The Worst Movie Posters of 2013

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The Worst Movie Posters of 2013

Worst Movie Posters 2013 - Vamp U, The Way Way Back, Catching FireEvery year, even though Hollywood produces some visually stunning films like Man of Steel, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Elysium, it somehow manages to lose those visual sensibilities when it comes promotional materials for those movies - namely the posters.We've dug through the more than 2400 posters released in 2013 and have picked out, what we believe, to be the 12 worst. See if you agree...

Grown Ups 2

Grown Ups 2 Movie PosterLet's be honest - no one is really surprised to see a movie starring Adam Sandler on the Worst List. Excessive photoshopping is the biggest problem with this Grown Ups 2 poster. The artist attempts to make it seem like all the stars are together, but it's painfully obvious they are not.While it's clear that Maya Rudolph is staring up disbelief at the juvenile actions of her husband, Salma Hayek appears to be pondering why Chris Rock's arm is freakishly long and Sandler's head is just as big as the guy's in the third row behind him (look closely).As for Maria Bello - she's not even looking in the same direction as the other two actresses, so we can't tell you what she's looking at.

Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle Movie PosterOne mistake artists tend to make while creating a movie poster is trying to stick the entire cast on a single poster but then not listing the all the names of the actors ON the poster. Welcome to the Jungle is a good example of this, as there are nine people on the poster - but only seven names.Forget for a moment that none of the scaling is correct (why is everyone's head virtually the same size?) but apart from Van Damme, Haysbert, Brody, Boone and Schaal, who are the other guys? We have one name left to chose from but two heads that need identifying.Also, we're assuming the two women in the background are either reenacting a scene from Chained Heat or I Spit on Your Grave, but it's nice to see Richard Parker continuing to get work after his amazing performance in Life of Pi.

Thor 2: The Dark World

Thor 2 The Dark World Movie PosterRemember what we just said about too many characters on a poster and not enough names? Well, this Thor: The Dark World poster is a glaring example of "over doing it", with its 10:4 ratio of stars-to-names.It's really not necessary to include every single character from a movie in one poster. Make multiple posters if you need to, but artists need to stop cluttering up the space with excessive images.This poster would have been much cleaner and more focused if Heimdall (why is he on a cloud?), the Warriors Three (plus Sif) and Malekith had been left off . They don't serve any purpose in THIS particular poster other than to say "We got'em all on there boss!"

Fishing Naked

Fishing Naked Movie PosterThis poster for the comedy Fishing Naked is supposed to make the potential viewer think, "sex, comedy, boobs" but all we think about is, "drunken ape, fly rods, boobs" - so, at least they got one out of three.Pretty much everything about this poster says "raunchy comedy" but not in a good way like Revenge of the Nerds or Porky's but in a "This movie will be shown on Cinemax after 2 AM or the now defunct USA's Up All Night with Rhonda Shear" kind of way.Just poor layout and Photoshop work all-around on this one.

Assault on Wall Street

Assault on Wall Street Movie Poster

Director Uwe Boll catches a lot of flack from movie fans - not for completely unjust reasons - and movies like Assault on Wall Street and the posters that accompany them will not do much to change those opinions.

Artists of bad movie posters - especially action films - tend to put too many layers in them, which is the biggest issue we have with this particular poster. Forget for a moment that Purcell's shirt is spotless, even though it appears he just walked through an explosion, but the bullet holes on all the cars look like they were stickers bought online, then applied between takes.Poor Dominic Purcell - he's now starred in a movie directed by Uwe Boll and everyone has this poster as proof.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games - Catching Fire Movie PosterWe have no idea where to start with this eye-straining poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - but the houndstooth, butterscotch and cream color BSDM gimp suit seems like the logical place.In a future where children are forced to kill each other for sport and high fashion is taken to new extremes that Lady Gaga could only dream about, this outfit seems to push the edge - and not in a good way.It looks like one of those optical illusion posters sold at Spencers that begins moving the longer you stare at it - and those mirrored sunglasses aren't making the outfit look cool at all."See the Future," indeed; if that's it, then no thanks.

