Which Five Characters Will Form The ‘X-Force’ Movie Roster?

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Psylocke Deadpool Wolverine Archangle Uncanny X Force Which Five Characters Will Form The X Force Movie Roster?

Two weeks ago, reports of Fox’s interest in adapting X-Force into a future X-Men movie resurfaced and quickly became a reality with the confirmation that Kick-Ass 2 writer and director Jeff Wadlow was penning the screenplay. With X-Men: Days of Future Past potentially serving as a launchpad for the future of Fox’s own Marvel universe and perhaps serving as the end of an era for the series, X-Force is a logical choice for the next chapter.

With practically every character from the X-Men film franchise involved with Days of Future Past, the big question on fans’ minds revolves around who will be featured in the X-Force movie and which new characters from Days of Future Past may continue on?

Chatting with /Film, Wadlow talked about his excitement for X-Force and revealed that him getting the job was in large part thanks to Mark Millar who’s serving as Fox’s Marvel movie consultant. Interestingly – and certainly by no means a coincidence – it’s Wadlow who Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn selected to takeover Kick-Ass 2 and it’s Vaughn who’s largely responsible for the story of X-Men: First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past. What that means is that Fox is building a team of creative talent who know each other and can work together to build a more unified continuity in the X-Men universe going forward.

“…I owe a lot of it to Mark. X-Force is something I’m incredibly passionate about and without his support it wouldn’t be happening.”

Original X Force Cover Marvel Comics Which Five Characters Will Form The X Force Movie Roster?

Original X-Force #1 Roster

Wadlow continues, teasing that fans may not be able to guess what characters will be featured in the film since there are multiple X-Force teams in Marvel Comics.

…I love the current incarnation, Uncanny X-Force. I love what Rob did in the nineties. I remember buying X-Force 1 and what I’ve really loved about the announcement that we are working on the movie is how excited people are by the potential, but also how curious they are like ‘What’s the line up?’ What’s interesting with X-Men, I mean they have an iconic lineup, so you know who is going to be in that movie, but X-Force it’s like ‘Who is it going to be?’ I love that people are guessing.”

Mark Millar chimes in, seemingly revealing that there will be five core characters:

“People are going to be dissecting every name as it gets released, so it’s will be so cool when you have your five.”

Throughout the Marvel Comics, there have been a few staples of the X-Force books, one of them being Cable, another being Warpath. Warpath is in X-Men: Days of Future Past so it’s a safe bet he’ll make the transition but the question on everyone’s mind is whether or not Cable – and his pals Deadpool and Domino – could be introduced in the X-Men film universe as well. One theory we have is that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may end up being Cable since in the Ultimate Marvel Comics that is the case, and from the Days of Future Past footage showcased at Comic-Con, we did see a graying Wolverine, with some rather interesting futuristic costumes, travel back in time to meet the ’70s X-Men.

Uncanny X Force Which Five Characters Will Form The X Force Movie Roster?

The original X-Force team that branched out of the New Mutants comics featured a roster including Boomer, Cable, Cannonball, Copycat, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath. The second volume featured with a similar roster, but also included Sunspot who we believe in is in X-Men: Days of Future Past as well. The latest incarnation of X-Force which launched as a black ops Wolverine-led assassination squad working for Cyclops, began with Caliban, Hepzibah, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, X-23 but evolved into featuring Cable, Domino, Archangel and Deadpool. We’d expect a combination of the teams with the latest Uncanny X-Force being used as a good template, especially if Fox wants to introduce Deadpool without risking investing in a Deadpool solo feature, at least yet.

Who would you want to star in an X-Force movie?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman,  along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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  1. 1.) Wolverine
    2.) Cable
    3.) Deadpool
    4.) Psylocke
    5.) Collosus

  2. Gambit, Yeah he’s never been a member before, but he’s still cool and would fit in pretty well.


    Pete Wisdom

    Caliban, sort of, but not sure why.

  3. …I dont care as long as they cast Stephen Lang as Cable, everyone else is interchangeable to me..I think Cable/Stephen Lang is the most important \, he created the group..

  4. hey here is an idea….


    *face-palm* why cant you guys get it straight. we are missing majik, warlock, and all kinds of things!!!!!! GAH!!!!!

    • Because no one wants to see the New Mutants in a movie. Might as well give the Reavers a movie too if you go that direction.


    • Agree with your first 4 but for my 5th I’d have Warpath or Colossus

  6. As long as Cable is there, I’m down.

  7. 1. Cable/Wolverine(most likely will be the leader)
    2. Colossus(an established character that was under used)
    3. Warpath(pretty much guaranteed)
    4. Siryn(the daughter of Banshee an established character)
    5. Deadpool(an established character that was under used)

  8. Deadpool.

    Nuff said.

    • AGREE 100%!!!

