‘X-Files’ Stars Want 3rd Movie to Be About Aliens – Do You?

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X Files NYCC 2013 Panel with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny X Files Stars Want 3rd Movie to Be About Aliens   Do You?

It’s easy to see the incredible impact that X-Files has had on television over the past decade. Everything from Supernatural to Fringe to Warehouse 13 to Grimm has been pretty obviously inspired by the series. And while the last entry in the franchise – the 2008 film X-Files: I Want to Believe – was neither a massive critical or box office success, there’s still a palpable demand for more films from fans.

On Sunday, Gillian Anderson (Scully) and David Duchovny (Mulder) came to NYCC 2013 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the show, talk about their characters, the finale that left so many loose ends, and, of course, the possibility of an X-Files 3.



  • The crowd sang happy birthday to Chris Carter – who wasn’t at the panel – while David Duchovny recorded it on his phone.
  • When Duchovny and Anderson first started the show, they had no idea how huge it would get.
  • According to Anderson, Chris Carter doesn’t believe X-Files would have been very popular during the George W. Bush administration, but he does think it would be popular today.
  • Both Anderson and Duchovny would have very little idea of what would be happening in the plot until they got the script a few days before shooting.
  • Anderson talked about how Scully made science cool for girls and inspired many to enter the field.
  • The actors talked about the kind of research they did for the show. Duchovny said it wasn’t important to know all the details of their jobs as FBI agents because they constantly broke the rules of the bureau and almost never solved a case. Anderson, on the other hand, looked up all the “big words” in the beginning, but eventually stopped and just “acted.”
  • Duchovny and Anderson were asked about their current projects – Duchovny stars on Californication and Anderson stars on The Fall and appears on Hannibal – but Duchovny cut the host off and said that the panel attendees just wanted to hear them talk X-Files.
  • On the topic of a third X-Files movie, Duchovny said that he wants to do it, Anderson wants to do it, and Chris Carter wants to do it. Of course, this isn’t particularly news. The real question is – does 20th Century Fox want to do it?

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in X Files X Files Stars Want 3rd Movie to Be About Aliens   Do You?


  • What were some of the weirdest/most awkward things they had to film in the X-Files? Anderson talked about a scene where they had to climb out of a dirt hole covered in yellow slime. Duchovny talked about a scene involving bees.
  • Duchovny and Anderson were asked to act out a scene as Mulder and Scully. They pretended to be breaking up as a couple.
  • As both actors have found success in theater, do they have plans to return to theater acting? Anderson is returning soon; Duchovny is interested, but he has no current plans.
  • Why did the finale leave so many loose ends? According to Duchovny, it’s because Chris Carter always intended to continue the series as films.
  • How does it make them feel that they brought so many people together with X-Files? Gillian talked about how that’s an experience that doesn’t happen as much anymore thanks to Twitter, Facebook, etc. Duchovny talked about how grateful they were for the fans and he thanked everybody on behalf of the 200+ people who worked on the show besides Gillian and himself.
  • Is carrying the character of Mulder for twenty years a double-edged sword? Duchovny said he doesn’t think of himself as Mulder, but when he finished the show, he wanted to play a character that was the opposite of him. As for Anderson – she doesn’t “become” the characters so much as stand outside them and examine them.
  • Asked about the “Season 10″ comics, both actors said they haven’t read them.
  • What would they like to see in an X-Files 3? Duchovny and Anderson both want to see the alien conspiracy return in a third film.
  • When they shot the episode “Home” – which was about incest, among other things -  did they know it was going to be as controversial as it was? They didn’t really think about it, but they thought it was good and horrifying.
  • Gillian was asked whether or not she’ll appear in Hannibal season 2 – and the answer was “yes.”
  • Asked about Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan – who got his start on X-Files – Duchovny and Anderson said of course they’d work with him again (depending on the material).
  • What was their inspiration for their characters? Gillian said Clarice Sterling (as played by Jodi Foster in Silence of the Lambs) was hers. Duchovny didn’t really give an answer.
  • A fan asked how Duchovny and Anderson felt about Mulder and Scully’s romance. Anderson said she was happy that they waited long into the series to establish it. Duchovny said that they weren’t really aware of the chemistry, they just sort of instinctively did their thing. He also said he didn’t really “get” the romance at the time, but now he does.
  • The last question wasn’t actually for Duchovny and Anderson – it was a proposal from a fan to his girlfriend, who said yes. Duchovny then asked the couple to come onto the stage and the actors wished them a wonderful life and a beautiful marriage as “Going to the Chapel” played in the background.

