‘X-Force’ is ‘Edgier’ But It’s Not A Reboot

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X Force Warpath Wolverine X23 X Force is Edgier But Its Not A Reboot

Jeff Wadlow is not only busy promoting Kick-Ass 2, a film he wrote and directed after being handpicked by Matthew Vaughn to take over the job, but he’s also currently penning a screenplay for an X-Force movie where he may very well be working with Vaughn and Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar again – this time in the X-Men universe.

While Wadlow is keeping tight-lipped on confirming characters, villains and plot points on X-Force, he’s not shied away from discussing what he loves from the various X-Force runs in Marvel Comics. He even told us what characters he is personally fond of.

Speaking with Bleeding Cool, Wadlow vaguely hinted at the tone and themes that X-Force may explore and how it’ll differentiate from the many franchise installments that have come before.

“I’m very deep into it. I can’t really say much as Fox has asked me not to but, again, it’s not a reboot or re-imagining of the X cinematic universe. Tonally it will fit in, quite well with all the other movies… but then I think the other movies cover a wide range of tones. It’s certainly not going to be tonally similar to Kick-Ass.

I hope it will have what fans of X-Force will expect. I think it will be a little edgier, I think you’ll see some characters with different takes on what it means to be a mutant. There will be some grey areas that the movies haven’t yet been explored. It won’t be as overt. This movie is more about the grey areas in between.

I’m going to take some big ideas from the X-universe and flip them, I think in an interesting way. It’s hard to talk about that, though, without being specific. I probably shouldn’t have even talked about that at all because I can’t get into the specifics but I will say it’s similar to Kick-Ass 2 in that it wasn’t an open assignment, it wasn’t ‘We’re going to make an X-Force movie, who’s interested? Here’s what the movie’s going to be.'”

By flipping ideas, grey areas and what it means to be mutant, could we see something along the lines of the latest version of X-Force from the comics where Wolverine leads what amounts to a hit squad assigned to take down anti-mutant figures? Anti-mutant hysteria is a big part of X-Men: Days of Future Past where something happens in the past that forces the government to work with Trask Industries and began using mutant-hunting, weaponized Sentinel robots as a normal part of public security.

X Force X Force is Edgier But Its Not A Reboot

The Original X-Force

The big highlights are that Wadlow hopes to please fans knowledgeable of the comics, and the confirmation that the planned movie will exist in the current X-Men film universe. We expect it therefore to include a few familiar faces from X-Men: Days of Future Past should X-Force get the greenlight for production.

Wadlow also reiterated that the X-Force adaptation was entirely his and he first bounced ideas off of Millar, who’s serving as Fox’s Marvel movie consultant  planning out the future of the franchise a large plan they’ll reveal in two years or so. Then Wadlow pitched it to Fox and said they should focus on different teams of characters and that his X-Force should go first. They loved it and said ‘let’s do it.’

It’s refreshing to see that Fox is letting the creative talent have control over this one and that they’re going with Millar’s idea of bringing in the best possible people for these movies first and foremost, and that includes Josh Trank who’s helming the Fantastic Four reboot.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. Anyone think Wolverine will wear a mask in X-Force?

    • No.

      • That sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Full Costume!

    • yes I think fan might appreciate that, so yes a mask should be worn.

      • I want to see the full costume.

  2. If he goes the wolverine-led hit force route then it should really be rated-r. That comic was brutally awesome. But they have to cater to all ages so it’ll be pg-13 and wolverine won’t be amputating anyone.

    • Was the comic rated for adults only?

      • Found my own answer the covers depict Parental Advisory. Wonder how that equates into a film rating under the MPAA?

        • If they followed that comic closely it would surely be R-rated which I can’t see fox going for.

          • Well showing something and implying something are two different things.

            If done well (written, shot, acted, etc.) you can imply something being done without it actually being shown full bore.

            That in itself can lower the rating and still keep the essence of the scene.

            That is why I dont understand the big push for things that have to be made R. To me (depending) it is sloppy and or lack luster effort on the writers/directors/etc part to not be able to tell a story without visuals explaining it.

