‘Wreck-It-Ralph’ & Star Wars Episode 7 – SR Underground Ep. 64

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Screen Rant Underground Podcast Header Wreck It Ralph & Star Wars Episode 7   SR Underground Ep. 64

The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode sixty-four of the Screen Rant Underground.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review Wreck-It-Ralph, discuss Star Wars Episode 7 and new Marvel movie news, plus offer our thoughts on The Walking Dead season 3.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 64 – Wreck-It-Ralph

In episode 64 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast we review Wreck-It-Ralph, discuss Star Wars Episode 7 and new Marvel movie news, plus offer our thoughts on The Walking Dead season 3.

[0:00] News: Disney Purchases LucasFilm, Star Wars Episodes 7-12 Have Treatments; Plan Is For New Original Story plus Bryan Singer Officially Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past and Jamie Foxx up for Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

[55:35] Rants and Raves: The Walking Dead season 3, Justice League (1997), and I Spit on Your Grave (1978).

[1:15:50] Pre-Review Box Office Battle.

[1:20:58] Review: Wreck-It-Ralph (read our full Wreck-It-Ralph review).

[1:49:24] Listener E-mail (Favorite DVD/Blu-Ray Artwork), Twitter Handles, and Contact Information.

[2:08:09] Game Rant News Brief: Halo 4 review plus Mountain Dew opinion piece, Grand Theft Auto 5 will arrive Spring 2013, voice actor is meeting with Activision about Modern Warfare 4, specs from the newest PlayStation 4 development kit, and new Skyrim DLC.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



Bonus: In the podcast Kofi discusses the Justice League (1997) TV film. Check out a “great” (read: bad) scene from the movie below. Did we mention the cast includes David Krumholtz and Miguel Ferrer?:

Next Week’s Review: Skyfall

Last Week’s Reader Box Office Battle Winner (Cloud Atlas Opening Weekend): BMike3030

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  1. Governor is a normal guy, he is messed up.

    • is not a normal guy…

    • Do you know many normal guys who keep people’s heads in aquariums? ;)

    • haha, there’s messed up … then there’s what the Governor is. Next-level insanity.

  2. Extremely slow download…Maybe everyone is crashing the site wanting to hear more tidbits on Star Wars :)

    • I was noticing that too. Not sure what’s going on. Let me know if the problem persists.

    • Me too. It’s going 1/50th normal speed in iTunes :|

  3. The beginning with ben talking about his jurassic park was adorable….

    1 Wreck it Ralph
    2 Skyfall
    3 Flight
    4 Argo
    5 The Man with Iron fists mcstupid title
    10 Paranormal Activity 4

    Seth rogen sucks(ass) and I hate his voice, john c reily rules and the message was fine, not heavy. Screw Reboot.
    Cant believe you guys werent excited about this film…….I loved it so much, even more than any pixar film.(that includes toy story) I left the theater in such a positive mood even more so than avengers.

    • I think we were just kind of burned out from the amount of people around us that have been raving about the movie. I definitely really enjoyed it, hence the 4/5 review, but… as much as I loved it I did feel like some things weren’t quiet as strong as the credit that is being given.

    • I prefer John C. Reilly’s voice for this too. I feel like I’ve like Rogen is too familiar a voice now, and doesn’t stand out as much as Reilly’s can. Reilly’s got more range.

      • I was in high school when superbad came out and I hate him, jonah hill and michael cera but the movie took over my school for awhile and sprung those three further into fame and more movies and my hate continued.

        the only two out of that I dont hate and in fact really like are
        Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Emma Stone.

        God I hate seth rogen….I can imagine his laugh in my head right now…auugh…hate.

  4. Let me just say I like the news first like you do and I like the rants and raves and movie review last.
    I like the one movie dedications for big films and believe the review should be proportional.
    If I had any suggestions Id say it be cool if you guys checked out cartoons.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

    • Cartoons…likkkeeeee.. the X-Men?!


      Second best is Avatar: The Last Airbender.

      • like Young Justice and Adventure Time.
        Check’em out.

      • Did you enjoy the X-Men: Evolution series, Rob?

        • if he did he should watch wolverine and the xmen, whos first season is basically days of future past

  5. 1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck it Ralph
    3. Flight
    4. Argo
    5.The Man with the Iron Fists
    10. Hotel Transylvania

  6. My main ‘thing’ with movies is the move scores. John Williams isn’t getting any younger and who knows if he’ll be able to continue composing for Star Wars. Like the Harry Potter movies, they might hire new composers but keep John Williams’ main theme. The only good thing about ‘Phantom Menace’ is the great music. I actually got started editing music and podcasts by splicing together the whole musical score for TPM and learning how to use certain audio editing software. The studio initially released a kind of “best of” soundtrack with only about half the music from the movie. I found a soundtrack magazine that laid out how to rip music from the video games and the original soundtrack release to splice the whole score together – fun :) Of course they made a full release of the whole soundtrack about a year later due to popular demand, but I was really proud of my version.

