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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & 5 in Active Development

A year and a half ago, I posed the question of whether Bryan Singer could return to the X-Men franchise to helm X-Men 4. At the time, he revealed he was in talks with Fox and expressed his love for the franchise and cast. It only seemed fitting that he we return to right the ship, so to speak, for a franchise he established.

We all know now he later signed on to direct the prequel, X-Men: First Class, instead and following an interesting turn of events, he had to drop out of the director’s chair due to at-the-time scheduling conflicts for Warner Bros.’ Jack the Giant Killer. Well, we may have been right from the start regarding Singer because X-Men 4 is still in development… and so is X-Men 5!

Obsessed With Film shared a tidbit from the latest issue of Empire Magazine, which featured a very intriguing and buzz-worthy quote from X-Men franchise producer, Lauren Shuler-Donner.

“We took the treatment to Fox and they love it…  And X4 leads into X5″

She explains that the films are in “active development” and what that truly means is anyone’s guess but franchise Lauren Shuler-Donner has been talking up her interest in X-Men 4 for quite some time now. Dating back to the home video release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, she revealed that she was working on plans for an X-Men 4 which would bring back the cast we’re all so familiar with from the trilogy.

This is however, the first we’ve heard of X-Men 5 so we can connect the dots and assume the plan would be to film both back-to-back, the only logical way to keep costs under control. X-Men: The Last Stand cost $210 million back in 2006 and it sucked.

The big question mark is if X-Men trilogy staples Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shawn Ashmore and Famke Janssen return alongside X-Men 3‘s added mutants played by Ellen Page, Ben Foster and Kesley Grammer. We all know Berry’s need for screentime and Paquin’s appropriate desire to actually become the Rogue we know from the comics and partake in the action. Plus, a few of these characters may need to return from the “dead,” including Cyclops who was never allowed to become the leader he was meant to be.

It’s going to be expensive and they’d need to find the right director to handle such a large project. Someone like Bryan Singer…

From Bryan Singer almost two years ago:

“I’m eternally intertwined with X-Men now… What takes an audience four hours to watch – the first two movies – took six years of my life. So, to not be part of it….It’s a shame.”

Fast forward almost a year later, and in an interview alongside Donner, he joked about wanting to take on X-Men 4:

“Hold that one off for just a little, I’m fixated on the other one right now.”

Singer’s got a lot on his plate at the moment, but Jack the Giant Killer is currently his only project filming, with casting underway and a release date already set. His other two directorial gigs include Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur, both in pre-production with no timelines or casts as of yet.

Looking at Fox’s timelines, they have X-Men: First Class this year, potentially The Wolverine next year with a question mark around the dates for Deadpool. Assuming it’d take them two years to get underway on the X-Men 4-5 double feature, Singer is a legitimate contender for the job and I have no doubt he and Donner have spoken about it. I would like to see him return and finally have the opportunity to take advantage of unused ideas for what X-Men 3 could have been.

Check our some of our thoughts from before on what we need from X-Men 4. What overarching storyline could (or should) X-Men 4 & 5 tackle?

Share your thoughts in the comments and with us on Twitter @rob_keyes and @screenrant.

