‘World War Z’ Trailer: Brad Pitt Takes on the Zombpocalypse

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We got our first look at the trailer for World War Z earlier this week (based on Max Brooks’ best-selling zombpocalyptic novel). That footage introduced Brad Pitt as a UN worker – who must both protect his family and race against time to stave off a sudden and inexplicable (?) zombie pandemic – while teasing the wreckage wrought by CGI hordes of fast-moving zombies who swarm like rabid ants across cityscapes (and dog-pile alongside barriers erected to protect the uninfected).

Today,we can offer the full-length theatrical promo for WWZ – but does it manage to leave a better, worse, or equal impression as the previously-released 20-30 seconds of footage?

The answer (for me, at least) is … somewhat better than the initial trailer preview. In terms of the narrative and characters (which mark a significant departure from those in Brooks’ source material), WWZ still appears to recycle many a standard global disaster movie trope; specifically, many of the same ones that’ve been used throughout director Roland Emmerich’s filmography (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, 2012). Fortunately, there’s more emphasis here on the more grounded action and imagery depicting what an actual global calamity might look like – as opposed to the shots of digitally-rendered zombie masses, which are (hopefully) far from finished at this point in post-production.

If you’ve been following our coverage of WWZ, then you’re undoubtedly aware of the film’s problems to date – namely, release date delays, a troubling amount of pickup photography, third act rewrites, and continued controversy over changes from Brooks’ original book. Not to mention, fan disgruntlement over the plans for PG-13 Rated zombie violence and (via Vulture) rumors that production proved so rough that Pitt and director Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace) reached a point where they were no longer on speaking terms.

world war z trailer World War Z Trailer: Brad Pitt Takes on the Zombpocalypse

That’s all to say: at this point, my concern is less about WWZ deviating from the original novel – more about whether or not this film is going to be a good zombie disaster flick on its own terms. It looks to be as impressive in scale and serious in tone as one might hope for – but will that make the cliche narrative aspects more or less easier to swallow? And will the camerawork/editing mark an improvement on those in the (at times) borderline-incoherent Quantum?

We shall find out when World War Z begins on June 21st, 2013.

Source: iTunes Movie Trailers, Vulture

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  1. Looks great. We’ve yet to see a zombie movie on a big blockbuster type scale. It’s interesting how the trailer didn’t clearly identify them as zombies though. Looking forward to it nonetheless :)

  2. I know what Im seeing next year

  3. I’m sorry, this looks terrible. I’m still hoping for the best, but my enthusiasm is now shot.

    • Could not agree more. The fact that the ‘zombies’ look attached at all times and move at lighting speed and with the strength of a tank turns me off. I know you are supposed to suspend disbelief at the door of a theater but to me it looks like their fighting the smoke monster from LOST just made out of decomposing flesh.

  4. as a blockbuster that wont let me think for 2 hrs, i love it, as someone who has read the book, im severely disappointed. but i will watch it just to see if it will be great or horrible.

  5. My curiosity has picked up some…but


  6. I’ll be skipping this. The notion of fast moving zombies is ludicrous. I’m a strict traditionalist on that point.

    • Whatever makes you sleep better at night 😀

      • Well slow zombies would make me sleep better over fast ones.

        Not by much though.

    • I don’t mind fast zombies, like in the Dawn of the Dead remake, but superfast zombies with superstrength… not so much. And the swarming ant analogy used in the article was dead on because that’s exactly what I thought of when I saw it. Can’t say I’m looking forward to this.

  7. Never read the book,and just from the trailer it looks really great !
    Looking forward to it !

    • The concept is the same as the book but I think the similarities end there.

      • The movie looks to be AS the war is happening, whereas the book was more post-war interviews about what happened.

  8. Ive read the book and was scared after seeing the trailers trailer. Couple things I must devulge. Im a Brad Pitt fan, a zombie nut and apocalypse junkie. I personally will watch anyone’s take on the whole zombie thing (rage zombie, olympic zombie or walking dead zombie zombie). This does seem like a bit of a departure from the source material but to be honest thats fine with me. The book wasnt (in my opinion) overly captivating. A bunch of good stories but all seem to mesh togeher into zombie soup. This trailer made me pretty excited. The CG may be a little ‘i am ledgendy’ but i will save judgement until i see it all in context. All in all…good times and im excited to see it.

    Ps-Fanboys…relax. Zombies dont exist but girls do…go talk to one and chill out.

    • MalarkyD
      I am a fanboy
      I like World War Z
      I like Zombie Movies
      I am not going to watch this movie as an adpatation of the book, which its not.

      Neither is my Wife, or two out of our 5 children who like World War Z.

      And I do not do girls, I love a Woman. Something you may want to upgrade to, before you get in trouble.

      • Jeff, Thanks for the reply. I didnt say go do girls, I said go talk to one. I “love” a woman as well, been with her for 13 years, so, thanks for that. And finally don’t watch the movie, don’t really care personally. But I think your zombie snob attitude is going to make you miss an entertaining ride. Like I said in my original post, fanboys…relax.