The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back Movie PosterForeign movie posters don't get any immunity from us - and this poster for The Way Way Back is no exception.Even though they have the proper actors-to-names ratio (7:7), the poor Photoshop cutout work can't be overlooked.Typically, foreign posters are just copied, then slightly modified versions of American posters (see the original HERE), so there's no excuse for hacking off Duncan's (Liam James) feet like he's in Saw.

Bullet to the Head

Bullet to the Head Movie PosterOne of the first tools most amateur Photoshop artists learn to use is the "Cloning Stamp". It basically allows the artist to cover up certain areas of an image with other parts of that same image instead of doing an old fashioned copy and paste. It becomes very obvious when the technique becomes WAY overused - as seen here in this Bullet to the Head poster.Take a look at another (slightly better) version of this poster HERE and notice that Stallone is holding a gun - then notice that gun has been poorly covered up by explosions. It was obvious before, but it becomes painfully obvious after looking at the other poster."Revenge never gets old"...but bad movie posters do.

Vamp U

Vamp U Movie PosterGenerally, a movie poster should at the very least convey what the film it's promoting and it's not hard to figure out what Vamp U will be about - large breasted coeds who drink human blood while maintaining an AB average (see what I did there?).Like our esteemed Editor-in-Chief Kofi Outlaw always says, "When it comes to violence and nudity, I'll take nudity in a film over violence any day" - and this film will most likely have a hefty serving of both. But why are there bad photoshopped blood spatters dripping down her face, cleavage and shirt - oh wait, it's a metaphor for something else?It's possible for posters to be erotic without being tasteless - a concept the artist working on this piece clearly didn't understand.


F-3 Movie PosterLooking at this poster we only have one question - what?WHAT is it about? - From the image it appears this is a cross between a horror film and the Blind Melon "Bee Girl".WHAT are we looking at? - We have never been any good at Rorschach tests so that probably explains why we don't understand this poster.WHAT is the title of the film? - If you are going to make an incomprehensible poster for a movie, we think the title should at least be prominent - and legible - enough for viewers to see it. Best we can tell, the title of this film is "Open P, Red Tongue, Tilde Reverse C".

The Heat

The Heat Movie PosterIgnoring the uninspired, dreadful, reddish-hue background in this poster for The Heat, the fact the artist took one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood and tried to digitally slim her face is unforgivable.That image doesn't even look like Melissa McCarthy and is a big slap in the face (no pun intended) to her as a person and as a professional.Shame on the person who made this atrocity.


Nymphomaniac Movie PosterWhile we at Screen Rant aren't prudes (see: Kofi's statement on the Vamp U slide), this poster for Lars von Trier's art house film, Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 is the very opposite of titillating and tasteful.For starters, the "O" in Nymphomaniac has been replaced with parenthetical symbols to represent a vagina. As if that wasn't enough, the viewers are subjected to "Oh Faces" of most of the cast in a erotic-esque Brady Bunch-type image.There's nothing sexy, exciting or interesting about seeing Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård, or Willem Dafoe's "vinegar strokes" (a reference for to those who watch The League) which is why we've chosen it as the worse of the year.

The Worst Movie Posters of 2013

Worst Movie Posters 2013 - Fishing Naked, Bullet to the Head, Assault on Wall StreetThere were plenty of posters that could have easily made it into our worst list this year but we couldn't list all of them. Stop by the comments section and tell us which ones you think did or did not deserve to be on here.And be sure to check out our Worst Lists from 2011 and 2012.Follow me on Twitter - @MoviePaul - and tell me YOUR vote for Worst Poster of 2013.
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  1. Do a quick Google search of slashfilm’s post on movie poster design trends. These kind of things are just getting boring and repetitive.

