Rumor Patrol: X-Files 3 Moving Forward?

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xfiles Rumor Patrol: X Files 3 Moving Forward?

X-Files News (can’t believe that’s actually a site) recently nabbed a jewel during their world-spanning watch of all things X-Files: quotes from Gillian Anderson at a Sarajevo film festival that basically allude to the fact that she would be willing to return for a third X-Files movie and (that in fact) there is one currently in the planning stages, with 2012 mentioned as a possible production or release date (details are unclear).

If you’re suddenly thinking to yourself, “Another X-Files flick? WTH???” Then my friend, you are not alone.

Ok, so there’s been some issue regarding the exact quote that came from Anderson’s (lovely) lips, but here are the two translations that X-Files News has managed to obtain from the foreign correspondents who covered the festival:

Translation 1: “The third movie, according to her, is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012!”

Translation 2: “The new XF-movie is, by her knowledge in preparation and should be filmed during 2012.”

So… Two statements that point to the same event (X-Files 3) with very different interpretations of the where/when. Great.

Stateside, we thankfully have Bloody-Disgusting to help sift through the rumors: the horror site backs up our earlier reports that there has in fact been at least talk of doing X-Files 3, ever since the (abysmal) last film, I Want To Believe still managed to take around $70 million at the worldwide box office. Bloody-Disgusting adds that the rumors they’ve heard peg the next film as a possible reboot, which wouldn’t be all that surprising considering Hollywood’s current trend of recycling old concepts into (semi-)new films.

But why bother? We have new shows like Fringe or even Supernatural that have come along and successfully filled the void left by The X-Files - why not focus on developing those series into FRESH feature film franchises? How much evidence of X-Files‘ dwindling popularity and relevance does the studio need to see before they call it quits?

Of course this is all still just RUMOR for now, so if there is even a sliver of truth to it, hopefully everyone involved will read the damn writing on the wall and pull out before they get in too deep.

What do you think: X-Files 3, thumbs up? Or two thumbs WAY down?

Sources: X-Files News & Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. Dunno what was the point of mentioning Supernatural (B show, like B movies) in an X-Files thread. Fringe is kinda clownish sometimes, but it’s miles ahead of Supernatural. Thanks tasouli, appreciate what you are saying about the joke that was the last x-files movie.

  2. I hope they make the 3rd film. They need to wrap up the alien storyline, and 2012 is the correct time to do it!

  3. X-files should come back all together.

  4. The X Files is a masterpiece…no other series can replace it especially Fringe (a tribute or rip off?) CAn’t wait for a third movie and actually the second movie was super not abysmal…no explosions and special effects but a great story and superb acting from Duchovny and Anderson


  6. I’ve been an Xphile ever since I got serious about watching it my last deployment in 2004. Ever since then, I’ve been antsy, hoping against hope that they’d reboot the series. The movies are great fillers in the meantime, and I’d be delighted to see another one come out. If Mr. Duchovney or Ms. Anderson or anyone on the original cast is out there reading this, thanks SO much for 9 years of amazing television, and reminding us all that we need monsters in the dark to keep our imagination alive!

  7. @Joey
    I can’t see the series ever getting a reboot. It is classic and does not need to be ruined. I’d rather just watch the old shows over again. I know characters come before actors, like with the Joker of Batman, but Duchovney and Anderson can’t be replaced IMO.

  8. I have been an X-files fan since i am eleven years old, when the series was on its third season. I believe the first five seasons of the series are beyond classic, they are masterfull in the genre. I dont consider the second movie to be “abysmal”, it is as Chris Carter said, a movie that is equivalent to a stand alone episode of the series, it doesn´t have aliens and it doesn´t include the goverment conspiracy, the “mythology” of the series. In this way the movie is different from the 98 movie, but is still in my opinion a good X-files movie. Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz never dissapointed me on their screenplays, neither did Duchovny and Anderson on their acting(on the X-files, at least).
    And to say that series such as Supernatural or Fringe, filled the void left by The X-files is an insult. There is no comparison between these shows and The X-files. My vote is: two thumbs up for a third X-Fies movie.

