‘Kick-Ass 2′ Director To Write ‘X-Force’ Movie

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Cable Marvel Comics Boris Kick Ass 2 Director To Write X Force Movie

A week before San Diego Comic-Con 2013 begins, rumors and rumblings of the future of the X-Men film franchise pointed towards the possibility of Twentieth Century Fox developing an X-Force movie, mostly based on the fact that the studio had registered a film domain name for the title. It didn’t hurt that creator Rob Liefeld has been tweeting unofficial confirmations that the film is in development.

New Mutants movie featuring a younger team of X-Men characters has been of interest to X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner for at least four years and it sounds as if it may have evolved into X-Force and that it may be part of Fox’s mysterious Hall H panel at Comic-Con next week. Any uncertainties about Fox moving forward with X-Force can begin evaporating as the film now as a writer, one who shares an interesting connection to both X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

THR has the scoop that Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow has been signed by the studio to adapt X-Force into a feature film, we expect as the followup to Days of Future Past. Interestingly enough, Wadlow replaced Matthew Vaughn to direct the Kick-Ass sequel and Vaughn replaced Singer in directing X-Men: First Class. Conversely, for Days of Future Past, Singer had to return the favor and replace Vaughn although its his story pitch that the movie is based on. Vaughn, Singer and Wadlow therefore, all share an interesting creative comic book movie connection which makes Wadlow a fitting choice.

Did we mention that Wadlow and Vaughn’s Kick-Ass movies are based on Mark Millar’s comics, the same Mark Millar who was hired by Fox as a Marvel movie consultant? No coincidences here.

Original X Force Cover Marvel Comics Kick Ass 2 Director To Write X Force Movie

The report continues, that Wadlow may end up directing the feature as well. If writing is begin this year, it’s an easy bet to assume X-Force won’t release until 2015 at the very earliest, if not, 2016 as the Marvel movie followup to Fox’s reboot of Fantastic Four (helmed by Josh Trank) in 2015. Until more details are revealed, we don’t yet know which X-Force series from Marvel Comics the studio is interesting in bringing to the screen, but we do expect at least some characters from Days of Future Past to carry over.

This is yet more evidence towards the theory that Fox may finally introduce the time-travelling mutant known as Cable who in the books is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey in one universe, and an aged version of Wolverine in another. This character is integral to the X-Force stories, new Mutants and in tying in with Deadpool should that project get back on the development track. It’s safe to say Fox has major comic book movie announcements to surprise fans next Saturday, the same day Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios host panels of their own.

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, and Daniel Cudmore. Lucas Till and James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.


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Source: THR

Cable artwork by Boris Vallejo.

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  1. Really excited about this X-Force movie, if it’s happening. I’ve read X-Force since before the first issue of the original series. I have a “Cable” figure now that I’ve probably had for at least 10 years that I got from Kaybees before they shut down.

    • You must be the doctor what with the reading of a comic before it even came out.

      • Back when the book was basically identical, at that point, but still going by the “New Mutants” title :)

  2. Damn. Spoiler alert on the whole Ultimate Cable thing, maybe?

    • Seriously! Good thing I wasn’t reading those!

      • I thought the Ultimate line was really good until the Ultimatum event went a bit over the top.

  3. I’ll give up on life if they don’t throw Deadpool in this. And Psylocke.

    • +1
      Also Nightcrawler. And Wolverine in his original costume. I don’t get it if Superman, Captain America can get their original costume, why not wolverine? If done right it will look pretty good in big screen imo.

  4. Sigh… I guess this could be cool since Deadpool and Cable will most likely headline and we wouldn’t have to watch another movie that headlines wolverine all the time (even though I am a die hard Wolverine fan) However, the rest of X-force team isn’t that all appealing IMO from what I remember as a kid reading.

    I really wish they would do a Gambit origins movie. His powers are cool, his fighting is cool, his personality is cool, etc. Plus, he is such a cool anti-hero and has a really neat origin about his early days as a pick pocket living in New Orleans and being part of the Thieves Guild or whatever it was called.

  5. Well that escalated rather quickly. It sounds like fox is trying to get their act together now hopefully WB will follow suit, starting with an announcement at comic-con.

    • Yup and it took them over a decade and over 6 films to do so. Had Fox had any real forethought from the beginning then this entire series could have been made into a more cohesive well made saga with a proper build up. Now that everyone around them is raising the stakes and reaping vast monetary rewards, now they want to up the ante and raise the stakes.

