‘World War Z’ May Be The First In A Trilogy

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world war z movie World War Z May Be The First In A Trilogy

Paramount Pictures’ adaptation of Max Brooks’ popular allegorical zombie novel, World War Z, has attracted its fair share of controversy due to a handful of issues – including, plans for the $125 million project to be Rated PG-13 and the substantial narrative differences between Brooks’ book and its cinematic counterpart.

Today, we have another piece of World War Z-related news that is also bound to be divisive; it turns out that the Brad Pitt-starring movie could kick off a new trilogy of zombpocalyptic flicks.

The LA Times is reporting that Paramount executives and World War Z helmer Marc Forster view the project as the first in three flicks which would blend “the grounded, gun-metal realism of [the Jason Bourne series with] the unsettling end-times vibe of AMC’s The Walking Dead.” The publication also compares the first WWZ film to Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, with regards to its “geo-political bent” and how it functions as part social commentary, part Hollywood blockbuster.

Here is an official plot synopsis for the World War Z movie:

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself.

As was noted in our WWZ movie vs. book breakdown, it sounds as though Forster’s adaptation basically abandons the narrative structure of Brooks’ source material, in favor of a more generic reluctant-hero-saves-the-world thriller (ex. Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, etc.). While there have been entertaining films of that ilk released in the past, the storyline departure has understandably left many WWZ novel fans frustrated.

Brad Pitt on the set of 'World War Z'

Hollywood’s love affair with franchises has (in all honestly) been going on for almost the entirety of its existence. All the same, there’s been an observable increase in the number of titles manufactured to immediately lend themselves to a sequel (or more) in recent years.

Sometimes, those attempts pay off handsomely (see: Sherlock Holmes) while other times those films seem to suffer from being pre-packaged as the first installment in a new movie property (see: Green Lantern). Upcoming new spins on old ideas, including titles such as Snow White and the Huntsman and The Amazing Spider-Man, are likewise hoping to prove lucrative enough to inspire multiple followups.

That’s all to say: with its familiarly dark and gritty tone, traditional blockbuster plotline, and built-in sequel(s) potential, World War Z reads as being as ordinary a Hollywood blockbuster as any being made nowadays. Whether or not it will ultimately be any good, though, remains to be seen.

Look for World War Z to lumber into theaters around the U.S. on December 21st, 2012.

Source: LA Times

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  1. God I hope not. I’m sick to death with frickin’ Zombie movies already!

    • What Zombie movies have there been lately?

      • Yeah and also why are you on a website concerning a zombie movie talking about Zombies movies? I cannot stand the “Twilight” movies but I don’t go to “Twilight” movie websites to discuss that fact.

      • Right? I’m ready for a new zombie movie. I keep watching mine over and over again. And… Resident Evil kinda doesn’t count.

    • Stop complaining! I can’t wait to watch it. If you dont like it then dont watch it.

  2. My only worries are this:

    1. I just hope they don’t ruin ‘World War Z’ by doing a sloppy job just trying to make a buck. I would like true zombie fans to make this and to take it seriously like they did with ’28 Weeks Later’ and ‘The Walking Dead’.

    2. I have worries about any movie that gives the main character a kid because realistically the kids wouldn’t make it through the whole movie or they would get the other characters killed by trying to save the kids. It’s just kind of annoying when as soon as a kid shows up in almost any horror movie, you know they will survive. I’m not saying I want kids to die or anything, I’m just saying that in horror movies they shouldn’t make it through the entire thing.

    3. And finally, I’m worried that because of this being a trilogy Hollywood is going to ruin this for everyone. Be honest and look at what happens when you make a trilogy nowadays. Spider-man? The Matrix? Star Wars episodes 1-3? They were terrible, plain and simple. I think fans would be much happier if this was made into just one long movie (2-2.5 hrs or so) so that the same mistake wont be made by trying to outdo the others in the series by adding terrible special effects just to make it look flashy. (Star Wars, The 2nd and 3rd Matrix, and Spider-Man 3 are all guilty of this as well as perfect examples.)

    Thanks for listening!

    • im wit you on #1 and #2 but not #3

      i can offer counter examples such as LOTR, Bourne, Oceans as successful trilogies…hell, even Transformers trilogy made more than a billion bucks..so….

