X-Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated]

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image 2 xfiles X Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated][UPDATE: This rumor has been debunked]

I think that it is pretty safe to say that The X-Files: I Want To Believe was a bit of a disappointment, both commercially and critically. And to make matters worse, it also let down a lot of fans.

X-Files fans are a dedicated bunch who helped the show become a phenomenon and to disappoint them is a pretty big deal. As Screen Rant’s resident X-File fan even I was a bit let down by the film.

Before the release of the second feature there was a lot of talk of the franchise continuing in a series of films, but due to the poor box office ($20 million domestic) it looked like The X-Files had come to its natural conclusion.

But has it?

Dread Central got a scoop that states a third film in the series is a go – but it will be heading straight to DVD.

Is this a real possibility or have we seen the end of Mulder and Scully?

It’s a tough call.

I Want To Believe was made on a modest $30 million budget, and it should make back its production costs when the international gross is factored in. So with DVD sales and television rights taken into account the film should turn a healthy profit.

Dead Central’s source said:

“I understand – there was room for improvement … and there still might be. I work for Screaming Death Monkey and Spotnitz – the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz – told us this week that the team have already spoken about the next X-Files film. It’s likely the next release will go direct to DVD – but they’re working on the assumption they’ll have a similar budget.”

BTW – Screaming Death Monkey is a production facility, and I don’t know if “the TERRIFIC Frank Spotnitz” is sarcasm or not. I’ll take it that it is not.

I can’t imagine the filmmakers having $30 million to spend on a third film, but it is a low(ish) budget so there is a chance that this has some truth to it. Also the direct to DVD tag is gaining a better reputation these days, with a lot of the titles (mostly sequels to theatrical features) making a healthy profit and getting some acclaim.

However would David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson want to be associated with a series of direct to DVD features? They both seemed to be happy to have made another X-Files feature – but was that because it was on the big screen? Who knows, it’s not like they need the cash. If they do like their characters that much, and this price was right they might be willing to return.

thexfilesmovie X Files 3 Straight To DVD? [Updated]

As an X-File fan I’d love to see a third film, I’d love it on the big screen but if it’s straight to DVD then so be it. There are plenty of ideas for the series to continue, but I feel that they need to focus on solving the main faults of I Want To Believe.

Firstly, If they want to continue the series they must either set Mulder and Scully up as paranormal investigators or have them rejoin the FBI. Secondly, the pair must work on the investigation together. In the recent film it was as if Scully had been edited into the film from a medical drama. Finally, they need more tension – if Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz can’t supply it then bring in somebody else.

If these kinks are ironed out then I hope that The X-Files does continue.

With a bit of luck we should hear details soon – either debunking this news or confirming it.

I want to believe.

Source: Dread Central

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  1. In my opinion it has and remains an uneven show. If this wasn’t their “swan song” a third one of this quality is likely to be.

  2. This is a completely BS rumour. Frank Spotnitz himself has debunked it just in the last few hours on his blog.


    Dread Central have yanked their post and I suggest you do too, seeing as you’re now linking to a dead, non-existent page.

  3. Ah well.


    I’ll have to watch ‘I want to believe’ on DVD when it came out. Too bad it was such a disappointment. Within the boundaries of that franchise, they had so much to work with.

  4. Why didn’t you go and see it in the cinema? It was certainly a ‘disappointment’ commercially, in terms of the current box office climate but it’ll break even and make profit, so it’s not a flop, despite what the haters choose to promote. Critically it wasn’t well-received either by the main media outlets but it’s also drawn it’s fair share of praise as well. However, the ”omg it’s soooo crap” narrative makes better headlines I suppose, so that’s what gets regurgitated on every single blog post known to humanity, because it’s easier to report than actually doing some first-hand reporting. As for those quarters who seem to think they speak for the fanbase when they say ”even the fans were let down”, it’s time they stfu. The y don’t speak for the fans and the fans are the ones who are going to see it 10 and 11 times. There’s millions of fans who loved it. It’s no masterpiece, by any stretch of the imagination but a large proportion of the fanbase loved this little, thoughtful film. Ebert even gave it his proverbial thumbs up.
    It’s not a film for everyone, in fact I would argue it’s even in the same vein as the series but that’s Carter’s point. He made a film about 2 beloved characters and where they are now and anyone going in expecting a film about aliens, or an extended episode of the series was of course going to be disappointed. ” It’s 6 years on!” everyone kept ranting, yet because the film remained true to that timeframe, it got a kicking. Carter intended it to be a ‘stand-alone’ movie and that’s what it was. I just wish people had criticized it based on what it was, rather than for what it wasn’t.
    Also, why the hell would anyone want a direct-to-DVD feature? I’d rather nothing at all than something that sub-par.
    Fingers crossed for X-Files 3, I can’t wait.

