10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

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Worst Lines in Great Movies List 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Do you know what happens to a toad when it is struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else!”

We’ve all encountered them over our years of movie-watching: lines of dialogue so terrible, they elicit both groans and outright scorn from anyone with a hint of taste. It might seem impossible to assemble a list of the ‘Worst Movie Lines of All Time’ – as films seem to pursue that prize on an annual basis – yet movie fans won’t have to look far to see several lists claiming a select few films and quotations as universal offenders to the written word.

But that got us thinking: do bad lines pop up more often than usual in downright bad movies? Or are movie fans simply willing to overlook some truly terrible lines of dialogue if the surrounding film is a success? With that question in mind, we’ve steeled our resolve – and swallowed our pride – to point out some truly terrible lines in otherwise “great” movies (ex.: the infamously bad Storm/Toad quote from X-Men).

The entries on this list are generally acknowledged as anything but despicable in terms of writing, and while they remain close to our hearts, we think you’ll agree that these 10 Terrible Lines in Great Movies have earned some criticism.


10. Jurassic Park (1993)

Worst Movie Lines Jurassic Park 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Your investors, whom I represent, are deeply concerned. Forty-eight hours from now, if they’re not convinced, I’m not convinced. We’ll shut you down, John.

For those who may not recall every line of dialogue in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park (what are you doing with your life?), this line is credited to Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero), the lawyer sent along with the movie’s ‘dinosaur experts’ to determine the safety of the titular park. But for those who stop and think about the warning’s wording – if two days pass without distant investors being convinced, the man on the ground… won’t be? – the flawed logic becomes clear.

The pronoun-filled line is one of the most cited among fans as being confusing at best, and an outright mistake at worst. But the almost imperceptible flick of the pen in Gennaro’s hand reveals the “they” in his sentence to be not “the investors,” but the experts riding in the Jeep ahead. The terrible wording butchers the line entirely; if it were clearer, then the later scenes of Grant, Sattler and Malcolm being unconvinced while Gennaro saw only profits would be twice as interesting. As it stands, it’s a line best ignored in a movie famed for its quotable monologues.


9. North By Northwest (1959)

Worst Lines Great Movies North by Northwest 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“I never discuss love on an empty stomach.”
“You’ve already eaten.”
“But you haven’t.”

In the world of ‘mistaken identity’ thrillers, there is none more iconic than Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest. While stars Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint earn the most attention, screenwriter Ernest Lehman deserves special praise. The acclaimed writer’s name may be unknown to younger readers, but his work on The Sound of MusicSweet Smell of Success, Sabrina and more is above criticism. And for North by Northwest, he came up with an exchange racy enough to send 1959 crowds into widespread bouts of ‘the vapors.’

The original line had the lovely young actress informing protagonist ‘Roger Thornhill’ that she “never made love on an empty stomach,” later clarifying it was his empty stomach she was referring to. That’s the blend of romance, sex appeal, wit and shock value that Hollywood screenwriters can only dream of today – and that 1959 censors wanted no part of. So what audiences got instead was the exchange seen above; completely meaningless.


8. Gladiator (2000)

Worst Lines Great Movies Gladiator Vexed 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Why is he still alive?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well he shouldn’t be alive. He vexes me… I’m terribly vexed.”

The title of Ridley Scott’s action-packed Gladiator may imply an ‘unrefined’ film, but it was strong enough to not only make Russell Crowe a household name, but cement him as equal parts action hero and legitimate Thespian. But while Crowe was the star, the character fans loved to hate – with good reason – was Joaquin Phoenix’s turn as Emperor Commodus, the film’s antagonist.

We’re no fans of simple villains, so were pleased to see the ‘sibling rivalry’ and jealousy behind the Commodus/Maximus animosity that drove the overall story. As for Phoenix’s performance, well… audiences were meant to despise him, so mission accomplished. Then came this:

There’s plenty to hate about the above sequence – from the Moulin-Rouge-esque camera sweep to Phoenix’s delivery – but the line left awkwardly suspended in midair is a sign of something far worse. To this point, audiences had revelled in their hatred of Commodus, a spoiled and self-involved brat. Stating that a man’s pulse “vexed” him makes his arrogance clear. The added emphasis reinforces the audience’s belief that he is a whiny, obnoxious oaf – but confirms that the filmmakers know it too. Getting an audience to despise a character is an achievement, but confirming it to be your intention (and not trusting viewers to get it) ruins the magic.


