From Page to Screen: 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes

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The 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - New Green GoblinEvery good super hero film needs a good super villain for the world-saving protagonist to fight - and apparently every super villain needs a good personal wardrobe assistant. After all, who has time to pick out properly contrasting colors and be concerned with how a fabric drapes on their body when there is a maniacal scheme of world domination to plan?Dozens of improperly-clad super villains have made their way from the comic book page to the big screen, and we've compiled our top 15 worst offenders. To make this list, the movie villain must have had a comic book version first - which unfortunately means no ridiculously-dressed Nuclear Man from Superman IV.Let's take a look at the 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes...

Green Goblin - 'Spider-Man'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Green Goblin (Spider-Man)This isn't the worst way to portray one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies of all time, but there is still plenty wrong with this costume for the Green Goblin.While we can't ask for a better recreation of "Gobby's" glider, the suit and mask are ridiculous. The movie does a decent job of explaining why the suit looks the way it does (it's a military flight suit) but it in no way properly represents the original comic book version. Making the mask a helmet was a misstep as well.We're not sure how anyone can properly pull off the original green suit and purple headsock from the comics - we just know that this wasn't a proper alternative.

The Shredder - 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)Oroku Saki is the leader of the ninja assassins known as the Foot Clan, and goes by the nickname "The Shredder" for the armor he wears. The large, sharp, pointed pieces of metal on his samurai-style armor are supposed to instill fear in his enemies. It does that quite nicely in the comics but in the movie...not so much.Nothing about the film version of  his costume is intimidating or cool. Instead of looking like a bad-ass ninja clan leader, he looks silly and uncomfortable. There's a reason why the artists never dressed Shredder in a glittery purple outfit - because it looks pretty dumb. Nothing about the sharp metal pieces on his helmet or armor are practical and he can't even turn his head without fear of lopping off his own ear.If the point of his costume was to drive laughter into the hearts of men, then mission accomplished.

The Russian - 'The Punisher'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - The Russian (The Punisher)Ivan Vassilovitch Dragovsky is a hitman known as "The Russian" who is hired to kill the Punisher. He's a brute of a man who's strength, endurance and durability are quite the match for the anti-hero.The Russian isn't really a snappy dresser in the comics, what with his silly striped shirt - but as ridiculous as it looks on paper, it's looks even more ridiculous on screen. WWE wrestler Kevin Nash doesn't quite match the big fella's height of 8 feet, but Nash is still an imposing man on screen...or he would be if he wasn't wearing thin red and white stripes.All this Russian "Where's Waldo?" is missing is a pair of thick black glasses and a hat.

Sabertooth - 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'

Worst Super Villain Costumes - Sabertooth (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)In the X-Men universe, Sabertooth is the fearsome enemy of Wolverine who has long blond hair resembling a mane, lion-like claws and superhuman strength.For his second film appearance, Victor Creed (a.k.a. Sabertooth) lost almost everything that made him recognizable as the super-powered villain. The vicious beast-like attitude was still there, but the long flowing golden locks had been replaced by a much shorter haircut and all that massive muscle had disappeared entirely. Also gone was the yellow and brown skin-tight Spandex...but that's not necessarily a bad thing.In the comics, when people see Sabertooth, they run. Unfortunately, in the movie, audiences were running for a completely different reason.

Juggernaut - 'X-Men: The Last Stand'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Juggernaut (X-men 3)Cain Marko, a.k.a. the Juggernaut, is an unstoppable force of pure might who received his great power from the mystical Gem of Cyttorak. Once he is in motion the only thing that can stop him is himself...or the Hulk. He wears a helmet to keep his step-brother, Professor Xavier, from being able to psychically mess with his mind.The classic comic version was overlooked for the modern Ultimate X-Men version, but the movie version left much to be desired. With all the muscle-bound actors in the business, the decision to take tough guy Vinnie Jones and swell him up through artificial means (CGI, body suit) seems pointless.Instead of looking like a bad-ass super villain, he looks like a rejected warrior from American Gladiators.

