World of Warcraft To Be Directed By Sam Raimi?

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Harry Knowles at Ain’t It Cool News has been hard at work in recent weeks tracking down and verifying a very interesting piece of information: The director for the upcoming film adaptation of the biggest MMO ever, Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, will be Sam Raimi.

We all know Sam Raimi for his Evil Dead films, the three Spider-Man films (and the upcoming Spider-Man 4) and more recently for his well-received horror movie from earlier this summer, Drag Me to Hell.

The man has an insane amount of feature film projects in development and as we don’t know of any official dates for the production schedule of World of Warcraft, we don’t know when exactly we could be seeing this.

We do know that the fourth Spidey installment is set for a release date on May 6, 2011 and that Raimi’s been talking up another Evil Dead film in recent months. With this announcement of his involvement with WoW, that could push the Evil Dead project further away to the dismay of Bruce Campbell fans everywhere.

Don’t fret too much though, Campbell will likely have another guest cameo role in the next Spider-Man!

With Drag Me to Hell, Raimi went back to his horror roots and now he’ll be back working in the superhero side of things, only to move into the fantasy epic realm. World of Warcraft will have a very very large budget and it’ll be interesting to see what Raimi can do with an unlimited sandbox of characters, stories, landscapes and visuals to play with.

There’s a limitless potential here to make something very special and entirely new. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a massive film franchise spawn out of this if Raimi kicks it off to a strong start. Not a stretch considering the built-in fanbase who pay a monthly subscription to play the game.

Would you like to see a feature film based on World of Warcraft and is Raimi a good pick to helm it?


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Source: AICN

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  1. I’m really not too surprised to hear this as Sam Raimi is no stranger to the fantasy genre. After all, he has been executive producer on sixteen episodes of Legend of The Seeker. If he does direct WOW then I suspect Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell will end up with parts in the film.

  2. If Raimi is indeed on the WoW movie, that does get me a bit more excited.

    I tried the WoW universe, having only started last month. While it is a very nicely plotted out world and history they have in the game, I didn’t continue playing largely due to the focus on PvP (player vs player action) and the difficulty of playing through the game solo (you almost always needed help for the best parts.)

    Still, I can see it as a very fun movie regardless. And we all know there are plenty of fans out there.

  3. Rather he got on with making exciting and bizarre horror movies.
    When he has done something in the realm of fantasy – Evil Dead 3 – it didn’t work as well (if I still love that movie) and I loathed Hercules and Xena.

  4. I would have rather seen Guillermo del Toro direct. The work with the fantasy world he has done on movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy II would get me excited for this movie. Raimi still interested, but not must see … yet.

  5. Been a warraft fan since the launch of orcs and humans…

    Are you guys kidding…
    If anyone should direct this it should be Peter Jackson…

    Also if this film is to be made it should not be made like a Doungon & Dragons Movie…
    THe World of warcraft is just the aftermath of righn of Chaos…
    so since Orcs and Humans there is much ground to be covered and therefor it would have to be like the harry Potter Films (aprox. Seven Films) in size. in order to tell the story right…

    that is a huge masive project and i think with the 11.5 monthly subscribers all paying $11.5 to see this movie
    thats 132,250,000 plus all the people out there who love Fantasy genre and all the origional Warcraft fans this movie like i said helmed by Peter Jackson, with the right Story will make some major Coin…

    may be peter Jackson could produce and make sure that Sam sticks very closly to Chris Metzens (who is the current creative director, of all pf Blizzard’s current video games in Production (starcraft 2 ansd diablo 3. he provided the game’s story concept and script) and Samwise’s Artwork style
    (Samwise Dodier Sam “Samwise” Didier is the art director at Blizzard Entertainment. his style has been the artistic direction of choice for all Blizzard franchises. Didier’s greatly exaggerated physiques and vibrant, bright color palette has dictated the artistic style of Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, and Didier has also designed and drawn many of the graphical icons found in Warcraft III and World of Warcraft)
    i think he might have a shot…

    What do u guys think?

  6. I played all versions of Warcraft pre WoW.

    I love fantasy so I can’t wait for this movie.

    Warcraft online is a better game than Wow though.