  5. I think Rob Bowman and Chris Carter should both direct the next X-Files film. With both of their expertise they can cover all the parts and make it a great film.

  6. Real good points Calraigh,,, and also Lex,,,
    Im one of those fans that loved the film,,,

    Dont want a direct to dvd, I want another movie. I really dont see Douchovey agreeing to a dvd release.

    Oh and Rob, when you see the dvd, (watch the end credits).


  7. I am HUGE x- Files fan.
    The movie was a great dissapointment to me.
    I wanted to see Mulder and Scully as a team again not drifting in and out of a case.
    I respect your opinions calraigh ,
    But while you may speak for many fans
    You dont speak for me.

  8. Fair enough Gary but in the same way, the critics don’t speak for me, or the fans that I know either. There’s plenty of people who didn’t like it or were ‘disappointed’ as you say. Equally however, there are plenty who did and weren’t.I just think it’d be great if there was room for discussion as opposed to ou and out denigration of either point of view. It’s great that people are tolerant here. It’s nice to see for a change, in the blogosphere. Kudos Filmstalker!

  9. Hey Calraigh, did you see the scene in the end credits ??


  10. Certainly did 790! I couldn’t quite believe it but I love it, makes me beam, I have to say!

  11. Only the hardcore X-File fans (IMO) understand the final significance of the end credit scene.
    The ending credit scene answered the big question, and changed the movie for me,
    It also gave me closure at the same time.
    The end credit scene really is a big part of the story in this film.
    (I think thats one thing alot of ppl/critics dont get),,,

    Hope you comment more here Calraigh !

  12. Just the comments so far are equally divided. Which, imho, still lands X-Files in the uneven category!

  13. Calraigh,

    Much like in The X Files, we here at Screen Rant take rumor with a pinch of salt. The essence of the story was that a straight to DVD film was an unlikely option.

    The article was also a think piece on where the X-Files should go (if it continues) – and my own personal thouughts on the series.


  14. The old man,
    Uneven is exactly How I would describe what amounts to a subpar episode.
    One of my pet peeves with a movie with a huge fanbase is the automatic refrain if somebody doesnt like it is “they just didnt get it.”
    I got it completly ,
    extra scene and all.
    and you know what?
    It was too little too late .
    I was one of 9 people who stayed for the final scene .
    Was everybody else supposed to stick around for a scene they probably didnt know was coming?
    And was it SMART to leave the films ultimate message in a post credit scene?
    Shouldnt it be up there on the screen BEFORE the films end?
    Bad writing.
    Appropriate box office.

  15. Didnt write the movie, just understand it Gary,,,
    Without the end credit scene, its still a solid film sorry it didnt deliver for ya,,,

  16. 790,I understand it too .
    And one scene at the end doesnt make a movie .
    And our mutual understanding doesnt explain why the rest of it didnt quite come together .
    A solid film ?
    Maybe .
    I was kind of hoping for something a little more fun
    and more like the show I have loved since its pilot.

  17. Could anyone PLEASE explain to me how the x-files ended and what it was about? I loved the 1st four seasons but never finished watching it. I even checked the wiki on it but basically there doesnt seem to have been a dramatic arc that was eventally cleared up??? What was it all about? What was the point?

  18. Theres WAY too much to cover Free Avatars…
    I could see briefing you on the last epsiode but the last 6 seasons ,,, ?
    I will say that at the end of the last episode Mulder and Scully were basically on the run.