Mr. Freeze - 'Batman & Robin'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin)Mr. Freeze received his super powers after spilling cryogenic chemicals on himself while trying to find a cure for his wife's deadly disease. Because of the mishap he needs sub-zero temperatures to survive and built a suit to allow him to get around freely. With his freeze ray, Dr. Victor Fries battles Batman and plunders the good citizens of Gotham City.The movie version of Mr. Freeze's costume was an incredible piece of junk. All the see-through plastic and chromed-out plates on his armor made him look more like a Hasbro toy than a super villain to be reckoned with.This is one outfit that left us...cold. (Don't roll your eyes. You knew it was coming.)

Dracula - 'Blade: Trinity'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Dracula (Blade III)In the dark world of the Nightwalkers, Dracula is the king and is the number one enemy of the vampire hunter Blade.The comic version of Dracula and the movie version of Dracula are so far apart that, while it's implied the character onscreen is the King of the Vampires, his name was completely changed to Drake. For most of the film he dresses like a Serbian gangster/club owner instead of a slick and deadly vampire. At one point Dracula...Drake...Dagon...The, this guy trying to kill Blade, appears wearing a sleeveless leather vest and armor that only protects one arm and the neck while sword fighting.This concept is lifeless and generic and could have been so much better.

Two-Face - 'Batman Forever'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Two-Face (Batman Forever)District attorney Harvey Dent became the villainous Two-Face after being splashed in the face with acid at a trial. The incident caused Dent to develop multiple personality disorder which led to an obsession with duality.In the most typical comic form of his costume, Two-Face is in a suit and tie with the outfit occasionally being half "normal" and half "wild". The first movie version of this costume went overboard on the wild part, mixing four different types of animals skins - jaguar, cheetah, leopard and tiger.His bad makeup job aside, the black finger-less glove adorned with metal studs was hip during the eighties - too bad this movie was made in the nineties.

Bane - 'Batman & Robin'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Bane (Batman and Robin)Bane is supposed to be this imposing, super-strong, super-smart, highly resourceful and deadly super villain that battles Batman mano-e-mano. He was born in a prison called Peña Dura and his father was a world-renowned mercenary called "King Snake." Eventually Bane would defeat Batman by breaking his back.While the late WCW wrestler Robert "Jeep" Swenson matched the physical build of the comic version of Bane, the movie version of the mask and outfit were corny.Ignoring the fact that the hulkish brute only communicated in grunts and growls onscreen, he looks more like a Mexican Luchador hopped up on human growth hormone than a powerful and merciless super villain.

Poison Ivy - 'Batman & Robin'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Poison Ivy (Batman and Robin)The beautiful and deadly Poison Ivy used to be a intelligent and promising young botanist named Dr. Pamela Lillian Isle, until she was poisoned with an ancient Egyptian herb. Instead of killing her, the poison rendered her immune to all plant and animal-based toxins. She also developed the ability to release pheromones that allow her to control weak-minded individuals, usually males.In the comics, Poison Ivy's skin has become green in a process not unlike photosynthesis - but in the movie, her green skin was replaced with an awful and plain Spandex suit. Her characteristic flaming red hair remained, but they didn't try very hard to make it NOT look like a wig. We've see better hairpieces on Barbie dolls.How do you make Uma Thurman not look attractive? The people involved with this movie figured it out.

The Riddler - 'Batman Forever'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - The Riddler (Batman Forever)The cunning and puzzle loving Edward Nigma loves to taunt his enemies - especially Batman - with deadly riddles, hence his nickname, "The Riddler." What he lacks in physical prowess he more than makes up for in intelligence and can make or solve any puzzle in the world.Funnyman Jim Carrey seemed like a perfect casting choice to play the mad trickster onscreen, but his outfit wasn't really a match. On paper, an all-green unitard dotted with question marks works - but in real life, all that tightness...well, it leaves very little to the imagination. At least the signature question mark cane looks good.There's a reason why you rarely see this outfit worn by cosplayers...

New Green Goblin - 'Spider-Man 3'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - New Green Goblin (Spider-Man 3)After watching his father Norman Osborn die, seemingly at the hands of Spider-Man, Harry Osborn took up the mantle of the New Green Goblin. He battled Spider-Man countless times - not knowing he was trying to kill his best friend Peter Parker until amnesia wiped his memories and they reconciled.The second comic version of the Green Goblin saw only slight changes to the outfit worn by his father. The green color, while "scalier", remained but the purple clothing was replaced with a darker, more midnight-blue color. However, in the film they went in a completely different direction. His glider was replaced with a snowboard-inspired hoverboard and  his entire outfit was made to look like a member of a S.W.A.T. team. As if those changes weren't bad enough, they decided to give him a ridiculously inept mask that didn't even cover his head for protection while flying.We wish we too had amnesia, so we wouldn't have to remember this costume.

