Is An ‘X-Force’ Movie To Follow ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’? [Updated]

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Original X Force Cover Marvel Comics Is An X Force Movie To Follow X Men: Days of Future Past? [Updated]

In X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Bryan Singer returning to the director’s chair after launching the franchise in 2000, the cast of 2011′s prequel X-Men: First Class will team with the stars of the original X-trilogy. Using time travel as a plot device, Days of Future Past will attempt to make sense of years of convoluted continuity and may very well mark the last time we see the Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen crew on screen as mutants. Some believe the next (and inevitable) X-Men film after Twentieth Century Fox reboots Fantastic Four in 2015 will simply be the third installment in the First Class trilogy but new evidence suggests that may not be the case.

With the time-travelling mutant known as Bishop making his debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past, fellow time traveler Cable could make an appearance as well. Cable, a character integral to many of the major story arcs in X-Men comics, would offer an obvious tie-in for the Deadpool movie (they were partners once) should Fox decide to greenlight the unique and risky project with Ryan Reynolds starring. But there’s potentially another major way to connect to the Merc with a Mouth to Cable and the X-Men: X-Force.

According to, Fox registered the domain several months ago, not unlike they did for Days of Future Past not long before it was namedropped by Singer. We do know Fox has an hour-and-a-half panel scheduled at Comic-Con next weekend with zero official word on what will be featured. We know from Bryan Singer’s tweets that Days of Future Past will absolutely be involved but could it also be the stage where Fox – taking some ideas from Marvel movies consultant Mark Millar – announces plans for the future of their own shared universe going forward?

New X Force 7 Cover Marvel Comics Is An X Force Movie To Follow X Men: Days of Future Past? [Updated]

The X-Force comic series launched in the early ’90s, continuing off of New Mutants, and its #1 issue is the second highest-selling American comic book of all-time. It was created by Rob Liefeld who also created characters Deadpool and Cable, both of whom got the spotlight in Activision’s recent Deadpool video game. The original X-Force team included Cable, along with fellow mutants Boom Boom, Cannonball, Domino, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath, the latter of whom will be featured in Days of Future Past. Sunspot, another character who eventually joins the team, is rumored to be in Days of Future Past as well.

Such a property would allow Fox another launching point for a newer, young team of mutants without having to reboot the series, meaning they can still rely on and bring back familiar stars like franchise poster boy Hugh Jackman. The other alternative, assuming X-Force is actually an active project at Fox, is that they embrace the new X-Force series which spun out of the Messiah Complex crossover event in Marvel Comics where Cyclops – after events that led to most of mutantkind losing their powers and a single mutant birth practically starting a war – creates a secret assassination squad to hunt down murderous anti-mutant figures. That team’s roster began with Wolverine leading Caliban, Hepzibah, Warpath, Wolfsbane, and Wolverine’s female clone, X-23. Cable eventually joined that team as well, and Deadpool became a part of the roster as the series relaunched as Uncanny X-Force.

X Force Wolverine Marvel Comics Is An X Force Movie To Follow X Men: Days of Future Past? [Updated]

X-Men film producer Lauren Shuler Donner previously went on record claiming to be developing a New Mutants film and it could have evolved into the more marketable name of X-Force. Back in 2009, before First Class had even signed any actors, Donner had said they were planning another team-up based after X-Men 3 (that became Days of Future Past) and one based on New Mutants. Creator Rob Liefeld, later that month revealed that he had attended meetings with Fox and Donner where Deadpool, Cable and future X-Men projects were discussed. Here are some tweets from then, and today:

Fast forward almost four years:

Update 1: Bleeding Cool claims to have been following leads this last week that Fox is planning multiple X-Universe films and that they could be unveiled at Comic-Con, while Rob Liefeld says he was informed back in March that Fox is in fact, planning an X-Force film. He clarifies:

Update 2: X-Force movie now has a writer!

