‘Wrath of the Titans’ Trailer: Gritty Fantasy Violence & Actual Titans

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When Battle: Lost Angeles director Jonathan Liebesman was brought on to helm Warner Bros.’ Wrath of the Titans, a sequel to the 2010 Clash of the Titans remake, he expressed a desire to fashion the mythological sequel as more of a truly grounded, down n’ dirty swords & sandals epic (in the vein of filmmaker Ridley Scott’s Gladiator).

Today, we have some official posters/banners and a teaser trailer for Wrath of the Titans – and while they both feature CGI creatures and bombastic action aplenty, there’s definitely a much more textural and unpolished look to this action-packed first look at the film (which even includes actual Titans).

Here is the official lowdown on the Wrath of the Titans, which takes place a decade after the events of Clash:

Dangerously weakened by humanity’s lack of devotion, the gods are losing control of the imprisoned Titans and their ferocious leader, Kronos, father of the long-ruling brothers Zeus (Liam Neeson), Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Poseidon (Danny Huston). The triumvirate had overthrown their powerful father long ago, leaving him to rot in the gloomy abyss of Tartarus, a dungeon that lies deep within the cavernous underworld.

Perseus (Sam Worthington) cannot ignore his true calling when Hades, along with Zeus’ godly son, Ares (Edgar Ramírez), switch loyalty and make a deal with Kronos to capture Zeus. The Titans’ strength grows stronger as Zeus’ remaining godly powers are siphoned, and hell is unleashed on earth. Enlisting the help of the warrior Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike), Poseidon’s demigod son, Argenor (Toby Kebbell), and fallen god Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), Perseus bravely embarks on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus, overthrow the Titans and save mankind.

Now check out the official Wrath of the Titans trailer below (NOTE: you’ll have to watch it on iTunes for the time being) and some official promotional banners/posters for the sequel below:


Head over to Apple.com for the HD version


Liebesman seems to have embraced a (literally) dirtier aesthetic with Wrath of the Titans; everything from Zeus’ onetime shimmering armor to the muted color scheme of the ancient Greek setting in this theatrical promo looks and feels much more grizzled in design, despite the abundance of (surprisingly imaginative) digital monsters parading about. Even the brief bits of acting featured here seem somewhat more understated and “authentic” than the often-hammy performances that pervaded throughout the critically-derided Clash of the Titans remake.

While Battle: Los Angeles failed to wow many a professional critic and casual moviegoer alike, that film was overall pretty well-directed (its failings were arguably due more to a weak script). This time around, Liebesman will be working from a screenplay that features contributions from people like Green Lantern story writer Greg Berlanti, Orphan and Red Riding Hood scribe David Leslie Johnson, and Oscar-nominee Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things, Eastern Promises); hopefully, that motley crew has provided their director with better material to work with.

Lastly – based on the steady-handed cinematography and slower-paced editing (ignoring the trailer’s cuts, that is) in this preliminary Wrath footage, the film should actually look decent in three dimensions… or, at the least, far better than the infamously subpar post-converted 3D version of Clash did.

We will see if that is indeed the case when Wrath of the Titans hits 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters around the U.S. on March 30th, 2012.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers


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  1. “You sweat like a human. Next it will be tears”

    Can’t wait. I don’t care what anyone says, the Clash remake was fun (better than the original IMO). And this looks awesome.

    • A black man you say?? Hmm…nah I’m good. Next time, spam somewhere else please.

      • So if he would have been advertising a white man, you’d be all over that?? Lol, just kidding man… :-D

    • GI Joe yes that deserves a secord chance but not Ghost Rider

      • +1 to mace…

  2. Looks awesome, will be seeing this opening day

  3. “While Battle: Los Angeles failed to wow many a professional critic and casual moviegoer alike, that film was overall pretty well-directed”

    No, it wasn’t. The action was literally IMPOSSIBLE to follow in that film.

    • It did suffer from an excess of shaky cam at times, I’ll grant you that. :-P

      • Am I the only person that loved Battle LA?

