‘World War Z’ Trailer Preview: Brad Pitt Races to Stop the Zombpocalypse

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UPDATE: Go here for the official World War Z trailer!

Paramount’s World War Z adaptation teetered on the verge of collapsing two years ago due to a lack of proper funding, but the project managed to recover and begin production just a few months later. That was before controversy erupted over its departures from Max Brooks’ source material, premature plans for a WWZ trilogy, release date delays, an unusually extensive amount of reshoots, and reports of multiple screenwriters being recruited to revise the film’s final act.

Needless to say, there’s an air of skepticism amongst those who’ve been following progress on World War Z (as far as the final film goes). The trailer premieres this Thursday but, for the time being, we can offer a trailer preview – yes, it’s time for another one of those – that offers a first look at Pitt’s race around the globe to prevent the zombpocalypse in the movie.

Anyone who’s either read or is familiar with the structure of Brooks’ World War Z novel (which is composed of oral interviews with survivors of the zombpocalypse) has long-known that a film adaptation is a tricky proposition. The source material lends itself to a pseudo-documentary format, where interviews conducted in the present serve to provide the narrative framework and are intercut with flashbacks to the global zombie pandemic – similar to the structure of District 9, to use a movie example.

However, the WWZ book is also far more massive in scope than Neil Blomkmap’s allegorical sci-fi film, and technically doesn’t even have a protagonist (outside of the U.N. worker conducting the interviews). We’ve heard that an early script draft penned by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Changeling) was overall faithful to the original novel design, but thereafter it was heavily-revised by Matthew Michael Carnahan (The Kingdom, Lion for Lambs) – resulting in a version that better fits Paramount’s criteria for a ‘proper’ blockbuster with a nine-digit budget.

world war z trailer brad pitt World War Z Trailer Preview: Brad Pitt Races to Stop the Zombpocalypse

Brad Pitt in ‘World War Z’

The result of those efforts (as suggested by trailer footage) is a more conventional Hollywood thriller where Pitt plays an ordinary man attempting to save the world; with additional motivation coming from his desire to reunite with his family and wife (The Killing‘s Mireille Enos). Moreover, it appears the traditional lumbering undead featured in Brooks’ novel have been replaced with fast-moving zombies, in the vein of those from Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake.

Bear in mind, although Paramount and director Marc Forster (Quantum of Solace, Machine Gun Preacher) are not taking as ambitious an approach as we and many others might’ve preferred, that doesn’t mean the film is without merit on its own terms. The central metaphor of Brooks’ story remains mostly intact (though, it appears to be secondary to Pitt’s heroics now) and the blending of a gritty global disaster film with socio-political overtones and zombie tropes sets WWZ apart from the plethora of other takes on the zombpocalypse sub-genre (Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, etc.). Lastly, Forster and his director of photography Robert Richardson (Kill Bill, The Aviator, Hugo) seem to have conjured up some unique zombie imagery, such as the stacks of rotting undead attempting to clammer up a massive city-guarding barrier.

UPDATE: Paramount has released an official teaser poster for World War Z:


world war z poster 570x848 World War Z Trailer Preview: Brad Pitt Races to Stop the Zombpocalypse -

On the other hand, it won’t come as a surprise should World War Z end up drawing the sort of tepid responses that Forster’s previous forays into action genre territory have generated (given what we know about the tumultuous production). There is strong talent working on both sides of the camera, which should help to elevate the proceedings – but will that be enough to ensure WWZ avoids becoming another costly venture where a problematic filming process prevents the promising source material from achieving its full cinematic potential?

We will find out when World War Z invades theaters on June 21st, 2013.


Source: ET, Paramount Pictures

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  1. wow looks good

    • Fellow enthusiasts: please read the book. Like my fellow commentators above have stated: This is NOT the book we all read, loved, and waited for the movie adaptation of. It has turned into a sadly disappointing attempt by Brad Pitt’s production company and the studio that backed them to make $ from tweens, teens, and dweebs – many of whom would have a hard time grasping the political, real world, and human psychological commentary implicit in Max Brook’s work. I sound like a die-hard, but as a fan I have to express my disappointment.

      • You said it.

      • maybe you should just stay home and read the book instead of seeing a movie then.

        • Maybe everyone should.

          • Funny how some people watch the trailer’s trailer and automatically think that a movie will be bad.

            And yes, this was (for lack of better words) a trailer’s trailer.

            • You don’t really need to see the whole trailer to see where this film went wrong.