  2. Are you familiar with Lars von Trier’s work? Have you seen the trailer for Nymphomaniac? I don’t think this film is supposed to be tasteful or titillating in any way. Considering their intent, I would say that the design for this poster is perfect. It advertises a VERY adult oriented film in a semi-tongue-in-cheek manner. I would even argue that, at a glance, a small child would probably have no idea what this film was about, where as any adult could clearly discern the subject matter.

    • @nobody, anonymous – Oh, this is a 5.5 hour film about sex so the poster doesn’t have to be tasteful and we should love it? Well then I’ll just include those 4-hour long porn videos like “Big Butts Extreme Vol. 24″ as well…I mean if THAT’S your guideline.

      If you really like those Nymphomaniac posters so much I’ll send you one of Willem Dafoe having an orgasm to hang on your wall…Merry Christmas.

      Give me a break.


      • lol, did I strike a chord? I was just pointing out that, on a design level, you clearly are not the foremost authority. sheesh

        • Also, go ahead and send me that William Dafoe poster haha

          • @nobody – No chord, but claiming I should like a poster or change my mind about it because the material of the film itself is adult-themed is a bit ridiculous.

            You’d really hang that Dafoe poster on your wall? I’d have nightmares for days man. oof


            • You should not be publishing anything on this site if you think this poster is the worst of 2013 compared to the others you posted. It actually may even be the most effective of 2013. Know your stuff man.

      • Why the borderline hostility? He or she was just expressing an opinion. You can disagree without being disagreeable I would think. *shrug*

        • @Taychon – You’re right. I was a bit gruff. I’ll soften my tone. Merry Christmas :)


          • I guess I’m the only one who gets the irony that ScreenRant is actually promoting the **** out of that movie.

            • @Dr. Mindbender – I could be mistaken, but I think this is the first time anything Nympho-related as appeared on SR. Pretty sure we didn’t post the trailer?


              • Regardless, you did just give it a #1 distinction.

            • I’ve been the only person up until this article who’s mentioned Nymphomaniac in a few comments.

  3. Sorry SC but you botched this one. Von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac” isn’t supposed to be sexy, titillating, or tasteful. It’s a comment on the subjective definition of “attractive” and “sexy,” not to mention the downright ugliness in an act which most of us partake. Watch the beginning of “Antichrist” again and you might get a better idea of where he’s going with this…

  4. Boy the SR hate of marvel jist cant stop can it. They allways find a way to bash them. Dont be mad warner has all of its character film rights and couldnt get their stuff together before marvel did. It is just comical how bad they try.

    • Buh?
      Sr loves Marvel, you insult rob keyes with your statement.

    • @john – I’m not sure where you get that we hate Marvel. Ben gave it a solid 3.5 stars and I enjoyed the heck out of it (except for Dennings’ character) but that poster is a cluttered mess.


      • @Paul Young – You don’t like Darcy?

    • Screen Rant gave “Thor The Dark World” a pretty good rating on its review. It’s the POSTER that is awful. Can you not make that separation???

      What about all the hate that MAN OF STEEL gets? Or “Superman vs Batman?”

      Usually all the hate comes from “sensitive” Marvel fan bois like you….

      Guess you just can’t live with the fact that Screen Rant elected “Man Of Steel” the best superhero flick of the year.

      Screen Rant knows better, which is why it’s the best fan site there is.

      • To be fair Kofi labeled MOS as the best CBM of the year, NOT ScreenRant.

        His article was clearly labeled as an Op-Ed piece and NOT a representation of the views of ScreenRant as a whole.

        • That’s true

          However; Kofi’s Op Ed Choice of the year WAS THE ONLY Op Ed choice of the year (MAN OF STEEL) on Screen Rant.

          His was the one and only definitive op ed on Screen Rant that featured The Best Super Hero movie of the year. Right?


          And Mr Outlaw isn’t just any writer here on Screen Rant; He IS the Editor In Chief!

          “To be fair.”

          Kofi and Screen Rant certainly got this right. Cheers to Kofi (and Man Of Steel).