  7. No Name Face meant 11.5 MILLION subscribers…

    which would equal about at least twice to three times that many viewers would see the movie…

  8. Hrm…this is a quandary. I’ve been playing WoW for four years now (my workmates got me into it with their constant babble about the game) and I really like it. The stories that have been set up behind the actual game play are very well thought out and written, and it would be nice to see some of that played out on the big screen. Sam Raimi is kind of a so-so choice, IMO. He’s done some great work, but I don’t know if WoW would be his kind of project. Raimi has a penchant for adding camp to almost all of his projects, and though the game of WoW has some silliness in it, the actual stories behind it are actually quite dark and serious. I think that should be focused on in the movie. There would definitely be a huge fan base that would go out to see this movie, from players to fantasy lovers alike.

    @No name Face – I agree that Peter Jackson could do a great job of this film, particularly because I think he’d put a lot of focus on the cinematic elements of Azeroth (there’s potential for some very cool looking sets and locations). But Peter is working on the Hobbit I think, and he may just be getting a bit tired of working with Orcs and Elves lol.

  9. This is a STUPID idea…its just going to be a bunch of nerds at the theater, why would they have a big budget and why on earth is Raimi doing this?
    whats next another Resident evil movie

  10. im not a big fan of the spidey movies…lets hope he does a beeter job here!!

  11. Peter Jackson won’t be doing this so it’s pointless hoping it would happen. Raimi to ruin one of the greatest games ever.

  12. @tasouli
    That’s one opinion. I suppose you weren’t much of a LOTR fan either then. Just because it isn’t your cup of tea doesn’t mean that it’s a stupid idea.

  13. @tasouli

    That would be 11.5 MILLION nerds at the theatre. which equals minimum 100 Million Box-Office.

    So why a stupid idea?

  14. This should be great news for all WoW fans out there…

  15. @ John “Kahless” Taylor:
    Freakin Hilarous! Gangsta Orcs and leg humping demons

  16. Played WOW a bit a few months back (and by a bit, I mean I have a level 80 Lock, but that’s all behind me now, I refuse to send £8.99 to Blizzard every month just so I can waste my time).

    It was a fun game for the most part, but really, when the main focus is to level up and get lots of gold, you find yourself not really paying attention to the story. I hear it has a very involved history and there may be a story or two worth telling, but I can’t help feeling the story itself will be very run of the mill for its genre, big wars, some quest to do, likely a band of brothers (and sisters) having to do something together, internal conflict of a sort, the world (of Warcraft :)) in jeapordy, people die, overall happy ending.

    If we’re lucky, Raimi and whoever writes this will be able to give us some interesting characters, but unless someone gives us a really out there take on the entire fantasy genre with this (and I’m not talking about parodying, just something widely different) I don’t see this being anything spectacular or mind blowing.

    Of course this is way WAY to early to comment, but it’s just my thoughts.

  17. Actually am a HUGE LOTR and yeah it id just my opinion. But I can tell you this, unlike the LOTR trilogy, which was based on some of the best literature known to man, World of Warcraft is based on a video game.
    Furtheremore this will not have strong box office #’s because for one there will no women at this; no matter how much the men they know beg them to go. And this realm of sci-fi is beyond most people that are out of the video game era (which is most people that have graduated from college and have jobs.

    It IS JUST MY OPINION, but I dont see this being successful lnor a project that Raimi shoudl associate himself with. I see this turning into another one of those Eragon movies, just not making the cut

  18. @tasouli

    “Furtheremore this will not have strong box office #’s because for one there will no women at this; no matter how much the men they know beg them to go.”

    That’s a hell of a thing to say, my friend and his girlfriend are both hooked on the game and I know a good deal more women who also enjoy playing it.

    Seriously, get out of that 90′s mindset, women play video games, even ones like WOW, and more often than not, they’re pretty good at them (that same friends girlfriend is also a damned good at Call of Duty 4 and somehow managed to kick my ass in Halo 2… damned sniper). Titles like geek and nerd are no longer reserved for those with a Y chromosome.

    And also, whether or not women (or non-fans of the game in general) see this film has nothing to do with the fact that it’s a game and everything to do with the marketing. If the eventual trailer makes this out to be a spectacular film on par with LOTR (even if the actual film is nothing like it, even quality wise), people will go see it (Transformers 2 proved this), they won’t stay away simply because “it’s about that game that all those little virgin boys are hooked on, hur hur hur”.