      • You never know though, maybe my some miracle DOFP and Wolverine (to a lesser extent) can set things straight.

        I’m not too bothered about the lack of cohesiveness really, just glad to see x-men in live action any time.

      • Marvel and WB are reaping monetary rewards because of more explosions and special effects in their movies along with increased levels of promotional hype; not because of quality or any kind of logical plot progression from one film to the next. Man of Steel made plenty of money despite the fact that it’s not part of an established continuity AND it was a critical failure – being more poorly reviewed than any of the core X-Men films(excluding the single spinoff – Origins:Wolverine) Whedon has already undone the one significant character death from Avengers but I doubt that the illogical storytelling will put a dent in the box office for Avengers 2.

        • First of all… Marvel’s movies as of late have a lot of quality. IMO, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man 1 and 3, and Hulk (with Norton) were all excellent movies.

          2nd…how has Whedon undone the 1 significant death? Are you referring to Colsoun? We don’t know what happened to Colson. It is logical he didn’t die. OR…It is logical that the Colson in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a Life Model Decoy.

          Someone has obviously put a dent into your head sir….

          • It is also logical that the tv series takes place before The Avengers.

            • Nope. It’s been confirmed that it takes place AFTER the Avengers movie. The life model decoy theory seems like a plausible guess. Or they could just introduce Phil Coulson’s long lost twin brother Bill Coulson, who happens to dress and talk exactly like Phil. Bill Coulson could just change his name to Phil and become a SHIELD agent in honor of his brother. NO FAIR STEALING MY IDEAS WHEDON- I WANT CREDIT IF YOU USE THAT!

        • “not because of quality or any kind of logical plot progression”

          I don’t believe anyone ever stated that. Speaking for myself, I specifically stated that had Fox put more forethought into the series they could have avoided quite a few continuity flubs and progressively built up towards greater X-Men threats rather than become stagnant and utilizing the same villains over and over.

          “because of more explosions and special effects in their movies”

          That may be a contributing factor, however I will not say that its the only factor involved. Marvel has been making an expansive Marvel Universe. Individual heroes are given their own individual films and then are teamed up while building to greater threats. WB is taking cues regarding the DC brand and making a cinematic DC Universe. Now it appears as if Fox is now seeking to utilize the X-Men universe by branching off to bigger threats such as Sentinels, Apocalypse, Sinister, Time travel etc.

        • Critical failure? Based off very biased reviews? Based off pissed off nutless fanboys who were pissed off with the changes made to the character’s mythology and the big shock at the end? The movie was flawed like any other summer blockbuster but it was genius. No way MOS was half as bad as the critics and bitching fanboys made it out to be.

  6. Im kind of in shocked.

    what a day! X-citing times for x-men fans, indeed

    • Im just thinking about the future and the possibilites and all these characters taking part of the same universe, and a possible new crossover right after X-Force.

      What about Original cast + X-Force + Bishop/Blink joining forces against Apocalypse?

      Marvel is teasing Thanos….. what’s the Huge villain Fox could use in the near future?


      There u have it :D

  7. ..Make sense too me, X-Force film would have too be wicked crazy…

  8. (Who the f**k is that?!)
    (Who the f**k is that?!)
    (Who the f**k is that?!)
    (Who the f**k is that?!)


    • +1

      Freaked big time when I heard that in the videogame.

    • +1000! One of the best and funniest parts of the game!

    • They killed Cyclops, and I am forlorn!
      Now Cable will not ever be born!
      I don’t care if you call him Mable:
      Now your Tv’s the only thing with Cable!

      • Actually, they had a new younger mutant thing, and it was called First Class, and it flunked. Not very good at all. Just added to the mess after mess that keeps piling up on the X-men franchise (including spinoffs). Sure, I buy them all, I watch them all, but they have stepped so far outside the marvel/X-Men continuity and source material that everyone’s head is spinning, and that is a crying shame, because I like the X-men (or what they were in the 60s and 70s, before a new breed of comics writers took over and messed things up). Sure, I will watch and buy days Of Future past and X-Force as well, but am pretty aprehensive about them. At least Sentinels are a good idea, but wait…there he goes again: Wolverine sicking his nose in and being the only hero who can ride in and save the day. I am really getting tired of everything in the X-Men franchise being The Wolverine Show. And I bet he shows up in X-Force as well. And I bet DOFP has a big juicy part for Magneto, who is also becoming way over-used as well. What about other villains such as a real hellfire Club, and Black Tom, and Mr. Sinester, and Apocalypse? Aren’t they out there in this world as well? Well, I really especially want to know: WHERE’S CYCLOPS!? CYCLOPS! CYCLOPS! CYCLOPS! {One good thing..at the end of this article I saw a rumor mentioned, did I not, that said something about James Marsden..dare I hope?}