          • Here’s copied and pasted text from the top of the article you mention

            [The following article represents the sole views of Kofi Outlaw. They do NOT represent the views of the entire Screen Rant staff, owners, or subsidiaries. - "The Management"]

            I’m not hating or anything. MOS was good.

            • Dude. Get over it. I already acknowledged what you first brought up.

              I DO NO NEED your copy and paste. Keep them to yourself.

              My comments are self explanatory. NO copy/paste needed.

              Kofi Outlaw, Editor In Chief of Screen Rant. He awards MAN OF STEEL Best Comic Book movie of the year 2013.

              Mr Outlaws’s Choice is the ONLY standout article Published on SCREEN RANT.

              Since you like coping and pasting so much, here—->

              >>> Why ‘Man of Steel’ is the Best Superhero Movie of 2013 <<<


              movieDude, would you have been more satisfied if this wasn't published on Screen Rant?? lol

              Seems you're a lot like john, the "sensitive" Marvel fan boy.

              Mr Outlaw; your approval of Man Of Steel is right on mark and demonstrates why you hold the position of Editor In Chief of Screen Rant.

              That. Is. All.

              • Whoa!! Easy dude I just wanted to clear up what you said. I meant no offense.

                Forget I said anything. Sorry to bring it up.

          • I disagreed with Kofi (but couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t let me comment until last week) by saying that MOS fell flat to me and that The Wolverine was the best superhero movie of the year due to the introspective look into who Wolverine is as a man seeming to be written a whole lot better than Goyer managed with Superman.

            • you couldn’t comment cause you disagreed and Paul locked you out


              • No, it’s more like The Flintstones end credits. I accidentally lock myself out when I put the sabre tooth tiger out for the night, leaving Paul and Perri to point and laugh while I completely forget the lack of actual windows and could therefore just climb through the hole in the wall but choose to be civil and enter through the front door instead, if only it’ll just unlock.


    • Paul clearly does have a pro-DC bias. He’s blocked several of my comments simply because they were critical of Man of Steel, yet he allows MoS fans to repeatedly troll and make personal attack directed at the film’s detractors.

      • @Motorhead – Um…MoS of OK, Green Lantern was almost dumber than Ghost Rider and TDKR was kinda lame, but yeah, I’m pro-DC *eyeroll*

        I blocked several of your comments because you used words like “idiot”, “retarded”, and “moron”.


        • Exactly.

          You’ve let my comments through talking about how average MOS was as a movie because I’m mature enough to do it in a way that doesn’t use words like that guy seems to want to use in his pro-Marvel posts.

          It’s a simple case of manners, Motorhead (and I hate having to be negative about someone who uses the name of one of my favourite bands) but come on, the pro-DC, anti-Marvel accusation only seems to come from people who want SR to give every Marvel product a 5 star, flawless review and it just doesn’t work like that.

          I thought they were too positive about MOS and too negative about IM3 and The Wolverine but all you do is state your opinion in a polite way and you’ll be fine, comments won’t be blocked.

  5. haha, that Thor poster – it would have been easier to say, this poster would have been much cleaner and more focused if everyone not named Thor and Jane were on it.

    • @Kollin

      Right on! lol

      The THOR poster still lacks something, though…

      The poster artist left out the director, the screenwriter, the producers, the best boy, the PA, and the rest of the crew behind the camera…..

  6. The “Vamp U” poster is actually the BEST poster of 2013, for obvious reasons….

    • @Kryptonic – HAHA! Try watching the movie…oof.


      • I’ll stick with the poster!

        But only for a couple of reasons….

        • @Kyrptonic – You would…lol


          • NOT stick as in “sticky” but…oh never mind…

  7. I like that Thor 2 poster, very star wars and they had other ones each featuring one character.

    • I thought the Thor poster was OK, my main problem with it was the fact that it literally reused the EXACT same formula as the Iron Man 3 poster, which only came out several months before it. I think SR even wrote an article comparing the posters.

