New ‘World War Z’ TV Spot and Extended Clip – Brad Pitt Outruns Zombies

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Only a few days are left until the World War Z movie adaptation open in theaters. The globe-trotting zombie action-thriller – with Brad Pitt headlining - has endured a rough journey to the big screen, due to reasons like Paramount having to cover the expenses for additional photography (in order to improve the original ending).

Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a U.N. employee who’s enjoying some quality time with his wife (Mireille Enos) and daughters, when suddenly – and without any warning – a Zombie pandemic breaks out across the globe and threatens to destroy humanity in a matter of months. Gerry must race against the clock, in an effort to track the disease to its source and wipe it out before it’s too late – even though he risks never getting to see his family (alive) again, by doing so.

Watch an extended clip where Pitt and his family evade zombies, below:

The World War Z source material, authored by Max Brooks, is a big ol’ allegory that examines geopolitical realities and how the global social breakdown contributes to the chaos and destruction brought on by the zombpocalypse. Basically, a loyal film adaptation would’ve felt like Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion – albeit with zombies – crossed with a flashback-heavy narrative, along the lines of Interview with the Vampire or the first act of District 9.

That’s not the route taken in the World War Z script written by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom), which instead puts the emphasis on Pitt’s efforts to save the world and protect his family. Yes, it’s a major change to the source material – and the safer option for a big-budget action film – but is the movie a success or failure, on its own terms?

world war z brad pitt New World War Z TV Spot and Extended Clip   Brad Pitt Outruns Zombies

So far, World War Z has earned a respectable critical reception, yet many of the reviews (positive and negative) seem to agree: director Marc Forster’s movie adaptation is really just a standard popcorn flick, as opposed to being either a blockbuster with clear socio-political undercurrents or a game-changing addition to the zombie genre.

That the film’s PG-13 Rating make the violence feel a bit toothless, is a complaint that’s also been raised a number of times already. Essentially, it sounds as though your impression of the World War Z trailer will be similar to your feelings about the movie as a whole (for better or for worse).


World War Z opens in 2D and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 21st, 2013.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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  1. This movie looks fantastic!

  2. Still would like to see exactly what these zombies look like, really haven’t been able to tell from any of the clips so far.

    • it’s intentional. I’m not sure how far from the book they have varied.

  3. As long as they don’t resemble the ones from the Resident Evil franchise I’ll be happy.

  4. Saw premiere in Atlanta…..loved it! Will see it again on 21st maybe even get package deal from iMax wearing my tshirt….whoop!

  5. I dislike fast zombies, it’s bad enough they have you outnumbered but they can run too?

    It violates Rule #1 of Zombieland.

    • What? Zombieland had fast Zombies also……. One of the reasons I disliked it not counting the silly stuff characters did.

      I never read the book so I will just look at it as a plague/Borg type thing.

      • i have it is amazing the book just fantastic there is a podcast as well even max brooks son of Mel brook has done a tour talking about what to do in a zombie war it is funny as hell you can find it on YouTube

  6. @AKnot:

    True, I should have said “overly fast” and “they can outrun you”.

    If zeds can run in hordes and climb walls like they do in the WWZ movie (I don’t recal them being able to do that in the book), it would be impossible for normal people to survive.

    • Nothing wrong with that our time is about over anyway……..

  7. Not sure about this one. I’m a classic Romero fan, but can also tolerate the faster pace zombie flick; however, I will have a hard go stomaching the angry ant look that the makers shoveling out. I haven’t seen too many clips, but the one that has turned me off most from this movie is the clip with the bus that gets knocked over. WTH. These zombies look like pissed off PCP undead wannabe’s. With that many numbers, I do not think it is necessary to have the zombies run at you like a horned up teenager. Unfortunately, this movie seems to be just another band-wagon zombie episode; not the survivor driven story typical zombie fans crave.

  8. Perhaps the worst marketing decision by Paramound Pictures is putting the emphasis on WORLD WAR Z as a zombie movie — yet how could they not. What the studio wound up with is “a zombie horde” as if in defiance of any similar genre that has gone before it.

    Daring and innovative as it may be was never the intention. Director Marc Forster conceived of these creatures owning supernatural speed only AFTER principal photographer had commenced, like that controversial 3rd Act and so much else about this production.

    What the studio came to realize — albeit after the fact — is a motion picture that dares to redefine what the zombie is. A tall order but, should the film succeed, success will likely come at the expense of MAN OF STEEL’s second weekend at the box office. (Note: MOS had picked up $175 million in product-placement which, in all likelihood, has already covered the picture’s marketing costs.)

    Parmount’s lean production schedule and disciplined cost controls have contributed to its parent company’s (Viacom) lofty earnings and record stock price; and that next year’s the studio slate holds even greater promise, together with its “stability” widely respected by Wall Street.

    TRANSLATION: Paramount spending about as much on WWZ as Warner Bos. spent on MOS; and like the WB, which defrayed marketing expense with product placement, Paramount leveraged its risk of WWZ not meeting expectations by trimming the studio’s film production (re: what Disney did, hedging its bets, but also conglomerate-wide).

    Fanboys have infinite possibilities for these studios to produce multi-hundred-million-dollar “blockbusters”; but it’s the guys in the suits who put definite limits on what amounts these studios will risk on potential box office returns. (re: WB dropped DUMB&DUMBER,TO; also postponed TARZAN and put THE JERSEY BOYS into turnaround after budgetary and actuarial assessments were taken into consideration.)

  9. To me I wish they had gone the route of following the book and making a movie that breaks the mold. If you haven’t read the book do it if you love zombies you’ll love the book. And in the book I don’t recall them being fast zombies, I’m pretty sure they weren’t but then being fast isn’t what makes them horrifying it’s their relentlessness, they have zero fear and they keep coming pushing and you can escape. The book is awesome and this is getting okay reviews I might watch it on Blu-ray but I won’t be at the theaters for this one.

    Oh and PG-13 come on really.

    • I wasn’t sure if it was in the WWZ book or some other book but I remember reading about how in warfare, humans would not be able to handle fighting zombies even with superior firepower.

      Unlike normal enemies, you can’t demoralize them, dissuade them or scare them into stopping. They won’t stop fighting because they are wounded or because they know you are better armed. They just keep coming, non-stop, without rest. Humans aren’t prepared to have long scale battles with that type of enemy (especially whenever your comrades die, they become your enemy too).

      I think the swarm scenes capture that essence but it also makes for a hopeless scenario and it will be interesting to see how they resolve the movie storyline.

  10. Zombie movie. Rated PG?
    I already feel let down….

    • @Rob of Australia (Walking Dead is PG or PG 13 also, I don’t hear anyone complaining)

      I keep looking at the horrible poster around town. it is THE WORST non-sensical poster I have ever seen. I don’t even understand it. A bus standing and a helicopter pointing at it like Godzilla vs. Mothra. It. makes. no sense!
      The zombies running look stupid as…whatever. like they run and anything they touch just joins with the running too. It looks so bad. and you know, the first time I heard about this movie? I was interested until I saw the clips. and every time I watch a clip it makes me NOT want to see this. I see one movie a year and I thought this would be it.
      No thanks.
      Uwe Boll could do better.