Early ‘World War Z’ and ‘This Is the End’ Reactions – Good Apocalypse Movies?

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 world war z this is end early reviews Early World War Z and This Is the End Reactions   Good Apocalypse Movies?

The fast-approaching World War Z and This Is the End are polar opposites – tonally speaking – yet both apocalyptic movies have prompted divided responses, during the buildup to their theatrical release. Director Marc Forster and star Brad Pitt’s WWZ adaptation has stirred up controversy over its departure from the source material, with a troubled production and lackluster marketing “helping” to heap on more negative buzz. Similarly, This Is the End either looks brilliant and hilarious or crude and dull-witted, depending (partly) on your general feelings about past comedic offerings from actors like Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride.

Earlier this week, World War Z and This Is the End were screened for select movie bloggers, journalists, celebrities and everyday moviegoers; surprisingly, though, the general reaction in each case is overall positive (so far…).

Creatures This is the End Early World War Z and This Is the End Reactions   Good Apocalypse Movies?

/Film has rounded up several Twitter reactions to the This Is the End screening that Sony held in Los Angeles this week. Fore brevity’s sake, we’ve only included a few of the responses from our fellow online movie critic/blogger types, below:

“Guys, @Sethrogen‘s This is the End is the funniest movie of the year (so far). Also: Maybe the most insane third act in movie history” – @slashfilm

 “I am floored by how good THIS IS THE END is. In the words of James Franco: ‘So good’. There is some unbelievable monster design in THIS IS THE END. Straight up metal album cover stuff. It’s super self-referential, but if you like the actors it works. If you don’t like the actors it’s probably torture.” – @devincf

“THIS IS THE END was extremely funny and absolutely worth seeing. Has one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen in a long time. [Will] need to see THIS IS THE END at least one more time. Audience tonight was laughing so loud I couldn’t hear some of the dialogue.” – @colliderfrosty

I freely admit to not being a fan of the first This Is the End red band trailer, but since then my outlook has improved based on the subsequent trailers and the… unconventional marketing for the Hollywood self-obsession raunch-fest. Still, if you read the fine print on these early reactions, it doesn’t sound like this movie is going to win over any devoted members in the anti-Rogen/Franco/Hill/etc. camp.

To learn more about the film, be sure and check out our coverage from the This Is the End set:


World War Z

world war z trailer brad pitt Early World War Z and This Is the End Reactions   Good Apocalypse Movies?

Those who caught the surprise World War Z screening were mostly regular people, TV personalities, etc., but there were some online movie reviewer/journalist types on hand. Here are their thoughts (via CBM):

“World War Z: a big, solid zombie movie. Makes up for in scope what it lacks in blood. It jettisons most of the book. It’s really its own thing. Some third act issues but otherwise [it's solid].” – @ScottIGN

“So after all that fuss, ‘World War Z’ turned out to be a surprisingly effective zombie thriller. The CGI zombies aren’t great but there is plenty of practical stuff they’re not showing yet. There is no way in hell this thing should have cost even close to $250 million.” – @mjsamps

“World War Z will probably be the most intense movie you will see this summer…I was shocked it was that good. So much for those re-shoots… [It was good because] it was a different take on Zombie films.” – @Latinoreview

Similar to the This Is the End reactions, these WWZ responses are encouraging; yet, the off-hand comments about the third act problems – even after the original cut was completely overhauled - and shaky effects suggest these, likewise, might be best taken with a grain of salt (to mention nothing about the WWZ film’s questionable box office prospects). Nevertheless, I will gladly eat crow if Pitt’s zombie blockbuster proves to be a worthy variation on the sub-genre.


This Is the End opens in U.S. theaters on June 12th, 2013.

World War Z opens in regular and select 3D/IMAX theaters on June 21st, 2013.

Source: /Film, CBM

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  1. did not expect either to get positive reactions but glad to see they did

    • Me too, always nice to hear that something isn’t a total waste of money. Still think wwz’s gonna be the biggest box office bomb of the year though.

      • I agree, pacific rim is the other one for me. I think it could be the dredd of this year. Just cause transformers made a lot of money doesnt mean a robot monster movie will be. I think it will be good tho

          • I cant see 500 world wide its essentially a monster movie before its a robot movie. And monster movies dont fair well at the box office. However it will fair well in japan and china but idk ill go 350 world wide.