  8. Because I kind of like the Thor poster rather than just say that I disagree I’m going to say this is just another example of Screen Rant’s hate for Marvel and that they should be ashamed of their obvious bias for WB/DC.
    I don’t care that there are numerous reviews and articles that prove that is not the case. ;)

    • Also, that poster for Nymphomaniac is hilarious.
      I don’t think that was the point though.

    • SR hate Marvel?

      Is that why they gave The Avengers a higher score than it actually deserved? Why most superhero articles posted are mainly Marvel ones?

      I seem to recall someone accusing them of being pro-Marvel because of that, now some disenfranchised Marvel fans seem to be unhappy that SR aren’t giving every Marvel product a flawless 5 star review.

      The fact is, SR are pro-both companies, it’s just that whoever reviews the movies have their own opinions and shouldn’t kowtow to people on this site who expect nothing but praise where it isn’t due.

      Otherwise, I’ll get on the “Screen Rant are anti-Tank Girl and anti-2000 AD” bandwagon in an ironic twist, just to be awkward.

      • @Dazz – I’ll have you know I’m very Pro-Tank Girl, so that destroys your narrative my friend. :D

        Now, if you said 10,000 B.C. instead of 2000 A.D. then you might have an argument. heh


        • Now that’s just ageist.

          I’ll return like a bad supervillain with more ridiculous accusations but I’m trying to help a chicken who can’t find her eggs. I think she mislaid them.

          • @Dazz – That pun could get you a job writing movies for The Asylum. I think Debbi Gibson and Lou Diamond Phillips are always looking for quality work.


            • I’ll leave that to their surgeons.

      • @ Dazz

        I was being sarcastic in my post but once again scarcasim doesn’t work in comment sections. :)
        I often find it hilarious when people claim Screen Rant is bias about Marvel or DC when in reality all they are really mad about is that someone doesn’t like the same things they do.

  9. fans of The League would call the Nymphomaniac poster the actors Vinegar Face

    • @::..:….::::.. (If that really IS your name?) heh – Love watching The League. I binge watch it at the end of every season because I can’t stand waiting 7 days between episodes lol.


      • yeah same here

  10. I remember seeing the poster for ‘The Heat’ on a bus and thinking – who is that woman in the background? Melissa McCarthy is is NOT! It’s comical how much they’ve tried to make her look slimmer! It looks nothing like her whatsoever!

  11. The problem with the Marvel films’ posters of late is that they have too much clutter and there’s hardly space left to add information. For the international one-sheets they should be minimalist. Not every poster needs to have explosions galore and people looking in every other direction.
    Also, Maria Bello looks like she’s had a lobotomy in that Grown Ups 2 poster.

  12. I’m really not here to disagree or agree with this list. Everyone has their own opinions on what a great movie poster is. However, being an artist that actually works on movie posters for a living (even some of the movies shown here, although not the posters shown), I have a comment of my own…

    When you keep saying “the artist attempts” to do this or that, it almost makes it seems as if there is only one person making all the decisions in the entire process; the artist. And while, yes, we/they are the ones putting these images together to make the poster happen, at the end of the day there are a WIDE variety of variables that play into a poster design. For example, maybe there’s only a select number of shots to work with, and maybe the studio has said very specifically “we want the poster to be exactly this” even if it makes absolutely no sense (believe me, it happens more often than not). As for names on the poster, it’s all legal stuff, not the designers’ choice. And if the scale of people is off, more often than not, it’s because we’ve been directed to make the guy in the back slighted bigger because of, you guessed it, legal s***.

    Anyway, I could go on and on about this… but the bottom line is this: Initially, bad posters probably didn’t start out so bad. It’s all the legal garbage that comes into play from the studios after a good design has been approved that screws it up. I understand the frustrations of a good design taken down the wrong path, however, there are just plain old bad designers out there too. So in that case, yes, “the artist attempts” statements are completely valid. Even a bad design can be executed well and a good design executed poorly.