7. Superman: The Movie (1978)

Worst Lines Great Movies Superman 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Can you read my mind?”

Since the power of nostalgia has made criticizing Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie nearly impossible, we expect defenders for this entry. Even so, re-watching the film is inevitable, so more and more young comic book fans are bound to encounter this truly baffling sequence. Donner’s original plan for the film’s love theme “Can You Read My Mind” was to have it performed by his own Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) in a musical number. Unfortunately(?) the decision was made to work the song into the midnight flight between Lane and Superman (Christopher Reeve) with Kidder reciting the lyrics instead.

To get an accurate sense of Kidder’s delivery (akin to a grade school book report), enjoy:

The chemistry between Kidder and Reeve make the sequence work better than it could have, and voice over narration used to be far more common than it is today. But Kidder’s delivery is simply too deadpan to work, and the unexpected addition of an internal, detached  monologue defies logic. She couldn’t have read excerpts from the article she was writing in her head while flying next to her new “friend from another star”?


6. There Will Be Blood (2007)

Worst Movie Lines There Will Be Blood 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“I’m your brother… from another mother.”

Most movie critics or enthusiasts would describe writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson (MagnoliaThe Master) as a somewhat enigmatic creator; far more interested in achieving a singular vision than pleasing mass audiences. The approach has worked, with leading actors and actresses in his film nailing down Academy Award nominations like clockwork. In the case of There Will Be Blood it was Daniel Day-Lewis who won accolades – but it was Kevin J. O’Connor who stole the spotlight for one truly troubled line of dialogue.

Audiences barely had time to recognize O’Connor (“is that the guy from The Mummy?”) before he made his relationship to Daniel Plainview clear: he was the main character’s brother – “from another mother.” Anyone under the age of sixty should know why this line seemed as out of place in the period film as a cell phone, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t addressed by Anderson. Normally we would say that the writer’s unwillingness to think of how his work would be viewed by the masses is a good thing. In this case, a revealing statement became a punchline – and a timeless one, at that.


5. Titanic (1997)

Worst Lines Great Movies Titanic 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

Of all the writer/directors in the world, few are as successful – or divisive – as James Cameron. He’s had hits – the first two Terminator films, Aliens, and The Abyss -  but few films are as universally mocked as the highly-quotable Titanic. Lines like “I’m the king of the world” or “I’ll never let go, Jack” are regularly recited with disdain, but in the context of the overall film, they make far more sense than their popularity in pop-culture implies. And they’re certainly not the most egregious offenders in the film.

It’s the insight into the nature of women, delivered in the voice of the elderly Rose (Gloria Stuart) that stands out most. Although the line may shed light on Cameron’s view of women (he is on his fifth marriage, for the record), it is so on the nose that it seems worthy evidence of those seek to discredit his writing abilities. Stating women are secretive while making not one, but two plays on the name of the film’s ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace? That’s the real tragedy.


4. Batman Begins (2005)

Worst Movie Lines in Batman Begin 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?”
“I won’t kill you. But I don’t have to save you.”

Director Christopher Nolan and his Dark Knight Trilogy set out to adapt the Batman mythology for modern audiences, but managed to keep much of the source material intact along the way. The efforts paid off for fans and the studio, even if the scripts have had a handful of missteps along the way – especially when placing Batman Begins alongside the later films (for instance: setting out to make criminals terrified of bats, before abandoning the idea completely).

But no line sums up one of our biggest issues better than the one above. In the film’s climax, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) informs his murderous mentor Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) that he will never become an executioner, killing in the name of a ‘greater good’ – before leaving him to die. Fans could be outraged given how false the twist is in regards to the Caped Crusader’s morals, but a new Batman (Ben Affleck) will emerge soon, so this bad memory is already fading into the background.


3. Spider-Man (2002)

Worst Lines Great Movies Spiderman Green Goblin 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“Deliver us– [Green Goblin bursts through wall] — DELIVER US…”
“Finish it! Finish it!”

