X-Files 2 WonderCon Panel

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xfilespicture X Files 2 WonderCon PanelRight off the bat let me tell you that if you’re looking for the bootleg X-Files 2 teaser trailer here you won’t find it. I’m not going to support bootleggers who film at Cons when specifically and explicitly asked not to. I feel like this may be one of the only movie sites who won’t jump on that, but so be it.

Here’s a desciption of the teaser:

It showed Billy Connelly leading a line of FBI agents across a frozen lake in the middle of winter. The agents had long poles and were poking them downward into the ice as if looking for something that might not be far from the surface.

From there we cut to scenes of Mulder, Scully and various other people in quick-cut action shots. Running, dragging bodies, etc. In the end we see a brief glimpse of some sort of body frozen in the ice.

It didn’t look to me like this involved werewolves.

When Gillian Anderson, David Duchovney and Chris Carter each came out on stage, the audience went nuts with cheers and applause, so I guess there are one or two people out there besides Screen Rant writers Heath and Niall that are looking forward to this movie. icon smile X Files 2 WonderCon Panel

Someone asked Chris Carter: “Why is this movie worth the wait?”

He replied:

“Because it will scare the pants off you. Because you’ll see Scully and Mulder again.”

Fair enough.

Gillian said that she was surprised to find that it was difficult to get back into the role of Scully. She’s spent so much time since X-Files telling herself when she’s acting “Don’t act like Scully” that she found it difficult to allow herself to slip back into the role.

Duchovney said it was the same for him.

Asked why this movie was a stand-alone story instead of a continuation of the series, Carter replied that he didn’t feel the need to tie it into the series because the first film had already served that function. The first X-Files movie came out right on the heels of the show (or was it still on?) so it made more sense back then that they be connected. This is a stand-alone, cinematic film.

I’m actually very pleased to hear that. An out of context story that doesn’t tie into all the circuitous history the show has had may actually make me want to see this film. Anderson and Duchovney always had great chemistry and the underlying concept of the show was always sound.

I just felt that Carter and crew drove it into the ground with their multi-leveled conspiracies and plot lines that were designed just to throw viewers off track.

Finally, when asked whether he regretted killing of characters because they now could not come back for this new movie Chjris Carter replied:

“Nobody’s ever really dead in the X-Files.”

As our British writer Niall might say: Cheeky bastard. icon smile X Files 2 WonderCon Panel

X-Files opens on July 25th.

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  1. I am soooooo happy that this is a stand-alone film that is just going to be The X-Files. I was a HUGE fan of the show when it was one. I even watched the seasons that were without Mulder. I have a feeling this might be the sleeper movie of the summer.

  2. WonderCon sounds like a great time Vic!!! Wow it would have been great to be there to see the X-Files cast & creator.
    I have no problem with a stand alone movie.

    I really hope that this X-files film actually re-starts the franchise back into another mini-series for HBO (wink-wink) or a full on tv show.
    Id rather see Duchovney on a X-files show then on Californication.
    Even though Californication is pretty good.
    Also great news (no wherewolves)…
    Werewolves are lame.

  3. I loved the series when it was on tv. I rarely got the chance to watch the episodes though. my Dad always had control over the tv when it was on… unfortunately he did not like the show. last summer I satisfied my X-Files itch when I found every season at my local library. I can’t wait for the trailer. I wish they had it on the internet… it always kinda sucks for guys like me who don’t ever get the chance to go to conventions. it does irritate me that they don’t put the trailer online when they show it at conventions. I suppose they have reasons, but what about all the other fans that have been waiting years for anything new that is X-Files?… I’m betting most of them were at that convention now that I think about it. ah, oh well. even though you guys at screen rant don’t put up bootleg trailers this is still the best site for movie news in my opinion. I’ll just wait for the official one, because I know Vic, Niall, or Heath will have it as soon as it’s online.

  4. Thanks Patrick. One of the main reasons they don’t put Con trailers online right away is as a show of appreciation to those who travel from other parts of the country to attend the Con.


  5. Cheeky bastard indeed! :-D


  6. I refuse to watch the bootlegged trailer–the quality stinks and they asked people not to do it.

    I’m pumped about the film!


  7. brovi says:



    [Reality lies behind the camera not in front.]

    The upcoming movie ‘X-Files 2′ hype was thrown out to the somewhat excited San Francisco fans at the WonderCon 2008 event last week. Notably, Gillian Anderson was in true Anderson form. Resistance.

    The ‘horse and pony act’ opened with Spotnitz as the first to be introduced. He then entered from stage left. Carter’s introduction came next. He then made his entrance. Both uneventfully took their seats side by side at the end of a long table which stretched the length of the stage, facing the Sci-fi audience. The noisy room jumped to being more rowdy and steady with moderate applause and shout-outs.

