Rob Liefeld Hypes Up & Teases Completed ‘X-Force’ Movie Script

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X Force Marvel Comics Characters in Movie Rob Liefeld Hypes Up & Teases Completed X Force Movie Script

Leading up to San Diego Comic-Con this summer we discovered that Twentieth Century Fox has secured the domain names for X-Force and shortly thereafter it was confirmed that Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow was developing a script for another X-Men film. He was brought into the fold at the recommendation of consultant Mark Millar and after pitching the idea that the studio should focus on team-based movies, they dug his concept for a live-action X-Force adaptation.

X-Men franchise producer Lauren Shuler Donner has always had New Mutants in mind as a property in early development, and now it’s sort of happening (New Mutants became was re-branded as X-Force in the early ’90s). Wadlow, a big fan of the books, revealed quite a few hints on X-Force while promoting Kick-Ass 2. From his own words, we know the film will focus on a team of five characters from Marvel Comics and will continue the continuity of the established cinematic universe. Speaking with Screen Rant he also revealed that Deadpool – another property waiting for a greenlight from Fox – is one of his favorite characters, and therefore is a likely member of his X-Force script – a script we now know is complete.

Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, has been talking up the character’s return to the big screen for a very long time. He also previously teased the potential of his other fan-fave creation, the time-travelling mutant known as Cable, being introduced in future X-Men movies. The fact that time travel is going to be introduced next year in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past makes it very possible that Cable could be introduced in some capacity as a way to lead into an X-Force movie, should Fox decide to make that the next X-Film on the docket.

The latest word from Liefeld confirms that Wadlow’s X-Force screenplay is done (at least its first draft) and faithful to the books, which is great for fans, but still unclear as to which books he’s referring to since there are multiple iterations of the X-Force team – the latest of which has Wolverine leading a covert ops hit squad of sorts.

Understandably unable to contain his excitement, Liefield continues, sharing a few possible hints at the story and characters featured in the current draft of the X-Force script.

He also followed up in response to fan questions by stating that X-Force aims to “appeal to fans of all eras” and will include “NEW mutants.” When combining these tweets from yesterday with what he said over four years ago, around the time X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters, plans that have been in the works for years may finally be coming to fruition from Fox in the near future.

As we’ve long suspected here on Screen Rant, Deadpool won’t get a solo film until he’s re-introduced in a better fashion than he was in Origins, and the best way to do that is to team him up with other key X-Men characters to let him play off them in his unique way. Don’t be surprised to see Hugh Jackman not only sign for Wolverine 3 – a project he’s developing with The Wolverine director James Mangold – but also for several other projects, including X-Force and whatever followup to Days of Future Past happens down the road from Simon Kinberg, Bryan Singer and co. to round out the First Class trilogy.

Psylocke Deadpool Wolverine Archangle Uncanny X Force Rob Liefeld Hypes Up & Teases Completed X Force Movie Script

If we had to guess, Deadpool, Cable and Wolverine seem to be the most likely candidates (Deadpool and Cable go hand-in-hand) for three of the five reported roster positions and the other two can be used to introduce characters we’ve yet to meet in the franchise. Cannonball? Domino? Psylocke? Fantomex?

Are you hoping Fox greenlights X-Force and includes Deadpool? Should Ryan Reynolds play him? Should Wolverine lead the team? Will Cable be introduced in Days of Future Past? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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The Wolverine is now on home video, X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014. Fantastic Four opens June 19, 2015.

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  1. They need Cannonball, without him the x-force morality rudder is broken.

    • Love Cannonball, I would love if they included him!!!


  2. I really hope at Comic Con next year we get huge announcements including Marvel’s Phase 3, Spidey’s two sequels, and the X-Men movie universe announcements.

  3. i can only see stephen lang as cable or use dolph lungren

    • Dolph namedrop!

    • Stephen Lang all the way!

