X-Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated]

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image 2 xfiles X Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated][UPDATE: This rumor has been debunked]

I think that it is pretty safe to say that The X-Files: I Want To Believe was a bit of a disappointment, both commercially and critically. And to make matters worse, it also let down a lot of fans.

X-Files fans are a dedicated bunch who helped the show become a phenomenon and to disappoint them is a pretty big deal. As Screen Rant’s resident X-File fan even I was a bit let down by the film.

Before the release of the second feature there was a lot of talk of the franchise continuing in a series of films, but due to the poor box office ($20 million domestic) it looked like The X-Files had come to its natural conclusion.

But has it?

Dread Central got a scoop that states a third film in the series is a go – but it will be heading straight to DVD.

Is this a real possibility or have we seen the end of Mulder and Scully?

It’s a tough call.

I Want To Believe was made on a modest $30 million budget, and it should make back its production costs when the international gross is factored in. So with DVD sales and television rights taken into account the film should turn a healthy profit.

Dead Central’s source said:

“I understand – there was room for improvement … and there still might be. I work for Screaming Death Monkey and Spotnitz – the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz – told us this week that the team have already spoken about the next X-Files film. It’s likely the next release will go direct to DVD – but they’re working on the assumption they’ll have a similar budget.”

BTW – Screaming Death Monkey is a production facility, and I don’t know if “the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz” is sarcasm or not. I’ll take it that it is not.

I can’t imagine the filmmakers having $30 million to spend on a third film, but it is a low(ish) budget so there is a chance that this has some truth to it. Also the direct to DVD tag is gaining a better reputation these days, with a lot of the titles (mostly sequels to theatrical features) making a healthy profit and getting some acclaim.

However would David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want to be associated with a series of direct to DVD features? They both seemed to be happy to have made another X-Files feature – but was that because it was on the big screen? Who knows, it’s not like they need the cash. If they do like their characters that much, and this price was right they might be willing to return.

thexfilesmovie X Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated]

As an X-File fan I’d love to see a third film, I’d love it on the big screen but if it’s straight to DVD then so be it. There are plenty of ideas for the series to continue, but I feel that they need to focus on solving the main faults of I Want To Believe.

Firstly, If they want to continue the series they must either set Mulder and Scully up as paranormal investigators or have them rejoin the FBI. Secondly, the pair must work on the investigation together. In the recent film it was as if Scully had been edited into the film from a medical drama. Finally, they need more tension – if Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz can’t supply it then bring in somebody else.

If these kinks are ironed out then I hope that The X-Files does continue.

With a bit of luck we should hear details soon – either debunking this news or confirming it.

I want to believe.

Source: Dread Central

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  1. Hmm,,, come on Gary,,,

    The way the main killer abducted the female in the car was pretty sick,,,
    The way the killer/abductor captured the main FBI agent,,, (FBI Gary)
    the motive to capture was for sexual purposes, and for skin transplantation. (No connection?)

    The main abductor was delusional and had a sick twisted relationship with the beast he was creating.
    (Do I have to spell it out).

    Naw no connection to “Silence of the Lambs”,,,,

    please give me a break…

  2. At least people had a bit of satirical fun with the movie.


  3. OH for Christ’s sake!!!!! I don’t understand why people keep criticizing the movie. I thought it was brilliant, the way these characters were brought back to life.The themes it expounded were challenging enough, and it does please the fans with its wit, romance, and suspense.

  4. from the day the xfiles began i was hooked and still am, however although the movie was good, it just didnt feel like i was watching the xfiles, it didnt have that spark the show had, mulder and scully not teaming up, wher was mulders little jokes and wit from the show, both mulder and scully just didnt seem to have that energy. that being said i will still buy the dvd as have with all of them and welcome a 3rd instalment that i hope will have more of an xfiles feel to it.

  5. Siu-Yin NG Virella i would have to disagree with you, their was no suspense in the movie or wit, and the problem with the romance is its been done before over and over, i know its not meant to be a follow on from the series but i think they could have added some more for the fans who grew up on it coz the way i see it their will be more fans going to see this than someoone who hasnt watched the show, i mean lets face it if you havnt seen aliens 1-3 would you pay to watch 4?

