‘X-Files 3′ Being Developed? [Updated]

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X Files 3 Being Written X Files 3 Being Developed? [Updated]

[UPDATE: It looks like X-Files 3 may not be on the way after all. Read on for clarification.]

There are a dwindling number of fans out there who still want to believe (sorry, couldn’t resist) that the dynamic duo of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully will grace the big screen yet again in The X-Files 3.

David Duchovny took a break recently from (theoretically) writing screenplays down in California and opened up about a third X-Files movie, saying that it is very much on the way.

While the first X-Files movie, Fight the Future, was generally well received by moviegoers and grossed a healthy $189 million at the worldwide box office back in 1998, the sequel, I Want To Believe, was delayed by a decade and it showed – in terms of both the quality of the film and ticket sales. Duchovny was interviewed recently by the French TVMag and addressed the idea of an X-Files 3, which has been rumored for the last two years, even after the poor performance of the second X-Files.

Here’s what Duchovny is quoted as saying (note: this was translated from French):

“[The X-Files 3] is in the process of being written. One awaits just the green light from Fox, a little disappointed from the relatively poor reception of the second film. The error comes, in my opinion, that the authors strayed too far from the roots of the series. Moreover, the film was released in the summer. The third will be much closer to what the public expects, with government conspiracies, etc.”

The X Files 3 X Files 3 Being Developed? [Updated]

The X-Files TV show was a cult hit back in the 90s and was very much the predecessor to the current Fox sci-fi series with a devout fan following, Fringe. Fight the Future tied in nicely to the overarching storyline of the X-Files series, which involved a secret alien invasion/colonization of Earth, and was released at a time when the show was still at the peak of its popularity. I Want To Believe had a messy narrative and hit theaters six years after the show’s last season – though it still managed to gross enough worldwide in theaters alone to cover its relatively cheap $30 million production budget.

Fox would be more likely to green light an X-Files 3 that, as Duchovny says, deals with the kind of subject matter (ie. public mistrust of government, elaborate institutionalized conspiracies involving aliens and the supernatural) that featured heavily throughout the original TV show – if only because that’s exactly what X-Files fans that are still holding out for a third movie would want to see.

Update: Latino Review contacted Duchovny’s PR representative, who revealed that an X-Files 3 is currently not in development. The confusion stemmed from a misunderstanding between the French TVMag reporter and Duchovny, who only expressed an interest in doing another X-Files movie.

We’ll keep you posted on the development of The X-Files 3 as more information is released. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts and feelings about the project in the comments section below.

Source: TVMag (via X Files News)

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  1. I consider myself one of the biggest fans of the series – I’ve watched every ep in its original airing without missing a beat, rewatched the critical eps, argued passionately about the mytharc with fellow X-Philes, and so forth – so it pains me greatly to say this:

    Let it die, already. Respect the inevitability of the dictum in the title sequence of Herrenvolk (“Everything dies”) and disregard what Marita Covarrubias said in that episode. Fight The Future came out at the right time, and had a far more interesting and coherent plot to boot than the second movie. A third movie can only make things worse.

    The series will always occupy a very special place in my memory palace, but even as a huge fan, I’m not deluded enough to think that the formula would continue to work in today’s far more mature and cynical milieu. I prefer to reminisce over past glory than cringe at new tawdriness. Please, no more.

    • Oh my goodness the second movie sucked A@&”&! It was Not true to the series. They picked a gross topic that no one wants to see or read about. A topic that literally has the taboo gag reflex. This is a critical mistake and shows how out of touch the powers at be were with the fans of the series. I became a huge fan when I saw the first movie! I then never missed an episode on the tv series. Now I still watch all the series but lose interest in series 9 because duchovney is not in them the script is as a result fragmented. The alien conspiracy series with the addition of William are my favorite episodes. The third movie should be an alien conspiracy all out explosion of action and multi conspiracy,love, and alien invasion fight and should evolve from the first film, William should be a big part of it as well as All the original cast. It should include colonization as we have never seen, and William as a super hero and all hell breaking loose all around. Avoid taboo gross side plots. I Love this series and hope they read All the fan threads out there before they try to write a Cooky script that no one cares for. Believe that die hard fans are out there and New generation fans are out there too but they won’t spend their hard earned money and time to watch gross topic crap made poorly like a bad independent film. That fools no one, repect The audience and don’t loose sight of the customers preference, put out excellence like the war the new Sherlock Holmes movies were done and it will be a block buster hit!

