Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 25, 2013

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Aug 25 Box Office The Worlds End Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 25, 2013

Another relatively slow weekend at the box office, as not a single new release could crack $10 million.

In at number 1 is Lee Daniels’ The Butler with $17 million. Whether it’s the strong word of mouth, Oscar potential, or some combination of the two, this film dominated all new releases for the second weekend in a row and has grossed $52 million in the process.

Holding steady in the number 2 spot is We’re the Millers with $13.5 million, which brings its total up to $91 million after three weeks. Horror might be the genre getting all of the attention this year, but comedies are also doing surprisingly well and this film is just one of many examples.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (read our review) comes in at number 3 this weekend with $9.3 million. The film actually opened this past Wednesday and has grossed $14 million over its first five days.

While hopes were high for The Mortal Instruments, which is based on the YA series by Cassandra Clare, this first entry failed to make any serious dent at the box office, putting potential sequel talk into flux. Prior to release, Screen Gems seemed confident in the series’ franchise potential, even courting Sigourney Weaver for a role in the sequel, but that will be a tough sell now.

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Review starring Lily Collins Lena Headey and Jamie Campbell Bower Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 25, 2013

In at number 4 is The World’s End (read our review) with $8.9 million. The final entry in Edgar Wright’s “Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy” was on track for around a $13 million opening (which would have been his highest yet) early on in the weekend, but it dropped off by Sunday.

At the same time, $8 million is certainly not a bad opening for The World’s End, as it only opened on 1,549 screens and tallied the best per-screen average ($5,773) in the top 10. The film is also well on its way to outgrossing Wright’s other two “Cornetto” films, Shaun of the Dead ($13 million domestic) and Hot Fuzz ($23 million domestic). It’s worth mentioning that The World’s End opened in Europe this past July and has accrued $24 million worldwide.

Disney’s animated feature Planes rounds out the top 5 with $8.5 million. The film has now surpassed its $50 million budget with $59 million domestic.

The number 6 film this weekend is Elysium with $7.1 million. Although the film has banked a solid $69 million, it won’t make back its $115 million budget.

The horror film You’re Next (read our review) is the number 7 film this weekend with $7.05 million. Though the horror genre has been doing very well this year and buzz for this film was very strong, You’re Next simply couldn’t hit similar numbers to The Purge or The Conjuring.

Youre Next Horror Movie Masks List Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: August 25, 2013

With that being said, You’re Next was made for a very modest budget, which suggests it will make its money back. And, for a film that was hard to market without a bankable star, and without exposing how unique it is, LionsGate was likely in a tough spot.

In at number 8 is Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with $5.2 million. The fantastical sequel has only grossed $48 million over 3 weeks, which is well below its $90 million budget.

Woody Allen’s latest film, Blue Jasmine, comes in at number 9 with $4.3 million, up 87% as it increased its theater count by about 1,000 screens. Thus far the film has grossed a very solid $14 million.

Kick-Ass 2 falls to the number 10 spot this weekend with $4.27 million. The sequel is well behind the first Kick-Ass ($34 million after two weeks), which puts talk of a third film into question.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, August 25th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. You can really tell the summer is coming to a close. What a “soft” weekend. Not many peeps at the theater.

    Did get to see “You’re Next” and “The Worlds End.”

    I still don’t get how “We’re The Millers” is doing so well. I guess it has a lot of family viewing appeal.

    Totally bummed out about “Elysium.” I felt it was one of the best of the summer. Better than “Pacific Rim.”

    • ‘Elysium’ is a good movie and I enjoyed it,but better than ‘Pacific Rim’? I…don’t…think…so,PR is the best movie of the summer of 2013,hands down,I know this is just my opinion,but so be it.

      • It’s your opinion and I can respect it. But the BEST? Well, I also can ‘question’ your opinion.

        Pacific Rim was cool to see in IMAX 3 D. Cool effects and the audio was awesome. Movies like this are akin to a roller coaster ride.

        Other than the IMAX thrill ride, the script was very one dimensional, as was the acting.

        Edris Elba is great but it’s about time he gets a REALLY good script and a good project that is worthy of his acting chops.

        His character was by the numbers and wooden in PR. What a waste.

        And one of the biggest things the flick lacked was a really good female character OTHER THAN Rinko Kikuchi/Mako Mori.

        I tire of flicks with a 10 to 1 ratio when it comes to Men to Women.

        Too many male dominated casts. Blahhh.

