The 5 Worst Fictional Presidents

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GI Joe Retaliation Worst PresidentsThe office of President of the United States of America is the highest office in the land, and as such, is only entrusted to those deemed worthy. But thanks to the Cobra Commander, that's all about to change.As G.I. Joe: Retaliation will be picking up where the previous film left off, the villainous foes of the Joes aren't just turning the American government against their greatest heroes - they're doing so with a sleeper agent in the White House.Shockingly, an evil mastermind masquerading as the elected president isn't the worst case scenario. Whatever the Cobra Command has planned now that they've taken the White House, it can't be any worse than the leadership movie and TV fans have already witnessed.To prove our point, we present The 5 Worst Fictional Presidents.

President Allen Richmond

President Allen Richmond Absolute Power"It won't happen again. Consider it a blip on the screen."Appeared In: Absolute Power (1997)Presidents aren't required to be saints - that's a fact that several past scandals have revealed. But having an affair with - or covering up the death of - your best friend's wife is a different ball game altogether. Yet that's just what President Allen Richmond (Gene Hackman) did in Absolute Power, based on the David Baldacci novel.Things in the bedroom eventually got out of hand, the mistress fought back, and the Secret Service shot and killed her. President Richmond thought he was above the law, and attempted to have the incident covered up. He got his just desserts in the end, and the film may have changed the ending (where he was impeached and executed), but his acts remain every bit as despicable.

President Dwayne Camacho

President Camacho Idiocracy"We are running out of french fries and burrito coverings!"Appeared In: Idiocracy (2006)The title of '5-time Ultimate Smackdown Champion' will earn you fans in certain circles, but Washington D.C. isn't usually one of them. It's true that President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Camacho (Terry Crews) may be the ideal leader for...some Americans, but this lover of guns, women and dancing doesn't fit the traditional mold of president.Given the America depicted in Idiocracy, it's hard to judge President Camacho without conceding that he is a man of his time. While an embarrassment to the presidency, President Camcho did listen to the smartest man in the country, so he's got other politicians beat there. And if we're being honest, some added theatrics for the State of the Union would be a welcome addition.

President James Dale

President Dale Mars Attacks"They still have 2 out of 3 branches of the government working for them, and that ain't bad."Appeared In: Mars Attacks (1996)Before anyone leaps to the defense of President James 'Jimmy' Dale, we're not blaming the man for the Martian invasion; merely his reaction to it. It's hard to know exactly how a president would handle the arrival of a Martian fleet, but if that time ever comes, we hope they lead with more apprehension and reinforcements than Dale did.Besides inviting the Martians to speak with the entire House of Congress - after they had already killed the military present at their welcoming - Dale failed to learn what history has made clear: when encountering a new people, proceed with caution. Vaporizing Congress is one way to shake up Washington, but not preferable.

President Charles Logan

President Charles Logan 24"I don't care how you do it, I don't care what it takes, fix it!"Appeared In: 24 (2001-2010)Rather than pointing out the numerous mistakes and poor judgments made by President Logan (Gregory Itzin), let us just say that he is a shining example of why it's important for a Vice President to be qualified to step in at a moment's notice and lead a nation. Generally - and perhaps obviously - that means possessing the knowledge and experience to make decisions, deal with the consequences, and stay humble.Instead, President Logan turned to others for wisdom, took credit for others' planning, ignored useful advice and even attempted to have Jack Bauer arrested. Leaders who are incompetent without telling anyone are one thing, but actively endangering Americans? That's a new level of poor president.

President Baxter Harris

President Baxter Scary Movie"You're excited? You should feel my nipples."Appeared In: Scary Movie 3 (2003), Scary Movie 4 (2006)In the long history of terrible celluloid presidents, Scary Movie 3's President Baxter Harris (Leslie Nielsen) defies understanding. Sure, the movie was intended as a spoof, but that's hardly an excuse for portraying a president so clearly unqualified for the job. Even if he is a singular individual (capable of urinating from his forefinger), that alone shouldn't win him an election.We don't know what took place in America before the Scary Movie series is set, but if the country's Commander-in-Chief is a racist, ignorant, senile nudist - hilarious as he may be - then something went horribly wrong. So maybe he's right at home in the movie franchise, after all.