    • I WOULD LIKE TO SEE ANOTHER X-FILES MOVIE, isn’t anyone curious to know what happen to William? I would like to see him search out Scully and Mulder, his parents. He did have supernatural abilities. They could do a whole movie on that and have the alien colonization invovled.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, the X-Files will never be over or complete until they find William. Period. So if it takes another movie (well received or not) to accomplish that then I’m in. Of course, with another movie you always run the risk of Carter killing of either one or both Mulder/Scully which would then rip my soul out forever so…

    • I agree with you Lily. William is the Key to it all, and they won’t have to kill- off nobody. Do like the star trek movies series or dark knight, Indiana Jones…… the list goes on. But, seriously, there is alot Carter could do.

  3. I also think I Want To Believe was really ripped apart without good reason. SPOILERS AHEAD: There was a lot of great stuff in that movie. Scully working at a religious hospital and then realizing they might not always do right by their patients. Her telling Mulder she couldn’t live with the darkness and him basically giving in to her needs and telling her they’d go away together. The chemistry between the actors, that final scene/kiss. Skinner showing up and cradling Mulder. Scully moving forward with the experimental treatment.

  4. I’m sure that, as of today, fib 2013, The X Files still attracts the attention of new comers to the UFO phenomenon admirer’s community. This is the type of series that will always be talked about simply because there’s so much on the subject of UFOs, especially on the net. It can be used to set examples for situations, I believe, that are being discussed among UFO phenomena fans, researchers and the general public. I believe there’s almost no one who has not heard, at least once, about the series.

    I understand that in “I want to believe” the Producers wanted to satisfy the mythology of the series admirers, and you can count me in as one, but they probably didn’t realize that they are much, much fewer.

    A third movie focusing on the UFO and conspiracy aspects rather than the mythology of the series, in my opinion, will be a really great one specially for those craving to see Molder and Scully back on the screen. The producers should be able to benefit from the amount of information available on the net and elsewhere. I don’t think, however, that the movie should be overdone. The mystery should remain and not come up with invasion scenarios and war with alien’s scenes. The invasion should begin, yes, and be faced but all under a cover of secrecy, as it is believe by some to be happening, in reality “now”. The mystery and suspense of the series is what I believe to be its strongest assets.
    Considering these aspects, a third X Flies movie will be a great success.

  5. I want to see another X-files film badly! I am currently rewatching all the X-files episodes on Netflix and I now have got my daughter addicted to the show! A movie more closely related to the show would be amazing. Not to say the last film was bad. There are a lot more X-file fanatics out there. They are not dead! The truth is out there and I will be there to see it on the first day!!

  6. Okay most likely no one will read this but i need another x file. I’m fourteen and just heard about it in math but watche every single episode in the matter of three weeks all two hundred and two episodes on Netflix. Now I have not seen fight the future because its fifteen years old and it’s hard to find it (but I did order it) I saw the second and it wasn’t that bad I liked the modern tec. I need a new x file. They ended the movie with no clue of what will happen next and if they leave the darkness. What about William? They have to find him. If they make and x file three I can ONE HUNDRED PERCENT GAREENTEE I will be there at the midnight showing with my best friend Lily in the front row watching the next movie. Even if I have to make it my self

  7. wel i want to see the third movie of the x-files and i wise dat william was in the new movie to so i hope dare make the movie with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully and o so epice to make good

  8. They missed the boat not bringing it out last year with the colonisation date but may be they could work around it but if a new film is made it would be have to be with a lower budget may be a TV movie would work and reboot the franchise for the future

  9. I want to see Doggett and Reyes back helping Mulder and Scilly to fight the alien takeover.

  10. The next X Files movie need the best mystery movie producer like Christopher Nolan.