              Despite that, I’m not saying the film will be bad, only that it will be a bad World War Z film.

              Tim Burton’s Superman film may have ended up amazing, but it would have been a terrible Superman film.

      • Nope, sound like a fan of the book. I got where you are coming from.

    • Only if you didnt read the book.

  2. ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • and so disappointing.

  3. way too many CG-zombies, doesn’t look good

  4. So the dead flow as a single unit like water…. sureee

    • Hanzo, thank you, that’s what I seemed to take from it. What kind of zombie horde is that where they tumble like a rogue wave?
      The book which I love (and even better in audiobook where it was done by dozens of famous voices) is unfilmable, though. The story of Yonkers is well told, but having a guy TELL it on screen won’t be effective.

      That little teaser, though, looks crap, ya ak me.

      • I disagree. It could have been done as a 5 part miniseries and worked extremely well.

        • And a five part miniseries is not a movie, and requires a whole different kind of funding and isn’t what we’re talking about. It’s unfilmable as a movie, like the Stand or The Gunslinger Saga.

          • I don’t think the book is unfilmable. It couldn’t be done in 90 minutes like most horror but totally be done in a 2 1/2 hour movie.
            Anyone who says that is too long a movie. Marvel has a billion dollars that says otherwise.

      • I also disagree. The movie did not have to follow the format of interview and narration of events as such, but it did not have to stray so blatantly from a post-apocalyptic attempt at documenting events that nearly wipe humanity out, to a pre-apocalyptic heroic tale of Brad Pitt saving the entire world from a chaos it created itself. It totally goes AGAINST the book. And it’s a bit sad that a lot of fans are okay with it: For myself, I fell in love with the book because of the inherent commentary Max Brooks makes in it about humanity’s self-created demise, how brilliantly he interwove different cultures’ and political ways of reacting to potential threats against the human species, and how we selfishly, as a human race, prefer to hold on to silly ideals than to preserve our existence. The book subtly makes a question at the end, wondering if we even deserve to be saved. That’s all lost in this movie’s “version” of the story.

        • Oh, you misunderstand me. I do NOT support what I just saw. I’m saying that the way they laid it out in the books, where The UN investigator just talks to everyone wouldn’t work. I don’t want to hear about Yonkers, I want to see it. You could start with Wainio talking about it, but then I’d want to see some of the action , even if it was from his perspective. This thing looks like something altoghether not the book

  5. I like the ground wave of zombies, flowing up a wall even… a fresh take on their behavior as a group, like a swarm of ants. Fingers crossed.

  6. Not the WWZ I read. Think I might take a pass on this one…

    • Completely agree. First complaint: it’s pg.13. The book I read was at least pg-18. Second complaint: Brad Pitt saving the world — again?? I think I would have preferred it if Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company had won the bid war for the rights to the movie. I can’t wait for it to come out and hear from Max Brooks himself what he thinks of the utter sh*t they’ve turned his amazing book into.

      • Brooks came up in a Hollywood Legend family. I’m sure he’s fine with it. Doesn’t hurt his book, which everyone loves.

        • It doesn’t hurt his book, it just isn’t his book.

  7. The book was difficult to get through. I actually didn’t finish it since it wasn’t one coherent story but a number of vignettes told from the perspective of people who survived a zombie apocalypse. Most of which consisted of the typical cliches involved in zombie stories.

  8. I haven’t been excited over a movie in so long. Currently reading the book. CANT WAITTTTTTTTT

    • Jessica, Read the Book, and remember it well, do not let this trailer have you go..WTF?

  9. Looks promising at first glance. I’ll have to view the full trailer.

  10. Would have preferred the traditional zombies but I guess fast-moving zombies isn’t as bad as glittering vampires, so still a win.

  11. I wont give anything away from anyone reading of the book. But running Zombies and Zombies that show some type of collective, defeat two major points in the Book.

    That alone, makes me wonder about one of the best parts of book, can they do a proper BOY in the movie?

  12. You see, while this looks like it could be a good film, it doesn’t look like it would be a good WWZ film. They’ve altered the zombies and seemingly the story line enough that it makes me wonder why they did’t just do something original instead.

    I mean if you need to change the movement and reason for why Zombies are scary to make your movie work, then perhaps you should have used a monster other than zombies as your antagonist, maybe create your own.. Same thing goes for this and any story.