    • Agreed. “I want to believe” is a good movie. That was from my second viewing, when I could finally hear their conversation. My first viewing in the cinema did it injustice, because I guess I was too preoccupied with the lack of the “mythology”!

      But the lines are funny, the conversations are colorful & full of chemistry, their acting is superbly handled (not too over-the-top or overly subtle) and it’s “shippish”. Just like Chris Carter said, a standalone. Some fans like the mythology, but there are some, like me, who like the standalone “shippish” moments.

      Like father joe said, who are we to judge. Let’s not judge xf2 just like that. After all, it still did well worldwide. Let’s have closure in xf3 and may many more come along.

  9. I watch Supernatural and I anticipate the new season. I enjoy the brothers antics and I believe it is a good show with good story lines, but it is no X-Files. It is a cute show compared to the better series The X-Files. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I miss that series but again no comparison to the X-Files. Unfortunately all good things do come to an end. I miss the X-Files and I believe the series will never come back so what I have left to wish for is X-Files movies. I am hoping for a 3rd,4th etc.

  10. Of course, 2 thumbs up! No matter what others may say, there are still many loyal X-Files fans throughout the continents who patiently wait for the 3rd movie.

  11. Please just let them do one more (or 10). And all you haters, do not forget that this was the best show on television. Therefore, they are allowed to stumble once in a while.

  12. Two thumbs way up for X-Files 3! It’s one of the most classic shows in television history. The fan-base is still as strong as it was 16 years ago.

  13. THUMB UP!! THUMB UP!!! There, 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. Everyone that says the last X-Files movie was crap need to take a step back for a minute. Like Simon said, the last film was a stand alone, not to mention that it’s been 6 years between the finale & IWTB. So obviously, things & people are going to be different. It’s like Scully says in the film “I’m done chasing monsters in the dark. This isn’t my life anymore.”. Not to mention, as well as telling a story about a psychic, CC ALSO had to fill us in & show us where Mulder & Scully are in their lives.
    If there is anyone on FACEBOOK, join ADDICTED TO THE X-FILES & join my chain: THE X-FILES MOVIE 3 IN 2012. Show your support.

  14. Another thing that no-one’s mentioning, is MITCH PILLEGII (SKINNER) going to be on board? And anyone else from the series, Mrs Scully (Dana’s mum), Marita, Reyes, Dogget? And what about WILLIAM? I think he should come back, even though he was cured, I think it’d be cool if he was somehow responsible for saving mankind. Even Scully’s chip (which, if you remember, was put back in her neck to reverse the cancer.).
    So what do you guys think, should they bring back all the regulars from the series, or just leave it with Mulder & Scully.


  16. Although I enjoyed the last movie as a stand alone, I would like XF3 to be like the “mythology” episodes of the series were, those were always my favorite episodes, with some exceptions. In response to Adam’s commentary, I would definitly want Skinner to be on the movie, I always thought he was an important character in the series, Mulder and Scully’s main ally. I would not like to see Dogget and Reyes back, I think their addition to the show was not a smart move, specially Reyes. The last two seasons of the show are far from being the best seasons. But for some reason I agree with what Adam said about William, I would like to see some closure regarding that story line. It would be great if Cigarrete Smoiking Man could somehow be back from the dead, but I dont see this working. An appearance from the Alien Bounty Hunter would please me as well. I think that’s to much to ask.

  17. I Want to Believe will look like a monster success if they reboot any part of the series for a third movie. I won't be there watching if anyone besides Mulder and Scully, portrayed by David Duchvony and Gillian Anderson, is saving the world. I didn't invest 16 years in this story and this franchise to watch someone else save the world. Thanks but no thanks.

    That said, I want X Files 3. I think it will get made, and I think it can be a success. FOX has to have learned from IWTB that it HAS to promote the movie. It has to believe in the characters (though it treated them terribly when the show was on) and let the fans revel in the movie, not block us from promoting. I still feel like every time FOX pulled a music video or a fan promo for XF2 they lost dozens of fans.