Every movie fan knows that director Sam Raimi has a love of eccentric and over-the-top dialogue and action, and mainstream audiences got their first mass exposure to his style in the form of Spider-Man. Contrary to what some might have thought, the result was a resounding success. And when Norman Osborn (Willem Dafoe) had his table manners checked by Spidey’s own Aunt May (Rosemary Harris), it was clear he would have the last laugh.

Unfortunately, the Green Goblin’s revenge was out of control in its campiness, even by Raimi’s standards. A quick reminder for those who have forgotten:

The modern comic book blockbuster may have Raimi and Spider-Man to thank, but no film has come close to being as cringe-worthy in its ‘heightened’ villains as Green Goblin. The fact that this exchange ended up exactly as Raimi intended proves that even the most inspired minds occasionally cross the line.


2. Man of Steel (2013)

Worst Lines Great Movies Man of Steel Kiss 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“They say it’s all downhill after the first kiss.”
“I think that only applies if you’re kissing a human.”

There are few tasks more daunting than re-imagining a global icon, and even if Christopher Nolan helped steer the way with his Dark Knight films, director Zack Snyder was courting scorn on a whole new level with Man of Steel. In the end, the cues taken from Nolan’s Batman universe were clear, but Superman’s origin story actually ended up as its own breed of action, drama, and humor. But some influences were clearer – and more flawed – than others.

For the unfamiliar, suffice to say that Lois Lane (Amy Adams) had an interesting reaction to barely surviving the decimation of Metropolis. A kiss from a hero after saving the day is nothing new, but this line stuck out so terribly, the overwhelming cheesiness of the sentiment was the least of its problems. Henry Cavill may have tried to save it with a comeback of his own, and it shares DNA with Nolan’s brand of Bat-humor, but in the Man of Steel universe, it’s completely out of place.


1. The Matrix (1999)

Worst Lines Great Movies Matrix Neo 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

“He’s… a machine.”

A taste was all it took for The Matrix‘s Neo (Keanu Reeves) to realize the benefits of instantly downloading knowledge into a human brain. When Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) comes calling for an update on his progress – and an impromptu fistfight – Neo’s operator explains that Neo has had no sleep, no food, and no time off; in other words, he is “a machine.”

To a modern audience, that metaphor makes perfect sense, as athletes, geniuses, or simply devoted employees are often equated to machines for their unwavering stamina. But in the world of The Matrix, Tank (Marcus Chong) is likening Neo to the enemy currently seeking to wipe humanity from the Earth (imagine Raiders of the Lost Ark containing a scene in which Marion Ravenwood claimed Indiana Jones was “a real Nazi when it comes to archaeology”). Luckily Morpheus took Tank’s meaning, instead of immediately attacking the unconscious Neo, as he likely should have.



The Matrix Worst Movie Lines 10 Terrible Quotes From Great Movies

Bad movie lines will continue to appear just as often as bad movies are made, but we hope this list has shown that even the greatest and most beloved films can have their rough spots. These poorly-conceived or confusing lines certainly didn’t sour the overall film, but it’s worth remembering that just as great writing can’t save a doomed project, poor writing doesn’t have to condemn one.


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  1. I dont think Man of steel qualifies as a great movie

    • I knew this was gonna be the first comment :). When are people going to realise that Man of Steel is possibly Screenrant’s favourite movie of all time.

      Also, I don’t get the hate for the Batman Begins quote. I guess because Batman Begins is one of MY favourites.

      • DMC,

        Is it? Interesting, I didn’t know that. And I own the site. (Oh, and we didn’t give it 5 stars, while there are other films we’ve given that rating, so, there’s that.)

        Best regards,


        • Are you now??
          I believe there are many, me included, who think that Kofi Outlaw is the face of this site.
          And he would chop his balls off in defense of Man of Steel…

          • Got the link where Kofi says that?

          • “Face of this site”…. Dude, you need to stop right now.

            • @ash

              You know nothing, Ash Snow. I don’t defend Any movie/TV show so passionately I would chop off my balls.

              It’s really only idiots who believe I’m a “fanboy.” Half the idiots say I’m a Marvel fanboy; the other half say I’m a DC fanboy.

