10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

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Worst Lines in Great Movies List 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else!”

We’ve all encountered them over our years of movie-watching: lines of dialogue so terrible, they elicit both groans and outright scorn from anyone with a hint of taste. It might seem impossible to assemble a list of the ‘Worst Movie Lines of All Time’ – as films seem to pursue that prize on an annual basis – yet movie fans won’t have to look far to see several lists claiming a select few films and quotations as universal offenders to the written word.

But that got us thinking: do bad lines pop up more often than usual in downright bad movies? Or are movie fans simply willing to overlook some truly terrible lines of dialogue if the surrounding film is a success? With that question in mind, we’ve steeled our resolve – and swallowed our pride – to point out some truly terrible lines in otherwise “great” movies (ex.: the infamously bad Storm/Toad quote from X-Men).

The entries on this list are generally acknowledged as anything but despicable in terms of writing, and while they remain close to our hearts, we think you’ll agree that these 10 Terrible Lines in Great Movies have earned some criticism.


10. Jurassic Park (1993)

Worst Movie Lines Jurassic Park 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Your investors, whom I represent, are deeply concerned. Forty-eight hours from now, if they’re not convinced, I’m not convinced. We’ll shut you down, John.

For those who may not recall every line of dialogue in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (what are you doing with your life?), this line is credited to Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), the lawyer sent along with the movie’s ‘dinosaur experts’ to determine the safety of the titular park. But for those who stop and think about the warning’s wording – if two days pass without distant investors being convinced, the man on the ground… won’t be? – the flawed logic becomes clear.

The pronoun-filled line is one of the most cited among fans as being confusing at best, and an outright mistake at worst. But the almost imperceptible flick of the pen in Gennaro’s hand reveals the “they” in his sentence to be not “the investors,” but the experts riding in the Jeep ahead. The terrible wording butchers the line entirely; if it were clearer, then the later scenes of Grant, Sattler and Malcolm being unconvinced while Gennaro saw only profits would be twice as interesting. As it stands, it’s a line best ignored in a movie famed for its quotable monologues.


9. North By Northwest (1959)

Worst Lines Great Movies North by Northwest 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“I never discuss love on an empty stomach.”
“You’ve already eaten.”
“But you haven’t.”

In the world of ‘mistaken identity’ thrillers, there is none more iconic than Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. While stars Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint earn the most attention, screenwriter Ernest Lehman deserves special praise. The acclaimed writer’s name may be unknown to younger readers, but his work on The Sound of MusicSweet Smell of Success, Sabrina and more is above criticism. And for North by Northwest, he came up with an exchange racy enough to send 1959 crowds into widespread bouts of ‘the vapors.’

The original line had the lovely young actress informing protagonist ‘Roger Thornhill’ that she “never made love on an empty stomach,” later clarifying it was his empty stomach she was referring to. That’s the blend of romance, sex appeal, wit and shock value that Hollywood screenwriters can only dream of today – and that 1959 censors wanted no part of. So what audiences got instead was the exchange seen above; completely meaningless.


8. Gladiator (2000)

Worst Lines Great Movies Gladiator Vexed 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Why is he still alive?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well he shouldn’t be alive. He vexes me… I’m terribly vexed.”

The title of Ridley Scott’s action-packed Gladiator may imply an ‘unrefined’ film, but it was strong enough to not only make Russell Crowe a household name, but cement him as equal parts action hero and legitimate Thespian. But while Crowe was the star, the character fans loved to hate – with good reason – was Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as Emperor Commodus, the film’s antagonist.

We’re no fans of simple villains, so were pleased to see the ‘sibling rivalry’ and jealousy behind the Commodus/Maximus animosity that drove the overall story. As for Phoenix’s performance, well… audiences were meant to despise him, so mission accomplished. Then came this:

There’s plenty to hate about the above sequence – from the Moulin-Rouge-esque camera sweep to Phoenix’s delivery – but the line left awkwardly suspended in midair is a sign of something far worse. To this point, audiences had revelled in their hatred of Commodus, a spoiled and self-involved brat. Stating that a man’s pulse “vexed” him makes his arrogance clear. The added emphasis reinforces the audience’s belief that he is a whiny, obnoxious oaf – but confirms that the filmmakers know it too. Getting an audience to despise a character is an achievement, but confirming it to be your intention (and not trusting viewers to get it) ruins the magic.