        • Having started a Marvel collection in hardback form thanks to a publisher in Europe releasing two classic stories per month (Thor: The Last Viking and Civil War were this month) and having read the older comic book stories for most of the big Marvel players, I have to say that honestly, everything after 1987 is a major improvement on what came before.

          I was hyped about Demon In A Bottle being a brilliant story about Stark’s descent into alcoholism but when I read it finally, that issue was addressed in just a handful of panels on a single page and wasn’t impactful at all. I guess it would’ve been in the 70s but to me, it came across as very “meh” after all the hype.

          Same with The Dark Phoenix Saga. Loved the animated show in the 90s, that arc really kicked ass but then I read the original comic book version and….

          Messy. A lot of the events didn’t even have to be in the story and just seemed to be fanservice for those who maybe wanted some space adventures thrown in for no good reason. Jean’s death happened in a page or two and it didn’t hit home for me. Not like the unexpected thrill of seeing Carnage in a cameo during New Avengers: Breakout or having Wolverine: Origin screw with the reader by making you think one child would become Wolverine then pulling the switcheroo.

          I also know you seem to have a love for the Cyclops character but honestly, his character in the movies reflected the general consensus in the comic books that he was reliable but not the main attraction. Besides, James Marsden was seen flying back from Vancouver alongside Halle Berry so look forward to that.

          • The Dark Phoenix saga storyline began as a mysterious and vague subplot spanning numerous months, with Mastermind beginning the manipulation of Jean long before the Dark Phoenix, itself, ever popped up. By the time it revealed itself, Jean had already gone through character transformation (as the Black Queen), with the biggest event happening very quickly after that (overwhelming the X-Men and destroying a sun). If anything was rushed, it was the Shi’ar involvement and the blue area of the moon event.

            The characters and players introduced and used throughout the general storyline alone were incredible, i.e. Mastermind, Black Queen, the Hellire Club, Dark Phoenix, the Imperial Guard, etc.

            In my opinion, this was just a large chunk of what I consider to be the best X-Men era, with Claremont and Byrne’s work. The period that followed paled in comparison with a handful of character changes that were more about taking chances and, oftentimes, failing(Storm’s mohawk, Angel losing his flight), and sometimes coming up with some new characters that didn’t flourish for years because they were too complex [read: obscure].

            Readers had to deal with copycat characters from creators such as Liefeld until Jim Lee came and tried to manage things better.

          • “I have to say that honestly, everything after 1987 is a major improvement on what came before.”

            Considering the Mutant Massacre, Mojo, the introduction of the Morlocks and a lot of other events happened before 1987 it seems like you might have missed a few other good stories.

          • I am a big Cyke fan (from the early comics in the 60s and 70s, which is when I mostly read the comics growing up). I do think in the movies Cyke was really shorted on his parts, plus I am not sure marsden was the right actor to play the part, either. I would have written his part alot different and yes, bigger.
            Although I am not a reader of comics in this modern time now, I have occaisionally peeked in a few, and I notice that while the stories do not interest me at this time, Cyke is now getting a much bigger part than he had had for a long time. I also think it is dumb that if you opened up any comic, yoiu have a good chance of seeing Wolverine’s schmoo in there, and sometimes Spiderman as well. It seems they would have to be quadruplets to have time to do all these things and be on all these teams. Do they ever take time to eat, sleep, or sit on the loo in quiet comtemplation of the morning paper’s headlines? Sheesh!

        • I thought First Class was pretty good.

  9. X-force movie featuring:
    and Cyclops( best way to use Mr.Sinister and introduce Archeangel and X-23 in a sequel)

    • Take out Scott, place in Hope and you got it!!

  10. Unless the articles is talking about some newer version of Cable’s origin, Jean Grey was not his mother. Madeline Pryor was his mother in the original volumes.

    • Yep, Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey’s clone) and Scott Summers done do-ed him!!