              Guess we don’t need to guess which type YOU are.

              • I love the articles and reviews you guys write, and I don’t personally agree with the backlash against you, but as professionals you guys NEED to learn how to handle criticism/insults better. Lashing back out by calling people idiots on the site only lowers your credibility and integrity as a journalist, IMO. It’s the Internet, you’re going to get people insulting people. But insulting back just isn’t the best idea.

              • Daaaammmnnn Kofi comin’ in here with the Troll Spray!

                Well played sir!

              • Well said Kofi.

              • Well that escalated quickly!

                • People know that Kofi didn’t write this article right? He just watched me type it over my shoulder….;)

                  • The plot thickens….
                    And Vic had a gun aimed at both of you
                    but Ben had the antidote to the poison
                    and then Rob revealed his true identity
                    but then everything changed when Anthony walked in…

              • Wow!!
                A senior editor chooses not to abide by the site’s comments rules, “Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.”.

                The very fact you resorted to name calling, shows how defensive you are, and you as well as most other people here are aware that you are a biased journalist, if we can call you one, that is.

                P.S. – Chopping of balls was metaphorical, Mr. Fanboy.

              • Don’t mind them, Kofi. You might get their feelings hurt.

          • It’s stupid to say that Screen Rant is pro-MOS. You see Kofi reviewing both Marvel and DC articles. I’ve seen Rob Keyes of ScreenRant writing mostly about Marvel articles, but I don’t think that just because he generally writes articles about them, he is biased or that the entire site is devoted to Marvel. It just means that perhaps they are more informed in that area, or perhaps they are assigned to cover that piece of news.

      • Me neither. I thought that line was perfect for that moment.

    • Good to know. I’ll be sure to tell others that I liked the film, but Rod on the internet does not think it qualifies to be considered a great movie. It’s important for everyone to know your opinion. My opinion is that Titanic wasn’t a great film, the ending was spoiled by history and it was drawn out. They could have cut an hour and a half out of that film, and the plot would still be easy to follow. Iceberg, boat, love story. Still, I found the addition of a quote from that film not a personal slight at me because many others found enjoyment in that film. Get over it…the editors on this site enjoyed Man of Steel…and Titanic for that matter.

      • Your comment could be applied word for word to Apollo 13. Just sayin’…count me in the camp that doesn’t think MoS is a great movie but not really worth debating on this post.

        • :D That’s another one…
          maybe I just don’t like movies based on real history (add a HYDRA agent and I’m in!). I prefer documentaries or books when dealing with history.

          I wasn’t trying to spark a debate. I’m sick of comments that are shocked that the SR editors have a positive opinion about that particular film.

          • Thanks to both of you guys for those well thought out responses. Personal taste is obviously going to come into play for any kind of list like this (which is probably why most sites just focus on the same movies and lines).

            But going by our review, and the overwhelming majority of readers who gave their opinion in the review’s poll, Man of Steel being mentioned alongside X-Men doesn’t seem outlandish.

            • Great article/list Dyce. I really enjoyed the Matrix quote. I never thought about the film characters’ interpretation of that line before.

              • Much appreciated, and good luck ever hearing that line again without chuckling.

      • Sorry, Rob is allowed to express his opinion about the film and it’s inclusion on this list: that’s what the whole point of the comment section. For the record, regardless of any individual’s personal opinions Titanic is widely held to be a great film and is a Best Picture winner while Man of Steel is generally considered to be of low quality and received mixed reviews.

        • Ragnar – You missed the point. http://screenrant.com/man-of-steel-superman-best-superhero-movies-2013/

          • What point did I miss? If ScreenRant contributors want to continually praise Man of Steel that’s their prerogative but not every commenter has to agree with them.

            • True everyone shouldn’t agree…that would be boring, but I never asked every one to agree. However, I do feel as if every commenter shouldn’t be advocating their personal beliefs in an attempt to rewrite the article for their agenda. This article is about terrible movie quotes in good movies and quickly became another “bash Man of Steel and the SR editors” comment thread instead of sticking with the article’s intended topic.