There’s a reason Fox brought back Bryan Singer to right the X-Men ship after two critically slammed outings in X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, just as there’s an important reason to bringing in Marvel comics veteran Mark Millar to help consult on their future Marvel projects, to take full advantage of their licenses going forward – as we were told on the set of The Wolverine. The X-Men franchise isn’t going anywhere and Fox wants to bring it back to the forefront along with the Fantastic Four which has Chronicle director Josh Trank at the helm. Don’t be surprised to see X-Force announced at Comic-Con, and if not, when the buzz is heating up for Days of Future Past in its new release date next May.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, and Daniel Cudmore. Lucas Till and James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.


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X-Force cover art by Mike Choi and Sonia Oback.

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  1. Well, if it helps get this Deadpool movie made….

    Plus it’d be cool to see what kind of future X-Men crossover movies they can do in future.

    • Age of Apocalypse is a must.

      They have been introducing slowly characters like Angel and now Bishop and Blink, so would be a great crossover, the ultimate X-Men movie, for sure

      • el saba nur: A.K.A apocalyspe

  2. Cable? In X-men timeline?
    When did Scott and Jean have a child? Before X-men 1? And Xavier mindwaped them?

    • Could be Ultimate Cable ;)

      • Another time-travels using Wolverine? Sigh.

        • When did the first happen on the big screen, and how did I miss that? Was I mind-wiped (again)?

        • X-23.

      • Who’s Ultimate Cable? What’s his story?

          • Thank you for spoiling it,man!I was reading the Ultimates comic and now YOU ruined it for me and now I gotta run and jump out a window Gundam style!Lol!

            • Ah man, I tried to leave space between the ‘spoiler alert’ and the post itself but it didn’t quite workout. Apologies.

      • Please god, no Ultimate story lines. Those books suck! Everything about them is a slap in the face of the Marvel Universe.

    • I think you’d be surprised how easy they can bring Scott back from the “dead.” The professor, too. The next logical story line comic-wise after X3 would be Muir Island Saga, where the main villain is fought by ProfX in the astral plane. I don’t believe Jean “killed” anyone in X3.

      • They could just have Scott, without his powers, living somewhere with no memory of who he was. Explain that Jean must have wanted to give him a new life free from his troubles. Add a konk on the head, and “presto!” Cyclops!

        Something like that. I have no idea how any self-respecting comic book reader could ever think any death is permanent.

      • Like ST:V they could just ignore the disaster that was X-Men III. That would be the easiest. We would not complain.

    • Actually, Scott and Madelyne Pryor, who is a Jean Grey clone, are the parents of cable (Nathan Christopher Summers).

      • But to do that, Mr. Sinister would have to make an appearance, and that also would be huge.

        • Mr. sinister and the marauders should be in x-force or a morlocks live action film.

  3. No way!!! Cable and the X-Force!?!?! Mutant Messiah War!?!? I hope it centers around Hope Summers!!

  4. My favorite comic. I’ll take all the Xmen movies I can get…as long as they don’t suck like Origins.

    • They all sucked!!!

      • No way! The first was good start and X2 was solid.

      • The initial scene with Nightcrawler alone makes X2 among one of the best CBM.

  5. So much fan boys getting their hopes up…so much dreams will be crushed. While everyone is getting excited and saying OH YAY X-FORCE I’m just remembering Fox is behind this and the pain they have caused with the X-Men franchise which nearly killed it. If X-Force is coming get ready for the most butchered and convoluted story they could ever make towards the source material.

    • The truth is weighing heavy on my heart! The report sounds amazing and everything looks sick on paper but then you remember this is FOX we’re talking about.

      However Mark Millar does write some pretty good comic book stories. Old Man Logan was awesome! I’m all up in the air about this and don’t know what to think.

      We’ll see…

    • The Wolverine may change your mind a bit.

      • That’s what I’m betting on too! The Wolverine looks like the game changer for Fox!

        • Really?

          Personally, it looks like a robot (should be mutant) Silver Samurai fighting a crybaby Wolverine, literally crying because he lost a woman that NEVER LOVED HIM!!!