7. Superman: The Movie (1978)

Worst Lines Great Movies Superman 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Can you read my mind?”

Since the power of nostalgia has made criticizing Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie nearly impossible, we expect defenders for this entry. Even so, re-watching the film is inevitable, so more and more young comic book fans are bound to encounter this truly baffling sequence. Donner’s original plan for the film’s love theme “Can You Read My Mind” was to have it performed by his own Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) in a musical number. Unfortunately(?) the decision was made to work the song into the midnight flight between Lane and Superman (Christopher Reeve) with Kidder reciting the lyrics instead.

To get an accurate sense of Kidder’s delivery (akin to a grade school book report), enjoy:

The chemistry between Kidder and Reeve make the sequence work better than it could have, and voice over narration used to be far more common than it is today. But Kidder’s delivery is simply too deadpan to work, and the unexpected addition of an internal, detached  monologue defies logic. She couldn’t have read excerpts from the article she was writing in her head while flying next to her new “friend from another star”?


6. There Will Be Blood (2007)

Worst Movie Lines There Will Be Blood 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“I’m your brother… from another mother.”

Most movie critics or enthusiasts would describe writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (MagnoliaThe Master) as a somewhat enigmatic creator; far more interested in achieving a singular vision than pleasing mass audiences. The approach has worked, with leading actors and actresses in his film nailing down Academy Award nominations like clockwork. In the case of There Will Be Blood it was Daniel Day-Lewis who won accolades – but it was Kevin J. O’Connor who stole the spotlight for one truly troubled line of dialogue.

Audiences barely had time to recognize O’Connor (“is that the guy from The Mummy?”) before he made his relationship to Daniel Plainview clear: he was the main character’s brother – “from another mother.” Anyone under the age of sixty should know why this line seemed as out of place in the period film as a cell phone, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t addressed by Anderson. Normally we would say that the writer’s unwillingness to think of how his work would be viewed by the masses is a good thing. In this case, a revealing statement became a punchline – and a timeless one, at that.


5. Titanic (1997)

Worst Lines Great Movies Titanic 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

Of all the writer/directors in the world, few are as successful – or divisive – as James Cameron. He’s had hits – the first two Terminator films, Aliens, and The Abyss -  but few films are as universally mocked as the highly-quotable Titanic. Lines like “I’m the king of the world” or “I’ll never let go, Jack” are regularly recited with disdain, but in the context of the overall film, they make far more sense than their popularity in pop-culture implies. And they’re certainly not the most egregious offenders in the film.

It’s the insight into the nature of women, delivered in the voice of the elderly Rose (Gloria Stuart) that stands out most. Although the line may shed light on Cameron’s view of women (he is on his fifth marriage, for the record), it is so on the nose that it seems worthy evidence of those seek to discredit his writing abilities. Stating women are secretive while making not one, but two plays on the name of the film’s ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace? That’s the real tragedy.


4. Batman Begins (2005)

Worst Movie Lines in Batman Begin 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?”
“I won’t kill you. But I don’t have to save you.”

Director Christopher Nolan and his Dark Knight Trilogy set out to adapt the Batman mythology for modern audiences, but managed to keep much of the source material intact along the way. The efforts paid off for fans and the studio, even if the scripts have had a handful of missteps along the way – especially when placing Batman Begins alongside the later films (for instance: setting out to make criminals terrified of bats, before abandoning the idea completely).

But no line sums up one of our biggest issues better than the one above. In the film’s climax, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) informs his murderous mentor Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) that he will never become an executioner, killing in the name of a ‘greater good’ – before leaving him to die. Fans could be outraged given how false the twist is in regards to the Caped Crusader’s morals, but a new Batman (Ben Affleck) will emerge soon, so this bad memory is already fading into the background.