      • Both sides of the argument right there, nicely done, both of you :D

    • U are correct but look at freaken De Ja vu its 2.5 an its of day hook

  3. I haven’t read World War Z, yet. I have bought it, and it is queued to be read next on my e-reader. I have heard great things about the book. But the article makes it sound like movie execs just want to make a zombie movie franchise instead of an outstanding adaptation of the source material. If that is so, why not just make Zombieland into a franchise instead of butchering another novel that many fans seem to enjoy? I know that answer is money, but I don’t have to like it. I’m so sick of movie studios…but I love movies. My soul is tormented!

    • Agreed.

    • Fear not my friend, please I urge you to read the book. Once you do, you will see that a trilogy is the only way they can stay true to the literary genius that is the WWZ book.
      TRUST ME ON THIS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. “The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane”

    So being part of the UN means he is going to stand around and watch things happen while doing nothing and blaming the US?? /sarc

    Basically with Pitt in this movie my ooncerns are going to be that the Zombies will be a back story and the actual Zombie epidemic will be something you see on TV out takes in the movie and the occasional roaming corpse that is never of the scope of the books.

    • In the book, there are scenes depicting zombie swarms that stretch for MILES, including gigantic mass evacuations, cities falling under siege by the living dead, not to mention the war itself fought between the zombies and the humans trying to take the world back. We can’t see these epic shots if the camera is jammed up Pitt’s ass all through the movie.

  5. A trilogy now? I shudder at the thought.

  6. No, no, no! Will Hollywood please stop trying to ruin things I love?

  7. ANOTHER zombie movie??!!!… what’s next??.. a reboot of Resident Evil????…

    • There is already to many resident evil sequels that are sub par

    • I woudl personaly welcome a reboot of Resident Evil. Olny the first 1 is truley a zombie movie. After that they became super weak, super-action, super-hero movies, with Alice as the all powerfull, ass-kicking badass, who you just KNEW would not die. Even the first one was a dissapointment IMO, so starting over couldn’t be any worse than making another lame sequel.

      • Very true!

      • I agree, Resident Evil NEEDS a reboot. Maybe a movie that has more characters from the game in it… not made up characters starring the chick who is banging the director.

  8. I have been waiting with bated breath for the World War Z movie since I read the book years ago…and now I am reading it is going to be some “far departure from Max Brooks novel” NO, that is absolutely horrible!!!

    How can Hollywood take one of the most amazing ZOMBIE novels and turn it into some BS “generic reluctant-hero-saves-the-world thriller (ex. Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow, etc.)” Is it possible for them to leave something alone!!!

    I guess not! I scoff at such defile of an amazing novel. I have a feeling that if I were to even go to this movie (what I am guessing to be a horrible rip off of a great book), I would be tossing my empty rum bottle at the screen, cussing the whole way through questioning why and how could they have destroyed such a good book…WHY WOULD THEY DESTROY SUCH A GOOD BOOK?

    They just need to NOT call it World War Z and come up with a different name, because from what I am reading…this is not (I repeat) NOT that book! Call it something else…anything else. I DON’T CARE! But don’t ruin something that so many people love! Not again!

    P.S. PG-13…such a rip off. A Zombie Movie should be rated R! COME ON! They are the walking dead that eat brains! NOT PG-13 type stuff here.

    P.S.S. What in the world is up with the kid! Really. A Kid? In the middle of a zombie apocalypse. A…Kid would die. B. There is no flipping kid in the book!

    And a Trilogy…REALLY…WHY?? This isn’t Lord for the Rings!
    Grr, this is very frustrating!

  9. so far all zombie movies have been about a small band of survivors, normal people (or a none-nonsensical gore-fest)

    it would be nice for someone to take a mature look at “what if”. What the nations would do and the army. That was Brook’s book is about. I’m in the middle of the book and loving it. I’m a little concerned on how they are gonna make it a single narrative but have high hope.

    As for a trilogy, i guess we have to see the first film itself before we have make a case for more. But i for one, am excited to see it.

    • When you finish the book you will understand why they could NOT do the book justice with a single narrative.
      Then you will understand why a trilogy is the ONLY way to go to fit in all the stories

  10. Jeez. Everyone knows all these action flicks are set up as potential trilogies now. Surprise surprise.

  11. They should have made it into an 10 part HBO series, focusing on different settings in the book. And as for kids always surviving, that is usually true. Except for The Walking Dead of course, which is an awesome show.

  12. Love the book so I wont waste a cent on this hyped up garbage.

  13. Why adapt the book if you’re not even going to follow it, and eliminate what made it so great in the first place? I have 0 interest in this now.

  14. I honestly cannot wait for the release of this movie after waiting for years. I am a zombie fanatic and love World War Z. So even if this movie strays entirely from Brooks’ novel, I will be hooked and look forward to as many zombie movies as Hollywood’s willing to bang out.