Source: Obsessed With Film

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  1. X-MEN 4 “X-Men” fans hoping for a resurrection of Phoenix Jean Grey will have to wait a long time.We have seen a new about Famke Janssen told The Huffington Post at the Savannah Film ” I DON’T KNOW HOW CAN I COME BACK AGAIN ” there is only way solution for Famke Janssen comes in X men 4 Jean should also come back to life because of her internal connection to Phoenix! In the comics, Jean dies several times but she always comes back to life because she is Phoenix! Jean should also bring Scott back to life with herself as well! In X men 4 Famke Janssen as White Phoenix of the Crown that more powerful than before in X men 3 Last Stand, in X men 4 her force looks super massive Jean is resurrected in this future time line and becomes the fully realized White Phoenix of the Crown, using the abilities of the Phoenix Force to defeat Sublime and eliminate the dystopic future by reaching back in time it’s more a matter of Jean Grey as a White Phoenix being much more aware of the nature and power of the Phoenix and not being trapped to a physical body, and thus, being able to see more of how the universe should work and being able to change it on a more fundamental level. So in that, a White Phoenix is more powerful than a Dark Phoenix just like in X men 3 the Last Stand. There should be an super explosion where Jean and Scott were buried, in the middle of a night, and then they should both appear coming out of the rubble! Jean’s powers should be under her control as White phoenix of the Crown. There should be some interaction between Jean and Storm to show their friendship because in the comics and in the animated show they are best friends but in the movies they barely talk to one another! Halle Berry promise it won’t stink ! In X men 4 her power should be stronger and a lot of to look her new power and strategy style about her power which extremer X- Men 4: Rise of the Apocalypse. X- Men and Brotherhood should join forces against Apocalypse, who wants to kill all the humans, turn all the mutants into his slaves, and rule the entire world! X- Men and Brotherhood must work together to come up with a plan to kill Apocalypse and save the world once again! The government should support the X- Men and Brotherhood because Apocalypse is a threat to both humans and mutants! Apocalypse should come to life in one of the pyramids of Egypt our big idea and there is Hellfire Club people who join X men and Brotherhood they are Sebastian Shaw, The Black Queen, and Emma Frost.
    In this movie, Professor Xavier should be alive as it was implied at the end of part 3! and Juggernaut should be come back because in men 3 he was unconscious Mystique, Magneto, and Rouge, should all regain their powers because in the movie it must be shown that the “cure”, made for the mutants, by humans, only shut down their powers for a certain amount of time but could not kill their powers permanently! Rouge should be much more powerful and be able to fly in this movie. And Rouge should be paired with Gambit this time and not Iceman because Rouge and Gambit are the original couple from the comics and animated series! It must be shown that Iceman and Rouge broke up longtime ago and are now just friend and members of X- Men team! Gambit should feel attracted to Rouge while they are all working together to stop Apocalypse! Kurt Wagner/ Night Crawler should be included as a part of the movie! Kurt and Rouge should find out that Mystique is their mother! Mystique should wear clothes this time,we are really tired of watching her without them! Mystique should have something to do with bringing Apocalypse to life because she wants revenge from Magneto for leaving her there in the previous part!
    Upon entering Apocalypse’s tomb, Mystique should press a stone button that would bring Apocalypse to life but turns her into stone! Professor Xavier must find a way bring her back to life later then she should also help others in their plan to kill Apocalypse! Magneto should not be the villain this time! As a matter of fact, Magneto should realize that he should have been with Professor Xavier all along! There should also be some positive and funny interaction between them since they are childhood friends and now also allies! a lot of mutants who should be appeared in
    X men 4 just like Havok, Bishop, Scarlet Witch, The Black Queen, Emma Frost, Quicksilver, Avalanche, Psylocke, and coming back for Sabretooth, Toad, Pyro Lady Deathstrike.Kitty Pryde/ Shadow Cat should have Lance Alvers/ Avalanche as her boyfriend! we choose Scott Porter as Alex Summers / Havok Angelina Jolie as Wanda Maimoff / Scarlet Witch Charlize Theron as Emma Frost / White Queen Terry Crew as Bishop Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool Lucy Liu as Psylocke Michael Clarke Duncan as Apocalypse Jason Isaacs as Mister Sinister Arnold Vosloo as Archangel Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike we request that X men 4 can be come out as fast as possible

    • That all sounds incredibly well-thought-out! Myself, there would have to be two adjustments as you already know of one: I’d substitute WWE’s ginormous wrestler, “The Big Show” for our lovable, Michael Clarke Duncan, may he RIP.
      And, to hell with Ryan Reynolds–especially since his name appears in your comment right below “Scarlet”!! (*smile*). Everything else, by all variations, seems “perfect”.
      Ok…I gotz my popcorn ready!!

    • Can’t wait to see X-Men 4! But they need to bring back Jean Grey and Professor X.

  2. They should have Rock as Bishop and in one video game Forge was the main villain and was in control of the Sentinels I think it should go that way

  3. Wiki Madelyne Pryor.

    Whoever comes up with a viable means to get Scott Summers where he belongs will be a miracle worker. I believe they ran too strong with the Logan/Jean/Scott love triangle. Scott’s death was a convenient way to eliminate his character and Xavier’s which ultimately leads Logan to kill Jean. It was horrible to see what could have been a Sentinel(s) battle. Instead we see brilliance of Hank McCoy saving the day with human weapons designed from a mutant guinea pig. The only resonating qualities of X3 was that cartoon that was dubbed over, there is a Mugen char that talks that way too for those in the know.