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We’ll keep you updated on the possibility of an X-Files 3 as more news becomes available. Until then, keep your eyes on the skies…or at least the main page of Screen Rant.

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  1. maybe if this was made 10 years ago, now the fans of this show are 35+ yrs old – not really the best group to sell to since most of us have kids and cant get out as much as the younger generations.

    • All my friends who have kids go out nearly the same amount as before, because they know how to schedule time for it.

    • You’re forgetting that a lot of the “young generation” (me included, I’m 22) have discovered this show thanks to syndication and Netflix and want the film to happen.

      Also, I’ve met a ton of people who were fans when the show was on the air and even though they’re still busy with adulthood, they still make time to go out and enjoy a movie. I’m sure that if it happens, they’ll make time to go out and see it.

    • I found these amazing inventions called babysitters, sounds crazy but there out there.

      The last 2 films weren’t great IMO but I love the X-Files and will see it for sure if it happens – I Want To Believe (they can make a good film)

    • I get what you’re saying, but I started watching The X-Files at age 5, which was in 1996. I’m just turning 23 now; I have no kids, and I want to see another X-Files movie REALLY REALLY BADLY.

      Knowing that I’m probably in the minority, I’d like to point out that my parents, who are 54 and 62, are also both X-Files fans (because of me). Many of my same-aged friends’ parents are also fans of the TV show. This age group tends to have adult children (or generally 16+ years old) that can be left home alone for the duration of the film.

      I understand your point, and that’s probably the case for many X-Files fans – but for the many more who can get out to see it in theaters, or will buy it when it comes out on DVD, please don’t let Fox hear you say it’s a bad idea! ;-)

    • I would like to emphatically state that people of that age are the most loyal fans of
      the X-files. I am 49 and have been watching since the Pilot episode aired in Sept.1993. Find the time to take your kids to see the new film in 2016 and you won’t regret it!

  2. It should be just to tie up the Mulder abduction thing. Surely he needs some closure on his sister’s disappearance after all these years.

    • Pretty sure they explained his sisters abduction.

    • Yeah she was abducted by Aliens and then the government, then escaped, then put in hospital where some aliens took her away again. Something along those lines anyway?

      • lol It was a bit of a cop out ending IMO. Spirits intervened and took her away as a killer had his sights set on her. Or something.

        • Yeah I cant remember what they called them? wasn’t it like takers or walkers or something I’m pretty sure they were invented just to tie it up!

          • Walk-Ins. Ugh!

            • Well there we go, another mystery there lol

              No, I honestly didn’t know they found her. That all sounds ridiculous though.

              • Its Season 7 Episodes 10 and 11 if you want to check it out.

      • I thought they said that she was taken by aliens and the she died young (hence he saw her ghost in one of the later episodes before Mulder left the show). The aliens cloned her though so that’s why you saw her as both an adult and child throughout the show.

  3. I’m 28 and The X-Files is one of my top 3 favorite shows ever! It reran a lot when I was a kid, I watched the entire series in Hulu recently. It is one of the best examples of how a TV show has spun off into a movie, then continued back on TV (with the first movie occurring between the 5th and 6th seasons). Where the second movie went wrong was not focussing on the Alien mythology of the show (especially with the subtitle: I Want to Believe (tag line from UFO poster on Mulder’s wall) If they make a third movie it needs to be about the larger alien conspiracy because that was always the best parts of the show.