          • Awesome

        • No you are not. While it did have flaws, I enjoyed it a lot. People keep saying they couldn’t follow the action; well, I watched it again and I had no problem following the action. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the military being good guys this time? :-)

          • I couldnt get into it because of the irritating camera work.

          • @Kahless

            I had no trouble following the action either. I have no clue what people are talking about. I also think they are just trying to find something to gripe about because it paints the military in an overly positive light. Other than the aliens, that movie was actually one of the most accurate portrayals of real military tactics and movements I’ve seen from a movie in many many years. Probably since Black Hawk Down. Now Act of Valor will add to that list… I really really enjoyed Battle LA. I wish it gets a sequel and that it gets the same level of attention to detail regarding military action as Battle LA got… My only gripe about the movie was they had way too much casual chatter when the situation was obviously very serious… Hopefully if they have a sequel they will fix that, lol.

        • I absolutely LOVED ‘Battle: LA’… People are overly critical about everything, these days.

          • I just hated that everything in the film has been done before in just about every other. The only feeling I got from the movie was “been there, done that”.

            • @Ghost

              Honestly, I don’t really see how you could have walked away with that feeling. First, I don’t think I can remember another alien invasion movie where the alien technology was portrayed to be as “lived in” and “used and abused” such as this movie. Almost every one, they have very clean, futuristic, sci-fi technology that’s usually some nice clean looking white, semi-translucent, color, etc. etc. This one, they made them look like they were Marines who have seen a lot of battle, their equipment is worn and dirty, very different in my opinion.

              Also, how the troops are portrayed is very different for me. Lately, every time the military is shown on the big screen it seems like it’s always negative. They are either portrayed as blood thirsty war-mongers, or brainless imbeciles that just follows any order regardless of their moral weight… This one actually shows them for what they really are, individuals with feelings and desire to save or protect those around them, and regret and guilt for those they were unable to save or protect.

              Lastly, from what I’ve read and heard, the main actors were put through real military basic training, to get them into that military mindset and for them to learn real military tactics and maneuvers. That kind of attention to detail in military accuracy is also something you don’t see in a lot of movies. Black Hawk Down is probably the last movie that shows that, and that was a while ago.

              For me, it was a very different experience than the rest of the movies I’ve seen lately and was a very refreshing departure from most of that garbage… So I guess we have opposite opinions regarding this movie. Probably our priorities are just different…

              • @”Lastly, from what I’ve read and heard, the main actors were put through real military basic training, to get them into that military mindset and for them to learn real military tactics and maneuvers. That kind of attention to detail in military accuracy is also something you don’t see in a lot of movies. Black Hawk Down is probably the last movie that shows that, and that was a while ago.”

                Yeah, the actors in Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor went through training as well…just saying.

                I got that feeling b/c nothing in that movie was original. Everything was pretty much copied from other alien invasion films. Hell, they even try to quote Independence Day near the end.

                • @Ghost

                  Um, yah, there’s a clear difference here. Did that training and detail show in Bay’s movie? No. Did it show in this movie? Hell yes. No matter what is done behind the scenes, unless it’s allowed to be shown on screen by the script/director, it doesn’t matter. Like Tom Cruise getting firearms training for the movie Collateral. Did it show? Hell yes. Are there other actors who claim to have been through training for a movie but then when you watch the movie it’s just as Hollywood as anything else? Of course.

                  So really, you didn’t really make any real point with that, but thanks for the info anyway… :-)

                  Again, obviously you’ll fall under the category of “wouldn’t know what looks realistic anyway” so I guess things like that are not important for you, but they are to me. Again, difference in priority. You’re looking for something to stand out, something flashy about the aliens, technology, or whatever. I’m looking for the way the story is presented and the way the characters are portrayed. Which to me, is very different from most other movies lately.

                  • Absolutely love this comment, thought LA was a gem of a movie. Loved the way they inserted accurate references to history, without distorting the real history of the 1st Marines. The camera work was not shaky. I could follow the action without problems and you cant compare it to Cloverfield!