    • I know I’m a couple months late here, but while we’re casting, why not add another hopeful? Assuming Domino is in this film (why wouldn’t she? Her power is awesome, but simple enough that she doesn’t require money to be spent on CGI), I’ve found the perfect candidate: Kate Beckinsale. Compare her role as Seline from Underworld to the version of Domino from the recent Cable & X-Force series, and it’s a perfect match. She’s also old enough that an on-screen relationship between her and Lang’s Cable wouldn’t be too weird.

  4. It would be awesome to see Deadpool….. Cannonball and Fantomex to round out the numbers…

  5. This will be a nice way to see Wolverine in the classic costume. I like Ryan Reynolds, if Deadpool is in and written for well I’d love to see him come back and play him.

  6. It’d be hilarious if in the movie, while fighting whoever the villain is, Deadpool says “Why don’t we just call the Avengers…oh yeah different studio.” And everyone just looks at him. Thats golden material for a movie with Deadpool.

    • Don’t know if they could legally do that.

      “Looks like this is a job for some of the worlds mightiest heros” I dont know if that would work or not, but I would love for Deadpool to say SOMETHING along those lines.

      Deadpool NEEDS to say something that breaks the fourth wall by referencing different studios and what they own.

      • Yeah man, just something that references other studios. Or at least reference the Origins Wolverine Deadpool in some way.

        • Maybe he is watching Wolverine Origins and says “Who the hell is this guy? I don’t remember him.”

          • In a fight out of bullets and no sword. “ARM BLADES…LAZER VISION..UMM TELEPORT..CRAP!” (ARM CUT OFF)

            • Or they could do something really subtle, like the new team in an elevator just like in Origins, identical spots for deadpool and wolverine, cable is where Striker was. everyone sitting still and he just starts looking around confused… “deja-vu” or deadpool looks around confused faces back straight “…high, protein, diet”

      • Maybe he can toss a shawarma on the street and say “Ugh, this tastes so bad I can’t even make a joke about it”?

        • Or if a random thug trows a hammer say something like….Hey those dont come back you know.

  7. Fantomex and Psylocke please!…

    • Don’t you remember Psylocke in X-Men 3? She got disintegrated after appearing for 3 seconds.

      • No one remembers that and DOFP is clearing the current movies anyway.

      • Nah, you can write off those wasted cameos.

      • Was that really her? I don’t think so. She demonstrated invisibility, not teleportation, and even if “Psylocke” was in the credits I still wouldn’t relate her with the real Psylocke. So if it was her it doesn’t matter, and in my eyes it wasn’t her.

        • It technically was her but like you said, its not her in my eyes either.

          • So we know Wolverine, Cable and Deadpool are in the movie…..damn i wanted to add 3 more…I would make it a group of 6. I would add Canonball, Psylocke and Boom Boom. If eally had to narrow it down to 5 the i would just take out Boom Boom. Psylocke needs to be in it….but the awsome Psylocke. Not the X3 wannabe chick. Psylocke is one of my favorite characters. Too bad ther is no way Longshot would apear in this movie… he is awsome too.

  8. Well, I dislike Rob Liefeld and most of his works, but in regards to the movie, I want to see it.

    Also, Deadpool being my absolute favorite Marvel character overall, seeing him here and done well would just make me squeal in excitement.

    But I would be okay even if he weren’t in the film. A nice roster of Wolvie, Psylocke, Phantomex, Cable and Domino would be okay in my book. Or have Deadpool on and have Domino as a side-character and Cable’s love interest.

    Cannonball would be nice to see as well. And other assorted X-Force members that may or may not be considered (Warpath, anyone?).

    And I want Ron Perlman as Cable. :D

    • No, wait! Rufus Sewell as Cable. There we go. :)

      • Definitely not Swell. Perlman would be a great fit, and Dolph Lundgren as someone previously mentioned would be too! Dolph with his 56 years, blonde/greyish hair and insane build would really be an awesome pic. Not too busy at the moment either…

        • missed a k, pick*

  9. Deadpool

    No Hugh Jackman

    • They really do need to give other heros a chance to shine.