  11. Sounds like it’s gonna be cool movie.

  12. Jeff Wadlow? Let’s see what he had done with Kick-Ass 2 before I get excited about this.

  13. I wonder if Stephen Lang is still interested to play Cable but either way it would be a good way to get Deapool & Cable into a movie.

  14. Hey Doesn’t Marvel Studios own Cable’s Film rights. I think Kevin Feige mentioned in 2009 that Marvel was hiring writers for lesser known properties like Cable, Iron Fist and Nighthawk. Perhaps if Fox really wants a true X-Force film he can trade Silver Surfer to Marvel for Cable. Everybody wins!

    • How can they not own Cable ? He is in the X-men franchise. Marvel plays dirty though, they can even use Pietro and Wanda in the Avengers. And in the comics they are placing X-men in position that will allow Marvel to use the whole cast in their movies the same way.

  15. Wow! Uncanny News! Can’t wait!! Hopefully the X-Force movie will lead into an Apocalypse. I wouldn’t mind seeing Mister Sinister as the lead villain in X-Force. I’m so excited!!

    It will be a dream come true if they throw in Hope Summers but it might be too early.

    By the way, @ the report, Jean Grey isn’t the mother of Cable. Jean’s clone is. An if they dive more into that, we will get Mister Sinister.

  16. Before anyone gets excited about this, note that the director’s 2 released films (cry wolf and never back down) were both critically panned.

  17. Downside of this is that if they do put Deadpool in this movie, chances are high if he gets his own movie it will be PG-13.

  18. If this ends up becoming a reality, better late than never I suppose. Its rather unfortunate that Fox chose to up the ante regarding this series just recently, especially given the fact that this film series will be around 7 films deep and over a decade later from the inception of the first film.

  19. I…I think I’m gonna cry :’) Yes!!! ^_^

  20. Holy hell today just got awesome. I hope this doesn’t take a decade to come to fruition. I also thought that Marvel still owned the rights to Cable

  21. Thumbs way u bring in Cylops, AND ARCHANGEL and I am in. Husk, Beak, Sinister, Cable, Dead pool, and Psylocke would be cool too and some other cool characters.

  22. Cyclops has to be in it to explain his son Cable, and what ever happened with Nightcrawler being mystiques and azazels son will that be explained, and how live schrieber sabretoothe became tyler mane sabretoothe?

    • Here is how to “revive” Cyclops. Kind of think like terminator time-travel. Just before Jean zaps Scott in X-Men #3, Cable and Bishop travel back from the future and spirit Scott away at the last second back to the future. This assures cable will be born. They deposit Scott right in the middle of days of Future past, he saves the day against the Sentinels, and hence the future, cementing any doubts he is the true field leader of the X-Men. Cable & Bishop now deposit him back in the present, where Cyke now runs the X-men (unless they think of a way to get Professor X revived as well. Easter eggs at the end of X-Men #3 make it look like this might actually be an option with prof. X. Fits nicely, hmmm? And don’t forget, Cyke’s tombstone covered an empty grave, as they never found his body, if memory serves me correctly. And with Jean gone, zapped as dark Phoenix, now there is room for Scott’s heart to recover when he meets madelyn Pryor, who will give birth to Cable. Love it when a plan comes together; i should write thee things! (*Smiles smuggly into his hot cocoa*).

      • Time travel is tricky business. Ok, say Bishop and Cable exist in the future but along the same timeline as x-men 3. Why would they need to go back in time to save scott if the mere fact that cable exists means scott couldn’t have died to begin with?

        • Tricky indeed. But the past influences the future. Seems like if Cable exists, looking backwards, as cable, he would have needed to have had the same parents: Scott & Madelyn; otherwise he would not be, well, exactly Cable as we know him.

        • Agreed. It would make more sense if Kitty Pryde went back and “phased” Cyclops out of the way and then they were zapped to back to future. Or even the past. Could be cool to see young scott and old scott (james marsden) talking.

      • Or even better, multiverse your way out of it.

        Hell, have Hugh Jackman give a voiceover at the start about the multiverse and different events taking place on different versions of Earth, “in one, Cyclops dies. In this one? We all die.”

        Bam, opening fight sequence with the Sentinels. Continue from there. Less contrived, complicated and silly than your theory anyway.