  6. I still stand firm on my opinion about the movie being great. I am not a crazy fanatic who is not open to constructive criticisms and I have to agree about some elements missing on the film. However, that does not mean that it didn’t have many layers and levels that make us wonder not only about the characters beliefs, but also about ours. It is a movie that deals with personal conflicts and it transcends the plot of a silly picture to become an emotional and spiritual challenge. Also, I don’t think that the romance between Mulder and Scully is hackneyed since from the moment the show aired, the fans could not wait to see the two of them together. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  7. I’ve followed the x files from start to finish and will continue to be a die hard fan, like many out there.
    I enjoyed the movie, although it did take a second watch for me to fully understand meanings and tension. It was an interesting and touching episodic creation, not made to attract blockbuster followers (unfortunately it was released around the same time as Batman and the Mummy and Mamma Mia etc, which could put it on its back foot) but it didnt spoil the enjoyment for me, I’ve been waiting 6 years to see Scully and Mulder alive again. It was an homage to those who spent a significant chunk of their lives obsessing about the X Files, and I think it did it pretty well.
    This movie was not designed to teach people about who Mulder and Scully were etc (Fight the Future spent a vast proportion doing that and wow that film had me going in circles). I had kids sitting behind me in the cinema asking each other who Skinner was in XF2. It was a dedication, not a reminder, Skinner to those X Philes out there is symbolic of Mulder and Scully’s quest.
    And every is entitled to their own opinion, because this is what makes up a vast plethora of movies available to watch these days.

  8. Precisely my point.

  9. Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter can do so much better. They definitely deserve to redeem themselves (if redemption is even necessary).

    A 2012 should be released in the cinema. Mulder and Scully should not rest until they find William and save the world from the invasion.

    And they have to do it earlier that Dec 2012. Before we get harvested or something. LOL

  10. i just really enjoyed watching david and gillian on screen together like lex said and honestly bringing the 3rd movie to dvd… not a bad idea if it means getting to see these two together again. i also agree that the movie should of had them two working on a case together and then maybe have scully be in danger or something and then mulder have to rescue her. LOVE those episodes!! anyways, i still hold on to high hopes that there will be another x files movie out soon!!!!

  11. I think they should continue the series, cuz after the last episode i had so many more questions. Even if it didnt have David or Gillian but Agent Dogget and Reyes, it would still be good. Thats kinda y the movie was a little different to me cuz it didnt answer those questions, like “What happened to Agent Dogget and Reyes? What happened to that boy (Gibson Praise)?” It was kinda frusturating.

  12. …And i heard X-Files 2 is coming out December 2nd

  13. Lex, they kinda did wrap up the Gibson Praise arc,,, if I recall he was saved by Mulder, but after that we don’t know.
    I also agree, I would have loved for the series to continue there were plenty of stories left to tell.
    Season 9, was real good.
    Thanks for the tip on the dvd. 8-)

  14. I thought the movie was great. I left the as the end credits came up. What happened in the scene after the credits?

  15. Mulder was found naked in front of a computer passed out from autoerotic asphyxiation, and Scully suggests he check himself into rehab. Kind of anticlimatic, really.

  16. It showed Scully in bikini and Mulder in trunks(or was it David and Gillian?) rowing “away from the darkness”. Mulder was paddling the boat, Scully looking at him. Then as the camera goes up, up, up… they wave to the audience… or maybe to a UFO.. I don’t really know what the scene was for but it was bittersweet.

    Chris Carter said in an interview that they made the movie with the possibility that it could be the last one. I think that’s his explanation of that scene.. (sniffs)

    I really hope they make 2012. With Chris Carter hospitalized, David facing serious personal problems, Gillian’s seemingly lesser enthusiasm I don’t know if it’s going to happen. Sigh… I hope “Don’t give up” is applicable here.

  17. “Mulder was found naked in front of a computer passed out from autoerotic asphyxiation, and Scully suggests he check himself into rehab. Kind of anticlimatic, really.”



  18. Debbie,,,
    At the end of the X-Files credits there’s a scene that shows Mulder and Scully in a rowboat, Mulders doing all the rowing as the small boat is heading to an Island in the distance. As the camera approaches the boat (via helocopter) they both wave goodbye as the shot goes way up high above them.

    Scully in the Rowboat is symbolic to her character arc,,,

  19. @Debbie,,,
    Additional,,, info

    There’s a 2 part episode, I think in season 4, where Scully is in a Coma,,, the only thing she’s doing is sitting motionless (in her minds eye) in a row boat…

    See the connection…
    The ending made me weep,,, the 10 second credit scene was the most bittersweet scene I’ve seen in a movie since the ending to A.I.

  20. I heard Fringe is the continuing of the X-Files series, is that true?

  21. Lex,,, Fringe is a bad rip-off of the X-Files…
    Its really trying to be the X-Files, but its not The X-Files…

  22. I am an xphile & I loved the 2nd movie,infact I loved it more than ‘Fight the future’,I had read many negative reviews before watching the movie but didnt quite get the reviews after I watched it,it doesnt have aliens but X-files was not only about aliens,I was so glad to see Mulder& Scully again that well I didnt have any complaints.To me Fight the future looked more like an acton movie than an X-file,this however went back to the classic dark-bleak-mysterious oh-so-X-files look.
    I wanna see more & more X-files .