    Hollywood, if you can’t be faithful to a property, drop it and create your own. Stop using and abusing IP’s in order to get gullible fans to see your film while simultaneously changing anything that made fans like it. If you want to make a Superman film but change his suit, power set and origin, then you don’t want to make a Superman film, you want to use the Superman name to put butts in seats and it will come back to bite you in the ass later.

    Yes it’s hard to secure funding for a film whose IP is unknown, especially one with a high price tag, we get that. But it’s better that it not be made than damage the IP’s good name and enrage it’s fanbase in order to sell us a ticket. Think about it.

    • @Darkelfa. I could not agree with you more. This footage was enough to tell me that they have deviated enough from the Book, to make moot, several key elements in WWZ.




      Those three points, with BOY being the least affected, but the other two are crucial in the book, and allowed us to develop a strategy to defeat them, and in the same time allow our troops to recondition themsleves.

      They have taken the “Lobos” out of the equation.

      Yes, this footage has totally destroyed the purpose of the book.

  13. Fast zombies? Max Brooks clearly was not involved in this then.

    • He was, he just didn’t care what they did. $$$ can make you do silly things.

      at least in the current atmosphere in Hollywood, this could end up being remade in a few years.

  14. Dat trailer that apparently infringes copyright :P

  15. Eerm….the video’s down already?

    • Sorry about that.

      I’ve found a working link again.

  16. Our only hope is that disney can buy this and save it. While they are at it, disney should buy the Narnia rights from FOX

    • Not Disney type of movie, if based on the book. Even for their studio companies, World Z The book has too many elelments that would scare the crap out of kids for years.

      • They could do it through their MIRAMAX subsidiary. They do all sorts of R-rated, indie, edgy stuff.

  17. Looks like an epic apocalyptic action film, but has absolutely nothing to do with the book. I’m interested and disappointed at the same time. Strange.

  18. This version of World War Z.

    It is more difficult to understand this POS that it makes Brad Pitt’s Channel Commercial make sense.

  19. This went under several rewrites and reshoots…so I don’T give much hope to this

    • The problem is that we still don’t know what they reshot and changed. It could be that Pitt originally used the slow zombies and the investors nixed it. Who knows.

  20. Errrr…
    I’ll wait for the full trailer but my first thoughts when watching this went back to Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and the scene with the heard of horses. That scene was all bad CGI and the look here resembles that.
    And IMO that’s not a good thing at all…

    • I agree.

      The CG zombies look and move very unbelievably and it pulls me out of the experience, especially compared to The Walking Dead.

  21. I’m always amazed that so may people can tell how a movie will turn out just by looking at a few second long clips. I wish I was that skilled.

    • Doesn’t take much to see how far it strays from the source material. I don’t mind straying SOME in order to make the story fit, but when you stray so far that it’s no longer even remotely related to what you started out with, what’s the point? Call it something else and move on. Don’t call it World War Z and then change ALL the significant portions of the story until its no longer WWZ and still call it that.

      • I can understand fans being upset about that but I think for the sake of enjoying a potentially great movie, it’s best to let go of comparing it to the book. They obviously deviated from the source material in significant ways and you know that ahead of time. It’d be best to view the book and movie as to completely different entities, in my opinion. ;)

        • I understand your point of view but try and see ours. If people go and see this and it makes bank, it only goes further into proving to Hollywood that it’s okay to take an IP and change whatever they want, thereby removing the purpose of using said IP for any other reason that to bank on the name.

          Those not familiar with the book may not realize how integral to the story the slow zombie was. Brooks even wrote a companion book explaining his version of the zombie and how it worked and how to beat it. Imagine if Nolan had given his version of Batman super powers and removed the mask, gadgets and money. It wouldn’t be Batman anymore than this is WWZ.

    • @Foopher.

      Simple, we read the books, and we see the trailer trailer, and we know from reading the book.

      Certain elements are taken away.

      The zombie flood/wave/swarm makes absouletly no sense….That one boggles my mind.

  22. They Obviously have to stray away from the book to make the movie! Looks pretty cool. Gonna have to wait for the full trailer to be sure!

    • You can make a book without changing the important parts. The only reason things were changed here was to make it more dramatic and blockbustery. Don’t make excuses for them please.

      • How would you have made the movie run?

        • Me? Well, I would never have made a film of it first of all. To stay faithful to the story material, you would need something like a five part miniseries done perhaps by someone like AMC who has shown that it has no issues in dealing with gore and is willing to take chances like they did with The Walking Dead.