        • I read the booked and liked it, but wouldn’t consider myself a fanboy. I liked how most things in the book could be applied to other apocalyptic/superbug events (coyotes smuggling out the rich who may or may not be infected, suriving in winter, etc.) I wasn’t captivated, but I was pretty damn interested. And I think that was the point.

          The movie looks pretty bad to me. Brad Pitt *can* do great things, but that is TBD. The “wave” of CG zombies is absolutely ludicrous and really looks like something you would see behind Milla Jovovich in leather. The intelligent look at what might happen if this was a real event is completely replaced by “KERPLOW ZOMBEAHS! BLAAARRR!” Initial impressions of course. I will go see it, and I may love it. But expectations are very low at the moment.

          So do I need to go talk to a girl (and does that also apply to female and homosexual males?) because my opinion is different from yours? Are you applying the fanboy/snob comment at a particular complaint?

          I suspect not. It’s more likely a blanket statement. That way you can dismiss anyone you want by just calling them a snob/fanboy/telling them to get out their mom’s basement, etc. etc. It isn’t a new trick. It just makes you look like you are afraid to engage in actual conversation about an opinion, particularly when you use those names in your original post. “Don’t challenge me or I will dismiss you as a fanboy!”

          Anyway it’s really cold in my mom’s basement. I was going to burn all of my copies of this book because I’m so mad at the trailer, but I might go upstairs, grab a blanket and talk to my mom (she is a girl, it counts.)

          • Well said JB, well said.

        • Malarkyd, serious doubt on all fronts. Had you read one of my first post, you would see where I said, my curiosity has Picked UP SOME…But…I hate the way they portrayed Philly.

          And really, who says Chill in the 21st Century?

          Yes I said picked up, not piqued, in case you are one of those types.

          And for someone who does not care personally, you seem bent on calling people fan boys, but like I said, Serious Doubt on all fronts.

  9. This looks likes every Will Smith bockbuster that gets released. I’m sure it’ll be very entertaining in its own right, but it’ll be popcorn fodder; easily forgotten once you leave the theaters

    Which is perfectly fine.

    • I agree, its Resident Evil with a bigger budget.

  10. I don’t get how they are in a sea of traffic(both in front and back of Pitt’s car) and the cop on the motorcycle barely can navigate through yet all of a sudden a gigantic truck can barrel through at high speeds….

    • I thought the exact same thing. I watched the trailer a second time partially because of that to see if I missed something

  11. looks like zombie ass… very bummed.

  12. never read the book, and not really a fan of the more traditional zombie movies. but from this trailer it doesnt look very “traditional” which is good to me. my interest is peaked.

  13. Sort of disappointed. My only hope is if it is not an adaption of the book then they that it will be able to fit into the story of the book in some way as another story. I doubt it is going to be there though.
    I didn’t really have high hope for it. I’ll probably see it anyways though. Wish a premium cable channel would have picked it up for a miniseries but it probably would have been way over budget.

  14. What’s up with the zombies climbing up on each other like an ant hill?

  15. Brook’s book is by far the best experience one can have on the subject, well written,timely, thoughtful and captivating. he had a lot to say, not just about zombies, but about societies and cultures in general. by obviously straying so far from the source material I think the studio missed a golden opportunity to create what could have been a very unique and different experience from what we all have come to expect from these kinds of movies. It could have put zombie movies on a whole new level.
    Instead, even if it turns out to be a decent enough flick, it looks like it will still be just another zombie movie.

    • I completely agree, this looks like a good movie that I would be happy to see but it isn’t world war Z

  16. Everyone already touched on some of the stupid looking things in this trailer: literal zombie waves, the ability for a trash truck that tops out at 75 full bore somehow plowing through loads of cars stuck bumper to bumper in traffic, the I Am Legend similarities and the fact that there is no way this will come close to Brooks’ novel.

    Compared to typical zombie flicks, this may end up being one of the better ones. But, that’s not what fans of the book want. We want the compelling story that dives into every aspect from all points of view, including mutiny, government cover ups, individual survival, ethno-political commentaries, etc.

    IF somehow, as Brad Pitt is saving the world (doing… what the hell is it he’s gonna do??), he hears stories of such things as the submarines, brazilian organ transplants, russian mutinies, fake pharmaceuticals, etc. then it might turn out okay. But, don’t make a World War Z movie unless you’re going to include all the drama. We don’t need another waste of zombie movies.

  17. Looks epic. The trailer makes it look like the best zombie movie ever. Lets hope its doesnt suck.

    • Clearly u don’t know your zombie movies hahaha

      • As a new type of zombie movie it looks fine. As an adaptation of the WWZ book it seems unfaithful…but who cares, this ain’t Twilight!!!

    • I can understand placing zombies on such a grand scale can make it look epic, but World War Z looks overblown and ridiculously unoriginal. The CGI looks impressive, but not scary at all. Real people with makeup (Walking Dead, 28 Days Later) look scary. Not CGI

  18. As an adaptation of the book: terrible. As a standalone movie that happens to share the same title as the book: could be okay.