        • Actually, to my way of thinking, it’s a pretty good idea. ‘Scuze me if I polish my own apple, but I’m not sure how else they would viably get Cyke back. Seems better than where they might or might not go. I notice DOFP is fast morphing into another Wolverine-fest as well. Enough already! Let’s not always have Wolverine have to be the one saving the day….are there no other heroes we can count on? I love Marvel generally, and like DC as well, but it seems like in DC’s case, whenever they don’t know what to do, like a deer in the headlights, they waffle around, trot out tired worn-out Bats and Supes, and then think about doing minor characters no one cares so much about. C’mon, let’s see the meat and potatoes hit the plate: Green Lantern, Flash, the JLA! And tough-and-tempermental Wolverine is taking yet another shot at the bulls-eye, which they have not hit yet, the possible exeptions being their closest shots, X-Men #1 & #2. I like left-overs to a point, but Geez, time to clean out the fridge and serve something else!

        • That would absolutely work, I like that idea a lot. Also mutually tells the general audience about why some things are different in something like Spider-Man. Still a lot of people who don’t understand why Tobey Maguire isn’t there, why Uncle Ben is killed again, etc.

          Would’ve helped if they called it “Ultimate Spider-Man”, which is exactly what TASM is, but even then many would be lost. Different timeline, different rules. A superhero remake/reboot/stray sequel has not addressed that for general audiences to understand.

  23. i’m down with the idea of an x- force movie, but please fox, just don’t cram every known character in this film in a useless manner, make it worth please.

    • “Useless manner”. That pretty much says what we might see if they start randomly throwing everyone but Joe the Plumber into these. Actually, thinking back to a number of minor characters who we have seen in “blink-n-u-miss-’em” moments thus far, there are a number of characters who are so forgettable in their appearances in X-Movies, that I can’t remember who all most of them were, and if I re-watch the X-Movies, I still might have to scratch a crop-circle in my curly-haired head to identify them, even when they are up on the screen. In the DOFP flick coming up, maybe that will happen to Quicksilver, who knows? I loved Quicksilver (& Scarlet Witch) in The Avengers early comics, and am absolutely ecstatic to see they will be in Avengers #2, but I have a hunch the treatment will be, well, quick as lightning in DOFP and not stick to canon. Another case of “Who was that? Is anyone there?” brewing? In fact, once we got past the first three Star Wars movies they made, I started losing track of who everyone was and what their significance was, and I bet a few other people did too (although I know one guy on the other side of the coin who is the ultimate Star Wars fan, and probably memorized every incident, name, and event ever occuring in the Star Wars Universe).

    • “Worth-while”. Sergio speaks the truth! We no want movie men speak da film yukkie poo-poo. Make it worthy of the team’s original reputation! Don’t let “Foochification” set in!

      *Fooch is generally considered to be somewhat the equivalent of plaque forming on teeth….taken from the W-T-F Lexicon.

  24. I just want to see Domino. Never a fan of x-force in general. But as they’ve proven with the those x-universe to date, they’re just using the name of it.. Otherwise it will be its own thing and probably not follow very much what the various incarnations of the comics have done.

    • Since there is a newer version of X-Force and how liberally Shuler-Donner and the production team utilizes the characters and story arcs I doubt any film they do will resemble anyone’s preconceived ideas.

  25. A Cyclops cameo at least would be awesome, connecting both series and letting the audience knows that the main X-Men or at least Scott know the existence of this new team and the things they do.

    Ive loved many numbers of some events like Messiah Complex, Utopia and the numbers around it, with Cyclops sending X-Force to the future and all those other missions.

    So… Wolverine out, and Cyclops cameo In.

    • Cyclops has always been a very important part of anything X.
      The biggest mistake made was putting him off to the side and making Wolverine the main focus. That and Cyclops being a little baby?
      Not much of a Cyclops. That dude controls his emotions and that is one of the reasons he’s such a great leader. Effectively, Wolverine was made into Cyclops. And it didn’t work.

      It’s not that Wolverine shouldn’t be made to look cool, he always was cool, but the comic books made it an effort to develop and make every character look cool. Not just one character. (That bugs me and I think it should. I have every reason to harbor fanboy hate towards these debacles.)

      A lot. And I mean ALOT needs to be fixed in order for this X-Force thing work.
      And that includes making a real X-Men thing to lead into it.

      Not a DOFP mockery that might or might not resemble the real DOFP.

      a real X-Men movie.

      • Good points, LesPaulPhoenix. I am not a fan of reboots in general, but I cannot help but speculate what a reboot sticking verse and chapter to the early comics would look like. It might be what it takes. Sometimes you can plow a four-wheeler into a muddy creek-bed and make it all the way through, but sometimes you get so mired down, that you just have to back up and out and try someplace else.