Bullseye - 'Daredevil'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Bullseye (Daredevil)The marksman known as Bullseye is one of Daredevil's deadliest foes. He has no real "super powers" but has the uncanny ability to almost never miss a target.Most costumes look better on paper than they ever could onscreen, so Bullseye's dark blue skintight outfit with white gloves would look plain silly in a film with a more serious tone; however, changing him into an Irish metalhead wearing a snakeskin trench coat wasn't the right way to go, either. The bullseye tattoo branding on his forehead was supposed to make him appear cool and intimidating, but it just looks like a weird Botox mistake.This costume misses the mark by a mile.

Blackheart - 'Ghost Rider'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Blackheart (Ghost Rider)Blackheart is the "son" of Mephisto. He is an all-powerful demon with supernatural powers such as super intelligence, speed, strength and telekinesis. He also has control of the armies of Hell and possesses no soul, which makes him a dangerous enemy for Ghost Rider.In the comics, Blackheart stays mostly in his demon form with large black quills on his head, piercing soulless red eyes and a huge, muscular body. Because he can shape change, he occasionally turns into a human form. The movie version of Blackheart stays human most of the time and only changes to a demonic appearance a few times,  but never truly reaches his awesome potential. Instead, the filmmakers opted to go with the generic (read: lame) all-black European clubber look.In their defense, most of the SFX CG budget was used to give Nicholas Cage hair as Johnny Blaze (ZING!).

Cobra Commander - 'G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra'

Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes - Cobra Commander (G.I. Joe: The Rise of COBRA)Cobra Commander is the leader of the terrorist organization COBRA and is widely considered to be the most ruthless, dangerous man in the world. He kidnaps the world's top scientists and researchers, forcing them to give up their secrets in order to aid his goal of world domination.Cobra Commander is severely disfigured and hides his face behind either a chromed, flat-front battle helmet or a simple hood in the comics. For 95% of the movie version he isn't even known as Cobra Commander, instead going by the name "The Doctor" and wearing a custom respirator and eye piece.  At the end of the film, he is given an "upgrade" to a full clear plastic facemask with, what we assume are air holes. Whatever they're called, it looks ridiculous and nothing like the great comic book version.On the plus side, it appears they may have nailed the appearance of Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe Retaliation.

The 15 Worst Super Villain Movie Costumes

Worst Super Villains Movie Costumes - JuggernautThose are our picks for the 15 Worst Movie Super Villain Costumes but there are plenty of super villain costumes we didn't mention that look absolutely ridiculous onscreen and nothing like their comic book versions - Callisto from X-Men: The Last Stand comes to mind.Are there any other super villain costumes that you would add to this list?Be sure to check out our Best and Worst Super Hero Movie Costumes as well.Follow me on Twitter - @MoviePaul.
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  1. I liked both of the Green Goblins suits.

    • @Writer – Even though Franco’s was neither “green” nor a “goblin”?


      • Everything is horrible!!!(jumps out window)

      • Yeah, I know and he did have a green face though. Plus James Franco was just plain cool with the flying skate board

        • @Writer – Hey, there’s nothing wrong with you liking the character at all. I’m glad you enjoyed it. If they hadn’t called him New Green Goblin, he wouldn’t have even made our list.

          Seriously though…he needed a full helmet.


          • @ Paul Young

            Yeah, you do have a good point and I agree with whole full helmet thing too.

          • Who needs a helmet when you got cool hair.

            • @digimass

              HA HA HA… so true… so true…

  2. I disagree about Sabretooth, I thought Liev Schrieber’s version was much better than Tyler Mane’s and was one of the bright spots of X.O. Wolverine. Could be just me.

    • @Damon – The character was fleshed out more which made it more enjoyable to watch but it looked nothing like Sabertooth. Kind of what they did to Deadpool and Mutant X imo.


      • Tyler Mane’s Sabertooth resembled the later depictions of the character in both appearance and judging by the lack of speaking parts intellect. When they first introduced the character into the X-Men he had shorter blonde hair and was about 6’6-6’7, which is still pretty big. He wasn’t even a mutant when first created, he was just another weirdo mercenary in a costume that fought Iron Fist.

