‘Wrath of the Titans’ Featurette: Our Friend the Chimera

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wrath titans chimera featurette Wrath of the Titans Featurette: Our Friend the Chimera

Wrath of the Titans director Jonathan Liebesman and primary story/screenplay writer Dan Mazeau hope to deliver a 3D Greek mythological adventure tale that outdoes its predecessor (the Clash of the Titans remake), if only by having an unprecedented abundance of fantastical monsters wreaking havoc on the screen.

A new behind-the-scenes clip (complete with not-yet-seen footage) has been unveiled for the Titans sequel, focusing in particular on one of the more twisted Titans featured in the film: the Chimera, a furry and fanged two-headed beast that literally provides its own fuel for creating fire. All the Greek mythology experts reading this, feel free to take this interpretation of the creature as you will.

Check out that Wrath of the Titans featurette below:

The effects on display in the latest Wrath of the Titans footage continue to impress, as does Liebesman’s decision to shoot the film more akin to an authentic swords and sandals epic (a la Gladiator) than previous ancient world fantasy flicks like Clash of the Titans or Immortals. While the director went overboard with the unrefined camera work in last year’s Battle Los Angeles, he looks to have learned some lessons about how to “correctly” use shaky cam techniques in Wrath.

As far as story and acting goes: Mazeau has become a hot-in-demand writer around Tinseltown, but Wrath will be a worthy litmus test for determining whether or not that’s a good thing. Stars Liam Neeson and Sam Worthington have previously made encouraging comments about the film’s screenplay, with the latter likewise promising an improved performance on his part. Of course, it would be strange for them to say otherwise.

We will see if Wrath of the Titans does indeed make for an entertaining viewing experience when it hits theaters (in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D) around the U.S. on March 30th, 2012.

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  1. Hey you silly digital artists who worked on this thing…….in your overwhelming zeal to make it look “cool” you kind of edited out the unique heads. It’s supposed to have a lion’s and a goat’s head. /facepalm

    What’s funny is the concept artists got it right (as can bee seen between 47-53 secs with 3 different illustrations).

    I’m gonna ignore the wings and fire breathing aspect since this obviously follows Greek Myth about as well as the first movie.

    • lol I actually thought this was a griffin as first.

      • lol, and I thought it was a 2-headed manticore! I thought that was a pretty interesting take on the creature but it’s just an over CGIed chimera instead with some silly bells and whistles to make it “kool”.

  2. they shouldve had cerberus in this film. as he was a three headed dog that guarded the gates of hell for hades so he wouldve been perfect for this film. oh well maybe CotT3

  3. Coolio ;)

  4. It’s not large enough. Bellerophon had to use pegasus to get high enough to throw a spear down it’s throat. oh, that’s right Bellerophon doesn’t exist in this version because they have Jake Sully….I mean Perseus. And it looks like crap to boot.

    • yeah, don’t try too hard to find any real mythos in this movie, it will just make your head hurt.

  5. I can’t wait for this less then two weeks away.The last film i saw at the theatre ironicly was the Immortals,and i feel this will be better than that.And from the trailers i saw it seems this time the gods will be in action more like the gods were in Immortals.

  6. I liked God of War’s Chimera much more. This version looks like Yugioh’s Chimera..

  7. looks amazing, hope to see some creepy centaur, and Hydra in the next sequel.

  8. worthington’s accent is just unbearable, and i’m an aussie ffs, whilst the creature designs and special effects in this look cool, i doubt i’m gonna blow my cash on this (especially if it’s only available in 3d). might watch it in 2d on discount nights if reviewers say its good, but as it is, this is flying under my radar, i’d much rather go watch the raid twice then this atm.

  9. I don’t know why, but Hollywood always manages to ruin great stories and characters. People love mythology, but they always somehow manage go overboard on the design and effects. If they wanted to get things right, they should just look at video games for inspiration i.e. God of War, Age of Mythology. And no offence to Australians & Scottish, but can we use normal American actors with plain accents. When I watch a movie based on Greek, Egyptian, Persian etc mythology, I do not wanna hear an Australian accent and cast who look Nordic.

    • not all aussies have bad accents or cant put accents on, its just this joke that cant, just look at nicole kidman and hugh jackman, both outstanding aussie actors that can act, then take a look at this joke.

    • If the movie isn’t North American based, then as a North American i would rather the cast sound british/european/aussie etc.

      Last thing I want is Zeus sounding like all my next door neighbours

  10. First of all, The Minotaur and Chimera are not titans.

    Second of all, Screenrant (Sandy, Kofi, Vic, Rob, etc.), all you guys do is get blindly excited for every movie that’s coming out, when Hollywood’s rate of good movies is and has always been atrociously low. Journalism, people!

    Wrath will be stupid for several reasons:

    1. It’s not Greek mythology. It’s a bastardization of Greek mythology. Made up stories that do not teach Ovid or stuff like that. Wrath just teaches how hollywood destroys everything it touches. Like the Midas touch. Now there’s some mythology.

    2. Clash of the Titans was worse than hemorrhoid surgery. I know, I’ve seen Clash and I’ve had hemorrhoid surgery. Many times sequels are incredibly good, especially in fanboy genre films, but not when the first movie is so ungodly (pun intended) atrocious.

    3. The problem with using characters and events from Greek mythology is that Greek mythology existed in a time before there was this thing called suspense. They had no forms of narrative tensions. Stories were simply litanies of events. This happened. Then this happened. Then this happened. The end. And it just doesn’t translate to modern story telling. For instance, in Clash, when they fight the scorpions, two seconds later, they’re friends with the scorpions. How am I supposed to get involved in the characters when they have no emotions?

    Clash of the titans was awful and you all know it. Wrath is taking feces and trying to mold it into a trophy.

    • “all you guys do is get blindly excited for every movie that’s coming out”

      Oh how dare they! (sarcasm) A movie news site getting excited over movies??? They should be shut down! (Even more sarcasm)

      Regarding your #3; They became “friends” with the scorpions after the Djin took control of them. It didn’t just happen.

  11. The problem we have nowadays is that everything must be taken to the “ultimate extreme” for its own sake. Like others have said, the Chimera is a specific monster, specifically described in the myths, with defined attributes and details. A true-to-form Chimera would have been hideous and terrifying in itself, but that can’t be enough, can it? Everything needs to be designed, and designed, and designed again by committee and layered and caked and smothered in “good ideas” until the final product has all the authenticity of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. That’s how these tent pole movies feel to me, especially a movie like “Wrath of the Titans” that’s meant to be loud and stupid and about as deep as a pizza box. They have to “make up for it” somehow by over-designing every single detail, attempting to add calories. Unfortunately, they’re empty carbs instead of vitamins and minerals.

  12. People are awfully touchy about their Greek Mythology these days…

    I think this looks awesome!!! And, this video just made me wanna see it more!

    • Yes, the trailer does make the movie look very visually exciting but anywhere near an accurate representation of Greek myth it is not.

      It’s unfortunate that Hollywood in general feels the need to drastically embellish everything they touch. From books and comicbook adaptions all the way to age old myths. It’s as if the descriptions, as they are told, can’t possibly excite people enough to go see the movie in question so they are “forced” to jazz them up. I don’t know about anyone else but I think a chimera, as it described accurately in myth, would be JUST as terrifying (plus you would know what the hell it was since it looks like the description). I had no idea that was a chimera because literally the only recognizable element from the myth was the serpent headed tail.

      Just because you can change something doesn’t mean you should.