          Kinda hard to get behind someone like that. Especially when they never showed us any reason for him to be sad, other then he was jealous of Cyclops because he liked red heads. Sure they showed him crying when she died (twice), but why? Sure she was a part of the team, but how could he view her as a love interest instead of just a partner on a team?

          It’s kinda creepy in a stalker way now that I think of it.

          • Oh dear. Not familiar with unrequited love then.

            Wolvie LOVES Jean always has always will, both in film and comics. The fact that she’s with Scott (when she’s not dead) is irrelevent to Wolvies feelings about HER.

            Also the fact he was the one that had too, and did, kill her. Regardless of the greater good, deliberately killing the person you love, that’s gonna bum you out for a bit.

            • Fact remains, the movie never REALLY showed anyone any reason why he loved her other then her being a piece of @ss.

              • He also cried when Professor X was, presumably, killed by Jean. Wolvie may be hard as nails but he does have a heart.

                • I guess I need to explain further since NO ONE grasps what I am saying…

                  Why is Logan in love with Jean?

                  They showed us no reason. That is what bothers me most about this movie, since he cannot die, he is just gonna throw it all away, for?… A crush on a red head that showed him NO love in return?

                  Lets not forget the fact that Silver Samurai is a giant robot and not a mutant and Viper has a snake tongue and sheds her skin (and should not be a mutant).

                  So, how is this gonna be a game changer?

            • +1000

      • possible psylocke castings:

        -kristen kreuk

        -olivia wilde

        -sandra oh

        -stephanie jacobsen

        -angelina jolie

    • + 1

    • no s***.

  6. The X-Force team led by Wolverine, with Deadpool, Fantomex and Psylocke was amazing. Very disappointed they cancelled that comic. I would pay any amount to see that made into a movie.

    • Can’t disagree with you but there is always hope. You never know. Maybe Fox found a way to get there head out of their @ss!

      • Rectal-Cranial disorder is a serious disease that affects many prominent companies like Fox, and Microsoft. The work on a cure is ongoing but it will take time. The best we can hope for is brief periods of lucidity when they withdraw their heads and take a breath. In time, perhaps, but right now it is just asking too much. One researcher was heard to mutter “dammit, we’re doctors, not miracle workers!”.

  7. I’m surprised they haven’t done this before. This is the perfect way to make use of the more gritty, heavy hitting mutants. And the perfect way to introduce Deadpool. Deadpool is a character that is better served with others to banter off of. Wolverine, Warpath, X-23, Deadpool, Bishop, Psylocke etc. Easy hits. And if some characters like Deadpool are well received, then do a spin off. They should do a core X-Men movie series with the core X-Men, X-Factor to throw in other mutants and lesser knowns, and X-Factor for the darker characters. C’mon Fox.

    • *X-Force for darker characters.*

  8. Nobody at Fox understands those characters. What they did with Cyclops… Havok… Emma Frost… etc etc.

    • Except that the duo who wrote First Class aren’t working for Fox, nor have they ever been involved in comic books, except maybe to read them (Jane Goldman’s husband Jonathan Ross is a pretty big comic book fan, he’s admitted to being a geek during the many TV shows he’s hosted since 1989 while she’s hosted shows about the paranormal).

      They did what other non-comic book writers did. Take the source material and jazz it up for non-comic book readers.

      • Kind of jizzed it up for me….

    • Maybe that’s why they brought in Millar and went for an awesome pick for Fantastic Four in Josh Trank :)

      • Exactly what I was thinking too, Roberto.

        They saw the middling success FC had and decided to do what Marvel are doing with a Marvel writer helming the film series for continuity’s sake.

        In fact, if Marvel Studios hadn’t gotten to him first, I have no doubt Fox would’ve grabbed Joss because of his X-Men stories and had Millar as a second choice.

      • Im 100% confident that having Millar involved, along with Bryan Singer, both will lead to a great future for the X-Men franchise.

        X-Force would be just the beggining

    • Fox only understands numbers. If we throw this much money at something what is the probability that more will be returned to us, and more importantly, what will our personal bonuses be?