3. Spider-Man (2002)

Worst Lines Great Movies Spiderman Green Goblin 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Deliver us– [Green Goblin bursts through wall] — DELIVER US…”
“Finish it! Finish it!”

Every movie fan knows that director Sam Raimi has a love of eccentric and over-the-top dialogue and action, and mainstream audiences got their first mass exposure to his style in the form of Spider-Man. Contrary to what some might have thought, the result was a resounding success. And when Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) had his table manners checked by Spidey’s own Aunt May (Rosemary Harris), it was clear he would have the last laugh.

Unfortunately, the Green Goblin’s revenge was out of control in its campiness, even by Raimi’s standards. A quick reminder for those who have forgotten:

The modern comic book blockbuster may have Raimi and Spider-Man to thank, but no film has come close to being as cringe-worthy in its ‘heightened’ villains as Green Goblin. The fact that this exchange ended up exactly as Raimi intended proves that even the most inspired minds occasionally cross the line.


2. Man of Steel (2013)

Worst Lines Great Movies Man of Steel Kiss 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“They say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.”
“I think that only applies if you’re kissing a human.”

There are few tasks more daunting than re-imagining a global icon, and even if Christopher Nolan helped steer the way with his Dark Knight films, director Zack Snyder was courting scorn on a whole new level with Man of Steel. In the end, the cues taken from Nolan’s Batman universe were clear, but Superman’s origin story actually ended up as its own breed of action, drama, and humor. But some influences were clearer – and more flawed – than others.

For the unfamiliar, suffice to say that Lois Lane (Amy Adams) had an interesting reaction to barely surviving the decimation of Metropolis. A kiss from a hero after saving the day is nothing new, but this line stuck out so terribly, the overwhelming cheesiness of the sentiment was the least of its problems. Henry Cavill may have tried to save it with a comeback of his own, and it shares DNA with Nolan’s brand of Bat-humor, but in the Man of Steel universe, it’s completely out of place.


1. The Matrix (1999)

Worst Lines Great Movies Matrix Neo 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“He’s… a machine.”

A taste was all it took for The Matrix‘s Neo (Keanu Reeves) to realize the benefits of instantly downloading knowledge into a human brain. When Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) comes calling for an update on his progress – and an impromptu fistfight – Neo’s operator explains that Neo has had no sleep, no food, and no time off; in other words, he is “a machine.”

To a modern audience, that metaphor makes perfect sense, as athletes, geniuses, or simply devoted employees are often equated to machines for their unwavering stamina. But in the world of The Matrix, Tank (Marcus Chong) is likening Neo to the enemy currently seeking to wipe humanity from the Earth (imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark containing a scene in which Marion Ravenwood claimed Indiana Jones was “a real Nazi when it comes to archaeology”). Luckily Morpheus took Tank’s meaning, instead of immediately attacking the unconscious Neo, as he likely should have.



The Matrix Worst Movie Lines 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

Bad movie lines will continue to appear just as often as bad movies are made, but we hope this list has shown that even the greatest and most beloved films can have their rough spots. These poorly-conceived or confusing lines certainly didn’t sour the overall film, but it’s worth remembering that just as great writing can’t save a doomed project, poor writing doesn’t have to condemn one.


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  1. Gennaro’s line in Jurassic Park is not written bad, nor acted poorly. It helps explain the greed and hypocrisy of his character.

    He shows up on the island with severe doubts, makes it clear that the three experts have to be convinced in order for him to be convinced (and hence his investors to be happy). This is before anyone has *seen* any dinosaurs.

    Then, when Gennaro sees the dinosaurs he immediately says “we’re gonna make millions” (which gets a chuckle from the audience). At this point he no longer *cares* about the opinion of the experts, because all he can see are dollar signs, which his rich investors will love.

    Then, during dinner, Gennaro further goes on to say they’ll offer a ‘coupon day’ so everyone can come spend money at the park, and Hammond points out that only “the blood-sucking lawyer” is on his side. To which Gennaro thanks him.

    Gennaro then gets his ‘just desserts’ when he’s eaten alive running like a coward.