        • I honestly think Pacific Rim is the best movie I’ve seen so far this year.

          Elysium is good but I get a feeling US audiences have maybe shifted their attention away from movies like that and seem to prefer the same man-child actors in the same movies over and over, judging by the success of Grown Ups 2 and This Is The End.

          Shame really but maybe Screen Rant could/should try to include box office numbers from around the globe since there’s a big international crowd reading and commenting on the site and the world of cinema exists outside of North America?

          Could be good for US readers to read and compare how well or badly movies do outside of their country and have some real debate about success and failure.

          • “Elysium is good but I get a feeling US audiences have maybe shifted their attention away from movies like that and seem to prefer the same man-child actors in the same movies over and over….”

            Those two movies you cite are no only comedies but comedies that appeal to THE GENERAL MOVIE GOING AUDIENCES.

            I’d add the #2 flick this week ” We’re The Millers ” to that list That flick has more in common with “Grown Ups 2.” ” And I would associate “This is The End ” and “The World’s End” to their own , independent target audience, one that doesn’t go so much for the “family.”

            There’s no question that Sci Fi/Action genre flicks have not done so well this summer season. Even MOS, my personal favorite of the summer, only made so much. ( although I AM glad it did make enough to make it a hit. )

            This is all distressing , but only to fans like US, the fans who prefer and follow these effects heavy franchise flicks.

            It says a lot. It says that kids and especially FAMILIES are more interested in watching movies ABOUT families. No wonder flicks like “We’re The Millers” and “Grown Ups 2″ have done so well.

            This is the kind of summer season that has happened.

            • I’d like to know why that is. Then again, what’s the actual answer going to be?

              I know that here, We’re The Millers and Grown Ups 2 are given 15 ratings, meaning that you have to be at least that age to view them and usually, families don’t go for anything above a 12A (which was only introduced because the British Board of Film Classification classed Spiderman as “too scary for children under the age of 12″ thanks to Green Goblin’s scenes and parents complained until they created the 12A rating meaning that parental supervision is required).

              That’s why I’m hesitant to agree with the “family viewing” sentiment. I could see it appealing to groups of male teenagers despite never liking those kinds of dumb comedies myself at that age (I guess growing up with Monty Python, Eddie Izzard, Reeves & Mortimer and Billy Connolly amongst others gives you a kind of sophisticated yet surreal sense of humour).

              I dunno, I might have to try not to think about it because whenever you come up with a possible answer, another reason comes up right after and makes you question what you thought before.

              I guess on the flip side, others may question why our fave movies do so well too.

              • I tend to disagree. I was shocked at how many kids were at the viewing of The Conjuring when I went to see it. I felt a little annoyed as well as this was an “R” rated movie but yet there were 12-15 year olds in the theatre with the parents. Families now a days will go to movies that has good word of mouth. Movies like “We’re the Millers” and “Grown Ups 2” might have had some negative reviews but they had great word of mouth from the general audience with made more people go see it regardless of the rating. I think movies like a PR which had great ratings, had bad word of mouth from the general audience which made people just wait for the DVD release.

          • Dazz I’m shocked that you would say PR is the best film you’ve seen all year. For someone who nails North America (I’m Canadian) to the wall at every second for being dumbed down, I’m surprised by this. Honestly.

            I enjoyed PR but it won’t make any of my best lists, except special effects. To say the paint by numbers story is the best of the year is kind of weird coming from you.

            Just in case you care, my best of the year is The Place Beyond the Pines… so far.

        • There is a first for everything, and I am 100% in agreement with Kyrptonic on the Pacific Rim.

      • That’s what’s great about opinions. For me, Pacific Rim was easily THE WORST film of the summer. Not trolling (promise!) but I honestly enjoyed After Earth, G.I Joe and Jack the giant slayer way more. For my money Man of Steel, the Conjuring, Kick Ass 2, iron man 3, the worlds end and monsters U all did it for me.

        • Fast and Furious 6 and Iron Man 3 were the best this summer. I am looking forward to The Chronicles of Riddick 3. The Man of Steel wasn’t too bad better than Superman Returns. G.I. Joe Retaliation was pretty good. The Lone Ranger looked stupid so I avoided that like the Plague. I hope that 2014 shows more promise with Fast and Furious 7 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

          • I also liked The Wolverine

      • PR the best movie of the summer? I am in agreement with Kryptonic in which I didn’t see the whole hype of Pacific Rim. Yes, the visual effects were great but aside from that there is nothing that special about that movie. The acting aside from Edris Elba was okay and the script/storyline/plot was average at best. Elysium had about the same visual effects, better acting, and about the same average script. I’d say Elysium is a little bit better but even at that I still don’t think Elysium is the best summer movie. This year as far as summer movies hasn’t really met my expectations in what I would call an epic summer movie.