  23. Im glad to hear u liked it. (this question is for everyone) If their was X-Files 3, wat do u think it would be about?

  24. Lexx! its me 790, get me out of here!!! Hurry this planets full of crazy people!!!!

    Oh its only Lex,,,,,,,

    Hmm, well X3, should be about the coming alien invasion, referenced in the first X-Files film,,,”Fight the Future”
    If you recall 2012 is mentioned as the date colonisation begins… (That dosnt sound good for Mulder and Scully)

    They could uncover the truth that the secret government is behind it all. This leads them to Dulce NM where they infiltrate the underground base and screw up the aliens “mind control weapon” setting them back 50 years…
    Therefore giving us time for a few sequels in between the final battle in 2062,,, 8-)
    Or we could have a X-Files story about Scully and Mulder getting married, finding they’re lost child, and then at the very end they both see a UFO,,, (they giggle, as Mulder says “see I told you”,,,)
    The end ???

  25. i am a huge x files fan and yes the movie was a dissapointment. but hopefully the next one has more depth into the william stuff. and have a new consperice they didnt know existed that has to deal with mulder scully and william.

  26. I loved the x-files series and the 1st movie, fight the future, but i did not like the series finale to the show and i HATED the 2nd movie, I want to Believe. The 2nd movie was a disaster and I think we need to wipe that out of memory if we want to move forth with teh franhise; which honestly is probably just about dead right now. No matter how good they make the movie, it is doubtful taht it will make any serious money. A straight to dvd thing is too pathetic and duchovny would almost certainly now be on board; especially since his show californiacation is doing just fine. I think only way to salvage this is to bring the characters back for like a 5-10 episode mini-series on FOX for the 2012 invasion…if that goes well and generates enough buzz that shoudl be able to salvage teh franchise…otherwise we will likely see a reboot of this franchise in the years to come

  27. I am pretty sure they said if they are going to make a third one it HAS to be about the 2012 set date for the for final invasion, or its just not fair to the fans. I hope John Doggett (Robert Patrick) stars in this one XD I loved that character in his few seasons with the x-files.

  28. I think a mini series for TV would be great. I am not too sure about another movie, unless they revive some of the earlier mythology.

    I love the ghosts and weird creatures that used to be a feature of the show. Maybe Scully and Mulder might finally find real vampires in Transylvania, or Frankenstein’s monster on his ice floe, or ‘Nessie’ in the Loch Ness, OR the last tribe of Cro Magnon man…something ‘juicy’ like that.

  29. This third X-Files film has been in the works ever since the final episode aired back in 2002. This next film, which almost definitely be the final film, in fact, the final any and everything X-Files. I’m sure the true X-Philie, already knows what the Third film is about. And, it will definitely be released in 2012, after all, the date, December 21, 2012, has already been mentioned in the past X-Files episodes. It is the date, of the Anasazi(Mayan)prediction of the end of the world, or Doomsday! It is the date of the final invasion and the return of the Black Oil Aliens to reclaim the Earth, they’re Earth! In fact, it has been the major storyline that goes back all the way to the episodes, Anasazi-The Blessing Way and Paperclip. You will certainly be treated with the Return of the Alien Bounty Hunter and the race of Faceless men who are the renegade Aliens that want to stop the Black Oil Aliens Invasion. And, possibly, (It definitely CAN be done) the return of one of the X-Files most popular characters, Ole Black Lung himself, CGB Spender. I know what you are going to say, “He died in the final episode in New Mexico at the Anasazi ruins” Ahh, but wait, was that REALLY Cancer Man, or just another Alien Doppelganger? Well, I’m sure that Mulder & Scully will definitely get to the bottom of this question, along with saving the Human race from certain defeat at the hands, err, Claws of the Alien Greens. And, on or about December 21, 2012, we’ll all finally find out just what the Truth really is! Oh yeah, here’s another little possibility for the true ending of the X-Files Series, Look for Mulder & Scully’s Child William to have a big part in the Final Mindblowing film, that only Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz could reward all the true X-Files fans, that have been waiting for this final film for what it will be by the time 2012 rolls around, almost Twenty Years. I’m sure that Christ Carter will have the X-Files go out with a bang! Remember people, “The Truth is Out There!” And, you Fringe fans, eat your hearts out! You’re show, is just a shadow of one of the Greatest shows that ever appeared on TV.