    Here is the ultimate loop hole for the entire franchise that hasn’t and probably shouldn’t be speculated. The Mojoverse. Make the whole thing a bunch of torture sessions with Mojo, the team all subdued and in shackles on live TV, him using there likenesses to tell ‘His’ stories that ‘He’ thinks are cool. There are so many old school innuendos with Mojo. Have all the characters in full regalia and then just GO WITH IT FROM THERE!!!!!. Who cares if it makes sense or all the other parts are not covered from the last movies?

    Hire all new actors. We were seeing Mojo’s version of “The Uncanny X-Men”, not the real deal. Let’s go with character origins, for Rogue to fly you would have to introduce Ms. Marvel. For Gambit to be in there you would have to make Storm a child. For Psylocke (Mandarin) to be in there you would have to introduce Excalibur. Wiki Siege Perilous,…

    So, to give that all the time and money it needs to be made into what the X-Men really are (Fictional Characters), ALL NEW CAST, NO ORIGIN STORIES, NO IRRELEVANT PLOT POINTS, NO SKIPPING ON THE DETAILS OF THE COSTUMES, HAVE THE FULL ROSTER, there, done screaming, okay..,

    That way you don’t spend half the budget making something resembling the previous ones. God forbid I insult anyone with that notion but, This is the X-men. Granted comics are glorified male soap operas but, They can, will and do go farther than any movie or tv show ever has. We are talking about capturing lighting in a bottle here, not rocket science.

  4. Frenchmenbigfans.

    we agreed ! it will be very awesome we will see White Phoenix of the Crown Vs Apocalypse for the end of X men 4 part. we very wish Famke Janssen can be back anymore rising as White Phoenix of the Crown with her super psionic nexus power James Marsden who as Cyclops can be back too playing his optic power Hugh Jackman should be back because it can be seen of end
    x men part which after last stand in x men 4 Halle berry can play as storm anymore she is handled to run the Xavier’s School because she told in
    X 3 the school is still opened ! Rebecca Romijn she got from cure police shooting and the cure wasn’t permanently the fact when the in x men 3 Ian McKellen was still had his magnetic power to remainder and the saving a lot his power to be back continuing in X 4. including Anna Paquin as Rogue her power will back anymore it wasn’t permanently !

    we agreed too if Angelina Jolie as Scarlet Witch because her doing action can be trusted as Scarlet Witch Charlize Theron as Emma Frost is very good if being her about her acting and her height with James Marsden and Famke Janssen Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike in X 2 should be back in X men 4 and X men 4 need to be united three grouper from Xavier’s School Brotherhood and Hellfire Club to defeat Apocalypse

    This is story right to tell about Age of Apocalypse

    The Villain should be X men 4 :
    Mr. Sinister
    Lady Deathsrike

  5. I think that one of the films (x-men 4 or 5) should be centered around either the Sentinels, or the resurrection of Apocolypse. Maybe both? It’s something we haven’t seen yet on the silver screen. And maybe they could throw in something about Asteroid M or Genoshia?

  6. My disappointment in the first three Xmen films is that all of the people involved in it’s development are all Wolverine fans. So all the films center around Wolverine. I personally didn’t understand why he got his own Origins story because the first three films WERE his origin. Wolverine has always been my least favorite character. I feel a lot of the other Xmen have engaging and emotional stories as well. Xmen seems like it has the most characters than any comic ever created. (I could be wrong) but whoever writes this script need to know how to balance telling everyones story equally and effectively. Joss Whedon should definitely do an Xmen movie. His portrayal of Avengers was great, simply because he made sure we connected and understood every character perfectly. I love XMEN and I just want them to get a good portrayal

  7. I would love too see what happens in the middle not the end then the begging I think there are too many gaps missing

  8. Rogue should not get her power cure and she should help Jean not become dark Phoenix and she should go out with Gambit or Cyclope not ice man.

    • does anyone agree

    • I think that Rogue should get her powers back but this time have her fly, kick butt like she does in the comics, get with Gambit if he’s in the movie and for Bobby to get with Firestar if she’s in the movie.
      I think that Cree Summer would of been a great storm or maybe she be another mutant in the movie that joins the X-men what do you guys think?

  9. I hope they really do a x 4 and 5.

  10. No worriies – jean grey will return with scott summers & xavier. If you are wondering what happened – I truely believe that jeans psycic energy channeled through the phoenix were sent to the Astral Plane which is a battleground & area outside normal reality. Not sure if they will go onto the m-cron crystal part & alien other worldly biengs.

  11. I would kill for X-men 4 and 5. I was never really a fan of the re-boot they did with First Class. And Angel needs more screen time! He was robbed in Last Stand. And for the love of all things holy please do NOT turn him into Archangel. We’ve seen that in more than one animated series, and twice in the comics.