      • What is so great about Pacific Rim? Yeah I saw it in Imax 3D, and I thought the robots looked cool. But for $190 million, they better be cool. However The story was like a deflated balloon, and the characters were flat and one dimensional.

        So I ask you this. If this movie were made for $40-50 million, where the script really needs to be the star, would you still think it was the best movie of the year?

  2. i was hoping The World’s End would get to $10 million opening weekend. But it has beat the other two films as far as opening weekend grosses go. I think it even had a higher attendance than the first two when inflation is taken into effect. So its a solid opening none the less. hopefully it holds well.

    I believe it couldve done better if it wasnt for This is the End opening not to long ago.

  3. This year is depressing. Pacific Rim, World’s End and Kick-Ass 2 which effected me the most. Ugh.

    • I agree 100% I also think This is the End should have done better in my opinion best comedy of the summer

      • I agree, I thought This Is The End was the best comedy, but not enough people saw it!

  4. Screenrant, This is the second week you’ve done this. The Butler was #1 at the box office again, and yet you gave the thumbnail to a movie that came in 4th place. You did this last week too when you put a thumbnail of kick-ass 2 (which came in 5th place) instead of The Butler. This is racism. Why won’t you show respect to The Butler, and put it as the thumbnail.

    I have had it with your racism. Accept that a black movie got first place. I can’t believe that you don’t put the thumbnail for it because its a black movie. Yet you go out of your way to give it to white movies that come in 4th and 5th place. It is a form of racism.

    • You know what? You’re absolutely right. That is racist. I looked through some of the past articles of the Weekend Box Office Wrap Up articles on here, and they have always gone to whatever movie was #1. But for some reason, the have not done that for The Butler. It does seem a little strange that they would do that two weeks in a row, considering The Butler has smashed over 5 new releases in the past 2 weeks. I have to agree, it does seem quite racist.

      • I’ve never heard of this movie “the butler”

    • Please tell me you’re joking… they’ve given the top picture to lower grossing movies because those movies have more appeal to Screen Rants main audience “Fanboys” If a Black Panther or Jon Stewart Green Lantern movie came in first, that would get the thumbnail picture

      • No I’m not joking. They knew The World’s End wasn’t gonna come in first place. It only opened in 1500 or so theaters. They knew it didn’t stand a chance. But they gave it the thumbnail anyway. And what your basically saying is that unless there is a black fanboy movie, they will continue to ignore black movies, even if they slaughter their competion two weeks in a row?

        • My point is, it’s not about giving credit to the most successful movie, it’s about what thumbnail will grab the most hits. They aren’t going “Oh it’s a movie with black people, who gives a s***” They’re going “Well, I think our readers will most want to know how Edgar Wright’s new movie did, so let’s give that the thumbnail” I’m sure if it will get the thumbnail next week, as theY’ll judge their readers will care more about the continued success of the Butler then One Direction

          • Well I doubt The Butler will be able to beat One Direction in it’s 3rd week of release. And how much you wanna bet that ‘if’ One Direction is #1 next week, they will get the thumbnail? And watch ScreenRant try to spin it, by saying “Well Morgan Spurlock is the director of the One Direction movie. And he made the comic-con movie. So it counts.”

            And again this bet only works if One Direction is the #1 movie. Also, I’ll take you up on your bluff. I bet in the unlikely occasion that The Butler is the #1 movie for a third week, it still won’t get the thumbnail.

    • It’s not racism. Get a grip.

      Mr Taormina accurately reported the numbers and that in and of itself tells how successful “The Butler” has been.

      I see all kinds of flicks. I saw the “Butler” and felt it was very good.

      I adore Cate Blanchett and I WILL see “Blue Jasmine” too.

      But flicks like “The Butler” and “Blue Jasmine” are not the kind (or genre) of movie that Screen Rant covers in depth.

      Dude, if you are commenting on this site you should very well know what I’m talking about.

      If you don’t, then go to a film site where you’ll find the type of coverage for the type of movie you lean towards.

      Try “The Hollywood Reporter” or “Deadline.”

