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World War Z Zombies Spoilers World War Z Spoilers Discussion
While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our World War Z review, this is the place where you can discuss World War Z spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our World War Z episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate World War Z for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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World War Z runs 116 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense frightening zombie sequences, violence and disturbing images. Now playing in 2D and 3D theaters.

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  1. There was a severe lack of blood and gore… This is a f*****g zombie movie for god’s sake!!!. I thought Brad Pitt was horrible. As wooden as a treehouse…..

    • If there was just tons of dumb mindless action and blood/guts you would complain about it not having a story. I think the story was hugely better than if it were about big dumb zombies.

    • Ok, so i saw the movie yesterday and realized one glaring and obvious thing if you are a fan of the book. This movie is not WWZ and should have been named “28 days later world wide”. Reason being, its nothing like the book. Although it poached a couple of story lines from the book, it had its own glaring agenda which was of course to make a summer blockbuster film. With that said, i respect what the movie brought to the screen, but i wished they hadn’t wrapped it up and presented it as WWZ. Like everyone else, I knew about the huge re-write and disagreed with people saying that the book could not be transformed into a movie. Upon watching 28 days later world wide, I changed my mind and believe the book would have been better served as a HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, hell even AMC series or mini-series. Reason being because the book has SO MUCH to offer and a movie, even a trilogy, does not give ample time to respect or digest the key concepts of the book. Nevertheless, the movie itself was interesting, but should not have been titled WWZ.

    • I appreciate gore as much as the next zombie fan, but there really was no way they could include anything beyond pools of blood. The manifestation of the disease was so fast that the victim would be undead before a zombie could get a good bite in. Ultimately though, I think they wanted to keep it in it’s PG-13 rating.

      • If I may speak frankly, the movie needed to be rated PG-13 to make a profit on it’s bloated production cost. Having a CGI-heavy, 3D blockbuster that is rated R could cut it’s profit margin by up to 25%.

  2. I really, really enjoyed it. I liked how frenetic & crazy the first half hour was, & how the camera-work added to the sense of panic. I also really enjoyed the last half hour, it was super intense & so well paced. There were a few things I didn’t like, such as how underused his wife was, and how fake some of the CGI looked, but for the most part it was highly enjoyable.

  3. I new title of the film could be “Brad Pitt is BAD LUCK”
    Everywhere he goes gets ruined.

    And once the camouflage worked, he didn’t have to walk so slow! Not only is there a world lying in devastation, but he’s infected with a deadly virus!
    Move it along, brother!!!

    • He was okay with dying at that point because he had faith that his hypothesis would work. Plus he knew he had a good chance of the virus immediately being cured. Walking slow was part of the dramatic ending.

  4. Finally some hope in this kind of movies. I love them but i never liked when there is no survivors in the end.

    • Yeah. I. Am. Legend.

  5. I guess my girlfriend and I are the only ones who actually really really loved this and thought it was awesome that people finally weren’t stupid in the apocalypse. Plus I know you guys said the ending was lackluster but that’s the point! The ending was brilliant! How are you going to deal with a worldwide apocalypse in a couple days?! It’s only the beginning and I thought that was a wonderful way to show you how grounded in reality that the movie was.

    Brad Pitt had some tough choices and he dealt with them like a real human. For instance the scene where he almost jumped off the building when the zombie bled in his mouth was genius! I was NOT expecting that and even though I obviously knew beforehand that he didn’t die, I was so shocked in the moment that I was genuinely concerned!

    Plus the third act had some of the most tense scenes I’ve seen in a while (reminds me and my girlfriend of The Last of Us) where I literally was on the edge of my seat during the lab sneaking. The zombies up close were terrifying, I loved that biting and the fact that they suddenly became classic zombies (even though they were rage virus transports looking to infect). I loved the twitching and teeth chattering and the noises and I loved the reasoning behind them becoming dormant!

    4.5/5 stars for me and my girlfriend, truly surprised us and I hope more movies treat the audience like they’re intelligent and can handle a more complex plot than just blood and guts.