    • Short and sweet and I agree

    • it ‘happens’ to share the same title to hype up the movie and hookwink those that haven’t read the book for example equalling ticket sales and more money for Brad.
      It stinks of Chanel

  19. I’m really sad about this, I waited for so long, and now this, trully disappointed in movie making. No wonder series now have more #Win over movies, there are no more good writers in Hollywood, the worst part is, most of the writing was already done. In the BOOK they clearly did not read!!!!!!!!

    • See the movie first my guy.

  20. So rabbid, angry soccer fans are attacking everyone? None of the Malice of 28 Days. None of the emotional investment of The Walking Dead series. And zero aesthetic impact for the ‘look’. If I hadn’t seen the Z, I would have wondered what the hell this movie was about.

  21. Well the movie itself looks cool, its the Zombies that kill it for me. They look, as others have said, absolutely ridiculous. Just fake and way over the top and the Cg is pretty terrible. Sucks cuz i love zombies and i love Brad Pitt but this is not looking great.

  22. Looks like “When angry soccer fans attack”. If I hadn’t seen the “Z” blurb, I wouldn’t even know what this is about. Cracked glass and distant e’splosions does not get me invested. Fast Zombies has been done and they LOOK like zombies. Human drama within a zombacolypse is being done on an elite level on TV right now. What’s the hook? Pitt saves his family? Didn’t Cruise already do that?

    • It’s a good point…We don’t, from this trailer, actually know it’s The Dead. It’s a cagey trailer all around. It’s not selling the Steak

  23. Though I’m not a fan of apocalypse story lines let alone zombie storylines the trailer does look promising I haven’t seen Pitt in a lot but based on what I have seen him in he’s a pretty good actor

  24. I am going to see this as a Fan of the genre, not the book. Therefore, I have no qualms about watching a good Zombie Movie.

    I am just pissed, about how Philly Look.

  25. I guess I’m in the hateful minority on this one. If you’re going to go Zombie on this scale at least do it right, PG-13 zombie apocalypse is beyond ridiculous, it’s down right dopey. Am I alone on this?

    I don’t know what’s got into people with sparkly vamps, emo super heroes, and goreless zombies.

    Joe Rogan say it best, he asks,” If I gave you a sandwich that was 96% [poop] and 4% ham would you still consider it a ham sandwich?”
    -some people today would argue ham all the way.

    • I was on your side until you quoted Joe Rogan.

      But these aren’t zombies, because of the ant thing..

      …on the other hand, if a billion disparate creatures try to to get at something, with no collective, and no hierarchy…wouldn’t they just crawl over each other to do it? I’m thinking of the wall shot. A million individuals not trying to stop each other from achieving their goal, but attempting to achieve their goal no matter what the situation……

      …I may see what they’re going for here.

      • Derek, there inlies the question.

        Do these “Zombies” more on the line of the rage virus infected people in 28 Days Later?

        The Rage took over, and they were violent, but they also had their intelligence to a degree, as it was mostly Primal in nature.

        Zombies for the most part are looking for food, and have the most basic of brain function, enough for locomotion and self preservation, but with no collective thinking, other than they act in groups when 1 responds.

        Land of the Dead, Those Zombies started to behave and act like their former lives, albeit limited

        World War Z Zombies have a collective understanding to work in a group pack mentality. The parts when they form the Zombie Wave and when they dog pile at the wall. They pick one section and climb it, and ignoring other parts of the wall. Some straggle away to climb the wall at other points, but they seem fixated on one section.

        Now here is a theory of why they act that way, Reverse Intelligence or de-learning. Where as we are born with the basics, need to feed and survice and develop over time with things we are taught, walking, talking, understanding right, understanding wrong, unite for a common goal, or acheive our own goal. I see these Zombies losing what they have learned over their life start to reverse, till they get the two insticnts we have from birth, the need to feed and survive.

        One of reasons I came up with that is plausible. The others, would not make them Zombies, but more like cannibals.

    • Because they would not admit to eating poop. Would leave a stigma on them.

  26. yeah they should’ve just called this the i am legend prequel. would make much more sense.
    looks like it will be a guilty pleasure apocalypse, disaster, blockbuster movie with zomies. I’ll want to say i dislike it to keep my old school zombie cred, but will probably end up enjoying (just like all the 28 days/dawn remake haters that eventually admit to loving it for what it is). zombies have been beaten to death and by no means only belong to genre fans anymore, hence all the terrible zombie movies and mercy available by people that don’t understand the genre (too many to name), but when they are done right with someone passionate about it, it shows and can still be darn good. this movie could very well be the greatest large scale intense zombie movie to end all zombie movies, or will be so bad no studio will want to touch a zombie movie for the next ten years. either way it will still be better then any resident evil movie. those are terrible.

    • At least they have Milla to look at.