    • If John Williams isn’t available for the new Star Wars movies I’d go for Michael Giacchino (Super 8, Star Trek), John Ottman (Superman Returns) or Edward Shearmur (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow). All three of them are able to compose music that sounds a lot like John Wlliam’s scores and would be right for the job.

      • I’m glad you brought up “Superman Returns”. That was another case where the creators kept John Williams’ Main Themes for Superman but still had Ottman compose an original score for the rest of the movie.

  7. 1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck it Ralph
    3. Flight
    4. Argo
    5. Man with Iron fists
    10. Paranormal activity

  8. Very exciting to hear Crossbones will be in Cap 2 hopefully they start off with them working together with a rivalry with Winter Soldier then an epic fight scene at the end, hopefully its Zemo or Strucker pulling the string of Hydra/Aim to set up a Hydra vs SHIELD angle…

    I agree with your assertion of Bryan Singer, he tells a pretty good but the action in his movies is less than desirable and they probably need to tell the story in the right way since they are going to be bringing back all the story elements from all the X-Men movie but if they are bringing Sentinels into this movies and they can do the action justice then it could be pretty epic…

  9. So I’m excited for xmen. Here’s hoping tht the wolverine is a lead in of some sort to days of future past. I think it would awesome if that was kick start to days of furture past. Which also I’m not mad or anything about singer. I liked the first two. They hold up in my eyes. Not fantastic but solid films. I want a action oriented xmen film with strong story and character focus’. But I also have high hopes for amazing Spider-Man 2. Not too fond on te Mary Jane casting but Jaimie fox sounds awesome for a villain I can definelty see that. My favorite fox film is law abiding citizen. He was intense in that.

    Walking dead is my favorite show on television right now. Lori is calling her faults which is fantastic and Carl I found annoying in season 2 but I ne’er hated him. Season 3 he’s a badass following his father who Rick is a complete badass!! He’s such a intense guy and Andrew Lincoln portrays him exactly how I hoped Rick was to e portrayed before I watched the show.

    I really like the BLU ray case discussion. Personally I hate cardboard cases a lot. And for that reason I rarely buy special editions that have cardboard casing. For example I bought the office season 6 on BluRay and it was cardboard with plastic but the plastic breaks cuz te way they place the discs inside it. Very lame and not exciting at all. But my favorite cover will have to be maybe the BluRay combo for the upcoming AMAZIBG Spider-Man cuz I love that poster. But my favorite menu is the walking dead season 2. And a cool case is the walking dead season one cuz half of it is the comic drawn characters and the other side mirror the drawn characters with te real life characters. So very cool.

    Oh yeah for as far as how you guys set up the podcasts. I really like te news at the beginning. And the reviews. Those are my favorites. I love the rants a raves but sometimes I’d rather you guys continue new conversations usually when it’s comic book related. Lol cuz I’m a huge dork and love that stuff. Haha.ad of course I love the Gamerant brief I would like for you guys to maybe have longer discussions bout game news. Not al game news but te higher profile news.

    Box office battle
    Yeah cloud atlas week was tough. The winner got four points? I don’t even wanna know how I did lol
    1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck it Ralph.
    3. Flight
    4. The man with the iron fists
    5. Argo
    10. Paranormal activity 4

    • I agree. Comic book stuff would be great. Also, more video game news/reviews/talk would be greatly appreciated. But i do like the rants and raves as it turns me on to new shows and movies.

      FYI: you had 1 point

  10. 1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck it Ralph
    3. Flight
    4. Argo
    5.The Man with the Iron Fists
    10. Paranormal Activity 4

  11. I am cautiously optimistic about Star Wars Eisode 7 but I hate that they are going with an original story instead of basing it off the novels. I can’t wait for Crossbones in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and hopefully some Arnim Zola. Glad to see Bryan Singer back for X-Men. I was always meh with the X-Men movies even the first two. I don’t really care if Electro is played by Jaimie Fox. Electro is’nt too big of a character to really matter.
    Box Office Battle
    4.The Man with the Iron Fists
    10.Hotel Transylvania

  12. Regarding the possible changes to the podcast: I must admit that I was never very fond of the Box Office Battles. I couldn’t care less about how much money a movie makes, and shuffling movies around in lists for 5-10 minutes isn’t very interesting, even with the occasional joke or quip thrown in. The only intersting part about that segment are your discussions of trashy punishment movies, but I’m sure they could be worked into the show in a different way. Roll some dice or something. ;)

  13. 1 – Skyfall
    2 – Wreck It Ralph
    3 – Flight
    4 – Argo
    5 – Taken 2
    10 – PA4

  14. Ben promised, I think in episode 16, that he would release the Green Lantern and Transformers practice shows. I think the box-office battle is alright but it’s only between 4 people, and I think the punishment rules for the loser are getting really involved and silly. I still think my idea as a punishment for the box office loser or as part of the review for the new movie being reviewed, the new movie should be compared to older, similar movies. For example, I thought part of the plot points in Looper were similar to the Terminator movies. Parts of Prometheus were similar to Mission to Mars (and of course the Alien movies).