    It’s not a bad line of dialog, it fits perfectly!

    If you want to pick a horrible line from Jurassic Park, what about “It’s a UNIX system. I know this!” That’s one of the worst lines in movie history.

    • Why is that a bad line? It works perfectly well for the time it was made.

    • “Hold on to your butts.” That’s the one that made me groan.

      • Huh..? Really? I don’t understand how that line could bug you. It fits the character perfectly. It’s one of the best lines in the film in my opinion, and one of the most quoted, I think.

    • What bugged me most were the lines that seemed to be there just to introduce the toys that were to come. “It’s a Trike!” It’s a Veggiesaurous!”

    • Great explanation. I always just thought that “they’re” referred to the experts (Grant, Satler, Malcom), I realise the delivery made it seem like the he was talking about the investors (your explanation makes it far more likely now) but I just inferred/assumed a not non-physical point to the experts…

    • read the line . “if they’re not convinced, i’m not convinced” its not logically possible.

      • Um.. yes it is. Remember Gennaro’s referring to Grant, Malcolm and Sattler in the jeep ahead. So if they (Grant, Malcolm and Sattler) are not convinced, then he (Gennaro – and his investors) is not convinced. It makes perfect sense.

  2. I can’t quite remember the quote because I haven’t seen the film in years and can’t find the scene online but there was one line in Kickboxer where Van Damme argues with his brother and he says something like “I wish you could stand so I can put you right back in that wheelchair myself”.

    There’s also the hilarious but brilliantly bad scene where Van Damme sees Tong Po warming up for the fight with JCVD’s brother and Van Damme says “He’s kicking an f’ing wall” and the brother says “Yeah but has he got THESE moves?” and proceeds to shadow box.

    • This is ten terrible quotes from great movies.. not ten terrible quotes from terrible movies.

      • You think Kickboxer’s a terrible movie?

        That sucks for you. I quite like it. Got a soft spot for those cheesy action flicks of the 80s. Most people these days look to Bourne for their action fix, I immediately go to Robocop, Kickboxer, Bloodsport, Raw Deal, The Running Man, Commando, Predator and others. They’re more fun than a lot of today’s films, anyway.

        Then again, I wouldn’t expect much from someone with a username like yours. I suspect you’re into rap, which pretty much throws all arguments you have about good taste out the window.

        • @Dazz, agreed, cant get enough of the old gents, I mean Van Damme actually fights 10 guys whilst drunk and in the middle of what can only be described as dad dancing, whats not to like. also Commando has a Arnie stack of one liners I use all the time. ahh great days. hahaha

        • Why are you insulting them because they have a different opinion than you? You have to respect other people’s opinion, if you want your own opinion respected.

        • That last part of your comment was unnecessarily mean. It’s completely irrelevant to the conversation.

  3. How about the worst quotes from bad movies? Like Kevin Costner in the Untouchables, “Let’s do some good” just before they raid a bootlegger distillery. In fact, I think Costner has at least one bad line in every film he makes. He should be crowned “King of the Bad-Liners.”

    • Paul,

      I respect that you didn’t like The Untouchables, but I thought it was a good film. I liked Connery’s mini speech (they send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of Capone’s to the morgue), and the train station slo-mo scene is fantastic.

      Costner’s current stuff hasn’t been stellar (except Hatfields & McKoys on TV), but I think he’s been in some good films, like Dances with Wolves, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and No Way Out. I haven’t seen all his stuff, but my least favorite is Robin Hood, although Alan Rickman was fun to watch in that one.

      • I didn’t say Costner films weren’t entertaining. He’s certainly got the box office numbers to prove that. It just seems some of his dialogue is corny or stilted. I ‘m not sure if it’s the delivery or the writing or both. In the Untouchables he sounded more like Dudley Dooright than Eliot Ness. Not to mention the lack of historical accuracy in the storytelling.

        Side note: It’s funny that Hollywood has never been able to find an actor that actually looks like Al Capone. I’ve seen every portrayal of this character and none look even remotely like his photograph.