    Anderson then suddenly took the stage without being announced and it was clear that it wasn’t by accident. She refused to be heeled onto the stage. The house exploded into riotous appreciation. In the deafening confusion Duchvony hastily slipped onto the stage at a half run coming up from behind her. The roaring crowd then noticeably muted ever so slightly a notch or two. Anderson’s stride across the stage was relaxed with calm radiance looking neither left nor right and she seemed almost oblivious to the malay going on around her. Noticing the drop in the sound level she whipped a sharp glance over her shoulder, almost flinching at Duchvony’s rushing in on her unexpectedly.

    A bit startled but not surprised, in a spontaneous split second an expression snapped across her face in the direction of his feet. She was less than amused. Simultaneously she remained unruffled, and gracious to a point, just short of striking out in reflex. The stalking Californication celebrity looked done in and unkempt while taking his questionable fill of her thunder. Duchvony pretended not to notice as he found his way to his chair and nervously gaged the room while mechanically acting his jacket onto the back of his chair.

    His ‘grasping at straws’ entrance correlates famously and congruently with his kind of professional ethics. This could be the sum of his inner working dynamics with Anderson as a whole then and now, a microcosm or summation of their decade old rift; a palpably weird and tense moment. His ‘X-Files 2′ stage debut was an embarrassing and blatantly awkward moment, tripping them both up. It immediately brought back 2002 flashbacks of Duchovny’s past intolerable uneasiness with Anderson’s popularity overshadowing his own, his then demanding higher pay, and then his exiting from the TV X-Files first (knowing she wisely had resigned.) Not much has changed between GA & DD.

    As a prelude to the panel event: For those who may not know, old Hollywood has stalked and threatened Anderson with this project for years. Consequently throughout the panel discussions Anderson displayed a near morose demeanor and tone. She mixed it up with an occasional pouty lip of pointed displeasure. She at one point interjected a show stopping (literally) comment relating to them wanting to fire her during the X-Files TV series. More importantly, her absolute refrain from ever endorsing the movie spoke volumes.

    This holds true especially for those who are familiar with the facts. Old corp. Hollywood, along with their X-Files projects, has a tarnished and documented history. It’s extremely oppressive. There’s no love lost between them and Anderson. This coincides with the hostilities injected and lack of support from coworkers on the set of the TV X-Files, in Anderson’s fight against departmental injustices relating to women’s rights for working mothers. All the boys on the WonderCon 2008 ‘X-Files 2′ panel showed the world precisely were they stood (or rather sat) in 2002 when Gillian Anderson stood up for herself, more importantly for her first newborn child and for women’s rights.

    Taking the bizarre further, corp. Hollywood’s suspiciously handpicked members [or should we say paid actors] of the audience and/or questions stunk of methodical foul play. On average, Carter and old Hollywood’s ‘X-Files 2′ marketing voice and promoter Duchvony received the sophisticated beautifully scripted glorifying questions. Anderson got the star-struck fan on behavioral meds spewing garble.
    IN EXAMPLE (to paraphrase):

    ‘David haven’t you almost got your Doctorate Degree and you’re famous. Tell us how you do it! Can you please give us your secret?’

    ‘Gillian I’ve watched you since I was three …garble, garble …and X-Files series …garble, garble …I wuvvy you …goobby, wooby, oobby! …ooh!’

    The entire ‘X-Files 2′ broken WonderCon panel affair [Spotnitz, Carter, Anderson and Duchvony] was captured on video and spread widely on the internet.

    The unedited professionally shot full version (that you could actually see unhindered)revealed such a truthful state of affairs indeed. It highly emphasized the reality that this group is so sadly lacking in mutual comradery and continuity that the video immediately disappeared off the net. “Sorry video no longer available” started popping up everywhere and rightly so [that telling version is no longer to be found.]

    This WonderCon panel’s dirty laundry of bygone X-Files days captured digitally said it all. No amount of minute Hollywood office congeniality and/or smiles, backhanded jesting (mostly directed at GA by DD to include an oral copulation jab), or poses for the still shot could ever hope to mask the disjointed lameness of this forced gathering of people.

    The WonderCon panel video was killed within 24 hrs and replaced with a flood of -the same- half dozen giant beautiful photos showing friendly smiles now plastered all over the net.

    These smiley-face mili-seconds caught digitally were carefully chosen and constructed as ‘real time’ to misrepresent the truth of the moment and paint a facade of solidarity and success. Not even the trick photography of old Hollywood can put that wonderland back together again. Overall this ‘X-Files 2′ group of broken pieces was an example of forced association at its best.

    There’s little doubt that this ‘X-Files 2′ movie sequel has all the indicators of cheap graphics, a lot of Connolly and Peet, a little of Duchovny and just a hint of substance, Anderson. Oh, and a substantial amount of public rip off.$

  8. Thanks for writting that Brovi.
    Very interesting.I’m guessing Chris Carter prob had that vid pulled. I am a little surprised that GA even agreed to do this film and I still don’t believe the budget is around 30 mil.
    Its too bad DD is such a jerkoff when it comes to ego. The guy was an absolute b-actor until X-Files…

    I think the movie tralier for this film will make it or break it.

    Thanks again Brovi!