‘Warcraft’ Movie to Begin Filming in January 2014

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world warcraft movie start date Warcraft Movie to Begin Filming in January 2014

Renowned filmmaking talents have long recognized that there is real cinematic potential in the intricate dark fantasy characters, settings and storylines featured in the World of Warcraft video game series. Indeed, 4-5 years ago a WoW movie adaptation was being planned from screenwriter Robert Rodat – who scripted director Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan and created the Falling Skies TV show – with Evil Dead and Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi lined up to call the shots.

That version didn’t come to fruition, but the currently-developing Warcraft boasts a similarly-impressive writer/director pairing, with scribe Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) collaborating alongside filmmaker Duncan Jones (Source Code). Warner Bros. got the hardcore geek community buzzing about the project back during the 2013 International Comic-Con, where the studio and Jones premiered conceptual teaser footage from the high-fantasy adventure.

We’d previously heard that WB and Legendary plan to release Warcraft in theaters sometime in 2015, with this film being one of their last joint ventures (following the schism between the studios). The newest update from Production Weekly lends additional credibility to that assertion, seeing how they are reporting that Legendary has begun setting up offices for Warcraft at the Canadian Motion Picture Park (CMPP) in Vancouver – with principal photography scheduled to begin on January 13th, 2014.

Rumor has it that Levitt’s Warcraft script draft will draw inspiration largely from the first two installments in the WoW game series, being titled Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness; though, it’s also “common knowledge” that Jones has plans to reinterpret the source narratives, rather than just slavishly replicate them on the big screen. That ought to be for the best, given that having a storyteller with a distinct voice (read: auteur) leave their stamp on a property adaptation often yields results that are more interesting – and often truer in spirit to the source material – than being a stickler for every single detail (example: compare the first two Harry Potter movies versus subsequent installments).

Warcraft Orc Warcraft Movie to Begin Filming in January 2014

In our eyes, Jones has proven himself to be a skilled and thoughtful director with his previous films – as evidenced by his sci-fi features Moon and Source Code both making our list of “10 Best Sci-Fi Films of The Last 5 Years” - meaning, on those grounds alone, we’re interested to see his Lord of the Rings-eque take on the Warcraft games when it opens in theaters. Moreover, if this film and next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie both turn out well, then that should help to open the floodgates wider for more fantastical geek properties to make the jump to cinematic form (despite having previously been dubbed “too weird for audiences”).

As far as casting for Warcraft goes, we should be getting updates on who’s playing the non-human inhabitants in the upcoming months (assuming that the January 2014 start date is accurate); likewise, it’s feasible that Warcraft could be finished in time for the Summer 2015 movie season. However, given the competition on the schedule – which includes the Assassin’s Creed movie and more blockbuster franchise sequels than you can shake a stick at – there’s a reasonable chance that Legendary will settle on a Fall or Winter date instead (though Spring 2015 isn’t an impossibility… yet).


Warcraft is slated to begin production in January 2014, so look for more concrete details about the project to be made available over the next few months.

Source: Production Weekly

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  1. I bet a shadow priest wins it.

  2. “That ought to be for the best, given that having a storyteller with a distinct voice (read: auteur) leave their stamp on a property adaptation often yields results that are more interesting – and often truer in spirit to the source material ”

    How do we know if no one ever sticks to the source material?

    Ive just never understood why they cant stay true(er) to the source material.

    While some stories may need expansion on characters or events I just dont see the need to change something.

    I just hope they dont dumb it down or make changes just to make changes….

    • The source material already exists in its original medium, so what’s the point of recreating it in a different medium that it wasn’t intended to exist in?

      • Im not sure I follow.

        It seems like you are saying there is no need to follow the source material in a different medium just because it was never originally intended to be in that medium.

        So what you are saying (and I am painting this very broadly) you would be ok with say all the Star Wars books, comics, cartoons, and other medium the ‘world’ is in to not follow the source material from the movies, so in essence Luke and Leia could be married as they are not brother and sister and the Dark Emperor could be a wookie allowing Jar Jar to be the most powerful Jedi Knight.

        You may say that would never happen but if you release the reign of using the source material you make something like that a reality.

        Again I go see a movie or read a book or play a game etc sometimes based on the fact that I know the source material. I dont think it is spoiling anything just because I know something (History of Thrall for example) is going to happen. I enjoy seeing, playing, reading the material for what it is not what someone else THINKS it is.

        • Never have played WoW I can only assume that it has an EPIC story, and if that’s the case, then there’s no way they could stay true to the source material in a 90-120 minute movie. If they change major plot points (like your example of Luke and Leia) I could see people being upset. Personally though, I’d rather have something inspired that leaves certain details out, than a jumbled mess that came from trying to jam a 16 hour game into a two hour movie.

          • Well thats the thing it has MANY epic stories most playing off one another.

            Meaning the character weaving is important. So if they start changing things (IMO) you start degrading the epicness of the stories.

            All of the stories also have a begining middle and end (to a degree) so they are self contained within that story but still leverages off the universe itself.

  3. ready to serve…


      • They’re destroying our city!!!

    • Work Complete

  4. I still don’t get why they don’t make an epic animated movie in the style of the legendary Blizzard cutscenes and do a live action movie instead.

    • Yes.. the original WOW cinematic opening was just amazing. The cocking of the rifle, shot and bear growl will be forever ingrained.

    • THIS!!!!! I love the lore and world of WoW, but i really don’t have any expectations that this will be a good movie. If it comes out feeling epic like LotR, I’ll be giddy. But a computer animated movie in the same vein of the in-game cut-scenes I think you could really do the world justice. Every time someone talks about a Warcraft movie I get flashes of “In The Name of the King” (if you recall was supposed to a Dungeon Siege movie). Ugh! I think I just threw up in my mouth. lol.

    • What Winchester said. I’ve played WOW probably for about 5yrs now (probably too long lol), and even though the content has suffered as of late IMO, the cutscenes that blizzard create (and even for Diablo3) are still top notch.

      I’m a big fan of the lore & I’m confident using that as a base for a film franchise will be interesting, although I’m also sure a lot of people are also going to say “they stole this bit from X, and this bit from Y”.

      Guess we’ll see…

  5. I really hope this feels like LOTR but extends the amount of fantasy. I want a team question. Human Warrior, night elf hunter, something mage and a gnome. Rogue

    • Quest not question…

      • LMAO ! …that was cheesy

  6. I trust the director with this movie. I hope they give him the budget to produce something epic and original.

  7. If anyone has seen Duncan Jones films they would know that he will create something original and epic. I don’t really care about WOW, but I will support Duncan Jones in anything he does. He is a truly talented film maker who deserves to make more great films.

  8. Warcraft is the gayest thing ever.

    • Hey, 1990 called they want their insults back.

      • You seem pretty butthurt.

  9. I am not interested in this, but my son would be, as he and some of his friends play the video game. Hope it does not turn into “World of Warcrap”!
    I know he would also like to see them get a HALO movie off the ground.

  10. Isn’t this like, 5 years too late?

    • Then the Horde stormed her city and a Troll hunter sent his raptor pet to destroy it.

  11. Why does this need to be made again? Do the studios really think the chinese gold farmers that play wow will pay to watch this crap?

  12. Again, guys/girls, Put your trust in Duncan Jones and honestly if you don’t like this film or its idea then your not part of their demographic.