              Want to bash MoS…click that link I provided and comment away. Want to talk terrible movie quotes in great movies…add to the conversation below. I hope my point is a bit clearer this time around.

              • But the criticisms of Man of Steel are completely ON topic. There’s no way to evaluate whether the quote at #2 is a good choice as a “terrible quote from a great movie” without actually confronting the question of whether Man of Steel is, in fact, a great movie. Really, the article’s writer is the one re-opening the discussion of the film’s merits by including it on the list.

    • Well its not great to everyone, but at least you didnt say it was bad.

    • I thought it was average at best myself but I saw it a second time last Friday on TV and actually improved my opinion of it.

      That line was still cheesy and completely out of place though.

    • I admit i enjoyed Man of Steel but i did not think it was great… but I didn’t see a whole debate coming (just wanted to make that clear)

  2. I actually kinda like the Man of Steel quote though I admit it was a bit cheesy. Never noticed the X-Men quote, hilarious!

    • That line by Storm in X-men was so excruciating to listen to. I always mute the tv when that scene comes up cause I can’t listen to it without cringing.

      • Same here. And finding out how it was *supposed* to be delivered made it worse. Totally would have fit in with Whedon’s Buffy/Avengers attitude.

        • where did you find out how it supposed to be delivered ?

          • Whedon has explained it a few times, explaining that it was supposed to be an almost playful “…I wonder what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning…*strike*…Oh, same thing that happens to everything else.”

  3. (Nice Coat) from Batman Begins would be another imo.

    • What’s wrong with that quote? It was quick, and a reference to something that happened earlier. Also, I loved seeing Boris ‘the Blade’ (or Bullet Dodger) cast in that small role.

      • That sneaky f’n Russian….

        SR should do an article about memorable movie quotes. I could quote Snatch, the original Robocop and Commando all day, every day. So many great lines from those films.

        • As well as Stepbrothers. I still quote from that movie.. Good times

        • I’m the same way with Clerks. “No time for love Dr. Jones”

          I bet Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Anchorman would make that list.

        • I’d buy that for a’ dollar!

          • +1

    • @WallyWest
      I deeply respect your opinion. IMHO, I really think that the “Nice Coat” Line was A-ma-zing! To me, It was his Sense of Humor that kind of make him Human or a (non monster lol. It’s like when he called for back up and was following the Bats, he broke into one of the Cells and was like: “Excuse Me” and went on his way… :)

      • @Wanderer: that’s definitely part of the charm. For the Batman films on the whole, that sense of humor was on display from the start (I personally think Batman Begins is actually a pretty funny movie).

        Since that same type of humor was totally absent from Man of Steel, it made the line mentioned above stand out as odd.

        • @Andrew
          I share the same view regarding the “part of the charm” of the First Movie was his sense of Humor. I really missed that part of him in the later Movies. :)

  4. I didn’t think that Batman leaving Raz Alghul, contradicted the film’s plot. I thought Batman was basically showing Raz that his own bad actions (even though they were good intentions) lead him to this point, which is inevitably death. Batman gave him the chance to either jump out the back of the train or simply to stay there and die.

    • Well, if he would have jumped out of the train, he would’ve still died, no? Plus, Batman had Gordon blow out the train supports.

      As a comic fan, it seems like the Batman I’m used to would have defeated Ra’s, pulled him out, and turned him over to the authorities (or he would have escaped, defeated). He saved Joker, tried to save Harvey Dent too.

      • True, I guess I just never felt like it was a contradiction. Of course I wasn’t into comics at that point in time, but I still feel as though he was just showing Ra’s that his own actions lead him to this point and that he was simply letting the bird fly even if it falls if you will.

  5. I don’t think 80% of the movies on the list are great movies.

  6. The line about Neo being a machine was almost certainly deliberate, foreshadowing the man/machine synthesis themes from the sequels, similar to how Smith accuses humans of being “a virus” before becoming a virus himself.

    • That’s what I thought. From, there are a few of these that seem more tongue-in-cheek than bad, but good stuff anyway.

    • that “virus monologue” by smith is just fantastic!

      • Yeah, one of my favorite parts of the movie.

