Rumor Patrol: X-Files 3 Moving Forward?

Published 6 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 8:20 am,

xfiles Rumor Patrol: X Files 3 Moving Forward?

X-Files News (can’t believe that’s actually a site) recently nabbed a jewel during their world-spanning watch of all things X-Files: quotes from Gillian Anderson at a Sarajevo film festival that basically allude to the fact that she would be willing to return for a third X-Files movie and (that in fact) there is one currently in the planning stages, with 2012 mentioned as a possible production or release date (details are unclear).

If you’re suddenly thinking to yourself, “Another X-Files flick? WTH???” Then my friend, you are not alone.

Ok, so there’s been some issue regarding the exact quote that came from Anderson’s (lovely) lips, but here are the two translations that X-Files News has managed to obtain from the foreign correspondents who covered the festival:

Translation 1: “The third movie, according to her, is in early stages and should be filmed by 2012!”

Translation 2: “The new XF-movie is, by her knowledge in preparation and should be filmed during 2012.”

So… Two statements that point to the same event (X-Files 3) with very different interpretations of the where/when. Great.

Stateside, we thankfully have Bloody-Disgusting to help sift through the rumors: the horror site backs up our earlier reports that there has in fact been at least talk of doing X-Files 3, ever since the (abysmal) last film, I Want To Believe still managed to take around $70 million at the worldwide box office. Bloody-Disgusting adds that the rumors they’ve heard peg the next film as a possible reboot, which wouldn’t be all that surprising considering Hollywood’s current trend of recycling old concepts into (semi-)new films.

But why bother? We have new shows like Fringe or even Supernatural that have come along and successfully filled the void left by The X-Files - why not focus on developing those series into FRESH feature film franchises? How much evidence of X-Files‘ dwindling popularity and relevance does the studio need to see before they call it quits?

Of course this is all still just RUMOR for now, so if there is even a sliver of truth to it, hopefully everyone involved will read the damn writing on the wall and pull out before they get in too deep.

What do you think: X-Files 3, thumbs up? Or two thumbs WAY down?

Sources: X-Files News & Bloody-Disgusting

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  1. If they come with a story that is superior to that of the second film ,
    Then I have no problem wih a third insallment.

  2. I would LOVE a 3rd film if it goes back to the alien mythology storyline. The stand alone/monster of the week type stories are fine for tv, but they don’t work on the big screen. The story has to be bigger. I felt like the second movie was a transition between the box they wrote Mulder and Scully into at the end of the series and something bigger. Plus, I want to know what happened to baby William.

  3. MCat do you live in Canada?

    And yes I am writing a book about you!

  4. Too bad Chris Carter never showed the same love to Millennium

  5. Come on stuntmanJ, FOX bailed on Millennium not Chris Carter,,,

    Bad comenter!!! Bad!!!

  6. true 790

    my rant is unfocused, thanks for checkin’ me on that.

  7. Lol, StuntmanJ,,,,

  8. I SO want a third X-Files movie!

    This is great news and I hope it’s true!!!

    XF3 must happen!!!! :DDD

  9. Dudes, there is fringe, please let XFiles die already, kkthx :)

  10. 1. Possibly a reboot of The X-Files? How would that work?
    2. Fringe is nowhere near the quality The X-Files had.
    3. They’d better make a movie from my favorite Chris Carter show, Harsh Realm.

  11. I agree with this:

    “If Fox actually gives them some money and time to make a third movie, I can see it being a success. They gave them $30 million or thereabouts and about half a year to get from filming to release. They started filming in December and released it in July the next year. What the hell kind of schedule is that???? On that kind of budget??? Come on…”
    “Not to mention that Fox did almost NO promotion for the second movie… oh, and there was that pesky release date a week after The Dark Knight….”
    “I’m sure this franchise needs a 3rd installment to actually find that perfect, well-received conclusion.”

  12. If it follows the recent trend of crappy movies (like Indiana Jones 4 and the last X-Files movie) it will be about Mulder and Scully being old and senile talking about family values :-)

  13. This is great news. Chris Carter and the gang have always given us great stories and in 2012? This is the alien prophecy they predicted during season 9. I just hope they have the sensibility to hire ROBERT PATRICK!!! please let them bring Doggett back from the minors and to the starting line-up. Even Reyes would be a refreshing change, don’t get me wrong, who can resist Mulder and Scully’s cheeky banter, not I. But Doggett was an intrical part of this final “alien” storyline, and of course, he’s awesome.

