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thexfilesmovie1 X Files 3 Movie Update

When The X-Files: I Want To Believe bombed this past summer at the U.S. box office it looked like the end of the sci-fi franchise. However the film has grossed a pretty decent $70 million worldwide off of a modest budget of $30 million, so it is firmly in the column marked profit. All this and the DVD sales haven’t even been factored in yet.

Now Fox head Tim Rothman has stated that he’d be up for a third film in the series, and all that it will take for the film to get a green light is commitment from Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

When asked by IESB about the film Rothman said:

“It’s really up to Chris, David, and Gillian.”

“It wasn’t a matter of the money, that was the film that Chris wanted to do. He was determined to do a stand alone film, a film that wasn’t dependent upon the mythology. His interest in making the movie, was in the characters and in their relationship, not the mythology.”

Producer and Co-Writer of I Want To Believe Frank Spotnitz seemed a bit surprised by the news. On his blog he wrote:

“I was encouraged to read Tom Rothman’s remarks as well. I anticipated the studio would wait until after the release of the DVD to make any decision regarding a third movie, but I will let you know if we end up having any news before then.”

So there you have it. The future seems bright for Mulder and Scully. While I Want To Believe may not have been a huge commercial and critical success it has generated enough coin to get a third film off the ground.

I recently re-watched the film and I have to say that it works better on the small screen, and it does play more like an episode of the series. Which isn’t really a bad thing!

During the publicity rounds for the last film all the principals seemed very interested in returning for a fourth installment, so there would appear to be a very good chance that Mulder and Scully will return.

More when we get it.

Sources: IESB and Biglight.com

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  1. Yeah 2012, is the end of the Myan* calendar, and supposedly a new dawn for mankind. Well see… Its also the end of Obama’s first term.
    I’d like to see Mulder and Scully deal with an alien invasion and during the event they discover the whole thing is staged by the hidden government to wipe out the Constitution, and all our freedoms.
    They would do it in a way that would seem like they were doing the right thing by defending the world, but in the end it was all a play to bring on the nwo… :-)

  2. here is a idea the secret government and the aliens are alies

  3. Wow Chris,,,

    That’s a little too close the the “real” truth, I wonder if FOX would allow that…

  4. If you guy’s remember the final episode that 2012 IS when the invasion takes place. So I can see them doing 1 or 2 more by then. Maybe a pre-invasion movie then in 2012 a full on invasion. Would be a real way to close up loose ends.

  5. Yes I saw the last episode, though I think one last movie to wrap it all up would be for the best. I mean that way they can’t leave out the aliens and 2012 right? ;)

  6. I absolutely adore X-files; I have Literally grown up watching the show. I was very dissapointed by I want to believe; However I do agree that it is much better to watch on the small screen and viwes much like the interlinking episodes. I do hope they Make a third movie. And I do hope (even more) that the stick a little more to the mytholgy of the origonal series. I a keeping my fingers crossed for the long spoken of Alien invasion that would be well worth the watch.

  7. i think rather then making a third movie they should just make another season of the x files. it would be more interesting.

  8. I’ve loved The X-Files, it’s my favourite TV show. I was bored by I Want To Believe but for that time I didn’t really care about the aliens, I just wanted to see Mulder and Scully back again. If it was aliens again, I’d get a bit tired. But now I am completely excited about a third X-Files movie, and I hope they make a Season 10! :)

  9. Hey all id lovvveee to see an X-Files 3 lol
    ive seen all episodes and starting last night begun to watch them all again. im on season 1 episode 5. its just sad that i was too young to watch it as i grew up. always will be named my fav show. even though i had to buy all 9 seasons and watch it like that just to see them all. twas born in 1992 :(. lol chris come on and get this movie going!. Hell guys…. if i won the lottery id send him over 20 mill just to start the movie up. =P

  10. Note: i watched episodes here and there with my mom when i was like 8. Thats how i first got to know it.


  12. movie was like an episode, but thats why we watch it though right?! we miss them and they are so good together

  13. IWTB was a good episode. I say episode, because well thats more or less what it felt like. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, the plot was interesting enough. I think for the most part the fans hate it because of that it was to much like an episode. The fans just want to see the Alien Colonization. Sorry but I feel that the whole hate on IWTB sorta… dumb.

    Now I really hope there is a third movie. Would be nice to finally see how this whole thing truly ends.

  14. I agree that IWTB was an episode, basically – it was good to see Mulder and Scully again. But I still need my alien/conspiracy fix. Also need to know what happened to William. Truly hope they make the 3rd movie. There are quite a few good shows out there right now – Lost, Dexter, True Blood — but nothing has filled the “Xfiles Hole” for me.

  15. there should be another movie of the x-files

  16. they should makethe next movie about william and the aliens are trying to abduct him for testing or at least get him bak in the franchise, then you could bring bak some good old fashion abductions which i hav been missing for too long :(

  17. It’s a tough call. Mulder and Scully don’t work for the FBI anymore, which was a driving force. So what would be their motivation? The last film wasn’t a bomb for the fans of the the show. They’ve concluded the mythology around the aliens, and super solders. The only thing they can do is expand on conspiracies within the government.