                  • Sorry, I couldn’t hear from all the way up on your pedestal.

                    • @ghost

                      I guess if you can’t think of anything to actually refute what I’ve said, making a random jab is your only option left. Good show. :-)

              • Battle:LA was like Cloverfield (shaky cam) meets Independence Day meets Platoon.
                It was ok IMO, but there was no story, it was about 2h of nonstop shaky battle scenes, I was tired of watching after 30 minutes and at the end I feld so dizzy I was wavering.
                Cloverfield was nothing comppared to this.

                • Ok, so it was like Independence day because it was overall humorous and was directed like a Michael Bay movie and they thought the aliens could be friendly at first? The main character was like a Will Smith like character that had funny one-liners… Oh wait, none of that happened. Anyway… And it’s like Platoon because it took place in Vietnam and the focus of the story was not the combat but the drama that unfolds within the platoon and a heated rivalry within it? Oh wait, that didn’t happen either…

                  So basically, the only relation to Platoon is that the military is in it, and the only relation to Independence day is that aliens are in it, and the only relation to Cloverfield is the shaky cam, which I don’t believe is near as bad as Cloverfield. But because of those three little things, this movie is just like those three movies put together. Wow, how clever… Well, if you put it in that super clever way, I guess you must be right…

                  Whoa, War of the Worlds is just like Mission: Impossible (Tom Cruise) meets ET (aliens) meets The Hurt Locker (military)!!

                  The Dark Knight is just like The Great Gatsby (has a millionaire in it) meets Patton (has a tank-like vehicle in it) meets It (clown)!!!

                  • Oh dear!
                    Calm down a bit, gee.

                    There are people with diferent opinions out there, get over it.

                    With your logic, you can only compare movies which are having the exact same plot, design and mood, or what?
                    Your arguments are ridiculous.

                    It has some aspects of the mentioned movies:

                    Independence day: The story of hostile aliens, invading earth.
                    Cloverfield: Shaky cam, to give it a realistic vibe.
                    Platoon: The reality-like, gritty, brutal, warzone-mood.

                    PS: You are realy funny

                    • Lol, calm down?? Um… if I was more calm when I typed that I wouldn’t be awake, lol. :-D

                      My point is that, you can relate SOME things from every movie with some other movie. There will enver be a movie where there is absolutely no aspects of it that can compared to another movie…

                      And I disagree with you about Platoon. That movie’s focus was less the battlefield of war and more the battlefield among individuals thrown together who might not like each other but are technically on the same side…

  4. alright trailer. what it annoy me about this WB make this movie instead of doing a Wonder Woman movie that follow Greek mythology.

    also Marilyn Manson version of “Sweet Dreams” is so overused in film trailers it just plain boring. used in House on Haunted Hill remake, Gamer and Trick ‘r Treat

  5. looks fun, can’t wait!

  6. where is that GOD OF WAR movie!!

  7. now these are Titans that bulls**t that the Immortal movie brought was so disappointing i mean why did the titans look like dirty people other than mythical monsters.

    • @Eric

      LMAO, I know what you mean! That “epic” battle was so lackluster and stupid… They were more like savages, not anything that looked like they could have fought the gods…

      • Exactly and why were they the same size as the gods and the gods were so weak even though the idea of them being younger was great the movie sucked so hard and it was nothing like 300 at all not even a little and Zeus did not use lightning at all.

    • agree!

  8. The first was horrible. Absolutely hated it. But this actually looks really good! You know what this means…..? I’m gonna watch it! Damn.

  9. I am one of the few that liked “Clash”, and this looks even better. Can’t wait!

    • now the twoheaded hellhounds from the original movie is there ,missed them in clash.

  10. worst music choice ever.

    Also where is the girl from the first movie???? She was the best part.

    • I’m guessing you mean Gemma Arterton-?

      She was busy working on Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters around the time filming began on the Titans sequel.

