine so fast since it took years for his origin to be revealed and at a point it didn’t matter.

      The first X-Men movies were okay but, people seem to hold them up to a higher esteem then maybe they should be. At this point of Singer’s involvement if things don’t get better either in movie quality or money made it is going to hard to blame X-3 and Wolverine for the series going down when they are going to be two films out five that pretty much all the same people had a hand in except for Ratner and Wolverine’s director.

  20. Gotta say, I loved X-Men 1 and 2, but never thought it would outlive Sam Raimi’s Spiderman series though, just goes to show ha?

  21. Xem and X2 are my favorate marvel films and yes I like them better that the SPider-Man and Iron Man films.My favorate comic book films of all time
    are Superman,X2,Batman Begins and The dark Knight with X-Men close
    behind.And It should be pointed out I always get marvel comics more than DC comics.

  22. The only actors that need to be brought back are Jackman, Stewart and Ian Mckellen. Nobody would even notice if they recast the rest with no-names.

  23. Bryan singer is the reason i started to dabble in comics. When the first x-men photos were released and everyone was beating on him, i decided to read the comics as to make sure I had a well informed response for my only source was the 90s tv show. On that note i have not enjoyed one X-men film. Forgetting X-3, all of the story line were pretty weak. All of their stories felt contained to only the characters. I like how Iron Man was in the media and thats how i felt the X-Men shld have been portrayed albiet very controversial.

    Here goes “my hates” ( bear with me)
    *I hate how cyclops never got his shine as the tatical leader he really was
    *I hate the emphasis on Wolverine, which never really showed him as a anti-hero but more as marketing tool as the “cool mutant”. I just wanted to see a true likable a-hole. charlie sheen with claws.
    *I hate how wolverine and cyclops never fought.
    *I hate how 90 percent of mutants dress like street urchins.
    *I hate halle berry as storm loved her in swordfish.. topless.. giggady
    *I hate all the casting short of Patrick, Ian and James Marsden.

    Singer in my opinion never truly captured the fear/outkast feelings of mutants protecting people who hate them. Which beig black was the reason I kinda liked the x-men. yOu get a sense of it but its never feels genuine to me (besides ian mckellen cuz doode is good actor; i.e. Angel & his dad or Bobby Drake & family really didnt convince me). My uncle as a fireman saved a girl from a fire only to berated by her white father for even touching her in the first place. that was thr kinda hate/fear i wanted to see. maybe marvel will have the rights returned one day

    End Rant.

  24. “Bout damn time!!

  25. First off, Cyclops and Jean are dead. So they’re not coming back. Rogue took the “cure” and lost her powers so she’d be kinda worthless (even more so than in the movies if that’s possible)and Professor X’s body is gone and his conscience was transfered into another, so Patrick Stewart is out too. Halle Berry threw a fit because Hugh Jackman was more popular than her so I doubt she’ll be back (fine with me). I bet they’re wishing they made everyone the correct ages now…

    I just pray to God that they come up with a threat other than Magneto. A Sinister or Apocolypse storyline would kick ass.

    • They never did anything with most of the characters over the three movies which is why the last one just seemed like it was killing the whole series off. They spent time in X-2 on Wolverine’s story which wasn’t needed at the time since odds were they would do solo movies with him.

      Rouge was not used at all and they never tried to give her the other powers people were used to seeing her with. Storm was just there. Nightcrawler came and went, Colossus was just generic and looked like a test run for the effects for the Silver Surfer. Yet they spent time on meeting Iceman’s family and the rivalry between him and Pyro ? It is also funny how a character like Mystique has managed to be in all four films.

      At this point it seems like they use characters with effects they think look cool or that they have done before, kind of like using Nightcrawlers dad, and the Havoc character, Emma Frost (sort of again since Wolverine didn’t happen) and Mystique, again……

    • I can’t remember where I Heard this, but I recall someone telling me that the dormant body Prof. X went into was that of his braindead twin brother… I have no clue as to the validity of this, but that would be a way go him to come back, and be out of the wheelchair (like in current comic continuity). As far as ages, Hugh Jackman still works, as Wolverine is always depicted as being in his late 40’s-50’s anyways. Does anyone care if Halle Berry comes back? Recast it. Cyclops? Never actually see him die or his body, so he can come back, same with Jean because of the whole Peonix thing; this is a comic book movie, people, characters never truly die in comics and they always come back in super conVoluted ways (See recent Cap. America, Batman, Flash, and Aquaman resurrections). Definitely agree on having a different, bugger threat; I Could see Sinister in 4, leading to Apocalypse in 5. After the end of 3, I imagine Magneto would start to come back into the X-Men fold, also like in current Comic continuity.
      And last note, if they do Apocalypse, Ben Foster as ArchAngel? Hell Yes!!

    • The cure didn’t work on Magneto, and they can say the effects wore off.

      • Who cares. 3 films was enough for Mags. 4 if you include First Class. There are so many good “bad guys”, let’s see something new.

        • Well, I was using that as an example of how Rogue can return with her powers.