  12. hello my name is in Smiths I would like to be a extra or character in the upcoming Xmen movie. Im a model. 6’2 198 light skin male.

    Have pics with reply thanks.

  13. I would very much like to return as my character of Jason 143. I believe that my fellow mutants should have been there to save me, protect and shelter me as one of their own which I am. What was done to me by my father General William Stryker in X-Men II (played by Brian Cox) was unforgivablw. At the “Horror Hound Weekend” convention I did this past September in Indianapolis signing autographs and taking pics representing “The Monster Squad” in which I played the Mummy, I made it a point to ask fans of X-Men if they thought that my character of Jason should return. 100% of them said “Yes.”

  14. As long as Storm, Phoenix, Rogue are on there and FLY and display MORE USE their powers, I’m cool. Yes bring back the old characters and maybe add Polaris (with flight) in there too. She could help out with Magneto if he gets to weak to fight and she’ll be the replacement Magneto. I would like to see this X-Men 4 and 5. Bring it on :D. BTW for Psylocke, have both telepathic AND telekinetic powers so she’ll have a form of flight too like Storm, Rogue, Polaris, and Phoenix :^D

  15. OMQ OMQ OMQ OMQ, Now that i have your attention, im only 18 but i LOVE these movies, me and my dad do, we used to watch them together when i was little. I desperatly want Xmen 4 & 5! with the original cast from the first one, and i want the same relationship rogue and the freeze guy had (sorry forgot his name) anyways i would gladly pay $10 at the movies, without the original cast, its just not worth it. Like the other wolverine ones and the ones where Xavier is young were awesome, but bring back the original story. yes hugh anna and halle berry and the other ones. I hope they do :/ the avengers sucked they dont compare to The Xmen they truly dont. We should make a petition lol. Anyways, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL CAST AND STORY LINES. :)

  16. i love x men movies all of them i never get tired of seeing them i request to marvel and the producers to never stop making x men movies cos they are the best action super hero moves ever i cant wait to see x men 4 , 5 ,6 they should make it fast with short gaps in between and huge jackman as wolverine must be in every one of them he is the leader of x men and one think more the violence level should raised a bit i mean when wolverine stab some one and pull his claws back the claws should be a little bloody to be more realistic thank you for making x men movies .

  17. hi i am from Afghanistan i love x men movies all of them i never get tired of seeing them i request to marvel and the producers to never stop making x men movies cos they are the best action super hero moves ever i cant wait to see x men 4 , 5 ,6 they should make it fast with short gaps in between and huge jackman as wolverine must be in every one of them he is the leader of x men and one think more the violence level should raised a bit i mean when wolverine stab some one and pull his claws back the claws should be a little bloody to be more realistic cos its not just for kids adults can watch it too thank you for making x men movies .

  18. ok sence this websites info is old ill update it. the next movie is called X-Men: Days of Future Past set for 2014. the story is when phoenix killed exavior she didn’t kill him she transported him to the future where sentinels took over the world .he contact the past to make Shure it doesn’t happen in doing so it resets the time line where apocalypse has taken over in the future and that x men 3 never happend. exavior uses apocalypse’s technology to transport himself back in time to prepare the xmen for apocalypse. this is where x men 5 kicks in

    knowing x men very well and the little they said about x men 4 being in the future, sentinels taking over, exavior being in it and that it will tie all the movies together. this leave only one possibility the combination of 3 arcs in the x men franchise I might be off a little bit but don’t be saprised if I nailed it when it comes out

  19. i will like to see storm in more active mode than b4 and i will like to see jean,scott mystque again as a team

  20. I want to see

  21. Hope the character Scott Summers get a better role this time. He was wasted in the movies. The writers did nothing with the character. Maybe a recast will be good; a bigger star which you feel who can carry a leader role. Same with Jean Grey a recast would be good, a better actress.

