‘World War Z’ Footage Preview: Zombie Tsunami & ’12 Second’ Transformations

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What kind of rules are there for the zombies?

The rules all say head shots kill them. There’s a line in the movie also, which is not in here, but sort of, “Spines are divine, but knees are just fine.”

There’s a lot written about changes made to the third act and doing some reshooting of scenes. Can you talk about what happened and what changed?

We shot the movie and put it together and we all felt the ending wasn’t what we wanted it to be and could be better. We showed it to the studio, and us as the filmmakers agreed and made a proposal, and they agreed, and we went back and did some additional shooting. We are really happy now with the result.

Is it a big difference from the original?

I think towards the ending, it’s a big difference. A different ending, yes. I prefer it, and I think it’s more powerful and really works in the favor of the story.

You don’t give too many identities to the people who are turning into zombies. Do you have those moments, or is it more they’re a force of nature?

No, we do have those moments, but you didn’t see them in this version. But we do have these moments of identity with zombies, one on one as well, later in the film. But, at the same time, the idea was that the zombies came out of nature, sort of this flocking and swarming. In the George Romero films of the ’70s, zombies were such a great metaphor for consumerism. For me, the metaphor was more about overpopulation today, and less and less resources—and this swarming of them is almost like them going after the last resources, especially when the feeding frenzy starts.

So, are they given some sort of superpowers? They seem to jump further, they run faster…

No, no, they don’t have any superpowers.

I meant more so than a regular human, the way they are able to jump and fall.

No, they just, basically don’t know the difference of height and stuff. They just go because they don’t know the building is ending. They just keep moving, wherever they move, they just keep on moving. So, they just don’t know any boundaries.

Okay, so maybe not super, but more enhanced, like speed? I mean, those guys were running pretty fast and bouncing off things…

Yeah, when the feeding frenzy starts, they just run, but not faster than any human being.

What’s the time frame in the movie. Is it something that takes place in a few days or over a month or two?

It’s basically a couple of days. It’s pretty compressed.

In this film, it looks like it takes about 8 seconds for that zombie conversion to be made. What was the motivation behind that?

It’s 12 seconds. When you see the entire film, there are some people who turn faster than others, but it’s sort of this idea of how a virus also mutates. We all sort of based in biology, in the sense that some viruses start to mutate very fast and sometimes it takes a bit longer. Like when you saw the countdown in Philadelphia, it takes 12 seconds, and then he comes to another place where someone reports that it takes longer, So, he’s trying to figure it out. That’s one of his quests.

How much did Max Brooks have to do with the movie?

Basically, I met Max a couple times when we just spoke about the book and his intentions. I think ultimately, he just gave his blessings. He hasn’t seen the finished film yet, because I want to show it all finished. He has seen some of the material, but I am looking forward to showing it to him. I hope I get his blessings.

In all of the clips, Brad Pitt has not been doing any of the killing. Does he get involved in the killing at some point?

Yes. Yes. [Laughs]

Quantum of Solace was a pretty big movie and this one looks like way, way bigger. What kinds of challenges does that present?

It’s a very different thing. In Quantum, you’re dealing with a genre, it was a film that has existed over many years. Here you’re dealing with a genre which has been done many times, but you’re trying to find a way in that’s still new and fresh and different, that you don’t repeat what other people have done and have a new perspective to it. What was really great about this film is it’s a global epidemic. You can make a global film, which affects so many countries, but it has zombies, who are great metaphors for the times we live in today.

The book has a reputation for being more reflective. Everything we’ve seen here seems pretty brisk and fast. Does the movie ever sort of take a break to absorb more of those elements of the book?

Yes, it does take a break and become more reflective. It’s not what you guys saw here.

One of the most popular TV shows right now is The Walking Dead, which is extremely violent. Are you concerned that going for a PG-13 is going to make it a little tame compared to what people expect from their weekly TV viewing of zombies?

No, because our zombies, we approach them in a different way. I consciously designed the film in that way and so I think we will overcome that.

You mention that the film takes place over the course of a few days. Do we start seeing the breakdown of electricity and the infrastructure as the picture goes on?

Yes, there is a breakdown of infrastructure. I mean some of it is still working and some is breaking down, but yes, you will see that.

Obviously, adapting Max Brooks’ book is next to impossible because of all of the stories. But for fans of the book, are there going to be characters or mentions or nods to stories that are in the book?

Yes, like, for instance the Israeli character, Jurgen Waimbrunn, is a character and a couple other mentions we’ve tried to incorporate from the book.

What run time are you shooting for?

It’ll probably be a little short of two hours, 1:50 or something like that.

Brad has been quoted in the past as saying he’d like to seea World War Z trilogy. Is that to say this ends on a good note? Is there more story to tell?