      And take your “racist rants” with you.

      • I’m very sorry to say this, but that has got to be the stupidest comment I’ve seen in a long time.

        • I think the comment made the most sense out of any! Unlike the others, who cry racist, he provides a very clear and accurate explanation. It’s better than any other comment.

          • I meant at Balzack lol, sorry.

      • I agree with Kryptonic,on this one,this is a movie site geared toward science fiction,fantasy and comic book movies,I dont believe Screen Rasn is racist at all,and I say this as an African-American movie fan who leans to this kind of genre entertainment and I personally have not witnessed any racist tilt in their writings,and as I seem to remember this site gave a pretty favorable reveiw to ‘Lee Daniels The Butler’,so IMO, Balzack your off the mark,LDTB is a more historical drama so I would’nt expect to see thombnail pictures of it to much,now if it contiues to lead the bo in the coming weeks then it should get more screen time on Scren Rant,but for this site sci-fi and CBM are going to get priority.

        • I apologize for my spelling mistakes,I was in a rush,to keep up with my thoughts,keep up the good work SR.

    • Oh shut up. So they didnt use a picture of a black guy for the thumbnail! Better call up the Reverend Jesse Jackson! He will fight the white supremacy of this site! I’m sick of how every time a black person is slightly mistreated, it’s racism, and you can’t oppose it without seeming racist! Maybe all blacks should get super special treatment in everything, so then you will have no excuses!

      • ^ Now that’s a racist comment. Keep it real Jerry. Maybe all Jerry Funbags should ask for a refund on their frontal lobotomies.

    • Well first of all dont you think its strange that youre calling it a black movie. maybe as a white man i find that offensive, when i see a movie featuring a mainly white cast i dont think of it as a white movie, just a movie. but suddenly when a movie has a mainly black cast its a black movie. classic hypocrisy and silliness.

      • Come on, man.

        I’m a white guy and I saw “The Butler.” I also saw “42.” What’s the big deal?

        “The Butler” is a small, deeply dramatic, and historically significant flick. The same can be said of “42.”

        “The Butler” was a very emotional and riveting experience. Probably will be up for a lot of Awards. I also liked “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

        But can you tell me that both of these movies were good for the same reasons??

        You know the answer. They are completely different types of movies.

        I actually feel silly having to spell this out to you.

        But I’ll take this one step further; Did you see “After Earth?” Did you?

        THAT flick was heavily covered and discussed here on SCREEN RANT back in May and June of this year.

        Imagine that? A SCIENCE FICTION movie that starred , arguably , the biggest African American film star of our time. (AND his son)

        Did Screen Rant avoid “After Earth.” Hell no.

        Now, why would SR cover AE so heavily as opposed to “The Butler.”

        EXACTLY! That’s right. You got it. It’s elementary, isn’t it “Watson?”

        If some peeps refer to “The Butler” as a black flick, what they really mean is that the subject matter pertains to that segment of society’s particular struggles, historically.

        The same cannot EVER be said of AE. (lol)

        • I’m commenting after you, Kryptonic, mainly through laziness and not wanting to scroll all the way up to address the guy who claimed racism.

          As you and others said though, the images used are because most of the readership of this site are more interested in the “big” movies rather than the fairly small productions that slip by unnoticed.

          As a Brit, I’ve only heard of 42 and The Butler through this website, otherwise they have no appeal outside of the US so would that make the rest of the world racist when we don’t really give a damn about a black butler at the White House or a black baseball player?

          No, it doesn’t. You know why we don’t give a damn?

          It’s because we don’t have baseball coverage here, we have our own politics to worry about and because while American movies like those two focus on the “Look how brave these black people were in the face of adversity” message, we in the UK especially were getting on with our lives and being friendly to people of ALL races and colours.

          During the 40s, 50s and 60s, African Americans came here and were shocked at how tolerant the country was compared to back home where they needed the civil rights movement to stop segregation while British people were horrified at the thought of a “Whites Only” section and still can’t understand how you guys could even have such a blatantly racist thing in your everyday lives.

          Trying to get back to the point, I wouldn’t expect Screen Rant to have any thumbnails showing images from the Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa movie that released here a few weeks back, not only because it’s an English movie about a 22 year old British comedy character but also because it’s not releasing in the US until 2014 (and I don’t expect it to do well anyway when it does release there, should I call racism and xenophobia though when it does fail to find an audience in America? I didn’t think so).

