‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Trailer: Disney’s ‘Toy Story’ with Video Games

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The first official trailer has been released for Disney’s upcoming computer-animated film about the world of arcade video game characters, Wreck-It Ralph.

Oscar-nominated character actor John C. Reilly voices the namesake of Wreck-It Ralph: a hulking baddie in an 8-bit arcade game called Fix-It Felix Jr., whose sole purpose is life is to attempt to destroy buildings, only to be continually thwarted by the game’s eponymous hero (30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer). One day, Ralph finally decides that he’s had enough and escapes through the power cord – encountering other colorful digital characters like Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) and Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) on his quest to prove that he can be the good guy in a video game.


wreck it ralph trailer Wreck It Ralph Trailer: Disneys Toy Story with Video Games

Wreck-It Ralph

Essentially, the trailer makes Wreck-It Ralph look like Disney’s answer to Pixar films like Toy Story and Monsters Inc., in the sense that the former likewise explores a “secret world” that we humans have only ever imagined. The quality of 3D animation in Ralph doesn’t appear to hold a candle against Pixar’s most recent output (see: the trailers for Brave), but it’s still fairly expressive and pleasant on its own terms. Most of the humor and story elements teased here seem pretty standard, so the clever video game in-jokes (like Bowser, Dr. Robotnik, and the Pac-Man ghost being at Ralph’s therapy session) stand out all the more.

The mix of talent working behind-the-scenes on Wreck-It Ralph is perhaps more intriguing that this new footage – seeing how it includes screenwriters Jennifer Lee and Phil Johnston (Cedar Rapids), along with director Rich Moore: an animation veteran who previously helmed numerous episodes on Futurama, and worked on The Simpsons during its (golden) first few seasons. On those merits alone, this animated flick might be deserving of your attention.

Wreck-It Ralph opens in theaters around the U.S. on November 2nd, 2012.


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  1. I will check this out. I love John C. Reilly and Disney has a hit and miss record with this movies. Tangled was ok and Bolt was decent.

  2. Well this kinda came out of left field. Reminds me of “Tron” and “Monsters Inc” Inc with a “Reboot” backstory.

  3. Suprisingly optomistic about this! There is potential.

  4. I love disney movies, even their lesser ones are still better than most animated movies out there. This one had me worried, but the trailer really pick up my spirits. Hopefully this will be another disney hit.

  5. looking forward to this looks funny.

  6. “the trailer makes Wreck-It Ralph look like Disney’s answer to Pixar films like Toy Story and Monsters Inc.” – you do know that Disney owns Pixar so Disney doesn’t need to have an answer to anything from Pixar. Kind of weak writing.

    • You’re correct in saying that Disney owns Pixar – but it doesn’t have any creative input on Pixar’s films (similar to the Disney/Marvel relationship).

      • Yea… but you imply that they are in direct competition with each other. Disney doesn’t need to steal “marketshare” from a company that they profit from. If you wanted to say that this video game villain spin is Disney outshining the Shrek fairytale villain spin, then sure.

  7. this looks good, interesting concept, there is a lot of potential to mess with stylization throughout the movie as he jumps across game genre’s that could be pretty funny and interesting, hope this is good, Disney lost some of their mojo in the wake of pixars success but I hope this could bring some of it back

  8. This looks really interesting, and it should be a fun and original movie!

  9. amazing, not only does this showcase what gaming has evolved into (mostly mindless violence as stated by the main character), but it appeals to the current generation of kids as well (like how we used to play with toys and toy story was for us).

    this looks like it will be an epic movie, both in terms of visuals and narrative. disney/pixar are the apex predators when it comes to making cash off animated movies and i have no doubt that this will be as successful as their other movies for my aforementioned reasons (appeals to a new generation of kids and us older guys who grew up with arcades).

    • Video games have no simply devolved in to mindless violence. People only like to think of games like Gears Of War when they want to trash video games, but there are games out there that are far more than that. Majority of games will have violence that’s true but so did the old ones. The difference is most games in the modern era actually have strong stories, emotional core and some depth as well. Tell me how great the story telling of Mario was?

      While there may be games today that feature tons of violence they are hardly the majority of games. Games like Mario and Zelda and all the other oldies are still out there and making tons of money as well. There are also games like Mass Effect which have incredibly rich backstory and worlds and a fantastic story with loads of subtext and depth. Able to compete with any movie.

      Lets not forget a game like Heavy Rain which is very little violence at all. It’s a game that is 100% dedicated to it’s story rather than action and is a tense psychological thriller. Alan Wake is another good example as well.

      Most games these days are far from mindless. In fact mindless games are a very heavy Minority they are just a well marketed and profitable minority.

      • relax man, i personally am in the game dev business and i was simply referring to the good old days when you only gamed for fun and to socialise with mates after school, now it seems that all kids do is chat via the internet etc instead of physically talking to the group at a hang out or arcade. you cant really say that mindless violence is the minority when it isn’t, just look at some of the best seller games even as early as last month and you’ll notice that most just involve a lot of killing, repetition and mindless notions instead of innovative and fun ‘entertainment’ for a lack of a better word.

        for every heavy rain and mass effect there are 5 stupid and mindless shooters, for every fun and entertaining platformer there are 5 clones that do nothing to push the genre forward. the good thing about the ‘good old days’ of gaming was that franchises like zelda and mario where new and fresh, they only started bleeding them dry around the 1 generation of new consoles (xbox, ps2 gamecube era). before that mario, dk, metroid and the others where new, innovative and different not to mention the pioneers of change in the gaming industry, just like how pacman, frogger and those much more older games started everything, the 2nd wave of older games got the ball rolling and people started to really get into gaming.

        imo nothing will beat the olden days of gaming, where everything was good old fun and didn’t involve verbal abuse, trash talking, extreme competition (to a stage where people would play the same bs for 12hrs per day like they do now) or showing off (except maybe in games like street fighter and mk).

  10. Wow!!!! Qbert!!! How did Disney get the rights to use the images of all of these characters!?

    • Yeah, it’d be interesting to hear that story…

      I mean, how in the world do they have the rights to feature Bowser, Eggman and Qbert in a movie like this? It’s totally awesome, I just wonder how :/

      • Because they’re DISNEY.

  11. Zangief isnt bad.

  12. I want to see this movie for just the group therapy scene alone.
    And yeah, I wonder how they got the rights to use Zangief, Bowser and all the rest. If they call it a “parody” then they can get away with it I guess.

  13. Zangief is a villain?

  14. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!! I *HAVE* to see this now!

  15. the 2nd wave of older games got the ball rolling and people started to really get into gaming.

  16. It’s a commercial for saving money on air conditioning. And the plot sucks. The CGI was awful and the acting was flat. MSN needs new trailers.

  17. I think pixar should have made this one instead of ‘brave’, nothing special about brave whatsoever just pretty visuals, This is more of a pixar concept.