‘X-Files’ Creator Receives Pilot Order From Amazon; Talks ‘X-Files 3′

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Chris Carter on the set of The X Files X Files Creator Receives Pilot Order From Amazon; Talks X Files 3

Online retailer Amazon is pressing on with plans to produce original programming based on consumer demands, after kicking things off with an intense popularity competition between eight comedy pilots that ended with the Zombieland series getting nipped in the bud. Of the comedy pilots that were aired, only political sitcom Alphas (which stars John Goodman) and geek humor series Betas were commissioned for a full series.

You can check out and vote on shows that Amazon is currently considering over on the Amazon Studios website, and watch a range of both original programming and shows from other networks over on Prime Instant Video. If nothing on the site seems appealing at the moment, that may change as a new offering from The X-Files creator Chris Carter is on the horizon.

THR reports that Amazon has commissioned a pilot for a a post-apocalyptic drama called The After, which Carter will write and direct. Other than the fact that it takes place after an an apocalypse, almost nothing is known about the plot, but the pilot will be produced by Marc Rosen and Leon Clarence’s company Georgeville TV, which has been working with Carter on the pitch for The After since last fall. Once the pilot is complete, it’s possible that it will be uploaded to the Amazon Studios site and pitched to an audience vote to decide whether or not it will be commissioned to a full season.

Carter was asked to elaborate on The After during an interview with Vulture, and said that the description of the show is “not exactly… perfect,” but that he’s too superstitious to give away any more details at present. He did add, however, “I think we’re going to start casting soon, and I think the show will take a lot of my storytelling experience on ‘The X-Files’ and apply it in a really new and creative way.”

Simon Pegg as Scotty in Star Trek X Files Creator Receives Pilot Order From Amazon; Talks X Files 3

‘The X-Files 3′ – starring Agent Scotty?

Though Carter may be moving on to his new pet project, the X-Files showrunner recently told Empire that the idea of doing a third movie based on the TV show is never far from his mind. Development of The X-Files 3 has been rumored for years now, but since The X-Files: I Want to Believe performed poorly both with critics and at the box office, following it up with another movie does not seem to be high on Twentieth Century Fox’s agenda. It’s a shame, since Carter says that studio approval is only thing holding The X-Files 3 back from being made:

“It’s really up to Twentieth Century Fox, whether they have the will to do it. I think all of us are interested in putting the band back together. I have an idea for a third movie in my head. The [alien] colonization date has passed and that is something we wouldn’t ignore. For the second movie, we only had the budget for a standalone story, but we want to go back to the mythology.”

It’s possible that if Carter creates a successful series for Amazon with The After, it might improve his chances of returning to the X-Files franchise. If that does happen, Carter says that he’s interesting in trying to find a part for Simon Pegg (The World’s End), since he’s wanted to get the actor into the X-Files universe ever since the second film. Pegg’s interest in joining The X-Files 3 could be another point in the movie’s favor, since the British actor already has an established role in another successful sci-fi franchise – J.J. Abrams’ rebooted Star Trek, but it’s probably not a good idea to start holding your breath for this sequel just yet.

X-Files fans, do you wish that Chris Carter would revisit the weird world of Mulder and Scully again, or are you more interested in seeing what he has to offer in The After?


Source: THR, Empire, Vulture

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  1. A third X-Files movie is just below another Firefly movie (or TV series) on my wish list.

    Interestingly, Fox is involved in both of these disappointing no-shows.

  2. Both!
    (revisit the weird world of Mulder and Scully again, AND see what he has to offer in The After)

  3. Bringing Scully and Mulder back together for a 3rd film could work; however, as the second film’s lack of revenue and response demonstrates—it would have to be presented as an X-Files mythology film for it to endure on the silver screen.

    • Yes, absolutely! X-Files #3…I am right there with it! But as the article says, we need the mythologogy. If it concentrates on stuff like black oil, alien abductions, shape-shifting, government conspiracies…the things that made the series great and unique, it wqill be a sure-fire winner! I bought the entire series on DVD already, in fact! Bring back Mulder, Scully, Doggett…any other still-surviving alumni, and I will be right there for it, as will lots of others, I bet, willing to give it a second chance.

      {By the way, speaking of things that deserve a second chance, altho off-subject, about Green Lantern #2….!!!!!}

      • Funny you mentioned Doggett… I think it would serve the movie well to bring back some of the past iconic X-Files characters for cameos.

        • Definitely, right there with ya on that!

        • I want X Files 3. If you stick to the mythology and avoid the urge to make another “Monster of the week” then it will be successful. You would be surprised at the turn out if you budgeted the movie appropriately and would be able to bring in new viewers along with the old. However don’t dumb down the script to help the new comers understand, that is what Netflix is for. Challenge the boundaries of a planet wide hostile invasion like it’s never been done before. I can’t wait!

  4. The X-Files is similar to 24 in that it’s difficult to condense the essence of the series into a 2-hour movie and still make it great.

    • This is often the case—true. But “Fight The Future” was a successful film for the franchise in that it bridged the gap between the 5th and 6th season of the X-Files, and yet, it still prevailed as a stand alone film. This is definitely credited to the brilliant writers of The X-Files.

      • Well said. I agree wholeheartedly that the writing is key. I hope they get another go.

        • That’s right, writing is the pith, and if it is the pits, it can sink a good cast right into the mire. Must have good writing!