    And the last film was under-rated, “I want to believe” was like a two-part “monster of the week/creepy goof” episode, and those were always my fave, there was usually more dark humour and I eventually got a little tired of the heavy Alien conspiracy episodes. There was always so much at stake, with very little satisfactory resolution. All true X-Philes should appreciate “I want to believe” for what it was… A gift, to us… the fans.

  14. It was pretty good in parts.

    But I want a mythology movie.

  15. “I Want to Believe” was not that good. It definitely would have made a better 1-hour episode than a full movie. Felt like they tried to fluff it up. I did like seeing Mulder, Skully and Skinner back in action, though. The last film did not quench my thirst for a great X-Files film. They need to do a 3rd film to wrap up the X-Files universe and for Cris Carter to prove that he can still do it. I think he can, and given enough time I am confident they can make XF3 the BEST X-Files film yet.

    However, failing a 3rd film, how about a 3-night mini-series on TV to wrap up the storyline.

  16. Anyone notice Chris Carters cameo in the last film?

  17. I think an X Files 3 is needed, simply due to the 2012 alien invasion, wrapping it all up, a return to the mythology. Hmmm that’s all I got :)

  18. 2012!!!!!it would wrap up the entire x-files saga nicely!

  19. Well, seeing as 1/3 of the X files episodes were “Creature of the month” episodes, and the rest about aliens, and this is the third movie, maybe we can expect a “Creature” this time… they were always some of my favorites.
    (tooms anyone!)

  20. If you have to compare it to such shows like Supernatural and Fringe, I’d have to wonder if you saw the show to begin with. The X-files is one of a kind. Always has, always will be. The chemistry between those two is off the charts. Also, I thought it was common knowledge that a third movie was always in the works.

  21. I remember Carter saying that a 3rd film depended on how “I Want to Believe” did…

  22. As far as seeing X-Files 3 I give it a high thumbs up. Bring it on. I love the character’s Mulder and Scully.

  23. This would be fantastic. Chris Carter deserves a chance at redemption (although IWTB wasn’t even that bad) just as much as the fans deserve significant closure. I’m interested in seeing how a “reboot” may work. As far as Fringe and Supernatural go, it’s almost like comparing The Godfather to American Gangster or The Departed. They’re newer, they’ve got a more modern look, and sure they’re great, but The Xfiles is just a classic in its own sense. The brothers from Supernatural cannot be compared to Mulder and Scully.

  24. I’d see it but I hope it’s direct to DVD and that they write one of their scary stories. If it goes to the big screen, I’ll see it but I prefer the small film feeling of direct to DVDs. I think they’d be more compelling in that element.

  25. @790
    no I don’t live in Canada. Why do you ask?

  26. I thought you were someone else MCat,,,

  27. I was a HUGE fan of the show and was REALLY looking forward to I Want to Believe. Given that I thought the movie was HORRIBLE, I wouldnt even watch it again if it was on TV. To add to that I also thought the series finale was pretty bad which is sad because the show was sooooo good to that point. Now the studio has to deal with a bad series finale, a HORRIBLE folow-up movie, a diminishing fan base, aging actors, and probably a very low budget so is it worth it? At this point I am not so sure. I dont know how far the damage of I Want to Believe has gone but I originally thought that there would have been a 2012 movie. The whole 2012 invasion idea sounded cool, but with a low budget it might be a little bit hard to work. I want to believe that this can happen but now I dount that the tuth in this happening is out there

  28. You know I don’t give a flying flip how bad some people thought the last X-Files movie was. I just love the relationship so much between the characters Mulder and Scully I am hoping for several movies to come out. I loved that series and I am a true X-Files fan. So to me they can do no wrong except kill the characters off.

  29. Supernatural and Fringe! Get real! They are okay, but I have never (and I mean never) heard anyone talk about Supernatural or fringe. Supernatural and Fringe are like off brand soft drinks. They taste okay, but you want the original. We want the X files