          I would then have shot it Citizen Kane style using flashbacks during interviews. Focus on the humanity of the story rather than the effects, but when needed, for things like Yonkers or the March, do the effects that are needed. Make an event out of it. Merchandise it to crap and back for three straight months.

          Then sell the entire thing a month later on Blu-ray and call it a win.

          • I like how you think! The flashbacks would be a great way to go to explain many of the notes you read throughout the book! Touche guy haha

            • Hey, you and I both love the book man and we both want to see it come to life.

              This movie does look fun to watch, I just wish they would change the name and let someone else give WWZ a shot.

          • Yes, yes, and yes!

  23. Although I like slow zombies, I have to say that slow zombies would never create an apocolypse. They would be wiped out before they could kill a significant portion of the human population. Many people would die, sure, but being slow from the get-go would not let the zombie population grow fast enough to kill most humans. Fast zombies start off with a bang and before most people know it 3/4 of their neighborhood is eaten or turned and the zombies are already on top of them. I hope the zombies in WWZ start out fast but get slow as they decay. That would be ok im my mind.

    • Walking Dead would beg to differ.

      • But that’s a main flaw in the Walking Dead’s logic; If zombies are so friggin’ slow, and america has the best military in the world, not to mention national guard, as well as everyday citizens and police shooting up all the zombies with the quintouplegazillion guns that exist in America, do you really think slow zombies would be that much of a threat beyond a few weeks?

        • What your argument lacks is the insight into human nature and our times that Max Brooks and Kirkman draw from directly and which, in my opinion, is bang on in stating why a seemingly not-so-threatening slow zombie or a hoard of them could bring humanity to its knees. If you want a real-life example, look into the history of HIV/AIDS — the WHOLE history, from theories of where/how it began, who we all thought could be infected and who couldn’t, how we thought it spread, the monopoly over exclusivity to patent rights for medication, etc etc.

          An related argument also assumes fans of the book who are disappointed in the “trailor’s trailor” haven’t been anxiously waiting for this movie since the bidding war between Pitt and Dicaprio’s production companies began. And that we haven’t been following news and developments, being disappointed each way, from it’s rating as a pg-13 movie to the entire premise, plot, and major factors in the story being changed or taken out. Unless you’ve put all that “skill” into it as we have, please think twice about your flippant comments.

          • Although I agree with your assessment of how a zombie outbreak would pose a nasty problem for humanity, I gotta laugh at your pretension in the last paragraph. Where do we get our copies of the WWZ exam to see if we’re qualified to give an opinion in an open forum? Gotta love fanboys (or fangirls).

            Of course it’s important to those who loved the book to see it translated faithfully. Conversely, of course it’s not at all important to those that didn’t.

            • …and that my friend is the whole problem. They know the larger majority of their viewers aren’t people who read the book. Therefor they don’t really fear a reprisal due to drastic changes in the material.

              By reprisal I of course mean a drop in ticket sales.

              What kills me about Hollywood is that they buy a property because it has a great story but then they change it? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of using a particular story? If you like the idea but just want to use the premise, why not just make up something new? Unless you are only using the IP’s name to boost ticket sales.

        • Hence the reason…Battle Of Yonkers.

          You see there in lies the problem with Military Training, say a Zombie Outbreak happens, then it going to be problems in communicating, and then by time you deploy your units….You run into a few problem.

          1 You now have a report you will not believe, and when youd do believe it you deploy a unit, then the unit looks at it and takes them out, but they are like most military are trained to shoot CENTER MASS..and that does not kill a Zombie.

          2 They move in to check on the Zombies, since they put a bunch of bullets they get close enough to get bit and infected, since no one know how they become Zombies, they treat the wound, they die and they come back to life, now if you are in a troop carrier, your weapon is stowed if you are returning to base, and it is locked, well Mr Zombie just re-antimated in a closed envrioment and he goes on a biting spree till one bullet to the head kill him, but they dont know that is how they kill them,

          3. You see a car speeding down the street…Your first instinct is to to get the hell out of its way…You see a Slowly moving car,your curiosity has been picqued you move in to investigate.

          4 Fast Zombies only add you to their ranks faster.You may outrun them for a short distance, but they do not get tired, and will run after you unrelentless….so movie over in a matter of minutes based on the ideology of Zombies…

        • That is why you should read World War Z.