    I agree that it likely won’t be a decent film (although again, too early to tell), but that ignorant comment you made kind of hit a nerve with me.

  19. @tasouli
    Joshi pretty much hit it on the head. Your statement about women was completely inaccurate. I’m a woman and I’ve been playing WoW for years, and am part of a guild in game that is ALL women, of varying ages, backgrounds and walks of life. And even if you’re not a gamer, I also know many women who like fantasy and sci-fi genres as well, who will see the movie for that reason alone.

    As far as how good of a movie it will be, that remains to be seen. As I said, there is literature out there for WoW that actually has a story. But Joshi brings out a good point in that it may end up being very similar to other movies of the same genre (i.e. LOTR)

  20. This just got interesting. I’m not a fan of WOW in the slightest (I personally feel like the Warcraft franchise jumped the shark after Tides of Darkness, but obviously I’m in the minority there.)

    However, if they give Raimi creative control, I think we could end up with an enjoyable flick. We’ve never really had a video-game flick with someone of his caliber directing. He could very well break the mold.

    But one thing worries me. Generally speaking, the people who play WOW are the same people who will nitpick over every last detail of the film, so I think despite the huge built-in fanbase, this definitely is not a sure-fire success.

    That said, if this pushes back Evil Dead IV then I’m gonna be pissed.

  21. @Josh R

    While the fans will be nit-picky, remember, adapting Warcraft will be less like adapting a novel and more like adapting a comic book, there are so many characters and stories in Warcraft that nitpicking won’t be a problem as much as in, say Harry Potter where there’s a set story and characters to deal with.

    I feel the fanbase at large would be happy with a decent movie done right, even if a couple of details are changed (and that’s the other thing, if they come up with their own story, they can throw in a bunch of nods to the fans and make it work so that they don’t feel cheated and yet we get story that works in a cinematic sense).

  22. WAIT!!!

    How’s this sound for innovative and new…….

    Maybe have 2 different movies cone out at the same time, right. Both being the same story and same timeline. One from the Horde point of view, and one from the Alliance point of view. You film them at the exact same time with cameras on both sides so the budget doesn’t become way too much and they can keep it relatively the same as it would be with 1 movie. Then ending battle could have both Horde and Alliance in it so they end the same way, just from the different perspectives.

    They should be released at the same time of course. I wonder if any franchise has ever had the top 2 movies in the theater at the same time??

    I know I would go see both because you would always be wondering what the Horde (or Alliance) was doing at this point in time.

  23. Having two movies would certainly bring in more money for the studio, but otherwise it’d just be a gimmick that’d annoy more than be a decent idea. Plus any WoW movie worth it’s salt would be able to deal with the Alliance Vs Horde thing in a way that’s fairly faithful and satisfying for both sides.

  24. See, I think thats the big misconception. Although yes, the Horde and Alliance are at “war” most everything they try to accomplish have the same end. I think the double faction movie concept could show the different means to get to that same end. I think a straight Horde vs. Alliance movie would….

    A) be too much biased toward one side than the other, and half (probably more likely the Horde half) would leave the movie angry that their side got beat down.

    B) leave people wanting more of a background for the main characters from the faction not spotlighted

    C) be too oblivious to the larger threats of Azeroth

    As apparently a fellow player of the game you know how passionate we can be about our faction (I am alliance myself) and giving both sides their just due would be the best way to go in my opinion. Again, everything at this point is opinion based since all we know is that Raimi is directing it.

  25. I only stopped playing a few months back and from what I remember, most people didn’t much care about which side they were on, only that they were on one. Today I’m Alliance and will fight back the Horde with all my might and my level 17 Immolate… tomorrow I’ll hop over to another server play the Horde side and destroy the Alliance with great vengeance and furious Frost Bolt. Most people switched sides too much to get any kind of invested interest in either one. Yes some have preferences (most who taste both enjoy the Horde more than Alliance), but overall, not many really care enough.

    And I wasn’t really thinking about a straight Alliance Vs Horde movie, as you say, despite the factions, they worked towards the same end. One of my favorite parts of WoW was in Lich King where both factions, for a brief period, get together to fight the Lich King (okay, so the tail end of that cutscene didn’t work out too well for all 3 parties, but still…). That’s what the movie should be about, the two factions realising that they need to form a Union in order to fight off the greater good (not necessariy the Lich King but… well whoever).