      I am in total agreement with you on that one.

  10. Lets not forget that Deadpool started out as a villain. Could it be that Cable leads a team with Cannonball, Warpath, Domino and Rictor and Deadpool is the bad guy? Wolverine coul dbe part of the film, but not on the roster. Just an outside the box thought.

    • If he’s not a part of the team, Deadpool should be a neutral character. He is a mercenary after all.

      • that is actually a very good idea.

  11. Yes, just what we needed… a film about mercenaries that’ll be rated PG-13, have a toy line, and of course, star Hugh Jackman. Again.

  12. The guy has had completed movie scripts since he started in the comic industry. Come back to me when it’s in production.

  13. Archangel Please!!!! and I see Gambit and rogue fitting in there really well with the X-force roster. I think Sinister and Apocalypse are on the way as they should be.


    Then in the sequel add more x-force characters

  14. I would love to see Forge and Bishop in this too, and Maybe a Hulk like Juggernaught tearing stuff up.

  15. I know my cast has a lot of x-men but for the first film to tie it in these character just fit in there snug, and they need some great story telling for once.

  16. I just hope they change the director. Never Back Down sucked and Kick Ass 2 was a let down. He would ruin X-men again like Brett Ratner.

  17. Why is Liefeld always gossiping about these movies, does it make him feel relevant? I thought he retired…

  18. Cable please Cable omg Cable been waiting for 20+ years come on already!!!

  19. Please no Ryan Reynolds, and whoever suggested Stephen Lang as Cable, I can picture that perfectly right now. Would be awesome, though he might be a little old for a multi-picture deal, and I doubt he’ll have room for another franchise since he’s apparently coming back from the dead for Avatar.

    And is Wadlow really directing? Great that he loves the comics and hopefully he can write them well, but his movies have been awful IMO. Kick-Ass 2 did not live up to the first one in the slightest.

  20. Wolverine,domino,psylocke,x-23,gambit

  21. As long as Liefeld has ZERO hand in costume design or any other design influence, then I would love to see this lol.

    • Well, if he did we would never see any feet on the characters.

  22. All they ever do it is adapt modern Marvel stories these days. The Uncanny X-Force had nothing to do with the original New Mutants stories of the 80s and 90s. Their Uncanny, so who cares. What next, the setting will be in the age of Apocalypse?

  23. probably just going to be another Wolverine-centric gimmick, like every other X-Men movie has been. I have lost faith in Fox’s ability to manage the X-Men on screen and I wont pay another dime until there is a reboot. idc how well it does in box offices or otherwise. im not even really a comic book fanboy, i dont own a single comic but the films are just terrible. they make all the characters (rogue, storm, cyclops) look like little weeners.

  24. Where’s Cyclops!? Oh…wrong team. Well, who would I like to see in X Force? Well, first of all, please–no Wolverine! I am sick unto death of Wolverine, and frankly, he may be good in his place, but not THAT good! He’s already hogged up the X-men movies plus has his own flicks…let’s keep him out of something. The world is capable of being saved occasionally by someone other than Wolverine.

    • Perhaps for this X Force movie we could consider Cable for sure, as leader, then maybe–I don’t know, Cannonball, Sunspot; would Havok, Banshee, Bishop, or Polaris fit in there?

      • If Deadpool does not get a bunk, I will be shocked.

  25. There is only one man worthy of playing Cable: Arnold.

  26. as long as archangel’s in, I’m good.

  27. Hell yes! I want Wolvie,Cable, Psylocke,Deadpool and the other just name it.

  28. Cable, Deadpool, Psylocke, Spiral, Domino.

    That is my predicted roster. Personally I only want Archangel but that’s not going to happen.

  29. Damn I meant to have Fantomex in there as well. And if Wolverine’s in my prediction is way off, lol.