          Hey, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I just thought the movie was very good and not bad. I think I’ll watch it again and pay more attention to Costner’s lines/delivery. I do agree on the historical aspect of the film. How they handled Nitti’s demise (among other things) irked me.

  4. Everyone is hating Man of Steel while I personally hate Spiderman 1. Mainly because I cant stand Swiss Army Mouth (dunst), James Franco or Tobey McGuire.
    Man of Steel is phenomenal compared to Spiderman in my opinion.

    • Agreed but only if you include that whole mess of a trilogy and not just the first film.

      • Oh of course. I cant stand all 3. Alot of people believe Spider-man 2 to be the best comic movie ever and to them I say “YOU ARE HIGH”.

        • Well, i’ll ignore Dazz but what makes a good comic book movie in your opinion? And which CBM do you believe is the best till now?

        • I personally love the Spider-Man trilogy, but you’re both entitled to your opinions.

          • In my opinion, there are a lot worse super hero films than Spider-Man, like Daredevil, Elektra, Green Lantern, X Men Origins Wolverine, The Punisher, Punisher: War Zone, the Ghost Rider series, Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Hulk, and the Fantastic Four series, just to name a few.

            • Let me rephrase that, superhero/comic book films. Some of these may not count as super hero films.

    • When was there a Spiderman movie?

      • You know the one. It’s about Bernie Spiderman. Such a nice boy. He’s a dentist, you know. We should introduce him to your daughter Sarah.

      • And that kids is why you shouldn’t post from your phone. The punctuation police can and WILL catch you.
        Semicolon the bear says “Only you can prevent punctuation fires”

        Actually it’s just a pain in the arse to make sure everything is perfect. Especially with a damn lifeproof case. And I will not use auto correct. Last time I did that I told my wife “I would mow the lawn and do the dishes” when I was trying to tell her to mow the lawn, make me dinner and do the dishes. Damn selfless auto correct.

    • Every one has different taste. I personally enjoyed Spider-Man 1 and 2. I thought Man of Steel had some of the best action scenes in film history, but for me it wasn’t that great. Just personal preferences.

  5. The Storm line from The X-Men isn’t that bad — it’s the delivery of the line that was atrocious. As Joss Whedon (who wrote the line) explains, the last sentence wasn’t supposed to have been said with all of the gravitas of a Presidential speech. It was just supposed to be a glib, throw-away, line. So it was Halle Berry’s delivery that ruined that potentially humorous moment. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the director of the movie and wasn’t on set to correct the line interpretation.

    • Wait wait wait wait wait. Joss Whedon wrote the screenplay for X-Men 2000?

      • He was actually just there to help writers with the screenplay.

    • I’ve read at least a dozen interviews with people involved in making the film trying to explain away that line. I don’t believe a single word they say. Anyone who has ever read a comic or watched an action film KNOWS what the line was supposed to be: “You know what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning? It croaks.” We know this like we know the sun rises in the east. Some studio guy stepped in and said Storm doesn’t kill, so they changed it. And everybody is following the cover story. I am not a crackpot. But you know I’m right.

  6. SR. really? you suck.

    I totally disagree about the Matrix, Green Goblin and Batman Begins lines (yes! Batman Begins even if I dislike the movie, Bale, and Bale as Batman… I found that line fairly reasonable and executed.

  7. Rather than single out an actor or particular line…

    Punisher: War Zone

  8. I love that line from Batman Begins. Totally bada**

    • I think Dark Knight Rises has a much worse line in it.

      Bane: So, you came back to die with your city.

      Batman: No. I came back to stop you

      • I posted a response to someone else who liked that line agreeing with why I think that line was badass and not a terrible line. It’s on page one, won’t repeat myself here.

  9. This article is the only thing on Screenrant I’ve ever hated.

  10. Wow. Literally NONE of these were bad lines. And including Storm on the cover–strongly implying her TRULY terrible line from a good movie was going to make the list when it didn’t–was just flat out cheating.