    And just to throw in my 2 cents, I think the Nymphomaniac poster needs to be removed from the list. I can find 1,000 others that deserve to take it’s place… easily.

    • @idothisforaliving – That’s an interesting perspective. Mind if I email you to discuss some of this further?

      I say “artists” because saying “studios” just didn’t seem to fit in my mind. I have no doubt that lawyers and producers ruin a lot of movie posters but that doesn’t make them look any better, ya know?

      In some instances though, like Bullet to the Head, choosing to cover up the gun with bad graphic skills falls squarely on the digital artist working on the poster…wouldn’t you agree?


      • @Paul Young – By all means, email away! I welcome a good movie poster conversation.

        Yeah, I totally know what you mean and definitely agree. Artists are the ones putting “hand to paper” essentially, so yeah, it’s on them quite a bit. They are trusted to make the best visual decisions possible based on the direction given. It’s just that sometimes the direction that is given makes it almost impossible to create a visually pleasing poster. That’s what I meant by “Even a bad design can be executed well and a good design executed poorly.” That’s where the technical skill of an artist shines through.

        It’s much trickier than most people realize, haha.

    • That’s why I’ve always tried to go with the artist’s discretion as much as possible when I had graphic designers working on some of my old websites in the past. I’d just give a few suggestions on how I envisioned the final product and offer up some ideas on PSD images to place over specific backgrounds but say “If you can make it work better another way, go for it” just to avoid the kind of catastrophes seen on this list.

      As for the Nymphomaniac poster, I agree with you and can see what they’re trying to do with it (show the cast in case someone recognises one of the faces and wants to go and see it and have an idea of what kind of subject matter they’d be dealing with).

      On the other hand, it also reminds me of those terrible romcoms that usually star Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn or Sandra Bullock.

      • @Dazz – Yeah, totally. It’s always nice to have some type of idea or direction to go in from a client before starting a design. I think what happens more often than not is clients – studios in this case – get too scared to try bold new things with poster art. They get nervous that maybe the public won’t respond to it well, or they won’t understand it, or it’ll be too artsy, or whatever. So they dig up past posters of successful movies in that genre and say, “What you have is nice, but DO THIS! MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THIS!” And so every poster starts looking the same.

        The Nympho poster works for me for a couple reasons. First off, it’s clean and simple, which is a nice contrast to the fact that the actors are making some “dirty” faces. You know, it’s not a fustercluck like Thor: The Dark World (granted they are completely different genres). It also has some beautiful photography which is always a plus.

        Is it groundbreaking? Not really. Is it one of the worst poster of the year? Definitely not. At least, for me anyway :)

    • ^ this guy


  13. McCarthy MUST feel grateful and relieved for the photoshopped face.

    • @Hyoga1001 – Don’t be a jerk. I swear, why do people think a keyboard gives them the right to be rude all the time.

      Be nice dude. It’s Christmas.


      • Jerk? Rude?
        You need a new brain.
        Where do I click to report you dude?

        • Wait a minute….you make the almost hateful post regarding McCarthy’s face in the poster (a thinly veiled comment about her weight, no less) and then when Paul calls you out on it, you want to report him?

          Is this opposite land where victims of crime get arrested?

          • Their post wasn’t hateful, in the slightest. Going off an assumption, they were using sarcasm to illustrate how dumb it was (and quite possibly, hurtful) for the poster creator(s) to photoshop McCarthy’s face, to a point of unrecognizable likeness — and also pointing out how only her face was subject to photoshop, and not her whole body. I’m not endorsing photoshopping her body at all (she’s beautiful and hilarious and kind), but if they were going to do her face, they might as well have matched the body up some. To only do her face is, almost, the ultimate insult.

  14. Paul Young who are you to make fun of these posters . people worked really hard to create these posters and half really aren’t as bad you make them out to be.

    • @Jamie – Who am I? I’m the guy who wrote the article. They put their shoddy work out to the public for all to see and criticize…just like I do with my articles.