  7. I dont know…

  8. I think there are a lot worse lines in the Matrix than, “He’s a machine.”

    • +1

  9. 1.) Storm’s lightning quote to Toad is BY FAR the most atrocious quote in this article and it isn’t even ranked!

    2.) Man of Steel is GOOD, not great. Also, there are waaaaaaay more unbearable quotes in that movie. Heck, half the script is terrible quotes. Amy Adams says “tinkle”. That should be enough.

    3.) The Batman Begins quote isn’t bad.

    • @ Big Fudge


      • @Big Fudge: Haha that tinkle line… man. That scene was saved by Agathon (Helo 4 Life).

        Storm’s quote is simply so often quoted it doesn’t even need to be ranked. We were trying to call attention to lines that often go overlooked by comic fans. :)

  10. nolan movies are nothing like the source material…

  11. There is no worse line in any movie then the one from X-Men that you started the column.

    Every time, it’s like nails on a chalkboard and just makes me cringe. No clue what anyone involved in that film was thinking at the time.

    And, come on! The Gladiator “Vexed” line? That’s one of my favorite parts of the movie; that delivery gives me a chuckle every time and shows the character for the doofus he is. Nothing wrong with that.

    • “Chuckle” may have been a bit strong – “grin” is more like it.

      And also agree w/ what Big Fudge said.

  12. The Jurassic Park quote is perfectly fine imo. As you stated in the article, Gennaro points to ‘them’ with his pen, so the meaning is perfectly clear. At least, I’ve always understood it.

    • Yeah, I can’t say I or anyone I know felt confused by that line. It always seemed pretty clear.

  13. HA! I never thought about that Matrix quote like that before. Morpheus should have attacked Neo after that line. What a twist!

    • Right?! Especially since a human being actually IS infiltrated by a program in the later sequels.

  14. I think the NxNW line is actually better than the original because it’s more subtle. The implication that they’ll be making love isn’t revealed until the final “but you haven’t”.

  15. Joss Whedon, director of Avengers, wrote that X-Men line.

    • Yeah, I heard this about a week ago and did a spit take.

    • He also gave us gems like “Hulk smash puny god!” and “If we can’t save the World, you can be darn sure we’ll AVENGE IT!”

      • Joss did not give us “Hulk Smash puny gods”. Hulk has said that or some variation of that in past comics way before the avengers movie ever came out.

    • Makes you wonder if he wrote that as a joke and emailed that line to FOX by mistake. People at FOX were most likely going: BRILLIANT!!!

      On the bright side, at least she wasn’t spitting out weather puns all the time like she did in the cartoon or the comics. At least we can be thankful for that.

    • But Brian Singer directed it. Just sayin’. :)

    • As Andrew said, he intended the line to be playful. (Whedon has explained it a few times, explaining that it was supposed to be an almost playful “…I wonder what happens to a toad when it’s struck by lightning…*strike*…Oh, same thing that happens to everything else.”) – Andrew Dyce

  16. Although I respect that you think Man of Steel was a “great film”, I myself don’t think it belongs there.

  17. Man of Steel??

    Why is Man of Steel on this list?

    I thought this was supposed to be a list of GREAT movies, not horrible movies with horrible wooden dialog.

    We all know very well of Screen Rant’s unabashed love affair with Man of Steel, EVERYBODY does, but really, c’mon. Isn’t this a little bit too far for even you guys? Even as bias as you guys are, you can’t possible call Man of Steel a great movie.

    Man of Steel’s entry on this this list makes this list and this website a pure joke.

    • @Brad

      Then why are you still reading/commenting?

      • +1

      • You go boyeee!! :-)

    • You know this site isn’t the only one that likes Man of Steel, right? Man of Steel IS a great film. The visuals, the villain, the music, the sound editing, the story. The movie is great and your opinion doesn’t affect its status. And you’re naive if you think that a movie’s rating is based on opinions. If a movie is great for how it is done and the execution of it, then the movie is great. The opinions come after. Screenrant has talented writers and people that have a passionate interest in movies and with that passion comes integrity and overall knowledge of the film industry. Twilight is a horrible movie in all standpoints but more than half of the world loves that franchise. Explain that. Your opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to the quality of the movie.