GI Joe Retaliation Worst PresidentsGranted, these presidents may not have the same malice or evil plans for the nation as that of Cobra Commander's sleeper agent in the White House, but that doesn't mean they didn't do serious damage.We'll see how G.I. Joe: Retaliation's presidential impostor fares compared to this collection, but at this point, he at least seems more aware of the office's importance.If you missed the details of our Retaliation set visit, check out our interviews with Roadblock (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson), Snake Eyes (Ray Park), as well as director John Chu - and of course, read our review of the film!G.I. Joe: Retaliation releases March 27th, 2013.-Follow Andrew on Twitter @andrew_dyce.
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  1. You know, some people would actualy Appluad him for Vaporizing congress…. I mean they would have betrayed him sooner or later XD

  2. did you laugh at your own joke.?

  3. You missed one of the worst presidents… President Tug Benson from Hot Shots part Deux :D My FAVOURITE of all time!

  4. Oh puleeeez — President Comacho is an awesome leader! Much better than that empty suit we have in the oval Office now.

    • So, Idiocracy is already happening then? Shame, I guess that movie was less comedy and more scary look into our present.

    • I for one would rather have an empty suit as president, then a president with an empty head like the one before the empty suit took office.

      Most importantly, keep in mind that this is a site about movies and television, and not CNN, so take your political POV elsewhere, and hopefully, everyone will do the same.

      Have a great day.

      • You told Rocket to to take her political POV elsewhere immediately after posting your own political POV.

        Pot… meet kettle.

  5. Animated president from Monsters Vs Aliens……. total creep

    • I was thinking of him too.

  6. I disagree completely, vaporizing Congress was an excellent idea.

  7. Uh, you guys realize that picking bad presidents in comedies that are mocking bad presidents…is kind of fail. Right?

  8. ^^ What Tronia said ^^ -1000% Truth!
    President Dwayne Camacho is the greatest fictional president EVER!!!!! “Get me a beer and get chu one too.”

  9. Bill Clinton from Contact was scary. I still have nightmares

    • LMAO

  10. Martin Sheen might have redeemed himself in The West Wing, but how about his turn as Greg Stillson in The Dead Zone? “Mr Vice President, Mr Secretary, the missiles are flying. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.” Or Donald Pleasence and Cliff Robertson in, (dis)respectively, Escape From New York/LA?

  11. I got scared when I saw the tag for 24… I was going to be very upset if President Palmer made the list!

    • God forbid. Wayne Palmer maybe (*shudders*), but David was fantastic.

      • not as good as logan tho…

  12. He’s technically not fictional, but there was an animated and exaggerated version of Arnold Schwarzenegger as president in The Simpson’s Movie. “I was elected to lead, not to read.”

  13. What? NO President Luthor?!

    • No I’m sorry this site does not count comic books as a medium. Try comic book rant and get off my lawn.

      And another thing to the author of this balatantly weak try for source material you did not list the real reasons why charles logan was a abd president on 24! He was arrested and impeached for allowing and cavorting with terrorists who conspired to kill americans, he killed people and he was evil! He tried to have jack bauer killed, not just arrested. If you’re going to talk about something with limited knowledge on the subject you need to either do some research or put it on the backburner instead of misrepresenting the truth and pasting malarky for the sake of filler.

      • No, I will NOT Get off your lawn. I simply made a comment. No need for you to be RUDE about it.

  14. How about colbert in Monsters vs. aliens?

  15. I knew the possibility of a GI Joe sequel when at the end of the first one Zartan as the president sat down in the chair and started whistling that song…

    • Happy Resurrection Day, folks.

      @ Jennifer Pruitt

      I didn’t see GI 2 yet, but when I did see the trailer I started to feel that the movie might smell a little when I saw them use the same cgi shape-changing method for zartan that they used for mystique in the x-men movies. I was doing my best to overlook that, but when several said that the movie was basically not that good, combined with Kofi Outlaw’s 2.5 out of 5 rating, I was like…dag gone it.

  16. How is Tiny Lister from The Fifth Element not on this list?!

    • Because it’s 5 Worst list… hehe.

  17. No, I will NOT Get off your lawn. I simply made a comment. No need for you to be RUDE about it.

  18. Obama is the worst fictional President!

  19. Who writes this? Do your research! Yes, President Dale should’ve taken slightly more caution in “Mars Attacks” but they had also been given word from the Martian Ambassador that they wanted to make peace and a truce. The first attack he assumed was because of a cultural mix-up (as his daughter said, the dove to them could mean war). After the “cultural misunderstanding,” it’s only natural that President Dale assumed that the mix-up was fixed and that the Martians truly wanted peace.

  20. How can you forget President Jaresh-Inyo from the Deep Space Nine two part episode Homefront/Paradise Lost? Inyo was the wosrt screen president of all time!

  21. wtf? logan was a fantastic president and a awesome character, you should have added the president from 2012 movie instead…

  22. All better than Obama. Obama is running a police state dictatorship and is destroying faith, family and debasing our currency.