  9. Maisie Williams to play Hope Summers!

  10. I hope they get Stephen Lang for Cable. Wonder what the X-men’s costumes will look like if they’re not black anymore.

  11. Nice, cautiously waiting for X-Men Days of Future Past! Everyone on board I find is great but the movie is just massive, wondering if they can handle it.

  12. Stephen Lang as cable would be awesome

  13. Stephen Lang 10 years ago would be too perfect. He’s 61 years old right now and when the role comes around, it’ll hard for him to get into the physical demand. Especially if they will ask him to come back a 2nd or 3rd time around.

    • Maybe Matthew Fox or Jason O’Mara instead?

        • Until I saw that pic, I was gonna say he looks too disheveled facially but actually, that’s actually a good idea.

            • Yeah, he’s played a gruff soldier many times so he has the experience and his height helps make him imposing alongside 6′+ tall actors like Jackman and (hopefully) Reynolds.

              • Hell yeah, man! I agree!

            • Lundgren wouldn’t be a bad choice. The only question is if he would be willing to do it. If memory serves he swore off accepting roles based off comics characters after the experiences with 89′s Punisher. But I guess if a truckload of monet suddenly parked in front of his driveway…

        • Your right, I hate you now.

        • Ron Perlman would be better. He still has some size, while Dolph would have to juice to get up to Cable’s bulk.

  14. First of all, I liked X-men #1 & #2 for the most part. All the following ones and spin-offs did not do much for me. I doubt this is really a good idea, as jumping away from the original comics’ continuity has created an unfathomable mish-mash harder to sort out then the degeneration of star-wars as time went on (who the heck is who and why?!). I am also getting really tired of everything being the Wolverine Show. Not a bad character, but iniquity of iniquities, I must heretically say he is not that good or important, despite what the movies, the comics, and millions of fans say. Listen to ME!!! Where’s Cyclops, the first and main X-Man, field leader of the team with the best backstory, etc.? As far as cable goes, he is the kid of jean and Scott. How to unsnarl everything? Darned if I know. But I would have it revealed in days of Future past that just before jean zapped Scott in X-Men #3, cable and Bishop came back from the future and did a snatch and grab on Scott, taking him temporarily to the future, where he would save the day against the Sentinels (in Days of Future past) and also incidently guarentee cable’s birth and existance (shades of John Conner in terminator!! Big similarities!!). Then they would return Cyke to his present time, where he could reunite with Jean (I am sure something could be done in the time-jumping to return her to normal from her Dark Phoenix persona). Now we have returned Jean and Scott from the dead, fixed that problem; guarenteed the future will be safe from Sentinels and dictatoral government policies, check; assured Cable will some day be born and grow up, perfecto! And Scott now is established as the true leader of the X-men. And without help from Wolverine (who?) or magneto (who?). Wolvie and Maggie don’t need to have their fingers in every pie, good as their characters were, but they are getting overused. Now we are back to a point where we can continue hobbling along on a little stronger leg with the X-men franchise. See there, solved some of your problems for you all!

    • Oh yes, and this speculation for X-Force, plus some of the other characters who have peeked around corners and are unnoticed or uncared about 3 minutes later in previous films? We don’t need insignificant pee-dinks when we can’t even get the main charcaters straight. Just more inane confusion.

      • Don’t know about you but when I was growing up, Cable was a pretty significant character in the X-Men comics I read. He even had his own parody in a Beavis & Butt-Head comic book I own from back in the day when I bought it for 50p after school back in 1993.

      • Jean was not Cables mother, Madeline Pryor was.

        • @Slayer, LOL you beat me to it.

        • Oops, you are right, I should have clarified. Actually, Cable (Nathan Christopher Summers) is actually the son of Scott Summers and Madelyn Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone. Guess I was being sloppy after working too many hours with not enough sleep. Thanx for waking me up about Cable!

    • The reason for Wolverine’s success is down to his personality, his attitude, his fighting abilities and his back story was fascinating.

      Fast forward to now with everyone knowing his origin (thanks to the comic book of the same name in 2001) and he’s still just as popular as ever thanks to his personality, etc etc.