    The season dvds are cheaper now I reccomend you buy or rent them. The show only got better in my opinion. :-)

  19. Mulder was put on trial for murder .
    It was a setup .
    Mulder and Scully became fugitives.

  20. OK, you want a more general overview.
    Fox “Spooky” Mulder was the lone FBI agent assigned to the X-files,
    a special section of the Bureau dedicated to cases of the bizzrre and paranormal.
    Agent and Doctor Dana Scully is assigned ostensibly to assist Mulder but ther are those in the bureau who want her to debunk Mulders work on the X-Files.
    Together they encountered UFOS,Government conspiracies, werewolves, vampires , shapeshifters and tons of other unmentionables,including a psychotic killer or two.
    In later years FBI agents John Doggest and Monica Reyes assisted in X-Files investigations .
    and in the final episode ,
    as I said mulder was chrged with murder and basically railroaded in a goverment tribunal that was really a kangaroo court.
    Mulder and Scully escaped before the tribunal could carry out the sentence of death against Mulder.
    MuLder went underground while Scully returned to her life as a doctor to support them both.
    Thats where the second film picks up.
    the first film was about the government conspiracy to cover up UFOS.
    Thats not everything but its an overview
    My advice ? buy some DVDS,Start with season one.

  21. Darn typos.
    Thats agent John Dogget and Monica Reyes who assisted in X- Files investigations in the later years.

  22. Ok thanks for that folks, but my point is what has any of this to do with aliens which surely was the main backbone storyline of the x-files for years? What was the satisfying conclusion that fans waited years for? This sounds like a horrible mess to me, and i really used to love this show =(


    Spoilers ahead^^^

    Don’t read if you havnt seen the ending. ;-)

    Damm it ,
    ScuuuuuLLLYYYYY !!!!

    Free Avatars,
    The alien invasion is clearly discussed in the first X-Files film “Fight the Future”, came out in 1999 btw,,,
    Mulder is told by Martin Landru’s character that the aliens will use “humans” as hosts in the year 2012 to take over, and repopulate the planet as alien hybrids.
    The FBI blew up a Federal building to cover up the hybrid bodies.
    This never changed when the show resumed, and Scully forgot all the events at the end of the film,,, (another point to the new films title)…

    The writers did branch out on the hybrid story point in seasons 7,8,and 9 when they brought in the Super Soldiers.

    In the end the Super Soldier program was going to be exposed with the help of the “outcast” Smoking man. He had contacted Mulder and made it possible for him to get away. (More or less),,,
    The Smoking man was killed in the last few minutes of the last episode by 2 ATS rockets fired from a “black” helocopter….

    Go buy the dvds !!!
    Lol. 8-)

  24. Also read today in Variety that X-Files “I want to believe” has grossed over 57 million worldwide so far.

    Not bad for a 30 mil budget. The dvds aren’t even out yet ,,,, there could very well be another film if it breaks 80 mil ww.

  25. Free Avatars-
    ” Ok thanks for that folks, but my point is what has any of this to do with aliens which surely was the main backbone storyline of the x-files for years? What was the satisfying conclusion that fans waited years for? This sounds like a horrible mess to me, and i really used to love this show =( ”

    What exactly are you referring to?The series or the film?You clearly haven’t watched (as you yourself have stated!)all the seasons,otherwise you’d be aware of the alien colonization narrative, so how can you profess, as you do to having ” really loved the show”?

    If you’re referring to the new movie, you’re again obviously confused. The movie was expressly conceived, executed and subsequently promoted as a stand-alone movie, in the MOTW vein, with no allusions to the alien narrative.

    I’m afraid if after the million and one blurbs written on the movie’s plot, you went in expecting the opposite, well, you’ve only yourself to blame!

  26. I’am a huge x-files fan and i was just happy to see Gillian and David on the big screen again.

  27. I agree Lex, I’m with you on that,,,,
    I’ll tell ya throw in a few Hooverphonic tracks in this film,and bam !! 8-)
    (I can’t wait 4 the dvd)
    I’m kinda shocked that ppl think this film was tv quality.
    Some of the dark material was seriously disturbing, if it came out the same year as “Silence of the Lambs”, it would have been right there with it,,, freaky,,

    Vic, you should see this one,,,, ;-)

  28. Silence had those great scenes with Hannibal and Clarice ,
    First in the sanitarium and that last one with Hannibal in his cage .
    If X- Files I want to Believe
    had that type of interaction between good and evil ,
    I would have praised it until the cows come home.
    But it just wasnt there .
    They were just generic killers without personality.
    and they hardly ever spoke to Mulder and Scully.

  29. I don’t like the “straight to DVD” idea at all.
    I don’t think that Scully and Mulder should rejoin the FBI, it isn’t necessary, also it is really nice to see them evolve in the personal lives.