      • No, the Man of Steel is emphatically NOT great, and your opinion doesn’t affect it’s status.

        See how that works?

        The dialogue is bland, at best, the characters and plot hackneyed, the villain completely 2-dimensional… there’s just this recent, but still bizarre, notion at work that making something serious and/or “realistic” automatically both improves it and somehow makes it above reproach. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        Speaking of truth: you’re the one being naive if you think something as subjective as movie ratings are based on anything BUT opinions. They are based on what the REVIEWER thought of the movie.

        The reason it made so much money at the box office is a testament only to how enduring and popular the character is, and is not a reflection of the quality (or lack thereof) of the movie itself.

        DC loyalists have become the pretentious art house critics of CBMs, except their taste in movies is far, far worse.

        • And here we go with the DC fans are this and that defense. I’m not a huge fan of anything. I like both Marvel and DC especially Batman and Spider-Man which to me are the superheroes with the richest rogue galleries. TDKR was worse than expected and although I think Avengers was overrated, it was a better movie. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is probably the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight in all aspects. There. You happy? I just proved to you that I’m not a DC fanboy defending their films because for the most part, Marvel puts out the better movies. I am although an aspiring screenwriter and a student of film at the University of Puerto Rico (shout out to Anthony Ocasio). And I can tell you that a movie’s quality is not based on opinion but on right and wrong. A lot of people don’t like <(opinion) Tarantino movies because of the excess of the blood. That's his style, right? So how do those opinions affect the quality of the movie if every Tarantino movie is incredible <(not an opinion). Study film history and production, read some books on directing and screenwriting and then get back to me.

          • “Study film history and production, read some books on directing and screenwriting and then get back to me.”

            Ugh. Are you serious dude? Firstly, you don’t understand the basic concept of subjectivity. Secondly, you can’t pull that elitism nonsense after you’ve just admitted that you consider Death Proof to be “incredible.”

            • I can’t help but feel that pointing out someone’s opinion is completely subjective is a bit at odds with you – again, just my impression – stating that Man of Steel is objectively bad based on your opinion?

              • You might be confusing me with somebody else. I never said it was objectively bad. I just said it was “generally considered” bad further up in the thread.

                • It’s also generally considered great… That’s the whole concept of “Mixed” reviews – some think it’s great, some think it’s good, some think it’s bad.

                  If half the people who see it consider it great and the other half consider it bad, why does the bad half get to win that argument?

                  That’s like saying Trail Mix is only a bag of M&M’s – There’s more in there, you’re only acknowledging the part you like.

                  Also – a lot of “great” movies weren’t considered all that great when they came out, time will tell.

        • Your opinion that it is not a great movie does not make it a terrible movie, just like my opinion that it is WAYYYYY better then any other superman movie that came before it does not make it better then creepy stalker superman seen in Superman Returns, or the cheesy and borderline campy superman in Superman 1, 2, 3, and 4. However if you disagree, and you would rather watch Superman Vs the Molemen, that is fine, but keep in mind that this site has two things, news (casting news, new announcements, etc…) and opinions (like reviews, and this link here http://screenrant.com/worst-movie-quotes-lines-dialogue/comment-page-1/#comments), if you cannot tell the difference and get upset everytime, that would be YOUR problem.

  18. Three thoughts:

    1. It’s pushing it to call half of these movies “great”.

    2. What was wrong with the Batman Begins quote, I always liked it in the movie.

    3. The Storm quote from X-Men is by far the cheesiest and worst line of any of these, it should be Number One and it isn’t even ranked!

    • #3 over and over and over and over again!!! :D

  19. I’m surprised by some of the entries. I rather liked Batman’s quip to Ra’s at the end. For me, with Nolan, his ‘stinky’ dialogue is his attempts at humor. ‘Damn good television’. Or some of his really exposition-y stuff like ‘NO MORE DEAD COPS!’. That stuff is always really clunky and out of place.

    • Well, Nolan’s a huge fan of the Bond franchise. Look how many one liners are in those films, especially during the Sean Connery and Roger Moore years. Those two and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the three kings of cheesy action movie lines.

      I liked the line though because it says “I’m trying to save people in this city and refuse to kill even the worst criminals but that doesn’t mean I can’t walk away if I want”.