    • @Damon, I was about to say the same thing.
      X-Men 1′s version was beyond campy. Usually I prefer if movies stay as close to the source material as possible, but in the case of Sabertooth, I think they did it right in XMO:W (and it’s pretty much the ONLY thing that movie did right lol).

  3. I agree with

    Cobra Commander
    Poison Ivy
    Mr. Freeze
    Shredder- but liked the helmet from 2nd film

    Can’t remember the rest. But liked Riddler’s costume & Bane’s. Bane’s was mcre closer to the comics. Imo, if they use Bane, they don’t keep his mouth covered & possibly have him wear a mask like he does on Batman:TAS.

    • Oh yeah. I didn’t mind Green Goblin costume. Better than they originally had with the rubber mask that looked awful. New Goblin,wtf? Didn’t look like a goblin, it was hovering snowboarder.

      • @ WallyWest

        I know I don’t get why everybody hated the first Green Goblin… The suit was pretty cool but need a little purple and the mask made the secret identity thing more believable.

        • @ Writer

          Yeah i agree about the mask but adding purple would be a problem as the suit itself was armor. My guess they would have Goblin wear purple vest w/what do you Indy’s purse-like thing? I forget what’s called. They could with idea or just have purple painted on the armor costume itself. Not sure what’s a good way, especially if he was to wear that purple hat thingy.

  4. The batman costumes with nipples should be on this list…

    • @IOs – Batman isn’t a villain which is all we focused on with this list but check out the Best/Worst Superhero Costumes list ;)


      • yeah i know batman is not a villain but you have to admit those costumes with nipples were pretty evil…

        I checked out the other list, thanks.

  5. Batman isn’t a villain.

  6. Venom should be added

    • @Wally – You didn’t like Venom? I thought he looked just like the comics, accept for when they pulled his face “mask” back to let Grace talk.


      • @ Paul

        Sorry. Maybe because Grace ruined it for me, i dunno. I thought Venom could of been more bulkier with his eyes & face just alittle more grostque. Pluse i hated the screams,grawls? Venom made. Lost for words on what they sounded like.

        • @Wally – Oh OK I’m with ya now. I can see the point your making. Grace really didn’t fit the character in any way at all. Sandman in human form was the only good thing about that film.


          • @ Paul Young


      • And how he was all webbed and purple………

      • I have to disagree. I felt that he didn’t look like his comic book counterpart. Venom went from being a large smooth-skinned monster. In the movie, his skin had loads of texture. It actually looked more like the movie adaptation of the Spawn costume. He was small, had small sharp teeth, a small (compared to the real Venom) tongue, and what was with his finger nails and toe nails? Man, I hope they do Venom better the next time around.

  7. At least Batman & Robin’s Bane looks like the comics. The Dark Knight Return’s Bane is so far removed from the original that he’s barely the same character.

    • I’m assuming you mean The Dark Knight Rises. In my opinion, B&R’s Bane looked ridiculous and corny, whereas TDKR’s Bane looked cool and intimidating. I know some had a problem with Nolan’s version though, he took certain liberties but I think in the end it was the right choice for the universe he created. Bane owned the screen in every scene he was in too, and in a good way. But again, just my opinion.

      • @ Pharaoh

        I agree with you on pretty much everything. I mean his acting was good, his style was good (including his mask) and his fighting was good. However I though his voice was pretty bad. I didn’t have trouble understanding it but I think it was the pitch and the tone of the voice that messed me up. After watching about half of the movie though the voice doesn’t make you cringe and it becomes better but it needed almost a Darth Vader voice instead of a bad imitation of Sean Connery.

      • @ Pharaoh

        The thing about Bane in TDKR was he didn’t speak like a moron & fought Batman like anyone would expect him to fight without him growling especially. But Bane in Batman & Robin looked more closely to his comic book counter-part. Imo Bane wasn’t intidating enough just as Batman & Robin’s Bane wasn’t. A improvement is all id say.

        • New version Bane did not look intimidating. Dude looked fat. Fight scene was so slow.

  8. That Juggernaut reminds me of Rihanna’s S&M music video now.

  9. Seriously, this is the worst list I have seen this site use since I started using it just today. I see this as… Lets nit pick at everything because I’m not a director or costume designer. thats how I read it. Most of the costumes looked ok, I hate the Batman and Robin movies but I liked the mister freeze suit. cant stand Arnold, but I dont judge sh*t by whos in it, and I think you are. thats my two and a half cent.