    I think the best shows are were you pick apart a bad or even a good movie. I enjoyed watching Prometheus but I also enjoyed hearing it taken apart.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. This week:

    1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck It Ralph
    3. Argo
    4. Cloud Atlas
    5. Flight
    10. Paranormal Activity

    Just some Walking Dead comments: the first season I think felt like a traditional zombie apocalypse movie where they kind of had a goal (i.e., Rick needed to find his family, get to the CDC to see whats going on etc). The second season became more of a soap opera character drama, and though I enjoyed it more than other people did, I still feel like it lost some of the momentum it gained in the first season. Now, though, they really stepped it up. Not only are there more freaking awesome zombie kills, but it also seems like it has gotten back to what it was in the first season. I really love the going back and forth between Woodbury and the prison, because even though the group has gone from one static location (the farm) to another (the prison) it is broken up by the other location. I think all of the farm stuff would have been received better if it wasn’t the only place we got to see. To me, so far this whole third season feels like a totally different show from the second season and I love it.

  16. 1.Skyfall
    2.Wreck It Ralph
    5.Cloud Atlas
    10.Hotel Transylvania

  17. #1 Skyfall
    #2 Wreck-it Ralph
    #3 Flight
    #4 Argo
    #5 The Man With the Iron Fists
    #10 Paranormal Activity 4

  18. 1.Skyfall
    4.The Man with the Iron Fists
    10.Paranormal Activity

    I love all the segments, but one thing i could wish for:

    The old Wizard magazine used to have one of my favorite things, and that is the casting of different movies. I would like to see you guys cast a movie maybe once a month or something like that. Of course it would make sense to make it Comic/Video game related, but yeah, I would love that.

  19. Beast Wars is by far he best transformers tv show to date with Transformers Prime a close 2nd

  20. 1 Skyfall
    2 Wreck-It-Ralph
    3 Flight
    4 Argo
    5 The Man with the Iron Fists
    10 Paranormal Activity 4

  21. 1 Skyfall
    2 Wreck it ralph
    3 Flight
    4 Argo
    5 Man with the iron fist
    10 paranormal activity 4


  23. 1. Skyfall
    2. Wreck it Ralph
    3. Flight
    4. Argo
    5. Cloud atlas

  24. 1) Skyfall
    2) Wreck it Ralph
    3) Flight
    4) Argo
    5) Cloud Atlas

    10) Here comes the boom

  25. My Star Wars Soundtrack experience…
    It 1983 when Return of the Jedi came out and the whole family loaded up in the station wagon to go see it at the drive in…
    So here’s a 8yr old Kevin7 ready in his Star Wars feet pajamas, ready to roll then all of a sudden before the movie starts I have to use the bathroom. Of course nobody wants to go with me because the movie is about to start to I run to the bathroom and when I’m running back the music starts, blasting away from every direction through all the car radios and in that moment running while the music was playing I felt like I was in the movie. It was fantastic. Now it’s one of my favorite movie moments and part of the reason why I’m a fan to this day…

  26. Regarding the Podcast format, I would like to hear you review and discuss older movies during weeks with no major theatrical release instead of having tv or movie previews for an upcoming season. Especially movies from when you were younger that you all have a passion for. Be it positive or negative. For example, I’d really be interested in your discussion of movies like Terminator, Back To The Future, or even Jurassic Park for Ben. Keep up the good work.

  27. Speaking of Return of the Jedi listed above, I think the big reason why I enjoyed Avatar so much is because I could see it as a better version of Return of the Jedi. Avatar had many of the same elements as ‘Jedi’ with an Imperial force aggressive against an indigenous people, the main character undergoing the hero’s journey, and the heroes and indigenous people teaming up in the climatic battle to defeat the imperial forces. I haven’t seen Pocahontas or the other movies that Avatar is most often compared to so I can’t speak to those similarities. A new Star Wars with the great special effects of Avatar and with a better story than the prequels would be ideal.

    I would suggest having a different thread for people to list their box-office choices on rather than the podcast thread. When I comment on a podcast, I’m subscribed to that thread and I’m notified by email when someone else posts a comment. This is good because I’m interested in what others have to say about the subjects discussed in the podcast. However, it seems that more and more posts are just people listing their box-office battle picks and I don’t really care to get an email every time that happens.


  28. A solid female perspective every week, the sausage fest needs to end – I’d like to hear a female perspective on every episode – I love Roth but she may not be available every week for you – but you need to find someone.


  29. Maaaaan, screw an original Star Wars story; they got plenty of great stuff to work with! *sigh*, I swear man, if they screw this up…DON’T PLAY WITH MY STAR WARS UNIVERSE!!

    • Just consider it a Star Wars “future reboot”. Just like the new Star Trek alternate universe movie reboot won’t destroy all the Star Trek that has come before, the new Star Wars movies won’t destroy the established expanded universe either.