    Do another movie; a mythology movie, PLEASE!! The last one was AWFUL and it left a bad after taste in the series as a whole. I’m a HUGE X-Files fan and I’ve only seen the 2nd movie once, in the theater. It was that bad.


  6. How about a 4 hour miniseries???

    • Hmmm, can we expand it to 6 or 8?

      • Can we extend it to another 9 seasons? With 30 episodes!

  7. More X-Files is never a bad thing.
    Bring it on!

  8. X-Files 3. Make it Happen.

  9. The X-Files franchise is dead. Fans need to let go move on because Fox will never invest money on a franchise that is way past its prime and the X-Files is no Star Trek if somebody wants to compare the two franchises and besides Chris Carter is a one hit wonder and his new tv show sounds silly in my opinion.

    • You are out of your mind. Are you kidding? Way past it’s prime? Have you even watched the entire series of X-Files? If anything, it would be sooo interesting to see what crazy stuff Mulder and Scully would face in the world of today, that with so much more conspiracy theories floating around today. You’re obviously not a fan.

  10. did we ever really get all the questions answered?

    What REALLY happened to his sis?
    Was Cancer man really his father?
    What was the purpose of the black goo?
    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    • I believe these questions were answered (spoiler alert).

      These are the answers if I remember correctly:

      -His sister died young after being abducted, but they used her DNA to make clones.
      -Cancer man was his father, as demonstrated by the fact that his DNA was so close to Agent Spender’s.
      -The black goo carried the essence of the alien beings, by which they could invade the bodies of other creatures.

  11. X Files 3…. DO IT!!!!!!!! I want to see if this is a continuation of the Alien Invasion or something along the line!

  12. I would much rather see an X-file movie instead of what he is working on now! Bring back the X-Files and offer some closure on the original mythology of the series. Better still bring it back in the same way 24 is coming back to the air waves!

  13. But, seriously, does the world really need yet another freakin’ “post-apocalyptic drama”? Hollywood, get over this depression thing you’re going through or get a better shrink or something soon. I’m done. There are all sorts of possibilities for the future. Let’s see another one, okay?

  14. Please Please Please make X-Files 3! The mythology is always where it was at, no matter how cool the monsters of the week were, it was all about the chase for the truth and for justice to be had. I just got done watching almost the whole series on Netflix. Man that was epic!

    This movie, unlike so many other, DESERVES TO BE MADE! Do it Carter

  15. As much as I loved The X-Files, and would love to see the characters come back, I don’t see how a mythology story could work at this point. The show’s long over and, if I recall correctly, they tried to more or less tie things up at the end. The story abduction/colonization arc had stretched on so long, and gotten so convoluted, that I may just be remembering it that way out of desire. People who aren’t die hards of the show aren’t going to understand all of the back story involved with a mythology story. While the second movie maybe wasn’t the greatest, I still think a stand alone story would be the way to go. The last one would have made a decent episode of the show. But what did we have – a psychic and a little bit of Frankenstein? That’s a mid-season filler episode. What they need is something original, like Tooms, or the fluke-man, or the scientist whose shadow was composed of dark matter. The X-Files needs to be a monster movie. I always thought “The Relic” could have been adapted into a great Mulder and Scully story. Let’s see more of that!

  16. they should definitely do another X-Files movie. Make it the last one. I’ll agree 2 was a disappointment (I saw it in an almost empty theater on opening night) but he can totally redeem himself with 3 if he goes back to the roots of the X-Files, the mythology and Simon Pegg would be perfect in it. He could be like Benji/Scotty type nerd technician, aaahhh I can totally see it!

  17. Of course i want Mulder,Scully,Dogget,Reyes and Skinner !!!

  18. What if the After IS X-Files, AFTER the invasion?

    • Had that same thought…

  19. Yes! The X Files must return. I have all 9 seasons on dvd and the two films on blu-ray. i want a x files 3 movie to a ending.

    i waiting so long for a ending of the mythology.

    x files three must come now.

    greets from austria(europe)

  20. OMG! I really want the band back! :)
    I would like to see Mulder and Scully together again.
    I’ve seen the series a lot of times and I love the movies. Season five it’s my favorite.

    I want to believe there will be the third movie.

    Please Fox: Green light baby.

    • wow u are soo right season 5 was the best season ever its hard to explain why i just know that it is

  21. I think they shoulmakethe third part because even though on second film they explained somethings, i think it was just made so that it could explain how mulder was hidding after “the truth” and how at the end he just leaves on vacation to get rid of all the pressure with scully(which i will always love the way she plays her character)by his side. We were all left with doubt about the government and their secrets the post colonization date and also we should see more of the mythology of the X-files and the bond between Mulder and Scully.

  22. Green Lantern sucked! Bring on X Files 3 or else!

  23. I have been a huge X-Files fan since I was 6 years old. Yes, I was in kindergarten when the show premiered. And while I loved the last movie, it just wasn’t the ultimate way to end the on screen life of the X-Files. The season 10 comics are fantastic but I do feel that for the fans’ closure we need one more big mythology movie and finally some long awaited vindication for Mulder. Might I suggest, you set the movie in 2012 and the alien invasion doesn’t come to pass because Mulder and Scully stop it? I would see that in theaters 10 times. Chris Carter is a brilliant and unique writer and The After has definitely piqued my interest. Can’t wait!

  24. YES! X-files 3!!!! Please please!