  11. what about one of my all time favorite dumb lines from the first blade:
    “some muthaf**kas always tryin to ice skate up hill”
    i have no idea what it’s supposed to mean…and it’s pure awesome!

    • HAHA! That’s actually one of my favorite movie lines from a comic book movie. It’s just true: some people ARE always trying to ice skate uphill!

  12. I have a much, MUCH worse line of dialogue from Jurassic Park (a favorite of mine otherwise). When Dr. Sattler comes into the large dining room and finds Hammond eating all the ice cream from the kitchen, and they get into a discussion about philosophy as it relates to his venture:

    Sattler: “But it’s still a flea circus. It’s all an illusion.”
    Hammond: “When we have control of—”
    Sattler: “You never had control! THAT’S the illusion. I was overwhelmed by the power of this place. But I made a mistake too – I didn’t have respect for that power and it’s out now!”

    It’s a horribly ham-fisted way of equating ‘power’ as a sense of control and authority, with literal electrical power being out. Makes me cringe every time.

  13. I can’t believe you didn’t use George Lucas’ horrifying attempt at romance from Star Wars III: “You’re so beautiful.”
    “It must be because I’m in love.”
    “It must be because I’M so in love.”

    They were seconds away from snort-giggling and blowing smoochy-poo raspberries at each other. GAG.

    • Haha I JUST mentioned this in my comment, I’m pretty sure entire theaters puked when they heard that line. Don’t forget in AOTC, “I wish I could just WISH my feelings away”.

      Lucas was garbage, just complete garbage at writing and surrounding himself with yes men and women. Imagine yourself being in some meeting where he tossed this line out there and knowingly looking him in eye saying “yeah George that sounds great!”. Reason #1 why the prequels failed so miserably in popularity and substance. I don’t care how much money they made, Scary Movie made a lot of money too, let’s be serious.

      • Yeah, Meet The Spartans somehow managed to be the number 1 film in the US too and made a ton of money, I’ll never understand how but it’s like you said.

        I liked Episode 3 but only if I forget about the ridiculous love story and all the scenes that don’t involve Anakin killing innocent people. It’s basically 30 minutes of good film with several hours of eye-rolling in between.

    • Jesus f*ckin Christ, guys! It has been over nine years and yet I hear spoiled-ass fanboys whine, b*tch, and complain over a trilogy that has not even ruined the aspects of the Classic Trilogy (and having the nerve to go even more further along to claim that the prequels have indeed tarnished the Classics’ name overall, *rolls eyes). Whenever someone mentions the Star Wars Prequels – or Kingdom of Crystal Skull – all I hear is ‘WHAAAAA!!! WHHAAAA!!! I WANT EVERY MOVIE TO DUPLICATE THE ASPECTS OF ITS PREDECESSOR WITH NO ORIGINAL STORY!!!! WHHAAA!!!! WHAA!!!’

      The logic about still grieving about the prequels is just as abundant as the idea to dig up Stalin’s corpse just to chop it into tiny pieces and stick it up against the ass of Vladimir Putin to revolt against the USSR when it has been dead for over twenty years.

      Stop getting your panties tied up in a motherf*ckin bunch and stop beating the dead horse. The prequels have been done and they have been tarnished enough. Let them rest in peace already.

  14. Dude, seriously? Get off the high horse.

    Gennaro’s line is in no way “poorly” written, I’m pretty sure every body in the theater got EXACTLY what he was trying to say without criticizing the grammar. Not only does the “we’ll” include Gennaro, but he’s implying that he represents the investors and he’s just looking for something to bust Hammond for because it’s his job. Who made you grammar cop for a movie? This line in no way stood out as bad in any way, it sped by like the rest of the lines.

    If ANYTHING, Ellie’s “Run!” to Grant after she escapes the Raptor in the bunker was pretty lame. It was the delivery and conflicting emotions she seemed to be presenting that always make me cringe. It’s like she’s telling him to run faster because there is something behind him, but really it’s because she wants to embrace him quicker and feel safe faster. Really lame acting and delivery in that scene in an otherwise stellar film.