    • @moronicmisfit – You’re entitled to your opinion though nowhere in this article did I talk about the performance of the actors. I actually liked Arnold’s performance (a view not many people share mind you) but his outfit was horrible.

      Thanks for reading though.


  10. Should have been called the 10 worst batman villain movie costumes.

    • @Lex – The last two Batman films were hilariously over-camped but I liked Nicholson’s Joker, Devito’s Penguin and Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.


      • yes!

      • @ Paul Young

        I agree. Burton made all 3 villains looked good in his films. Though i thought Riddler’s was fine as Carrey fit the role. I read Burton would of gone for a riddler simliar to the one on Batman:TAS which i too would like to see next time. Even though it wasn’t acid that scarred him, Nolan nailed Two-Face.

      • Pfeiffer’s Catwoman is still my favourite Catwoman (I try to erase the Halle Berry version from my mind), but I admit that the new Hathaway version was not bad either.

        Still, Michelle was wild, chaotic and feline and not just some sexy cat burglar in a cat suit (lol so many cats). So yeah, that’s why she’s my favourite version.

        • Loved how she fought Batman one on one. the look on Batman’s face that first time,lol. Hathaway was good, but wasn’t as good as a fight as Phieffer was imo.

  11. I didn’t mind Green Goblin’s suit at all.

    New Goblin’s, however, is a different story. If he wasn’t labeled as New Goblin, I could understand the look: Harry was out to kill Peter for “killing” his father.

  12. Great list Paul. It reminded me of so many movie memories that, frankly, I wish I could forget ;)
    (Don’t agree with Sabertooth though, as mentioned in one of the comments above)

    • @The Avenger – HAH! Thanks bud. Glad you enjoyed it.

      I don’t see what you guys do regarding XO:W Sabertooth though.


  13. hmmm are you guys going to do the 10 best supervillian movie outfits next?

    also, sure it was campy, but I have always enjoyed Batman and Robin. Say, we have a couple of heroes confirmed, or speculated coming up, why dont you do the 10 superheroes who could hit it big with the costume, or become a complete disaster?

    • @mando – Actually, I’m working on a “Best of” list right now.

      I kind of like your idea about “what could be” regarding upcoming villains. I’ll put that on the research to-do list.


      • I actualy meant heroes, but you could do a combo list, I mean there is a good amount of both. Heck, Henry pym has had as many costumes in the comics as most of the other heroes have had in movies, having been Ant-man, Giant-Man, Goliath, and Yellowjacket(and a couple version of all of them) he may be one of my favorite heroes, but they could mess him up pretty badly. And what about Doctor Strange, just look at his outfits. But I dont think they could mess up Doctor Doom or Galactus anymore than Fox already has

  14. You have all missed the worst by far of all time: Cloud Galactus

    • @Matt – I actually considered him and Parallax from Green Lantern but neither of those “characters” really had a movie costume. Regardless, a giant space cloud as an all-consuming enemy was ridiculous.


      • that was a huge mistake, I mean his normal outfit is so awesome, and he could cause those with weak hearts a heart attack. not to menton all the devices and the giantship. cloud, not as intimidating

      • Character preconceptions aside, doesn’t a giant space cloud make perfect sense as an all-consuming vision? I think so.

        • It would’ve been better if the giant space cloud was somehow shielding Galactus/Parallax within. Sorta like “here’s your warning, destruction’sw gonna be here real soon”.

  15. Paul, I see. I was thinking – worst costume ,deviation from the comics. That’d have to be cloud Galactus

  16. I thought Nolan could let uf forget about all the other crap before him….

  17. Sabertooth was really cool in XO. One of the good things about that movie

  18. What About Galaxus FF2? & Parallax Green Lantern?

  19. Paul, just a clarifying comment. I don’t think Cobra Commander is burned or scarred. If I remember correctly from the comics he hides his face because who he was simply doesn’t exist anymore and it’s more symbolic than anything else. But I am pulling it from the Devil’s Due take on GI Joe.

    All in all a good list which I am sure was hard to dwindle down.