    • Why does everyone b**** about the music of these trailers?? These trailers are showcasing the action, action goes with fast music. Sorry it’s not artsy John Woo slow-mo to classical music, it’s fast, hard-hitting like rock music, I think it’s totally fitting…

        • Ooh, rated R… Oh my, they show blood, wow!!! LOL, um, there is a lot wrong with Immortals… There’s a lot wrong with Clash of the Titans too, but to me, at least that was somewhat entertaining, I was just wishing for Immortals to end.

          They made the biggest deal about that stupid bow and arrow, and it was used like twice in the entire movie. The villain just spends his whole time talking nonsense to everyone and somehow he’s intimidating, I think most people would just acknowledge that he’s out of his mind and someone would have killed him and taken over by that point… Not to mention, how poorly he treats all of his people, I wondered the entire movie why anybody stays on his side. The gods’ headwear was just completely STUPID, I literally laughed out loud in the theater when I first saw them. And I find it kind of funny that they have selective slow motion control too. Must be the John Woo ability. They make a big deal about the gods not helping them, yet even after Zeus comes down to stop the other gods from interfering, they still somehow get to keep and use the horses that were brought down for them, how convenient. And the scene with him burying his mother, he cut his leg to see his trail of blood. Great, wonderful way to explain how he finds his way out of the maze… question is… how the bloody hell does he find his way IN through the maze in the first place??? No monks to show him the way, and it’s not like he has a blood trail to follow in… And technically, isn’t causing a huge tidal wave considered interference by the gods? But that one wasn’t punished… I guess Zeus has his favorites… And yes, you pointed out the titans, but that must have been the worst climax ever. I mean, send down what was it, 3 or 4 gods to take on dozens, if not more, escaped Titans? Which, apparently, are nothing but fast moving dirty savages?? And is it just me, or did Theseus’ son seem a bit like he’s mentally challenged?? And what was that prediction that woman had about Theseus standing side by side with Hyperion?? That was never explored. NEVER was there a time where he even considered that or even appeared to be doing that. They should have at least added a little bit of a conflict there where maybe Theseus is tempted by something offered by Hyperion or something, but it was completely one-dimensional, just like Rourke’s portrayal in that movie…

          To me, there was nothing entertaining about the entire movie. Clash of the Titans, if nothing else, had big scorpions, a big monster, witches carrying an eyeball, and Medusa. However dumb those things sound, at least it was something you don’t see in every movie. What did Immortals have? A bunch of people running around? Mickey Rourke rambling on about whatever the hell he’s rambling about?

          • I guess you hated 300 as well huh? No half of the things you said might of been accurate,but i’ll have to catch it again when it comes out on dvd not everyone has moved on to bluy ray like you rich advanced people(:Just know immortals will be in my collection one way or another,for now we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  11. who was that blond girl?

    but this movie looks bueno

  12. You know, for all the flack Clash of the Titans gets, it wasn’t as terrible as everyone says. It wasn’t a great movie, but I was entertained, definitely more entertained than while watching Immortals… Well, except when Freida Pinto started taking her clothes off, then it got interesting, lol.

    But anyway, however you felt about Clash of the Titans, you have to admit, whoever cuts these trailers for that and now Wrath of the Titans, need a freakin’ award. I remember the trailer for Clash was freakin’ awesome. At least I liked it. And maybe the trailer was better than the movie, lol. Hopefully this one will be better than the trailer, but that’ll be hard, the trailer is put together exceptionally well…

  13. I think everyone hated the remake because most felt it was unworthy of the source material. I am one of those people. However the Clash remake was a great popcorn action flick.
    Going into this sequel I know what to expect and look forward to it. Awesome trailer and as much as I like the Immortals, these are what titans should look like.
    Thank god Worthington doesn’t look like a time travelling marine.

    • The source material they used was the original film (hence why its called a remake), and it was pretty much the exact same as the original. Well, at least in terms of plot that is.

      • Exactly, source material . . . why did you feel the need to clarify that?
        Not even close to the same, it was a pile of crap compared to the oringinal. Which I am guessing you have never seen to make a silly comment like that.