      It’s typical of the “hero lets coincidence and nature kill the bad guy so he doesn’t get his hands dirty” cliche that’s in a lot of movies and I first discovered in a CinemaSins video about the movie Ghost, which subsequently made me realise how often it’s used in film.

  20. I havent seen the Superman (original) in awhile so someone correct me if im missing something. But isnt it impossible for lois to glide like that with her arms outstretched while superman is holding one hand. She would just fall vertically haha, unless of course shes so strong she can hold up her entire body with one arm whilst miles in the air.

  21. First off, Man of Steel, X-Men… Not great movies. Secondly, it’s actually funny that these lines stood out in your mind.

  22. The worst line in Man of Steel (which certainly does not qualify as a great movie but w/e)is the conversation between Clark and Lois about the “S” on his suit.

    • I guess we just have to “S” that the dialogue in the Man of Steel sequel is better than in the first one.

      • @Ragnar wins.

    • How is that a bad line?

      They took something from a comic book and did it in a way that gave the masses a reason for him to wear that symbol. Even when I thought the film was average (which I now find it to be a great movie after a second viewing recently), that conversation was one of my favourites (along with the “Can’t I just keep pretending to be your son?” scene which brings a tear to my eye without fail).

  23. Oh good Lord, why are people still debating about Man of Steel? Some people like it, some people don’t. Who cares? So what if someone has a different view of the movie than I do? Is it affecting my life in a negative way? No. Should I degrade someone else because their opinion is different than mine? Of course not! The movie happened. Some love it, some hate it. Move on.

    • Trolls never learn that though and continue to annoy with their immature actions.

      • The fact that this article was positioned as movies we love, but are willing to accept have weak lines of dialogue… It’s a lackluster script we’re pointing out, but even claiming it’s a low point in an otherwise good movie apparently isn’t common ground enough?

  24. Also, I think the Batman Begins quote should be replaced by Pippin shouting, “THE EAGLES ARE COMING!!!” in Return of the King. One of the worst lines ever and definitely the worst in the LOTR trilogy. I cringe every time I hear it.

    • No..the worst and cheesiest line in the whole LOTR trilogy is “I can’t carry it for you.. BUT I CAN CARRY YOU!” …that line made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  25. No joke, complete 100% sincerity, I love that Storm line. I was 11 when that movie came out and I’ve loved it ever since I first saw it. I totally see why people hate it; the delivery isn’t great. But on the page I think that line is hilarious. Fun Fact: that’s one of the only things in the final movie left from Joss Whedon’s version of the script.

    • And,as Whedon has explained, no one actually working on the film had any idea what to do with it, which is why it comes across so horribly. I mean, imagine instead the same line being dropped into the middle of an episode of Buffy or Firefly, and a character delivering it with a bored, sardonic, faintly humorous tone. Not the “I am now saying something grand and important!” way that Singer and Berry made use of it.

  26. Wtf, the batman begins and spider man line is incredible cool

  27. Lol again with the Man of Steel hate ?

  28. The worst line from Nolan’s DK Trilogy is in The Dark Knight Rises:
    “So you came back to die with your city”
    “No I came back to stop you”

    MOS might be the most controversial superhero movie of all time. People act like it was universally panned but it really wasn’t. There were a lot of positive reviews about it, and some fans really embraced it. On the flip side you get a lot of people saying they were just disappointed by it, bc they expected more from the creative team. And then you get the people that think it was a complete travesty.

    • Again, how is that a bad line? He’s being defiant in the face of someone who utterly defeated him in a previous encounter.

      I assume Batman’s lines in that trilogy are being considered bad because of the voice Bale used to deliver them.

      “I swear to God”, “Swear to me!” is the kind of line I always enjoy but I guess the delivery with that voice make some people laugh for whatever reason.

      • @ Dazz: I’m with you. I don’t really get what offends people about that one.

  29. when I read the title of this article the first thing that came to my mind was that Storm line. another line from that movie that makes me cringe is Magneto’s “are you sure you saw what you thought you saw”. Very clunky.
    I have no problem with the Batman Begins line.
    Come on now, the North by Northwes line is witty dialogue.