        • Lets for the sake of argument. If there was a Zombie pandemic. It would result in a Bio-Hazard alert, and we would have to suit up in O2 self contained Haz-Mat suit.

          In the middle of Summer…GOING TO BE ONE HELL OF A b****.

          Now you can afford to go without it during a bio hazard…IT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU RUN FROM THEM…Not engage them.

          So if you knew something was a bio hazard, would you want to risk getting close to it, or blowing it to bits and hope none of it gets mixed in the air?

          • The thing about slow zombies is this:
            Government finds out about walking corpses eating people.
            Government deploys military to deal with it.
            Military switches to headshots after center mass doesn’t work, which, granted, is not an easy shift after years of center mass training, but is still possible.
            Slow zombies are wiped out for being slow. Easy to pick off even with melee weapons. Fast zombies kill everyone but the fastest and the prepared. With fast zombies you literally have to know it’s coming beforehand to survive. With slow zombies you have time to react and fight back if you are caught unprepared.

            • As a fan of the book and the genre in general let me make a few points.

              Do you know how hard headshots are? I was in the Natianal Guard and have shot many weapons in the civilian world. No matter what Hollywood would have you believe, hitting a target is hard, hitting your target in a smaller area is even harder. Then there’s the stress factor. The vast majority of the military while proficient shots are not at the level of Delta/SEALs/SWAT/whatever who have trained to the point where nerves don’t affect them.

              As was touched on before, the ignorance and lack of communication is what is going to make the traditional “zombie apocolypse” happen. In the beginning of the outbreak say the military is dispatched. The threat is neutralized, but a few soldiers are bitten. They are taken inside base camp which then comprimizes the base because unbeknownst to the military, bites turn people into zombies. Now there’s zombies behind enemy lines.

              • Last line should read now there’s zombies in what would should be a safe area.

                • The zombie apocalypse won’t happen in our world because we already know how to deal with it!

        • See, that was the whole point of WWZ, people think they would be smart. but fear can be crippling.

          In The Walking Dead, it works because it’s a world where the notion of Zombies never existed before the plague. There were no zombie films or books, the word simply didn’t exist. They didn’t know what they were or how to kill them and that cost them.

          That said, yes, in a practical notion, it’s hard to imagine that a zombie plague could ever take over. But, the book dealt with fear on all levels. Fear of infection, the governments hiding facts and the problems of fighting an enemy that waged total war.

    • Zombies couldn’t handle the heat of some climates and the cold of.other climates. cracked.com did a great post on why a zombie apocalypse would fail. slow zombies were not on the list.

  24. @Foopher 2.0
    I can’t agree more with you. Maybe one day we both could be that skilled :)

  25. Looks pretty damn cool! Definitely what I was hoping for! Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, and zombies? Sign me up! Can’t wait for the full trailer :D

    • Never read the book huh?

      • I have not. :)

        • Then that is why you think this movie will be good lol :)

          • I think this movie looks good because I haven’t read the book. Interesting opinion though I disagree. :)

      • All this guy is doing is complaining about how the movie differs from the book!

        • Because it’s actually important Deacon.

          • Ive read the book. Loved it! But the movie looks awesome! Im sure they will use elements of the book in the movie. Unless you want a documentary on zombies!

            • There is a documentary on zombies. National Geographic, look it up.

            • Let me ask you this, how cool would you be with a Batman film where Batman is a human/bat hybrid or a Blade film where Blade is a human hunting human mobsters? How about a remake of Casablanca that takes place in a bar in Arizona called Casablanca?

              If you want to take story elements from WWZ and make a totally new film and call it Zombageddon, go for, but don’t call it WWZ because it isn’t WWZ anymore.

              In essence, that is what has happened here. They’ve used some names and some places and everything else is new, even the antagonist is no longer the same. That in itself alters the entire psychological structure of the story and why it worked.

              Hollywood has become a master at this. They find something that is popular and this change everything about it but the name just to cash in and we happily hand them our money like asses and then wonder why Michael Bay is still making movies.