            Again this is to a degree. If the issue is it cant be done at all without it being R fine however if it can it should. This will bring more viewers.

            Looking at the ratings for the time the PA for that comic was 15 years and older. So it was a little more then PG13 and less then an R.

            • I agree – I thought one of the strongest scenes in Star Trek: Into Darkness was how they handled Cumberbatch’s character killing someone with his bare hands. While they didn’t show a graphic death onscreen, it was very much implied and still made for an “OMG!” moment in the theater.

            • I hear what you’re saying but I find with Wolverine it’s a bit different. If you’re not going to show him doing serious damage with his claws then what’s the point.

              Apparently there’s an unrated cut of the Wolverine which might have more graphic claw action. I’m anxious to see if that will have an effect on my feelings towards that movie.

              • The Wolverine may not be significantly better with more blood, but if the unnecessary time & effects they spent on Viper & the robot end battle were removed the film would have been tighter.

    • That will never happen, but it is a good idea.

    • I agree. Wolverine is my favorite character, but Marvel needs to stop overusing the role. Cable should be the leader of the team and can be easily introduced in Days of Future Past. I think Ron Perlman could be great person for the role of Cable. They could bring him in at the very end even it is used in the post credits. Basically, having him see a video of what happened when the X-men tried to correct history by their DOFP and then turn to the camera and say something like ‘Well they really messed that up, guess I’ll have to go fix that too.’

  3. Nice how Fox is letting the writers have a bit of freedom. Looking forward to this and the rest of the upcoming X-Men movies as well as Fantastic Four!

  4. If Fox was smart they would branch out more on their X-Men properties. Have a core X-Men movie series focusing on about 5-8 X-Men. Make an X-Factor series with Havok as leader and focus more on obscurer 3rd tier X-men. Then have X-Force which would be more about the dark gritty, heavy hitting X-Men. As far as FF goes, well thats going to be a big pile of crap… again.

    • X-Factor with Havok as leader…hmmmm, maybe, as long as he is now an adult instead of a kid. X-Force needs Cable as leader (no Wolverine). And X-Men has to get back to being led by Cyclops (dead? My rump–does not need to be!).

      FF needs to be rebooted but stay more serious, true to older comics, costumes match comics, good script, etc., no changing ethnic backgrounds as I am a canon traditionalist, and as villains: Kang, and also Frightful Four (Wizard, Medusa, Trapster, Sandman). Rights problems could crop up since Sandman was in Spiderman and Medusa probably will be in Inhumans. Call the lawyers, work out a deal….!

      • Jamie Madrox should lead X-factor and they’ve already introduced the character in ‘Last Stand’. I too agree that Cyclops should be leading the team. Wolverine is the best at what he does, but that was never the leader in any of the roles in any of the books. He was always the solder/samurai that would do the jobs that needed to be done. Hell even in the Avengers new books that is his role.

        • young x-men movie and new mutants movie, I can’t begin to stress that marvel should get to work on these too since these are the big questions that fans will be asking about, On point I am looking forward to an x-force movie or maybe movies since there are multiple roster characters, marvel should use all the rosters and different X-force team line ups to find out which one is more popular with fans.

    • The Fantastic Four reboot isn’t going to be crap.They’ve got Josh Trank(Chronicle) directing and Matthew Vaughn(X-Men First Class) producing.It’s going to be different than the last two.Reboots don’t usually suck anyway.

      • “The Fantastic Four reboot isn’t going to be crap.They’ve got Josh Trank(Chronicle)”

        That’s exactly why it’s going to be a cheap, unwatchable, found footage pile of crap just like Chronicle. They should have just got Oren Peli if they want to make a FF reboot on an uber low budget.

      • fantastic four reboot + movie= frightful four + galactus and heralds.

    • marvel should make a movie about the morlocks, I’m still waiting for that. fans would love it.

  5. Oooooooohh watch out everyone. It’s going to be “edgy.”

    And it’s still gonna be PG 13.

    • Put a +1 on that!

    • Depends what his definition of edgy is now doesn’t it? Are you saying it can not be edgy and carry a PG13 rating?

