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thexfilesmovie1 X Files 3 Movie Update

When The X-Files: I Want To Believe bombed this past summer at the U.S. box office it looked like the end of the sci-fi franchise. However the film has grossed a pretty decent $70 million worldwide off of a modest budget of $30 million, so it is firmly in the column marked profit. All this and the DVD sales haven’t even been factored in yet.

Now Fox head Tim Rothman has stated that he’d be up for a third film in the series, and all that it will take for the film to get a green light is commitment from Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

When asked by IESB about the film Rothman said:

“It’s really up to Chris, David, and Gillian.”

“It wasn’t a matter of the money, that was the film that Chris wanted to do. He was determined to do a stand alone film, a film that wasn’t dependent upon the mythology. His interest in making the movie, was in the characters and in their relationship, not the mythology.”

Producer and Co-Writer of I Want To Believe Frank Spotnitz seemed a bit surprised by the news. On his blog he wrote:

“I was encouraged to read Tom Rothman’s remarks as well. I anticipated the studio would wait until after the release of the DVD to make any decision regarding a third movie, but I will let you know if we end up having any news before then.”

So there you have it. The future seems bright for Mulder and Scully. While I Want To Believe may not have been a huge commercial and critical success it has generated enough coin to get a third film off the ground.

I recently re-watched the film and I have to say that it works better on the small screen, and it does play more like an episode of the series. Which isn’t really a bad thing!

During the publicity rounds for the last film all the principals seemed very interested in returning for a fourth installment, so there would appear to be a very good chance that Mulder and Scully will return.

More when we get it.

Sources: IESB and Biglight.com

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  1. true dat, the movie was good as a TV movie. I dont think ive heard any x-files fan come out and say bad stuff about the movie – it was what it was, good enough

  2. I’ve been such a huge fan of this show ever since I can remember but I’ll admit, after waiting for what seemed like FOREVER for the second movie to come out, I was kinda disappointed with it. Its still just hard to imagine that after all this time: 10 YEARS since the last movie and 6 years since the show ended all we got was, imo, basically just regular episode. After all this time I wanted a MOVIE. I really do hope they make a third movie and this time DO IT RIGHT!

  3. My sister and I are long time X-Files fans. Grew up with the series. We both loved I Want To Believe and hope to see an XF3. Bring it on Chris, David and Gillian!

  4. I hope they return to make a better film.

  5. I really enjoyed X-Files: I want to Believe- but it was more along the lines of a 2 hour episode. A really good episode though, I was not let down. I liked how they explained what happened to the characters.

    If they do another film, it should be more mythology based and epic. I’m glad to have had the character story bridging the series and movies but a $10 ticket will need a bigger scope from them.

  6. Im not really a big fan of the show, but I really liked I want to believe! I’d pay to see another entry!

  7. Awesome Niall,,,
    I love this article!!! 8-)

    X_Files rules!!!
    Carter has stated that the next X-F film *will* be about the 2012 alien event, mentioned in the last film and also the last episode, etc.
    Cool Beans, Niall!
    I love it!!!
    I’m totally buying the X-Files dvd!!!

  8. Didnt he state that awhile ago 790?

  9. It was a cool movie, I really liked seeing them back together, like when Skinner turns up. it was good stuff.

  10. I really feel that this is a movie franchise waiting to happen. Even if it is alternative mythology movies.


  11. This is god’s work! I have a feeling that this 3rd movie will be the biggest one, cause CC won’t make the same mistakes he did the last time :D

  12. I loved IWTB. It was great to see Mulder and Scully again. and to see David and Gillian working together once more.

    I can’t wait for the DVD release.

  13. I think there needs to be third movie that deals with the alien invasion they speculated in the final episode.

    Though there’d be too much risk of it bubbling into an action movie.

  14. I agree HimmelKind,
    Chris should do the next film, and cover the 2012 events they talk about in “Fight the Future”…

  15. @ 790,

    If they can get back to the roots of X-Files and add some of the countless new Theories that’s come out, I think they could do an awesome film…

    But the last one, sadly, felt more like a goodbye movie than anything else…

    And I’d LIKE to keep it like that if they feel like reprising that kind of film again…

    I need some ALIENS!!!!!!!!!! That or something otherworldly!

    Hell, Supernatural seems better at this point…


  16. Well the ending credits sure were…
    (Pull the heart strings!) Damn you Chris Carter !!!
    The DVD is supposed to contain an expanded Directors Cut of the film,,,
    (Yeah)!!! I’ll be buying it !!! (Like an X-Files Lemming)
    Damn it,,,!
    What I want is a 2012 Conspiracy Ending Mega film!!!

    Let’s get going on this,,, 2012 is only 3.3 years away!!!
    Give me a call, let’s do lunch !!!

  17. While Chris Carter is awesome, he needs to remember that these are movies, not TV shows. If he doesn’t make the kind of movie the public wants, then it’s possible he won’t get to make another one. Unlike a TV show where he can write in whatever he wants.

    The public wants aliens.

  18. i think they need to finally iclude some kind of real closure concerning mulders missing sister which would mean yes the aliens, conspiracies, and possibly the supernatural would have to come into play for that to happen.

  19. Chris, in the series they delt with Mulders sister. It was in an episode called “Closure”.


    She died….

  20. oh yeah i forgot about that episode it was a while ago but i do remember that the end was vague.

  21. and i don’t remember mulder really getting a really how or why answer for what happened to his sister.

  22. i mean getting a real how or when answer for what happened to his sister.

  23. and i don’t really remember him ever getting any justice for what happened to his sister either

  24. Chris,,,

    The justice came in the form of helping out the psychic author that was looking for his missing son.
    If you recall he came to Mulder in an attempt to explain his studies on Walk-ins. “Angelic interventions that deliver children out of they’re bodies at the time of a violent act,,,”

    Anyway his investigations led to the crime scene where Mulder saw the ghost of the author. The ghost led to clues that inevitably led Mulder to the home of a nurse that was the last one to see his sister alive. (She also implicated the Smoking man in this episode, but by then Mulder had all ready known he was involved.)
    As Mulder explores the woods in a personal walk, he encounters the ghost of the missing child. He guides Mulder on an out of body experience where he meets his sister. And they both find peace.

    Afterwards Mulder comes out of the woods and has to finally explain to the psychic author that his son is dead,,,,

    One of my favorite episodes.

  25. @ 790

    I thought you were in DVD rehab Mister?

  26. Hey Greenknight333,,, (its been awhile),
    Well I still love talking with all you guys here at the best site on earth, but at the same time I’m writing original stuff over at movieguys.org

    So I’m not around as much as I would like to be…
    Oh and forget rehab,,, I have to come up with new content all the time now… ;-)

  27. ok i missed that episode but i did notice up top someone mentioned using the 2012 myths in the next movie if they choose to make one that would be a interesting plotline maybe even have aliens involved using prophethetic fear to stimulate/stage a invassion

  28. Well yeah I think that was me. ;-)
    2012 was mentioned in the X-Files film “Fight the Future”.

    Yeah I’m right there with ya, it should be the main story in the next film…

  29. yeah it would be a interesting twist though to combine the alien invassion part with the 2012 myth because when you look at it instilling fear and paranoia on a supernatural scale would most likely be the most powerful psychological weapon anyone or anything could truly invent