      Cyclops may have been the original team leader but I always thought of him as bland, generic and just a guy to lead a team but not be the focus of the story (I feel that way about Captain America and Superman too).

      • @Dazz, In Marvel NOW! Scott’s personality has done a full 180. He’s now seen as a villain. I hope they will bring in his new personality for the upcoming movies.

        • @Guardian Outlaw

          That would be cool. Haven’t read any Marvel NOW! lines yet. Hell, I got Suicide Squad and Aquaman from The New 52 but haven’t had chance to read them yet but it sounds intriguing. I love when characters have something that warms me towards them after initially disliking them.

          I never liked Scarecrow (the DC version) until Batman Begins and the Arkham games opened my eyes to the potential in that character. Same with Leonardo DiCaprio, thought he was a terrible actor until The Departed aired on TV and I was forced to watch it by others and with nothing else to do to take up my time.

          • Yeah man, Scott has now become like the new Magneto. He hates the Human race and isn’t apart of the X-Men anymore. He’s now branched off and leads Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik to start their own mutant revolution.

            Along side those issues, a new division of Avengers have formed called, “Uncanny Avengers.” Alex and Rogers put together the team to show that Humans and New Mutants can co-exist with one another and work as a team.

            Then they have the “Cable and the X-Force” issues going along side those issues too.

          • Good Man….

            Nothing better than someone willing and able to have his opinion changed instead of being blinkered and blind.

        • Cyclops was kind of a jerk back in the 80′s from what I remember. He was crying over Jean for years and then fell for the clone Madeline Pryor. He chased her around and then left her pregnant when Jean came back and she almost got killed by the Marauders because he was off doing something else. Then he was such a great dad Cable got kidnapped by demons. Havoc did not even like him much.

      • Gee, Dazz, you give me a dizz! I always had trouble picturing anyone other than Cap (or Iron Man as second choice) piloting The Avengers, Cyclops as team leader for the X-Men, Mr. Fantastic as the FF leader, Superman as the Justice League Leader (if Supes were not present, my next choice to be team leader of JLA would have been Green Lantern), etc. They had been written in the early comics more or less as the main stalk from which everyone else on the pecking order sprouted and grew, and it seemed to fit nicely for me then.

        • Haha.

          Well, they’re good leaders but I just never liked their personalities (or lack of one) and what they represented as far as the opinion I’ve held for years that can change if given the right stories.

          As much as I thought MOS was more “meh” than “wow”, they approached Superman’s character in a way that made me like him and gave him somewhat of a personality instead of just being a bland Boy Scout.

          Same with Captain America (and Captain Britain for the same reason), blatantly patriotic hero with not much personality and boring stories written solely to be an excuse in flag-waving BS rather than telling an actual story and injecting personality there.

          The only things I like about Captains America and Britain are the former’s shield and the latter’s outfit, otherwise, they just seem generic to me.

          Same with Cyclops. In my view, he was just the laser eyed guy with relationship issues that was there purely to keep the rest of the team in line during a crisis while the main characters ran around doing their thing.

          Luckily, Guardian Outlaw has brought up some recent developments in Cyclops lore so I’m interested in finding out more.

          • By the end of DoFP, they can totally set up his change in personality. Even tho it will be by completely opposite events.

            From what it sounds like, you love reading about the depths of the Heroes personality. I think you will really like reading Marvel NOW!’s “All-New X-Men” bcuz that is the entire theme of it all.

    • I also have to add here, why not just say that X-Men 3 was one of many alternate universes instead of coming up with contrived and messy plots to “bring them back from the dead”?

      It’d be a lot easier and less of a headache for casual audiences.

      • In my opinion that would sort of be an easy way out but totally worth it to fix the continuity. It’d make things a hell of a lot easier.

  15. Just Going To Say That For The Wolverine Movie, I Think The Silver Samurai Is Just Going To Be A Huge SIt For The Old Guy To Wear When He Tries To Kill Wolverine.

  16. booooooooring……when is hollywoodland going to start making movies THE RIGHT WAY?