  22. I think bringing back Scott would not be as hard as many think…albeit it might be kind of cheesy but definitely not impossible since he supposedly “died” off camera. I would say he could find his way back to the X-Men with a lost memory and looking bewildered. He slowly regains his memories and remembers flashbacks as him and Jean kiss when she tries to drain him of his life force. He remembers that he begs her to stop, and that he didn’t want to have to hurt her. She continues to try to drain him, and his eyes begin to glow and he with no choice, blast her at point blank range. However, Jean is able to control the blast and begins to push it back towards him telling him “I am not the Jean you use to know… I am Phoenix!” They have a stand off with Cyclops barely hanging on, but due to Jean/Phoenix just waking up she is not at her full power and can’t completely over power him. Finally a massive blast happens sending both flying back in opposite directions. Jean is found unconscious later by the X-Men as seen in the “Last Stand” and Cyclops is shot across the lake but lands in the water near a lake house…where he is discovered by an elderly couple that live there and save him from drowning. They take care of him until he wakes up days later confused and not knowing what happened… A stretch I know but I think it wouldn’t be to unbelievable lol

  23. The best way to get all the characters back is by using Jean and the Phoenix. By Jean letting Logan think he killed her by projecting events into his head and everyone else too. By her projection of events she could let everyone think she’s dead and she left to take control of her powers. She came to a realization and stopped herself and she realized what she was doing. When Logan came for her, she came to her senses. But she placed events of what happened in jeans mind and let this take place while she leaves to take control of her powers. She never killed Scott, she disassembles him atomically and place him back together somewhere else,lie she did the professor. And she uses the Phoenix power to reassemble everyone she killed by that way. Another way is that the professor projects this into Logan’s mind or everyone’s ,even Jean, to let them now of her powers, and capabilities. Or even just Jean’s mind to show her what could happen if she doesn’t control her powers. He does this when she is on that table. And puts her in the danger room to practice with her powers and take control over the Phoenix and turning it a good Phoenix.

  24. I think picking up where x-3 left off and went the way of Phoenix and the m’kraan crystal. That way you could say Jean just teleported Scott and Xavier. It would also tie in the new Wolverine in space bring Emma Frost to currant time. They could have rogue fight dark phoenix (a parallel to miss marvel) boom she’s the rogue we now know. While back on earth the whole apocalypse story could be going on, which could introduce cable and or bishop . Now we have time travel to fix and patch up and tie any loose ends! But that’s just what I would like to watch

  25. I’m really disappoint. Look Bryan Singer what he does in X-men Days of Future Past ?? it’s the worst X-men movie ever when he came back. why didn’t we choose Vaughn or another director for better X-men movie. look it cast in X-men Days of Future Past, Bryan would want to fix, if he was really wanted to fix X-men Days of Future Past, of course he had a brilliant idea. not such as now. he could bring James Marsden as Cyclops, my idea is cyclops didn’t die but he abducted by Holocaust and Mister Sinister, it could be further X-men storyline after Last Stand, Exodus and Apocalypse have been living there it just continue in X-men Days of Future Past, Jean can be return as white phoenix and Xavier also come back by his own psychic mind force to transform for future. the cure tragedy in X-men Last Stand wasn’t permanently, just saw when in last part of X-men last stand Magneto’s power was still active. what about Mystique and Rogue, sure their power also could be back with further storyline Mystique joins with Apocalypse and Rogue falls in love with Gambit she leave Iceman. Iceman Kitty Colossus will be tree angel love. Emma Frost really need to be there she joins with the X-men to defeat Apocalypse, her power also simulation in Danger Room with with Storm Cyclops and Wolverine. Magneto’s child is appear she is Scarlet Witch and a newer Brotherhood member is Avalanche, and the older members could be such as Sabretooth, Juggernaut and Pyro. Deadpool and Selene – The Black Queen appear there they’re neutral characters, Angel/Archangel, Nightcrawler, Beast, Bishop should be there to defeat Apocalyose too. and for Lasting story White Phoenix VS Apocalypse. Who’s the winner ??

    That’s my idea for next X-men movie.

    What’s your comment and do you agree ??

  26. I agree to have most of the ideas you presented. The only thing is you cannot add to may knew characters. They are trying to cost down not like the $210 million flop X-Men Last Stand. Therefore Jean should return as you said and bring back Scott as well as professor X. My twist is that Jean and the Professor finally unlock Wolverine’s memory bringing back Gambit including Wolverine’s brother from the X-Men Origins. That alone can build a solid foundation with the other ideas you have laid in place. Magneto becoming true friends/ allies with Professor X, coupled with the existing characters and ones listed. Really can be a movie to break all box office records. Instead of Mystique becoming his partner or the one entering the tomb. How about Deadpool seeks out his tomb and brings him back from the dead. There are so many ideas for story lines and plots. You just needs a good group of real X-Men fans, whom know the Comics and the show in the 90′s team up with good writer, especially director.

  27. I would love to see Gambit in this movie