      They can take it just like I can.


  15. You have missed something rather important.

    See if any of these white westerns can even stand the heat of this genius movie-of-the-year.

    And this is just the start. Google for Dhoom 3 posters, you’ll find loads of such gems!

    New Delhi, India

    • Wow, that’s an action comedy, right? I wouldn’t be able to take that movie seriously otherwise.

    • reminds me of some Rap mixtape covers

  16. Can we add every poster that is just a close up on the main lead with 0 facial expressions to this list. You honestly gonna just take a generic head shot and then call it a day? The movie poster is just as important as the trailer people!

  17. Will we be getting a best of list? For me (I know I’m going to get hate from the Marvel fans here, but whatever, I like both Marvel and DC) I thought the posters for Man of Steel were great. Simple, but cool. Same with the Wolverine posters.

    Prisoners and The Hobbit had pretty good posters, but other than that, there really weren’t any this year that really stood out to me.

    I honestly think here could have been a lot more bad posters put on the list from this year (like RIPD, for example).

    • @Robert W – Yes, I’m working on it now. ***Spoiler*** MoS is on there. :D We had the Wolverine poster on last year’s list because that’s when it released.


      • Please say the Godzilla teaser poster from earlier this year is on there too.

        A Field In England had a pretty cool poster that was enigmatic enough to match the actual movie too.

        • @Dazz – I totally agree about the Godzilla teaser! It’s one of my favorites this year. In fact, the entire Godzilla campaign so far has been spot on. I’m really excited to see what the final official poster turns out to be. :D

  18. THIS is the worst poster of any year:
    Nothing explains the bad cut, shadows and glooming on this terrible montage from the Don Jon poster (also de TERRIBLE name here in Brazil, ir says “HOW NOT TO LOSE THIS WOMAN”

  19. i do not agree with thor

  20. I really want to like the Thor poster but the composition is all over the place. You CAN have a metric ton of characters on a poster, but the designer needs to create a balanced composition, like The Hobbit poster in SR’s Best Posters of 2012 list.

    Plus, it would look better painted, which is what made The Wolverine poster perfect to me. Movies like Thor do not deserve Photoshop filters. It needs to feel epic, not bleh.

    But that’s just me. LOL!

    Thanks for the fun list! :)

  21. I read through this list absolutely expecting to see Thor on it, but for a different poster — see . Natalie Portman’s facial expression is completely off-putting, as though she is desperately trying to hold back an impending sneeze. Her posture and body language suggest flinching from a perceived threat (I guess allergies can be annoying?).

  22. I laughed hard at Grown Ups 2. The arms, dude.

  23. this must be the worst written article on this website ever !

    wasted 15 mins o my life going through this when the writer clearly have no idea what he is talking about…..

    can we get a editor in chie to ilter through articles that gets on this site, oh wait….

  24. Did not read through all the comments all the bickering (unless im involved) turns me off… :D

    Any thought of 10 posters that ‘get it right’?

    I don’t like the Hunger Games but that poster (IMO) is very catching. It makes you want to know what that movie is (unless you already know) and brings you in possibly making you want to see it or at the very least talk about it and or research it. Which is all ‘advertisement’.

  25. The “Welcome to the Jungle” poster has 6 names not 7

  26. A little regarding the following phrase
    “One mistake artists tend to make…”

    I’m a graphic designer and have been for many years. I assure you all that a lot of designers know these “mistakes” (like putting too much junk on a page) and unfortunately it’s the clients that want it and will not listen to us.

    It happens constantly. Many bad designs happen because of clients who forget that they’re not designers/artists.

  27. that is NOT the catching fire poster

    • Yup. It’s a poster for Capitol Couture, some sort of eyewear – which is mentioned in the poster itself.
      I get that several posters are weird and have nothing to do with the story, but this one didn’t even touch the Hunger Game by a 10 foot pole :D

      I think an errata is in demand…

  28. The poster for Nymphomaniac is not supposed to be sexy.