          Honestly, we should have some sort of official Screen Rant Paddle Of Stupidity to use on people like Mr Racism up there whenever ridiculous comments are posted.

          • Extremely well said, Dazz!


          • +1 what Dazz said. I’m not from the US and I couldn’t care less about people shouting “racism” every time, actually, I’m really tired of them. This is the WWW, not the US-black-community.

            Deal with it.

    • One of the dumbest comments of the year.

    • What the hell are you talking about? You’re looking for stuff that simply isn’t there. I’d wager that the majority of ScreenRant visitors simply have no interest in the butler as Sreenrant mainly concentrates on the fantasy and action genres in its coverage, they certainly generate the largest amounts of comments!).

      You shouldn’t throw accusations around like that, especially over something as trivial as what movie’s on a thumbnail. Is your life so perfect that you don’t have bigger things to worry about?

      Craziest accusation I’ve read on the internet in some time.

  5. It’s probably more to do with the site runners and many posters being comic book and Pegg, Wright fans. Thumbnail pics often don’t match the expectations of the article in many websites, newspapers and magazines. Often they are there to grab initial interest. I very much doubt race has anything to do with it.

  6. Looks like Kick-Ass 2 is failing to kick any @$$. KA3 looks like a weaker bet.

    • Hopefully a bet that will still payoff. Kick-Ass 3 must happen.

      • No worries. Mark Millar will wave his magical wand and the studio exects will greenlight Kick Ass 3. That’s one of the many talents of Mark Millar and one of the reason why Grant Morrison and him are no longer friends.

  7. While In the U.S elysium kind of slipping proving that the august secret no longer works. Elysium is no flop. People need to stop thinking only the U.S box office count. If you count the worldwide box office as a whole. Elysium passes its budget already.

    • But the studio only gets like 60% of what a movie makes, and the Budget doesn’t count marketing costs, so its still far away from making money

      • But the studio – while based in the US – still releases worldwide and makes a lot of money from international sales.

        I’m gonna use it again but it makes a good point.

        In the international market, Dredd was a massive success and was the number one movie in several countries. It made $1.7million during opening weekend in the UK alone despite only being shown in 417 cinemas.

        It made $4million in Russia, $2million in Australia and $1.1million in Malaysia. It was rated positively amongst both critics and normal, everyday cinema goers with high interest, that interest increasing with DVD and Blu Ray sales.

        $36million total box office for a movie like a lame Adam Sandler “comedy” would guarantee another sequel, despite its “Use once and destroy” style of viewing where you only have to see it once and that’s all you can take.

        For some reason though, great movies that are written and acted brilliantly that are still enjoyable even after several viewings (movies that studios prefer to make due to the revenue that repeated viewings give them or the word of mouth that generate more sales) that are different to what else is out there like Dredd somehow get canned, just because US audiences choose not to see it initially.

        Everyone who saw it on DVD has commented at how amazing it is and how they wish they’d seen it at the cinema. Again, that’s the kind of comment that US studios are constantly seeking for a movie to get such a reaction.

        It just seems completely close-minded that US based studios refuse to make sequels to great films when they make almost double internationally than domestically.

        It’s almost like having a US scientist finding the cure to cancer and then refusing to share it with other countries because those countries aren’t named “America”. Completely selfish and without thought to the rest of the world who demand the kind of movies that they refuse to give us.

        • Alas, Dredd made about $15 million LESS than its production budget of $50 million, and that’s not including marketing, money back to theaters, etc. It wasn’t a “huge” success in foreign markets at all, though it did do marginally better than it did in the states.

          And no, actually, if Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 – which cost $80 million somehow – made a mere $36 million, it wouldn’t be considered successful.

          • “Need some sun tan lotion for that BURN!?!”

            - Steve Jobs

  8. In the SR contest, almost everyone picked You’re Next in the top 5 and it went 7th.

    Next few weeks should be interesting.

  9. Elysium has made 139 million so far…

  10. Watched The Butler and At Worlds End. The Butler is surprisingly good. Thought it would be too over dramatic since it looked so oscar-bait-issh in the trailers. Nothing to say about At Worlds End but loved it so damn much. Still don’t get why Wright’s movies always never made it to the no. 1 spot or open as big as it should here.

  11. Fourth place for the best movie of 2013 BY FAR, is just sad.

    • What makes it the best movie? I felt the best movie of the year was Despicable Me 2.

      • 2/10, try harder.