    • Only storylines I would be interested in seeing would be Sinister and Apocalypse. Based on the FX from the last three movies however, I don’t think they would ever have the budget to do those two epic villains justice. So if they can’t do it correctly, please don’t do it at all.

      As for bringing back definitely dead characters…..if you have read any comics you would know the writers ALWAYS find some outrageous way to bring back the dead or otherwise alter history.

      If they used Sinister it would be as simple as him having clones of Cyclops and Jean already made. Of course I was disappointed in their completely lame interpretation of the phoenix force so I don’t know if I want Jean returning.

  26. Magneto was regaining his powers in the last shot of the 3rd film, so I would assume he, Mystique, and Rogue could return with powers. With Xavier in a new body, and Magneto humbled, perhaps you have the makings of Magneto taking over as leader of the X-men for a while, like in some of the older books? This would also open the door for more villains. A Sinister/Apocalypse story would be sick.

    I agree that Jean and Scott should stay gone, but there is the fact that Phoenix can literally control matter at a subatomic level (hence her wiping people to dust with a thought) so the idea that they are alive somewhere in the world is plausible.

    Personally, if i were writing the script, I would have Magneto brought into the fold while Xavier recovers. Beast, Storm, Wolverine, and perhaps Emma Frost or Moira McTaggert could be brought in as teachers . . . depending on how the characters survive the prequel. New characters could be brought in in both teacher and student capacities as well. Perhaps we could even get a Shadow King type storyline going with mutants from all over being manipulated, and over the course of two films, the X-Men’s ranks actually grow by the end of the second film, just like in the books.

  27. (1) Film writers/producers/directers have to realize that the personalities and abilities as well as the settings and interactions of these fictional characers should not deviate dramatically from their comicbook counterparts. For the most part Marvel comicbook characters have been developed in such a way to complement and balance each other.

    (2) Yes, these comicbook adaptations should be made to be more realistic. But not by so much. It is fiction – fictional characters in a fictional world.

    (3) There is a difference between DC and Marvel. For the most part, as there are exceptions on both sides, DC is driven by by individual characterizations and identities while Marvel is driven by group interactions and dynamics. As such, future Xmen films should focus on the dynamics that exists within a core group of Xmen characters, and each character should be given relatively the same on screen minutes.

    (4) Another difference between DC and Marvel is that Marvel revolves around widespread, as opposed to pocketed, phenomenon. In Marvel this is in the form of widespread mutations, how the world perceives mutants and how mutants respond to that perception.

    (5) As such X4&5 should focus on government Sentinals and mutant imprisonment and execution. The sentinals should resemble their comicbook counterparts in form and ability.

    (6) No more reboots. In order to prevent reboot and repair the damages done in X3, X4 should be begin with a desperate Bishop in the future where the world now lies in ruins due to the Sentinals. Why? Possible because of the deaths of important Xmen members, the lack of strong leadership (in the form of Professor X, Cyclops and Storm), various important but depowered mutants (Magneto etc.), or other reasons that lead to the internal collapse of the Xmen. So Bishop, whose sister has been recently and critically injured, travels to the past to just before the cure is publically announced. He informs Professor X about the cure and how it may be the cause of his future. The xmen break into Worthington Labs, and steal/destroy the cure. This leads to the escalation of the Sentinal program. All this happens within the first 30 minutes of the film. The next 45 minutes of x4, should span a 1-2 year time period, and focus on the develpmemt of the Xmen as a team and and their relationships with each other. And should end with a proper battle and defeat of a larger and magical Juggernaut. Cut to the Mark 1 Sentinal program which is now completed, explained and deployed. X4 should continue with 100s of Sentinals killing and apprehending mutants, and evolving against mutant retaliation. The xmen should become aware of the increase number of mutant deaths and disappearances, and through repeated battles with the sentinals realize that they have to strike at its head as they did with Juggernaut.

    (7) X5 should pick up from this point and play more as an interplay of multiple decoy and stealth opperations against the sentinals. A few adequate superheroes should be recruited to help the xmen as they fight their way to and destroy Master Mold. The film should end by alluding to either Mr. Sinister or the Apocalypse.

    (8) X4/5: Professor X; Cyclops as a stronge leader, a smart Storm who doesnt angle her head like a cat woman; no Phoenix, but a strong Jean Grey who can fly; a fully powered Rogue and Iceman; Wolverine,Gambit, Beast, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Angel and Bishop. With a large core well developed group they can create multiple tactical subgroups each with two or three additional characters in X4.

    (9) Magneto should appear in X4 in a more subdued demeanor after learning what happens to the mutants in the future. And Mystique and the Brotherhood (without the false Juggernot) should not appear until X5 as support.

    (10) Yes, this borrows from Days of Future Past but without Kitty Prude so its simpler, and as well as Bishop’s comicbook and animated stories.

    • I wrote my original post before I read this, but you have some good ideas here that I’d like to see fleshed out.

      People seem to steer away from time travel story lines…but I believe they can be done right, and it certainly would resolve a lot of the problems with the franchise right now.