      Cable has nothing to do with Wolverine… he is a product of the Cyclops, Jean Grey, Askani, Stryfe, Apocalypse storyline!!!!! I was a faithful “all X title” reader from the early 80′s to late 90′s. Poor Jim Lee, Chris Claremont and Scott Williams… Fox is murdering their beautiful work!

  9. Domino, Feral, Meltdown/Boomer, cannonball, sunspot,Rictor

  10. Cannonball and Sunspot would probably be cool. Cable is a must, and how about Cyclops?

  11. Cable is NOT a must, he’d be great but the movie doesnt hinge on his presence, ant man and wasp werent in the avengers movie and it didnt matter because the movie was made right, same can be done with this if its done right without cable……and i really dont mind the whole logan/cable thing, the only reason i object is because hugh jackman said he’s taking a break as wolverine after days of future past cause of the serious regime he’s had to keep up for both the wolverine and DoFP, and i dont wanna see anyone else playing wolverine

  12. If going old school I would Like-
    If they would include him I would like Rictor as well


    they would be a badass team IMO

  13. I would want Cable, Warpath, Deadpool, Psylocke, and Domino. I’m tired of having Wolverine in every X-Men movie. If I could pick a few more I’d go with Sunspot, Archangel, and Bishop.

  14. Can we have one Wolverine-free movie? I enjoy Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and see him as the Robert Downey Jr. to his Iron Man, but Fox should let other characters shine.

    • +10000000000000000000000000000.

      I LOVED First Class because we didnt have to deal with Wolverine stealing screentime from the others. So if this spin-off does the same, I would be sooo pleased.

      give me new mutants, Cable and Domino, and Id really enjoy it.

  15. i’d prefer the uncanny x-force lineup, but fantomex and deadpool aren’t necessary to me. as is cable. just as much as i’m rooting for archangel’s inclusion, the villain is equally important. hope they touch on newer foes, i.e. sinister, apocalypse, the world, reavers, etc.

  16. Save Archangel for the sequel.

    Have Angel return on next main cast sequel and then turn him into Archangel, leaving the team at the end. So by X-Force 2, his inclussion would feel natural and a bit more realistic.

  17. 1. Archangel
    2. Archangel
    3. Archangel
    4. Archangel
    5. Archangel

    Seriously, the guy has gotten the shaft in the X-movies up until now. Singer ignores his existence completely and Ratner basically gave him a cameo. It’s about time one of the true first class of X-men got some respect.


    Really… Archangels storylone has embodied what the entire X titles have stood foor for the past 20 or so years!!! With the movie technology and creative writers we have today, your telling me he couldn’t of been a part of or even featured in any of the X-movies up till now???? C’mon man… as someone who has followed and LOVED the X books for 30 years now… I’m so angry and saddened at how badly Cyclops has been portrayed in the 3 X titles and how Apocalypse and Archangel have been ignored. Hopefully those wrongs will be righted soon!!

    • Yeah but he’d present a huge problem. You’d need to have the storyline where Angel becomes Archangel otherwise it wouldn’t work and that’s time and money devoted solely for telling the story of how Archangel becomes a thing and the alternative would mean ignoring the entire story altogether

  19. Cannonball has always been the “cyclops” of the new mutants, the heart and soul type who was taught and trained to be a leader, then that carried over to early x-force. Sam Guthrie has to be there.

    and deadpool was the enemy at first.

    Here’s my line-up based on what’s rumored and what I’d pick,


    Cable – collects his strike team of:
    Feral or Wolvesbane

    (can’t use shatterstar unless they plan on going into the whole Longshot/dazzler/mojoverse, and thats a film in itself)

    enemy: Deadpool is sent to kill Sunspot’s father, a rich south american industrialist and is stopped by x-force. The clues lead to the mutant liberation front and Stryfe!

    The headquarters should be mobile. A hercules bomber, or stolen sub… or maybe a large transport truck.

    And Cable is Scott’s son, none of this “Wolvie-from the future” business. sheesh! That means my uncanny x-men #201 is suddenly worthless, I can’t have that!

    • I like how you think…

  20. I don’t think Wolverine would want to be on another team after Team X or the X-Men, it seems like the hardships are becoming too much for him to work with another team.

  21. Why only have 5 team members? The original team had 7 and they added and dropped more as time went on. Personally I’d like to see:


    Having them fight the Mutant Liberation Front lead by Stryfe seems to make the most sense. Either that or Apocalypse.

    Have Deadpool make some sort of appearance, establish his relationship with Cable and work from there. Not overusing Deadpool in an X-Force movie would open up all sorts of possibilities for his own movie later on.

    Seeeing as every mutant under the sun seems to be in X-men DoFP why not have appearances by Boomer/Meltdown, Cannonball, Rictor, Shatterstar, Feral, Moonstar, Wolfsbane, and Caliban. The X-men universe is so huge that it’s really hard to narrow X-Force down to a 5 character roster though….