  18. I want to believe… that the movie didn't suck- BUT i cant! But I loved the first movie & would LOVE to see it continued on in a third movie :)

  19. I think a thirth film will fullfill the errors and questions in the air of the second one.
    The second movie should had been better!
    Mulder and Scully deserve more!
    All the fans expected something about william.
    They don´t even diserve now anything about what happened to him?
    I think so..
    They diserve a greatter ending a more happy one..

  20. ink a thirth film will fullfill the errors and questions in the air of the second one.
    The second movie should had been better!
    Mulder and Scully deserve more!
    All the fans expected something about william.
    They don´t even diserve now anything about what happened to him?
    I think so..
    They diserve a greatter ending a more happy one..

  21. I think a thirth film will fullfill the errors and questions in the air of the second one.
    The second movie should had been better!
    Mulder and Scully deserve more!
    All the fans expected something about william.
    They don´t even diserve now anything about what happened to him?
    I think so..
    They diserve a greatter ending a more happy one..

  22. ink a thirth film will fullfill the errors and questions in the air of the second one.
    The second movie should had been better!
    Mulder and Scully deserve more!
    All the fans expected something about william.
    They don´t even diserve now anything about what happened to him?
    I think so..
    They diserve a greatter ending a more happy one..

  23. The X-files needs a reboot. Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz has already ruined the TV show when it lasted for 9 seasons when it should have ended in season 6 and the second movie which was awful. Why make a third movie about the alien mythology that only fans of the TV show will understand but alienate the rest of the movie audience who never watched the TV show. In my opinion they need to wipe the slate clean and start over and hire a good writer and director.

  24. Thumbs up for XF3, yes please!

    I watched XF from the moment the first season was aired in Holland (about a year after it aired in the US) and I didn’t stop until it was finished. I really enjoyed th XF1 movie (although, just with some of the episodes I would have liked to have seen some things different). By the time XF2 came out, I had stopped following any XF news entirely for some years. So it was a bit of a surprise when I heard about it. Nevertheless I felt I at least had to watch it once… and yes… XF2 missed something, but I enjoyed it more than enough as it still touched upon some of the things I loved about it. The old feeling stirred. I’ve been thinking about what XF2 missed. It wasn’t because it was a stand alone. Many a stand alone episode shows that if the story is good, it can excel the mythology ones.

    Although I really respect him as an actor, I felt Billy Connoly (‘s character) didn’t really catch me at all. I can’t tell if it was his acting or the script, but as a viewer I couldn’t care less about him. Nor did I care for the other ‘bad guys’ or even the FBI agents. In the best standalone episodes the viewer LOVED to hate the bad guy (Like Donnie Pfaster and Eugene Tooms etc) and wanted to feel for the victims along with Mulder and Scully. This wasn’t the case with XF2. Also, too little attention was given to some things that have happened between our two fave characters, the most important being William. He is mentioned once I believe. BUT….. I did sense an opening in a few of the scenes in XF2, especially the ending that if there were ever to come an XF3 it could very well be zooming in on William. A very much grown William.

    I would like XF3 to be on mythology again, but like to ‘warn’ them not to take it too far. I don’t want it to look like some Star Wars meets Starship Troopers or something. I would like William to be a crucial part and a proper main character, but NOT by letting him replace Mulder and Scully. It must be them as a family. NONE of them should have a passive part in XF3 as far as I’m concerned.

  25. I want a third and final X-Files movie. i need my Fox and Dana back.

  26. The return of the Lone Gummen!!!
    Maulder, receives a mysterious package delivered to his house, a picture of a recently discovered million year old ancient artifact that looks like an advance piece of technology, and a letter that says, “This should be an interest to you.” signed L.G.

    At the same time, Scully receives news that Mr. and Mrs. Van de Kamp were murdered by a serial killing cult. Although she doesn’t understand the significance of their death, she begins to realize the connection through mysterious text messages and spiritual insights.

  27. Lets do a 3 x-file, wrap it up with a 2012 story, but do it right.

  28. The X-Files is NOT dwindling in least not to TRUE fans, like me!!! The X-Files was the show that changed everything for network television and deserves to have a good movie francise (and maybe Supernatural will as well)!!! WE WANT X-FILES 3 NOW!!!!

  29. the writer hates the x files so much he keeps writing about it..what a dumba**