      Edgy can be anything from cutting edge to nervous and tense.

      What do you think edgy means? Why do you think it cant be edgy with a PG13 rating?

      Just trying to understand what people think they think they know.

      • +1

        Don’t get it either. The Dark Knight was edgy as heck (Joker) and it was PG 13.

        • Exactly!

          And when it comes to violence, sometimes it’s better to let the audience use their imagination as opposed to seeing everything on screen. Like in The Dark Knight, you couldn’t really see the guys face getting slammed into the pencil, but it still made you go “God DAMN!”.

  6. Marsden/Cyclops better be involved…it could be one of several make-or-break appearences/issues in this flick.

    As far as X-Force goes, first and foremost….no Wolverine! We have seen enough of him and are being Wolverined to death. Like him or not, it is like cake: a piece or maybe two is good and enjoyable, but eat the whole thing and you may get a belly-ache! There are other heroes they need to introduce and concentrate on besides just one or two. Diversity of characters (maybe that is the wrong word…whole ‘nother issue if taken out of context) is the word of the day (by that I simply mean introduce different pertinent and significant characters). perhaps the team should be lead by Cable (the Cyclops/Pryor off-spring version), and as to other members, I am not sure who would be good. Perhaps Cannonball and Sunspot? I know alot of people seem to think there should be a spot for deadpool in there as well. I am a bit open on this, as I followed X-men closer than X-Force in the early days.

    • I would love to see Marsden’s Cyclops be involved.
      What Fox should do is keep the timeline/ era thing going for their superhero movies.
      You had First Class in the 60’s
      DoFP will be in the 70’s as well
      The original Xmen movies were in the 90/2000s.

      If I am them, I set the new Fantastic Four in the seventies as well then they can also do a Future Force spin off/ sequel set in present.
      I do the X Force in the present as well and possibly continue to use any of the Original Xmen movie stars in cross overs.
      Then do the next Xmen movie in the eighties and keep going from there.

  7. Enough of Wolverine. He has been the focus of 6 films now (counting DoFP), I want Cable, Deadpool, Boom Boom, Domino, Warpath & Forge.

    • Except Wolverine is still a major part of the X-Men story (despite not being a founding member). Besides, it’s not like he is the star of ALL the movies (just a cameo in first class). I’m not saying we should just focus on him. I would love to see more characters introduced and more development for others. But characters like Wolverine, Prof. X and Magneto are ones that you just can’t disregard completely.

  8. Days of Future Past is meant to make everything “right” with the X-Men Universe but I think X-Force could be the game changer for it. I don’t know any other ideas popping up for future X-Men films so one has to assume that after DOFP, there are not going to be any more “core” X-Men films (unless they do a reboot). Now it all becomes about the spin-offs (X-Force, X-Factor, New Mutants, Morlocks, Alpha Flight, X-Caliber, etc.) As for X-Force, I almost think that they have to use Wolverine in this movie simply because of the continuity with the other movies. It is not meant to be a sequel by any means but a spin-off. So you kind of have to have an “over-lapping” character, like Wolverine, be the leader at first just to establish what the team is about. If they wanted to blow the minds of the fans, make the Villain(s) Mr. Sinister and the Nasty Boys with Apocalypse as the puppet master in the background. Have Cable be one of the core members of the team, with the the sequel introducing him as the new leader of the team (consisting of old and new characters) taking on Apocalypse.

  9. The pic says original x-force but Sunspot, rictor and syrin/skids (whichever the red head is) were not.

    first x-force members were: Cable, Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Domino, Warpath, Feral & Shatterstar.

    Before Cable formed x-force from whoever was left of the new mutants and his new aquirements of feral, warpath, domino and shatterstar, Rictor ran off to save Wolvesbane, who was a genoshan slave. Sunspot left to see his dying father and skids was a member of the mutant liberation front. Syren wasn’t a member yet. So suffice it to say, the original line-up is not likely to be used in the movie, not with the likes of deadpool, archangel, psylocke to be used.