      I’d add, however, that I personally REALLY want to see Psylocke and Emma Frost have some major roles.

      Also, Liev Schreiber, imo, was an excellent Sabertooth and I’d like to see him return in that role.

      And yes, more Gambit/Iceman plz.

      And Bishop would be awesome.

      And Cable?!! Hell yes.

    • You have some really great ideas there. Plus, you really seem to know what makes a good comic book film. Seriously, fox should hire you. Oh, and I second Psylocke.

  28. The X-Men movies were all alright (not so much X3..), but I feel like none of them ever lived up completely to the potential of what a truly great X-men film could be.

    The movies were all entirely Wolverine-centric…which to an extent is expected, but it gets tiring.

    Cyclops’s character development was butchered.

    Halle Berry as Storm is an embarassment and fail.

    Ian McKellen is getting too old to be Magneto, in fact, I think he may have been too old to begin with, even though he’s a great actor.

    Charles Stewart as Prof. X – great actor but again a really sterotypical choice. I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else play it.

    The Frasier guy as Beast – another predictable, sterotypical choice with a great actor…but wouldn’t mind seeing someone else fill the shoes.

    We never DID see the Sentinels, which is a crying shame considering how much money was spent on these films.

    Anyway – I think Bryan Singer would be a decent choice to direct the films, considering his history….but I don’t want another set of X-films that don’t live up to their potential and have great characters shoved to the side to make way for Wolverine.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind an entirely fresh start with a totally new cast and story line. Not an origin story, per se…but I dunno. Have the X-Men be established and maybe follow the recruitment of Jubilee/Shadowcat or even Colossus(not original but would work) or have them start some cool new mission. Involving the Hellfire Club would be nice too.

    • I agree…I would like to see Psylocke, as she is one of my favorite characters, come to the aid of the xmen and play a significant role in X5. I would also like to Emma Frost as well. But the problem is that she should have been introduced earlier. Personally after seeing the Phoenix emblem at the end of X2, I thought they would go the route of the Hellfire Club in X3. It’s kind of late to do her character any real justice by in inserting her now, since she is not the kind of character you can understand by her sudden appearance. Psylocke is much easier to know by the way she looks, dresses and acts. Yes, Xmen First Class will have Emma Frost. But, as of now I don’t see it directly as a prequel to the original xmen triology. It feels like a reboot that happens to film the eailier years of the xmen.

      I cant believe I forgot about Jubilee. Gambit should take her under his wing as a younger sister when he arrives.

    • I agree…I would like to see Psylocke, as she is one of my favorite characters, come to the aid of the xmen and play a significant role in X5. I would also like to Emma Frost as well. But the problem is that she should have been introduced earlier. Personally after seeing the Phoenix emblem at the end of X2, I thought they would go the route of the Hellfire Club in X3. It’s kind of late to do her character any real justice by in inserting her now, since she is not the kind of character you can understand by her sudden appearance. Psylocke is much easier to know by the way she looks, dresses and acts. Yes, Xmen First Class will have Emma Frost. But, as of now I don’t see it directly as a prequel to the original xmen triology. It feels like a reboot that happens to film the eailier years of the xmen.

      I can’t believe I forgot about Jubilee. Gambit should take her under his wing as a younger sister when he arrives. That way no real character development is needed for Jubilee, as you liken her charcater to Gambit’s. And Jubilee can be in the background since her connection to Gambit will remind us that she is around.

      As for Sabbertooth, I would like for him to appear in X5 with the Brotherhood and be assigned to a small feral team lead by Wolverine and including the shapeshifting Wolfsbane, among others. Thus would introduce Wolfsbane, albeit with a different origin story, for a possible Apocalypse and Dark Beast story in X6&7.

      • Well good thing you’re not in charge of these films, there would be 50 mutants in each one! I love your obvious knowledge of the X-men universe but dude, you’ve got way too much going on for two films. Especially this franchise…

        • Thanks.

          There is a difference between going big and going crazy like what was done in X3 . What I envision is a scaled down version of big; something like a fellowship, but with 13 main characters. Where you learn about the group’s dynamic and development through a journey that last over an hour on film, but takes place solely in the mansion, with Bishop’s appearance and information about the future, the stealing/destruction of the cure by Nightcrawler like in X2, and a quick strategic defeat of the Juggernaut to indicate the Xmen’s growth. This is followed by the sentinal uprising against mutants and the xmens plan to stop it. X4 is concluded in under 2 hours.

          X5 is bigger, but we are adding characters in thr midst of battle. The audience understands this. And so there is no need to develop these additional characters. Just put them in place to do what needs to be done.

        • Yeah between special effects costs and finding actors this series has always had a roster management issue to begin with. Adding more people to the mix at this point would not help their cause at all.

          The one thing that probably gets lost with fans in this is that there were several X-Men and X-related titles at one point with allot of characters. They had the luxury and the job of putting out a book every month for decades so there was room for more characters to be developed in theory. These movies have two hours or less for the most part and they have had problems with the characters they have already been using.

  29. Only thing I want to see is Apocalypse rising.

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