Definitely, there could be more story to tell, yes.

Are you worried that zombie fans won’t embrace this film especially as it has more reflective periods in addition to the action?

You know, there are some more reflective moments from the film, but some zombie fans you will not be able to make happy and some zombie fans will embrace it and will love the movie. I think there always be discussion and a little bit of controversy on every zombie movie, because there are definitely different camps of what people prefer or not. I hope that most of the zombie fans will appreciate all the new things we added to the movie that they haven’t seen before in this particular genre.

Do you watch Walking Dead?


Have you seen Warm Bodies or Zombieland?

I saw Zombieland. I’ve seen pretty much all of the zombie movies. I haven’t seen Warm Bodies yet, because it just came out, but I still want to see that.

Are you hoping to bring in a new audience because the movie is less gory, and not everyone is a zombie fan?

For me, this is not just a zombie film. It’s more than that. It’s a global film. It’s a film about a global crisis. Yes, it’s a zombie film, but it also speaks about some global issues. So I think in that sense, I feel it might bring in a different audience, hopefully, as well.

World War Z opens in theaters on June 23, 2013.

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  1. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Ahem.

    I have to point this out.

    It is a city that stands in for Philly. They use aeiral shots of Philly in the beginning of the movie, but none of it is on the streets of Philly.

    This is not a nit pick on the film.

    I am laughing at the thoughts of “Philadelphia”.

  3. Like his comments. Looking forward to this as well. So what its not the literal intepretetstion of the book. Feel like his approach to zombies as an metaphor for overpopulation and the progressive diminishing of ressources is inspired.

    • Im sorry I was on crack. This actually looks terrible.

      • Wow somebody using my username to say its terrible? What the hell. I stand by my comments that it looks like a good movie.

        • I must be high today. The Lone Ranger looks better than this sh*t.

        • I don’t know who to shoot!

          • Both of them. Just to be sure

            • Actually don’t shoot either of them. Shoot any hopes you have of this film being good.

              • Great… Now he’s posting as me.

                • Wow…

                  • I removed my picture because I didn’t find it necessary. With that said, ill take internet guys advice and shoot down my hopes for this. This SUCKS!!

                    • The impostor should be banned!!!

  4. From this article today (Friday March 29, 2013) with director Marc Forster it appears they are neither Zombies nor dead. They are infected with something like a super duper version of rabies on steroids and are living breathing rabid creatures akin to the Rage Virus in the 28 Days Later movie or the Darkseekers in I Am Legend movie. They turn from being a normal human into a primitive blood and flesh hungry beast within 8 to 12 seconds of being bit or scratched which is what makes the worldwide spread of the virus too difficult to be stopped or contained.

    • This seems amazingly similar to 28 Days Later; more about animal instinct taking over and no actual ‘zombies’ or ‘animated dead’.

      Although the premise seems cool and interesting, it kind of bothers me that they’re calling this a ‘zombie movie’…sort of sounds like they’re riding the ‘Walking Dead’ coat-tails for some extra fan-base.

  5. I actually like the whole Ant-like zombies idea but I’m still firmly in the “This isn’t World War Z” camp.

  6. This will end up a guilty pleasure.I want to watch, and hate at the same time! But like more

  7. A PG-13 zombie movie?? Did I read that right! WTF???

  8. *Reads Article*



    This won’t get my $12. Hope people enjoy it..

    • Yep, looks like a “catch it for free on television” movie to me.

  9. “It’s basically a couple of days. It’s pretty compressed.”
    “It’s 12 seconds.”

    Did you even read the book Forster? Or understand ANYTHING of what it’s about?

    • I hate to defend the director, but I have a degree of sympathy. It’s just a job, right? He was given a very large cheque (check) and told to make a hit. Actually making a film of Brooks’s book would have been extremely risky and would quite probably not have recovered its costs. So they made a film that has virtually nothing to do with the book other than the use of its title to gain a lot of extra publicity and possibly draw in a few unwary fans. If anyone should be blamed, it is the producers. A certain type of person might say ‘hey, that’s capitalism – good luck to them’. But for me, they’ve displayed appalling cynicism. I hate being treated like a sucker, and the producers of ‘World War Z’ are treating us all like suckers. But damn it, I’ll probably still watch the film :-)

  10. Armageddon

  11. they most definitely DO have superpowers – just ridiculous – and if the outbreak took a few days to get started and Brad Pitt is unconcious for 3 days – how long do the infected live without water? without food? especially since it’s said in the ending narration when there’s no one else to infect they just stand there… and if you say rain water – then how did the 80 zombies in the WHO complex get water? PLUS – what virus animates a hand after the body is turned to ashes.. simply ridiculous – THis year’s Prometheus.

  12. The zombies in this movie are dead. How can people not know this?