  10. An X-Force film should be rated-R, but I doubt we will ever get one. Making something edgy does not necessarily mean it will do the brutal source material any justice. Despite Wadlow’s vision, Fox is going to keep the film at a lower rating because it’s all about money. We probably may never see a rated-R X film unless we can pry the rights from Fox’s cold, uncreative hands.

  11. Oh Lord.Another X franchise movie that revolves around Wolverine.Sorry, but I was never a fan of Wolverine, even going back to the 90’s cartoon.He has the most boring powers.All these characters with cool powers and they make every single movie revolve around the guy that can’t get hurt and also has knives that come out of his fist.Yawn.I’ll wait till these movies hit DVD/Blue-ray.I’d much prefer a movie to revolve around the X-men for once.It’s called X-men.The latest cartoon had it right, it should really be called Wolverine and the X-men because that’s what every live action movie has been that has come so far.Except First Class, but they couldn’t even leave him out of that.

    • For one thing, Wolverine CAN get hurt (get your facts straight before you speak) he just has the ability to heal. Just because you think a character is “boring” doesn’t mean everyone else does. People who make superhero movies use characters that the majority wants, not the minority. Nothing wrong with not liking a popular character, but understand that the character IS popular regardless of what you think, so obviously most of the media will focus on that character.

      • I’m not a minority and like I said, it’s called X-men MEN.If they want to focus on Wolverine then change the name and he is boring, that’s a fact.A world populated by mutants, people whom have special powers and can do extraordinary things and yet every time we get a glimpse into their world we have to follow a guy around whom can make knives come out his Hand.Again, YAWN.People were going to support these movies regardless of who they focused on.They make millions off name recognition.If every movie revolved around Cyclops and I was complaining about him always being the main character, you’d give me the same speech.But you’re wrong.Wolverine isn’t the most popular character.Look at the Avengers.Each character was looked at as important.Had it been the X-movies, they’d probably pick Iron-Man to be the main focus while the other characters are just there.Quantity over quality is what this is.Wolverine sucks, get over it and deal with it wolverine fan-boy.

  12. Archangel, Cyclops, Gambit, Sinister, Apocalypse, and Cable had better be in this movie. They do not have to be on the X-Force team but they do have to be in the film, and leave wolverine out PLEASE!!!but he wont so give him his damn mask already.

  13. I told my friends if Hugh Jackman would of put on the mask the movie would of been even bigger then it was I wonder why no one mentions it or pushing it to him and fox

  14. Liars. They are promising the same crap Mikey Bay does with each new movie. “Edgier. Less humor….etc.”

    This movie will be pg or pg 13, aimed at kids, and so it goes without saying that it will be totally laced with humor, and little or no blood, regardless of how many slashings take place. They see DC producing such movies, and how they are being rated, and just want a piece of that action, without actually making them like that.

    They are Marvel. Humor, almost bloodless, people die and keep coming back. Same old, same old. The movie may be ok to watch for entertainment, but I’m not believing these Marvel lies anymore.

    • You think “The Wolverine” was aimed at kids? He killed almost two dozen people in that movie…including stabbing one guy through the throat..wasn’t rated R but it had plenty of violence.

    • “The movie may be ok to watch for entertainment”

      Which is why it is being made in the first place…… well that and making money but it is an entertainment vehicle.

      So what do you want it to be other then entertaining?

  15. I know that they both exist in different movie universes, but Trask and Stark both have the same letters, so Trask Industries and Stark Industries must both exist in the comic book universe at the same time.

    Is that relevant in any crossovers, or is it just a coincidence? I know that there’s not gonna be a crossover on screen, just wondering.

  16. oh my goodness! what’s with the wolverine fuss??? there’s just so much of him already. quit it.

  17. I want the X-men movies to be story driven not action driven. I loved x-men 1, and 2 and they had well placed action, not action through the entire film. I think My main problem is the continuity issues from film to film and the films stories have gotten weaker over time and replaced with just more action scenes. I loved the feel and tone of the first two x-films.

  18. So they are offering Hugh Jackmon 100 million to do 4 more X-men films 25 million a film, lets see what he decides.

    • he should take the deal x-men fans love him.

  19. I want this movie to happen.