  20. ….Bane IS supposed to look like a luchadore wrestler hopped up on human growth hormone. That’s what he is! But it’s still a sh*tty costume

  21. Nuclear Man was in Superman IV, not in Superman VI. But he should never have existed in the first place.

    • Ezra

      Imo i thought Nuclear Man was pretty bada$$ & came close to killing Superman before Doomsday was even created in the comics. I know im in the minority. Despite the effects,etc. i enjoyed Superman 4 more than i did Superman 3 which im in the minority in too. Thinkin now, Mark Pillow maybe would of been a good Superman if the franchise didn’t die. He had muscles, Superman look to himself. Just needed to dye his hair black. But not sure what his voice sounded like since Gene Hackman was the voice of Nuclear Man.

  22. I liked the Green Goblin. No, the mask doesn’t really make sense, but it’s an awesome, very evocative piece of stylized art.

    Poison Ivy disappointed me greatly. She and Mr. Freeze could make fantastic serious characters. Still waiting for that.

  23. Are far as The Russian goes, his ‘silly striped shirt’ is a Telnnyashka that Soviet paratroopers, Marines etc have worn for decades. It’s a symbol of confidence and pride in their circles so I guess they were just being authentic having him wear one.

  24. What about Whiplash? He looked completely different from the comics.And the Iron Patriot-themed armor needs to be on one of these worst lists. The movies not even out yet and I’m pissed.
    Also, as much as I love Jennifer Lawrence, Mystique totally needed her white dress and boots.

    • This list is for the “worst super villain movie costumes”, not the “most comic-book-inaccurate movie costumes”

      Yes, in IM2 Whiplash looked different from the comics, but the costume was still pretty good, well designed and very intimidating (I’m talking about the one he was wearing in Monaco, not the generic iron suit from the boss battle).
      As for the “Iron Patriot armor” (I doubt they’ll even call it that in the movie), I think it looks fantastic, visually. I assume your beef doesn’t really lie with how it looks, but more with how Rodey wasn’t the one who wore it in the comics?

  25. Paul!! U missed victor van doom!!

    • @Freddie – LOL I wanted him on there but was overruled :)


  26. Note on Sabretooth: I thought Liev Schreiber in the Wolverine movie did a great job. Hairstyle isn’t everything – playing the character right is. Let’s contrast this with the terrible depiction of Sabretooth in the first X-Men movie; He had the costume and the hair, and stood out as the most ridiculous depiction of Sabretooth I can imagine.

    More importantly, Victor Creed was only occasionally drawn with long blond hair. In other instances, the long hair is attached to his costume.

  27. I know a villain that had a horrible costume. He was on the Green Hornet movie his name was Benjamin Chudnofsky I think. I know you already made the list of villains but I think this guy should be listed too.

  28. Great job going deep into some unique titles Paul! (Shredder & Cobra). When I first read the title – my mind instantly went to Burton’s Batman films. Other than the Green Goblin resembling a power ranger with his body language – I though it fit the role. I think Singers’ adaptations of his villains fit perfectly. I think starting fresh and making them a little more realistic was a smart move. Sometimes – making the characters resemble their comic book persona makes it unrealistic & awkward. (The Thing in F4 1 & 2) I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the reboot. Thanks for posting though! I’m looking forward to the best hero costumes!!

  29. “WWC wrestler Robert “Jeep” Swenson”…

    You mean the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico? Because I’m sure Swenson worked for World Championship Wrestling based in the US.

    Also, Kevin Nash looked intimidating in The Punisher, I think you just selected a goofy picture of him almost smiling and looking jolly for the article. Plus Nash is 6’11 in real life. If you were gonna put Nash on this list, you should’ve had his Super Shredder thing from Turtles 2.

    I also thought Bane in the comics was meant to look like a luchador? Either way, I hated his look in B&R. At least Nolan’s version looked intimidating and not goofy.

    If they reboot Batman and have Riddler as a villain, I hope Michael Fassbender is dressed in the green suit and bowler hat instead of the goofy unitard that Carrey wore.

    • @Dazz – Thanks, that was a simple slip up. I did indeed mean WCW. I didn’t just pick a goofy picture of Nash though. Go search for images of The Russian from the movie and they ALL look goofy. Nash is actually a pretty bad-ass dude but he looked silly imo.

      I agree with you about Bane and I don’t think Super Shredder ever existed in the comics did he? That’s why I left him off.