        • Yeah, I’ve seen the original and it’s over-rated. Good grief dude. The remake has the same damn plot as the original. In both versions Perseus goes out to stop the Kraken from killing Andromeda and Argus. Hell, he uses Medusa in BOTH versions. Yes, different things happen in the remake, the premise is the EXACT same.

          • Over-rated? Ray Harryhausen would slap you in the face for such a ridiculous comment. If you read either of my comments closely, you will see I have never once implied that the plots were different so stop being an arse.
            The movies are not of the same caliber. The ’81 version was hand crafted and you can see everyone involved put every effort into it. The ’10 version was a sloppy remake that was quickly put together. The ’81 version derseved much better. “Dude”

            • I’m not being an “arse” and I’m not stating any “rediculous” comments. I’m simply stating my opinion. You’re the one getting anal about the fact that I don’t agree with your opinion about the original version. Guess what? The creators of the original didn’t put much effort into the original. If they did, then why did we get a weak plot, bad acting, cheesy dialogue? It’s funny how the people that keep stating the original is a “classic” can’t come up with a good reason as to why. Unlike those that worship the original film, I can state the problems in the remake and still deal with the fact that many don’t like it.

              Grow up!

              • You are obviously blinded by your CGI hardon for this movie. There is a reason it scored 29% on Rotten Tomatoes while the classic scored a 65%. Let me guess though, your smarter than the critics as well.
                Now quit crying and move on to another post.

                • Yes, “obviously”. Since when is RT written in stone. Who cares if it has a low or high rating on RT? If the best you can come up with is using RT, then you’re just a waste of my time.

                  Once again, GROW UP!

                  • RT is written in stone because it is the cumulative consensus of professional and amateur critics alike. Taking a quick scan through the other comments, you are wasting everyone else’s time pretending to be a voice of reason.
                    I can do this all day, so keep up with the cry baby responses.

                    • “Cry baby responses”? Dude, YOU are the one blindly attacking me like a childe for simply having a different opinion about a film. Seriously, GROW UP!!!

                • BTW, yes, I do know more than what critic does. The only person that knows my taste in movies is ME. Just like the only person who knows your taste in movies is YOU. But unlike you, I don’t let critics tell me the quality of a film. I decide that for myself.

                  • @Ghost & Snow – let it drop please.


                    Paul Young

            • Snow,

              You’re pushing it with your inflammatory comments. If you can’t discuss this without name-calling you’ll have to find yourself another website where you can opine about film.


              • Sorry guys, I am done.
                Ghost, sorry for the grief. I get caught up in these comment sections.

    • Time traveling marine! LMFAO!!!

  14. Until they do an actual “God of War” movie, these will do. Looks pretty cool.

  15. Looks awesome, light years better than the first (tho i still found some enjoyment in it). And is he fighting Ares in some shots?

  16. Holy crap, the first one was good, not awesome, but this, it looks REALLY good…

    I find most action packed movies to lack on the story, or vice-versa, but Clash of the Titans was a better then expected mix. I enjoyed it alot, but if this movie is half as good as it looks, it would be better then the original (IMO).

  17. I’ll go see it but i don’t know why Gemma Arterton could pull double duty like Jeremy Renner did with Witch Hunters and Avengers.

    Why did they replace the original queen andromeda with Rosmund Pike?

  18. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…..

  19. This looks better then the first.

  20. wow,the titans look very cool.

  21. This was great! I can’t wait to see it. I wasn’t a big fan of the first due to my pickiness when it comes to graphics but this one looks awesome! Somebody complained about the music choice? Well, is was way freakin better than the avengers trailer music!

  22. I’m sure I’ve played this video game before.

  23. This looks pretty awesome IMO looks better than the first.

  24. The trailer was good but not great.

    Battle: LA was awesome but nothing I expected from the trailer which I found missing leading.

    I thought Battle: LA would had a great story but the movie was nothing but action.

    Let’s hope this movie turns out better.

  25. Cannot wait to see The Wrath of the Titans hitting theatres this coming summer ? With Greek Mythical Monsters and other cool stuff