  18. I grew up watching a few episodes with my parents when i was young. Now that i’m in my early twentys, i bought all the seasons and watched them. I really love Mulder and Scully, PLEASE DO A THIRD FILM!!!

  19. I need an alien fix myself.

  20. It needed Aliens.

  21. The 2nd X-files movie was on last night and I wached on the Small screen. While it was very good at the theather it felt more like a 2 part epsoide of the tv show. The movie wasm't really a high budget movie so even though it wasnt a real summer blockbuster it made a good profit and so a 3rd has been 'greenlighted'.

    Chris Carter seemed hell bent that movie #2 should be a stand alone story but for the thrid they really do have some unanswered questions from the mythology based storyline. A 3rd movie should include the “virial outbreak” they spent years trying to fight. Not a chase to stop it but the real deal outbreak with the pubic knowing.

    If they wanted to keep it on the cheap they could make it 'cloverfield' style but (again) it has to be large in scope simular to the outbreaks in other movies like I Am Legend. On some levels It will finally put a end on the storyline but the could have a dark ending leaving the future in question or introduce something new.

    Anyway I was happy to hear of a 3 movie being approved (and funding greenlighted) by fox. With any luck well see the new movie in a few years… no rush.

  22. There must be an X Files Three, to wrap it all up!There capable of making one more
    and it will be spectacular!understand the talent is there, all that remains is a Killer

    • If it isn’t made, think of what will be lost.It’s now or never. Neither
      Actor is getting any younger and There will never be a better time.Once
      more to the breach old friend and this time is the last!

  23. A third X-FILES movie should be about the 2012 Alien event mentioned in the
    last episode on TV. That is what the FANS of the X-FILES want. An epic
    conspiracy, plot twist, action galore, tender moments between Mulder and
    Scully, all the things that made the TV show keep us FANS coming back for
    more. MORE ALIENS. And the original theme music from the TV show no exceptions.
    No remixes. HOLLYWOOD GET THIS MOVIE INTO PRODUCTION NOW!!! before you folks decide to make another 80s remake(some of which are ok). X-FILES 3 MAKE IT HAPPEN. The Truth is out There.

  24. A third X-FILES movie should be about the 2012 Alien event mentioned in the
    last episode on TV. That is what the FANS of the X-FILES want. An epic
    conspiracy, plot twist, action galore, tender moments between Mulder and
    Scully, all the things that made the TV show keep us FANS coming back for
    more. MORE ALIENS. And the original theme music from the TV show no exceptions.
    No remixes. HOLLYWOOD GET THIS MOVIE INTO PRODUCTION NOW!!! before you folks decide to make another 80s remake(some of which are ok). X-FILES 3 MAKE IT HAPPEN. The Truth is out There.

  25. Imperative to have Third X Files Movie. So Come To The Breach.”Old Friend” & Let Loose The Dogs Of War. For Truths Sake!

    Gil Pearson

  26. It was the favorite & most popular show on T. V. for a long time.Look at the interest
    it held for so many years.I want to believe, was a good movie. People expect more
    from an X Files Movie, that just good isn't enough. It must be spectacular.Cris Carter
    has his work cut out for him.However he and Frank can do it.Their up for the challenge!
    So, “lets get it on” gilcummings

  27. I have just started watching X-File in chronological order. Currently on season 4 episode 4. I remember watching it when the series was still running, always enjoying every episode I viewed, though not dedicated to making every episode when it was on. But now so many years later, I realize this is my favorite Television series, Lost in second place.

    I look forward to the third movie. Will also be interesting to see it on opening night to talk with other X-File fans while waiting in line.

    Lastly, if they did make a season X (ten). That would be perfect, get it season X. Someone has to realize this. Maybe it has been planned all along, I hope. In season X, every episode should be a climatic story. There is so much material that would captivate peoples interest with current and foreseeable events on earth. I believe that the third movie should be the epilogue for X-Files final season. That would be original and make it that much more exciting. I cant wait to see how David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter come together for this very special conclusion to what has been one of the best things ever to happen to television and peoples extra ordinary imaginations.

  28. The X Files is the alternate universe that I escape to, a “comfort of creatures” and dark beauty. I’ll watch anything that is released, be it another movie or a revival of the series. I don’t even care if it’s mythology-based or a standalone story. Never let it end!

  29. i am huge fan of x files and i have seen all the 9 seasons thrice and looking forward to see them again. it is such a great show, having action, drama and thrill. the ideal mulder and scullys relationship. a new seasone would be helll great but x files 3 is must. definitly there should be something more on williams and wind up on the alien colonisation to prove the titlle ‘ fight the future’ i am so in love with the show that i have the alphabet x used in my e mail address.
    i hope great about the next movie and wish best for the whole team.