              • Well, IMO a remake of Casablanca in a bar in Arizona called Casablanca would be pretty damn awesome. And your other examples aren’t bad either, they sound very creative. Now in regards to the book, stop making a such a fuss about things. What made WWZ (the book) special was not the fact that zombies are SLOW, but the cool stories about people involved in the mess, and how they coped with the pandemic (people at all levels, from the higher ups in the government, to Rag Singh, to the little feral red head girl that’s already 25 or so in age. Max Brooks, is a fan of slow zombies, I get it perfectly, but fast ones aren’t immediately the antichrist of the zombie genre. You also have to take in mind that slow zombies are suckers for fast paced action films, like this is looking to be, I’m pretty sure the fast zombie movies have raked in more $$$ at the box office than the slow ones. If the movie delivers on the story and human parts and with memorable action to boot, then I’ll be satisfied (and to your chagrin, most people will too). Also this, can spell nothing than good for Max Brooks. His book will become a true topseller, and I’m sure will garner enough enterest to make an HBO style mega production in the future. Everybody wins!

          • To everyone?

            • It should be. How long are we going to be willing to let Hollywood take intellectual Properties and change whatever they want, to the extreme that they are just using the name to sell tickets?

              It’s election day here in America and that should remind everyone that we should vote everyday, with out wallets and our principles.

              • @DarkElfa- I don’t think it should. It’s just a movie. People can look forward to it as much as they want without thinking of the book if they want(which I’m sure many people won’t even be aware of). To say “You shouldn’t support this movie because it deviates from the source material!” isn’t the right mentality to push onto people. The book is there and alive for anyone who wishes to read it. Paramount seems to be taking the central themes at least and putting it into a singular narrative. That was their choice and it’s hard to argue that it wasn’t a smart one when you look at a movie like Cloud Atlas; a movie with several different story lines threaded together with an overreaching connection. It was met with mixed responses and poor box office returns. I’d imagine a WWZ film more faithful to the book would be crafted similarly what with several anecdotes featuring different story lines with flashbacks, interviews, and characters. It would be an ambitious project for sure, so really, it’s not surprising Paramount took the easier route.

                You’ve certainly made your opinion clear and you’re completely entitled to it but it seems like you’re making the people who are interested in seeing this movie out to be the bad guys who should on “principle” not support this movie. Your books are there to read, let the movie stand on its own. ;)

              • It should be because its what you think huh? What about the people who like zombie movies but don’t like the book?

                Also, Hollywood can do whatever they want with whichever properties they get a hold of – if you don’t like it, don’t buy the tickets and just hold on to whatever the movie was inspired from. Hollywood doesn’t owe you.

                • I’m not saying Hollywood owes me or anyone at all, don’t get me wrong. As I said earlier, the movie looks good, but it isn’t a good WWZ movie. If you change so much about the property, is ceases to represent the property and becomes a ploy to use the property to fill seats.

                  If people want to see this who enjoy zombie films, they can be my quest. My argument is that we all as a whole need to let Hollywood know that its not okay to do that and we do that by not continually giving them our money for crap like robots incapable of restraining themselves.

                  Sure, they can do what they want but if we refuse to pay them for crap, they’ll get the point.

                  But, that won’t happen. People will flock to see this because of Brad Pitt and big special effects. My opinion is small and pointless and few if any will listen, but we should never stop trying to do what each of us think is right and stand up for our principles.

  26. It’s a preview for a trailer, can’t judge until fully seen, I’m sure there will be nods to the short stories in the book, instead of interviews, Brad’s character possibly meets some characters from the book traveling to save the world, just have to wait and see. I’m interested to see why Brad’s character is chosen to do this. Also Brad has never let me down with projects he has chosen in the last 10+ years.

    • Well here is the first time Brad has let you down.

      If you read the book, then these Zombies would defeat the purpose of two key elements in the book.

      • They aren’t gonna get it Jeff, we might as well quit. Their complacence is the very reason Hollywood has gotten as bad as it has. Nobody stands on principle anymore.

        • I quit with you.

          • ..and thus begins a new era of principle in film viewing!

      • Just cause its not the wwz you know.doesn’t mean the movie will be bad. nobody is saying that your wrong for wanting no part of the movie cause its major changes, well I hope some aren’tbut its ridiculous to claim it a bad movie already. bad adaptation? yep bad movie? Unsure.

  27. The movie is never as good as the book so why is anybody surprised that this adaption has deviated away from the source material?

    People need to stop reading books and just watch movies, the rain forest would be saved and squids and whales would breath a sigh of relief at not being robbed of all their ink!

    Books – the new VHS

    • Not surprised, I’m use to the way Hollywood changes stuff, I’m just really disappointed because I’m not going to see what I read brought to life like it could have been.

  28. I wasn’t all that impressed with the book. It was ok but not movie material.

  29. The book bored me and to be honest I didn’t like the format of district 9 so im glad they strayed with this