    Everyone can agree about the stupid X-Men line. Possibly the worst in movie history next to Anikan’s “I wish I could just wish my feelings way” in AOTC or “No, it’s because I’m so in love it with you” essentially restating Portman’s line in ROTS. I almost barfed in the theater and they immediately delegitimized the movies as pieces of any kind of art, but degraded them to soap opera status. Those movies are arguably NOT good movies (I would strongly argue this), so maybe they wouldn’t quite fit this article, but they are way more cringe-worthy and memorable.

    As for Batman and NEO, once again, pretty weak arguments there. Batman completely tricked Ras Al Ghul and still didn’t kill him outright, he left him to die which is not killing. Calling Neo a machine isn’t weird at all. It made sense and no one thought twice, stop overthinking it.

  15. PS screenrant, way to make a thinly veiled snarky comment towards Bale’s Batman as if you just KNOW that Affleck’s is going to be SO MUCH better and surpass Bale’s. PLEASE stop. Not a freaking chance, not to mention you act as if Bale left something in his Batman that needed fixing, which is wholly untrue. He was the best all-around Batman we’ve ever had. You know, the audience knows it, America knows it. Your just a fanboy who thinks anything NEW and FLASHY is best and anything DC does is taken as sacred and you swallow it without even thinking about if it’s “right”. Typical American consumer.

    • I love this comment.

  16. Affleck is gonna be so much better & surpass Bale.

    • What ? You must be from the future to have already seen BvS

  17. The worst line from a movie IMO :
    “Celts! They drink the blood of the dead”. From Robin Hood: Prince of thieves

  18. The writer of this was on her period? Or are you a dude? You’re girlfriend cheated on you today , didn’t she? Sorry bud, better luck next time

    • Your* sorry my lines suck as well. My are already published , however

  19. I thought the Batman line was awesome, showed a little more of his dark side. And the Matrix quote was fine – the criticism of that was a slight stretch.

  20. the north by northwest line is kinda witty and suave.

    Generally, I don’t get the point of fault finding in great movies.

    Worse, considering that the effing writer has a stupid definition of a great movie. Man of Steel?

    • The inclusion of Man of Steel in this article is quite baffling to me as well; I mean, this is a movie which is already littered with awful and sometimes questionable dialogue. Why not legendary movies like Citizen Kane, Gone With The Wind or even more popular superhero movies like the Avengers?

  21. I have to wade in with the line from Spiderman

    picture the fight scene – a burning building an intimidating figure in the Green Goblin, and a Line that still haunts me to this day, as I write this I can feel myself letting out a huge sigh and feeling my eyeballs role to the back of my head.


    Reminicent of a power ranger using his fists to speak. ‘I need to lie down’.

  22. What about, “That’s a lot of fish.” from 1998 Godzilla? That was HORRIBLE.

  23. Mr. Dyce,
    You are writing an article on ’10 Terrible Quotes’ and you wrote “And for North by Northwest, he came up with an exchange racy enough to send 1959 crowds into widespread bouts of ‘the vapors.’”
    Can you explain how something racy equates to ‘the vapors?’ The vapors were a common malady of women who wore overly tight corsets. When their bodies would attempt to pass gas, the constricting undergarment would cause a great deal of pain. As the woman was ythen taken to a private area and the corset loosened, the gas was released. Therefore, ‘the vapors’ have nothing to do with a woman’s sexual arousal, as your article would lead one to assume.

  24. Lame article

  25. I like to get my hands on a movie this guy has written. Pick on a line he wrote. Wait a minute! What am I saying? There aren’t any movies this guy has written. Surprise, not.

  26. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: Dr. Carol Marcus – “Can I cook, or can’t I?”

    She was a brilliant scientist, but at heart she was still a woman.

  27. Don’t know if anyone pointed this out yet, but Neo actually is a machine. He is a computer program, the 1st (Neo is an anagram of One) created to ferret out information about why the humans keep resisting, and to help the machines find a way to crack the human psyche so that they can finally generate a matrix where they won’t rebel.

    So while Tank may have meant it in a positive light, he was actually quite literally correct. Neo is a machine.