      • I agree. WWZ probably will bomb (at least compared to its budget).

        Pacific Rim, idk. I think it’ll make bank, although not as much as they anticipated. Won’t make as much money as Transformers tho.

      • I agree, I’ll See WWZ albeit maybe not the weekend it comes out, sadly they picked a bad spot for this movie – the fact that it comes the weekend after Man of Steel may cause trouble for WWZ even more then it already has.

      • I have a feeling WWZ will be okay as far as money made(300-400 million) whereas I feel Pacific Rim will do good but just not as good profitwise as what the studio was expecting.

    • i just knew as soon as i heard the old team were getting back together this is the end would be fantastic.

  2. Part of me imagines World War Z’s reshot ending involving a happier ending. The original probably had a depressing ‘and everyone died’ finale but the new one will have the hero somehow curing a pandemic virus or something.

    Side note: when I first heard of the giant robots vs. monsters film Pacific Rim, I thought that it sounded like a niche movie that would fail completely, but the love it’s getting on this site is wonderful :)

  3. Exceeding and even defying expectations should always be welcomed.
    No one expected Casablanca to be anything other than strictly ordinary.

  4. Even if WWZ proves almost all of us wrong and turns out pretty good it’s still going to bomb.
    $250 million budget plus marketing means the movie will need to make $600 million before the studio sees a profit and there’s no way that’s happening.
    My prediction…
    $70-$80 million U.S. (if they’re lucky)
    $125-$130 million Worldwide

    • You nailed one expectation that will occur, Kevin.
      Even if World War Z is good it will lose money.

    • Well said! It’s movie has a lot to prove and with all the hate this film is getting I don’t see it having legs it has to be pretty good to prove me wrong

    • I agree. I think WWZ is going to make a lot more money than people are expecting. Especially if it turns out to be a decent movie.

    • @ Jeff W
      You make great points and I agree with what you’re saying but the difference between those movies and WWZ is the budget. At $250 million WWZ cost more than all of the movies you mentioned combined and while Brad Pitt is atop of the A-list he’s really not the most bankable star in terms of box-office.
      Should any of this matter?
      A good movie should be judged on that alone but sadly that’s not how it works and with studios and their crazy accounting WWZ faces almost certain doom.
      But hey, I’d love to be wrong.

  5. LMAO at all the WWZ haters!

    This movie is going to do great and it’s going to be damn good.

    • Keep telling yourself that. It’s not faithful to the book so it’ll lose a core audience.

  6. WORLD WAR Z is preceded by its reputation for costs over-runs. Will this controversy help or hinder the opening weekend (which is crucial)? If the movie does not achieve a very high three-day total, then like nearly every film its box office will incrementally tumble — even as steep as 60% after one week. (The only movie to buck this trend was TITANIC.)

    A zombi movie with “a twist” (and a troublesome 3d Act) might not be enough for Brad Pitt and so-so CGI to overcome…unless there is a certain “charm” about the film. If the movie is capable of charming those who have just seen MAN OF STEEL…well, who knows.

    Worldwide? It should do better overseas.

    • Most people are not familiar with its controversial budget.

  7. World War Z paid for those reviews

  8. interesting how much they paid for advertising

  9. The reviews for WWZ made it sound like they had low expectations going on so they were pleasantly surprised. I may have to switch this over to “wait for the DVD.” But I will reserve judgment until I hear more.

  10. WWZ does come across as intense so i agree with that amateur reviewer. Brad Pitt has never really been a solid box office draw but i expect WWZ to finally give him a hit.

    my prediction is the 250 million budget film will make 140 million dollars opening weekend top out at 340 million domestically and 800 million world wide.

    This is the end will bomb badly. making 10 million opening weekend and then 7 the following week than 3 and done.

  11. Now I’ll go see “This is the End” just for the “unbelievable monster design”. :D

  12. I think WWZ will make alot of money. Its been years since Brad Pitt starred in a action thriller and he is still very loved overseas. my prodiction isn the film will make

    120-150m domestic (it will ride the goodwill of the walking dead)

    250-300m international

    Desaster films always do very well overseas combined with Pitts star power overseas i see this film making at least 400 maybe 500m worldwide, which will be enough for a sequal.

  13. This is the end trailers are good. plus an all star cast. this will hit the boxofice :)