    I always thought of Fringe as The X-files but without Aliens and more crazy scientific stuff (even borrowed the occasional Monster of the Week format), so I think there is a market for this type of show on TV. If they could introduce better young agents than Xzibit and Amanda Peet, it could have a future and not be completely dependent on Duchovny and Anderson (though I would like them to continue the roles very much!)

  4. YES!!! I definitely want a 3rd movie… It should be about the alien mythology & have a good budget between 50 – 100 million…

  5. I don’t think FOX is interested in making another X-Files movie. The franchise is not a viable moneymaker anymore given that the last movie failed miserably at the box office. If there’s another X-Files movie(and that’s a big if)it’s more likely is going to be straight to dvd.

    • The reason why the last movie failed miserably was because:

      A) It was released the week after The Dark Knight and the same week as Step Brothers
      B) There was very little marketing for it
      C) It sucked

      FOX just needs to market it correctly and give it a good release date where there’s little competition (in the fall like September or early October since those months are usually quiet) and it’ll do fine.

  6. I have never watched a tv series show the way I use to watch X-FILES up to this point. The last tv series I almost watch in its entirety.
    To be honest maybe I’m just strapped for time but I did like Fringe among others that I try to watch from time to time.
    Anyway…bring on X-FILES 3.

  7. YES! YES! YES!
    Another X-Files film is needed, and make it about alien conspiracies, government plots, black oil, shape-changers…you know…all the things that made the series great! And include Mulder, Sculley, Doggett, any of the old alumni still alive! We really need this! Money to be made, Fox Studios! I bought the entire series on DVD, plus the first movie (OK, not the second flick, which sucked the big one). That’s dedication from this fan, if I am willing to lay out the bucks for it, and that’s what you want, right? People to spend money on this, so here I am, make the next film, make it good, and take my money, which I will willingly and smilingly part with!

  8. Bring it on!

    They’ll be doing a lot of rebranding, retooling, etc. but that won’t be necessary with the right script. Everyone gets “weird mysteries”, no need to heavily appeal to any new generation.

  9. I’d go see it. Always loved the show and the movies were ok, but tried to do too much, I think. Try to make the 3rd film like it’s a 2 hour TV episode with better effects and leaves people wanting more.

  10. That was my cousin proposing! It was amazing!

    • WOW!

  11. Awww…


  12. It’s weird… I never watched the tv show but I’ve seen the films and enjoyed
    Them. I hope they make a 3rd.

  13. I really hope there will be a 3rd X-Files film I loved the show, both movies I liked but the second could have been better…

  14. This was great- not one negative comment about anything. I hope this sends FOX a message that there are still so many fans left of the show from before, and many new ones now. Still the best show ever on TV for me.

  15. Big success!!! Will require the X Files 3 takes a scenario worthy the First. Do not forget to remind the elders as Mitch Pileggi,Robert Patrick, others .. and why not the young William for next generation.

  16. I would love a 3rd film. The second was a disappointment, but if the 3rd is about the alien mythology I’d totally be up for it.

  17. Not sure how to do it but the movie should involve various creatures and monsters all leading back to the Alien plot and tieing up all the major questions…

    1. What happened to Mulders sister?
    2. Was Cancer man his real dad?
    3. What was the secret group and Aliens ultimately up to?
    4. Whatever became of the black alien goo?

    I might have to go revisit the serie to get answers. Im 33 and its been a longgggg time since I’ve seen the show.

  18. I am 35. It was my favourite show back then. Still love it. The only show I watch over and over again. I never watch old shows again, except this one. If X-Files 3 movie would be made, I would like to see the continuation of the story about aliens, but with modern twist. It’s 2014 after all.

  19. Give us the third movie…please…NOW the truth is still out there.

  20. Yes, Just don’t use the same writer as the last film. The first film was brilliant.

  21. i want it to be about mulder’s sister. They find new evidence about his sister. I think alot of people will love it.

  22. can someone tell me how ncis went from being a great show,for 10 years,and in its 11th year takes a nose dive down too the bottom of the ladder,,,i bought season 11 watched 3 disc,s and that was enough for me,i put it on ebay,and sold it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,