  26. They should’ve handed it to James Mangold.

  27. Just a little thing…
    Cable’s Parents are Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.

    Jean Grey was presumed dead at the time Cable was conceived, and Cyke ends up with Pryor (and leaves the X-Men for a time after he loses leadership to Storm… It’s a long story. Google it.), who looks exactly like Jean Grey, thus Cyclops’ interest in her.

    I’m not sure what you mean by him being the son of “an older Wolverine”
    I can’t find anything saying that is true, and I’ve never read anything about that…

    I think the gun is being jumped, here. A lot needs to pass before we bring in X Force, imo.

    Wall of text inbound…

    Just starting another X movie is going to lead to some serious problems because X Men itself has been butchered (seemingly) beyond repair (Time travel my ass. There’s no way to bring back these films while keeping them credible.) My main concern is this: too much source material has been disregarded (and completely disrespected and neglected) by Singer. Not just Ratner is to blame.

    X-Force and X-Men are very well interconnected. If one were to make an X-Force movie, they’d have to go along with what those X-Farce movies did. (example: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Good luck making that work!!!)

    With all this source material being totally messed up, the series is likely to run dry because they’ll have nothing but themselves to run on. It won’t be X-Men or X-Force. It will be a someone’s jacked up perception of what X-Men is.

    That’s just my two cents.

    • Just by reading many of these posts I already see that there is no con census on who is even supposed to be included in the movie version. And if the history of the franchise is any indication anyone could end up in the movie like in First Class.

      The other issue is who is the antagonist going to be? They have not established any other villains aside from Magneto & Mystique, so who is this team going to fight?

  28. First of all… Marvel’s movies as of late have a lot of quality. IMO, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, Iron Man 1 and 3, and Hulk (with Norton) were all excellent movies.

  29. I am initially excited, but the line about the new team being young worries me. Seems like one of the primary faults of the films so far is the reliance on young characters, and more importantly young actors. Replacing Gandalf and Picard with young people was risky, and worked remarkably well thanks to the actors, but all the others? I prefer an adult cast of reliable actors to a “hot and sexy” new breed of cheesy hot shots and models. Any excuse to hire a bunch of pretty young air heads will be pounced on, and may ruin the potential of Xmen films. SHIELD already looks like a joke in the pictures posted. I would rather have a group of grizzled old men than teen idols.

    Also, because I tire of the first Hulk film being panned, I want to point out that some people liked it, and with good reason. I feel that it is one of the best Comic films of all time, unlike the sequel. Norton’s Hulk movie was alright, and had some great ideas, but didn’t deliver on those ideas very well and devolved into popcorn action and spectacle over substance. The original meditated on themes and cultivated the emotional trajectories of several fascinating characters. The presentation was consistently unique and artistically engaging. Although some effects were weak, others were startlingly effective, and the limits of tech/budget didn’t stop Ang Lee from delivering an origin story that resonated beautifully with at least a couple of people. I can easily see why it didn’t suit many folks, but I defy the conventional wisdom that it is such a stinker when it brought a level of craftsmanship and elegance to a genre that could use a bit of that. If you missed it, are on the fence, or just took somebodys word for it being awful,maybe you should reconsider. It can’t compete with spectacle for the attention of kids, but for adults it is vasty more watchable than the average blockbuster, and superior in many respects to most comic films since. I can’t be the only one who likes it. Surely not…

    • I liked Hulk when it first came out but I don’t think I could revisit it nowadays. After seeing the incredibly real-looking hulk in the avengers, I think the lime green cartoony one would make me cringe. Hmmm, then again, Jennifer Connelly….

      • Like I said, there are some admittedly weak effects, but many sequences are superb. The shot of Hulk in the shadows with water running down his skin is perhaps the most visceral and primal realization of his monstrosity I have seen. JC does a good job playing essentially the same role as she did in Beautiful Mind, Sam Elliot kicks all kinds of ass as her father, and Nic Nolte brings a ragged truth to the proceedings that is accentuated by the intimate theatre-style discussion with his son. Better the second time, in my opinion!

    • Hulk should stay as only an occaisional character in Avengers. I don’t think he can carry another movie by himself. They have said all they can say about him. Guy gets ticked, beats everybody up in a rage. Same as any bar on saterday night in a college town. Where’s the drama and plot in that? You can only do it so many times.