    • What’s the right way you speak of?

    • what about THE LEFT WAY……

    • When I am in charge!!!!

    • The biggest let down for me in “Last Stand” was when Warren walked into the X-Maison at the end of the movie and everyone (including Beast) was like, “Who are you?”

    • I remember Singer saying Angel would have been too difficult and time-consuming to be included in the first two movies, (he said the same about Beast). At least Ratner had the sense to include him in the third movie, (albeit only briefly).

      I’m still pissed he’s not in First Class 2.

  17. Had a couple of New Mutants books back in the day, specificaly the issue down in the Morlock tunnels where Caliban breaks Sabretooth’s back and leaves him for dead.

    Cable, interesting character as is Warpath and Cannonball, the rest seemed pretty 3rd string when i was 16 (damn that’s a long time ago)

    Also Cable not only gives you Deadpool but he also leads you to Apocalypse and THAT would be cool

  18. Finally. I was afraid Fox was under-utilizing the potential of the X-Men universe, only making X-Men and Wolverine movies alternately. If this were Marvel they’d milk this cow till its udders bled and squeeze out half a dozen franchises out of the Mutantverse: X-Men, Wolverine, X-Force, New Mutants, First Class etc.

      • You’re right, it’s just a shame characters aren’t allowed to crossover. Although I guess that would just get messy anyway.

    • and without forgeting solo movies, like Deadpool, Gambit, and maybe even Cable too (or Bishop)

  19. this is excelent news, Fox finally expanding the X-Men movie universe.

    With Warpath and Sunspot already on Days of future past, they seem to be the perfect link to the new spin-off.

    Just add Cable, Domino and Deadpool, and there you have a intense team, lol. This should be fun!

  20. I wouldn’t mind an X-Force movie but I hope FOX gets the rebooted Fantastic Four out before then.

    • Why? Unless they helm it with Whedon, it will just be another disaster. The FF are more complicated to portray as they require two things Fox does not do well. Character growth and scientific continuity. Fox tends towards vapid stories with dumbed down (or outright messed up) characters, and plot holes. Sure, the rare writer/director team can buck this trend and produce something of note, but Fox rarely shells out for them. But hope springs eternal, like weed(s). ;)

  21. After being snubbed in First Class 2, Angel had better be in this movie.

  22. Fox once said they would do direct to video xmen movies to keep rights away
    from marvel. Since they are copying formula with a director whose last two fantasy films blew. Do us the honor and send these movies straight to the dollar theater then dvd.

  23. I keep saying it because im a huge X-men film fanatic, but again I want more Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Archangel as well as new characters like Sinister, Apocalypse, Beak, Omega Red, Psylocke, Husk, Glob Herman, Feral, Cable, Forge, and others as well, but mostly just connect all the films with hugh jackmon as wolverine in them and fix the continuity and show how everything fits together like sabretoothe, nightcrawler and other issues.

  24. how about X-Force, District-X, New Mutants, New X-Men, and X-men Origins.

  25. The one thing that really bugs me is the continuity issues and how they left some characters really messed up that can be fixed like Juggernaught, Angel, Blob, Sabretoothe, more Cyclops, Rogue, More Gambit, More Deadpool, More Nightcrawler and new X-men villains like Apocalypse, Sinister, John Sublime Omega red (etc) I say please fix these issues instead of leaveing a trail of destruction behind. I want to be able to watch from the first film I guess being first class since it is before x-men 1, then watch origins, x-men, x-2 x3,The wolverine Days of Future past and not have so many question left unanswered and so many mistakes where I am scratching my head.

    • I’ve always wondered why it was so hard to make Colossus russian and Gambit cajun.

      • Hiring actors with specific accents costs more. This *is* Fox we are talking about.

  26. i want a kickass rogue unlike the twilight version we’ve seen so far

    • Oh yeah, forgot about her. Movie rogue is a shocker.

  27. I guess Marvel has no film rights of characters that they own who are in a comic book with the X somewhere in the title of the comic book. Marvel comics could make an Inhuman movie. That would could be epic if done right.