  15. t for the release of this movie after waiting for years. I am a zombie fanatic and love World War Z. So even if this movie strays entirely from Brooks’ novel, I will be hooked and look forward to as many zombie movies as Hollywood’s willing to bang out.

  16. Love World War Z book hate this adaption. I hope they changed the script before they started shooting but they prob didnt and so im totally skipping on this. I would rather spend my money on that stupid the dictator movie or that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter movie then this.

  17. Look the way the narrative in World War Z was written it would make it nearly impossible to turn it into a feature length film. It was a series of individual vignettes being told after the war. How can that be a movie? I series of flashbacks with Brad Pitt interviewing people? Some changes had to be made because books and films are different storytellin mediums.

    As far as it being a trilogy, it depends on the quality of the films. A trilogy of great films would be fantastic. A trilogy of Hollywood garbage, not so much.

  18. God. I hate this idea. The concept of brad pit flying around the world DURING the outbreak Is enough to boil my blood

    • The problem is how do you turn the narrative of World War Z into a screenplay? The book had no major protaganist, it was a series of rememberences told to a U.N. investigator. That just doesn’t make for a good film. It seems what they are trying to do is have the Brad Pitt character at the different stories that are told in the movie, otherwise it would be Brad Pitt sitting in a room interviewing the survivors and telling the story in a bunch of flashback style vignettes. Really not the optimum way to tell a story on film. The key is going to be sticking to the heart of the story and I hope they are able to do that.

      • I understand that.

  19. At this point I really don’t hold out much hope that World War Z will be made at all, much less filmed in a manner befitting the book. It’s just been too long, with too many delays and The Walking Dead is already giving us a lot of what we wanted from World War Z. Giving this film to Brad Pitt was a colossal mistake.

    • I hope you are wrong, but you may be correct. Hell I wish they would give George Romero $125 million to make an epic zombie movie. That would be something to see.

  20. i have read the book and think it is the best but riping it apart this book is ridiculous and to even think that people are going to see this the bomass’s out there that would consiter seeing this move

  21. i have read the book and think it is the best but riping it apart this book is ridiculous and to even think that people are going to see this the bomass’s out there that would consiter seeing this move.and i agree that they should give George romero a chamce

  22. I dont think the interviews would be that hard to do. Look at interview with the vampire. Great film and the whole thing is an interview.
    Im not saying it would be easy but then you have to hire people who can make it work. Hollywood are slack b******s lets face it

    • Ah, but there lies the difference. In “Interview With the Vampire” you have the protaganist telling his story in flashback. In
      World War Z” you have the main character interviewing multiple individuals about their stories in the Zombie apocalypse. One story in “Interview With the Vampire” recalled by the main character and multiple stories in “World War Z” told to the main character by multiple individuals. That is a whole different storyline.

      “World War Z” was written as multiple vignettes, each with a different cast and different events and that is very different than “Interview With the Vampire” which is one story, with the same major characters, told in flashback.

      The problem, as I see it, is not the interviews but rather the multiplicity of stories and major characters. I am not saying it could not be done, merely that it would be difficult in the narrative sense.

  23. I have heard that the reason the film has been pushed back is for re shoot purposes.With Uwe Boll at the helm.

  24. This film sounds a lot like ‘I Am Legend.’ Not in a story sense, but in the way a film studio took a popular book title and attached it to a script that has nothing to do with said book. The only thing I Am Legend (the book) had in common with the movie was the fact that a guy named Nevel survived a Vampire/Zombie outbreak. The rest of the movie had nothing to do with the book, and the filmmakers missed the entire symbolic point behind the title of the book.
    World War Z seems like a studio fell in love with the title, and decided to make a zombie film using it. Why not just make the movie they made and call it something else? This would save royalties to Max Brooks AND it wouldn’t piss off the fans of the original story.

  25. Isn’t that the same girl from the zombie movie of zombieland js that zombieiland was kinda cheesy and the movie about that teenage zombie looks good

  26. In film school the first thing you learn is how to pitch a story you dont believe in.

    its going to be like “x” meets “y”!!

  27. You are about to have a Starship Trooper experience..Classic Book Fantastic plot and characters..destroyed by the movie making crowd who do not the courage and common sense to just follow the story as written

  28. I believe this movie is about the infected… I need evidence that shows these are not zombies! Pls anyone help

  29. World War Z is not just about killing zombies. Please read the book and you will understand why it needs to be a trilogy.