    • My girlfriend and I* multiple times.
      Having said that, I thought your comment was spot on, yes the storyline did have a few holes, but it was all around the most realistic and well written zombie movie that I’ve seen.

  6. I really thought that this is a superior zombie movie. This movie is like Prometheus, Inception. Mark Foster and Brad Pitt are not trying to repeat the typical Hollywood formula, jam as many special effect, blood and explosions into two hours just to get your attention and damn the story. They are trying to create and tell a true realistic story, they way Alfred Hitchock did.

    The most valuable thing that I and my friends carried away from this movie is that our society hangs by a fingernail and how quickly it can all fall apart. After you get out of this movie, I bet you won’t be laughing at that NetGeo show Doomsday Preppers any more!

    The only thing I didn’t like about the movie was the woman that they chose to become his wife:

    1. She was totally unattractive (had the face of a Resis Monkey)

    2. She was totally petulant, the world is falling apart and your husband is the key to your family safety and that of the world and all you can do
    is pout and say “you don’t work for them any more”!

    3. When he told her that they would be put off the ship if he didn’t help she should have at least said “baby you go to work, would you like me to fix a sandwich for you or would like to knock some boots one more time before you go, does that sound good ta ya!”

    4. She just can’t act!

    This set new standards for zombies in movies now, it really raises the bar!


      • While I would LOVE to see a sequel, I think leaving it so open-ended and saying the fight has just begun is a wonderful way of just letting you imagine what comes afterwards.

    • Nope. First line of defense in a Zombie war is a flame thrower, rolls of magazines taped to your forearms, and then dig a ditch and curl up in the fetal position cause those bunkers cost a fortune. And remember to remain completely calm as they’re attracted to noise. So a Smith&Wesson 40 Caliber, complete with silencer will be your lover for the cold lonely nights.

      Point 4. That’s the first thing that came to mind. Knocking some boots one last time. I’m serious.

      Overall, as far as on-screen wife muttly is concerned, Angelina Jolie hand picked that mutt so she wouldn’t run off with him like she did when he was married to Jennifer Aniston

      • “Nope. First line of defense in a Zombie war is a flame thrower”

        Then you have a flaming zombie running at you…and the only thing I can think of that is worst than being attacked by a zombie is being attacked by a flaming zombie

        • HAHAHAHA you made me laugh so hard, thanks!

    • Jesus, misogyny much?

    • I have to comment that I liked her looking okay but not really pretty either. For once the “wife” was not pretty and dumb, but looked even normal and was really dumb! The monkey part is a little bit too much.

  7. the movie sucks bigtime. enough said.

  8. Idk if you can relate or even compare this to inception
    Are you high or something ?

  9. See if you follow this rant and agree? TWO Real World Scenerio:

    1.) You recall the annual forest fires in California. Ah, what about the recent Colorado forests fired put out about a week ago? Yeah, fill a 747 or one of those annoying choppers we saw on the movie with flammable liquid. Draw zombies to a central desolate corn field in Kansas or North Dakota. Drop fluid on fields zombies like a wildfire. Drop grenades from above to ignite.

    2.) Within 24HRS of finding out that the zombies are attracted to sound like flies to poop. Brad Pitt, er Mr. UN, I meant, Gerry, ask to speak to someone ‘in-charge’ instead of a mutt-ugly onscreen wife that Angelina Jolie approves of that won’t pull a (take-my-man) casting couch ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’ routine, and tell ‘anyone-in-charge, Mr. UN’, to herd the zombies into a alloy lined quarry (so ash decay don’t seep into ground water). Douse them with ANYTHING flammable…and strike a match. Or better yet, do what I was screaming under my breath within 15 minutes of movie! WHERE ARE THE FLAME THROWERS! Although I’m heartbroken they didn’t find the source of the outbreak. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow (Day 1) in ‘Contagion’? All-in-all, that’s that. Just another hour long after-school special. Now, is Avengers II out yet?

    • If your top quality is Avengers you gotta broaden your film horizons.

    • Soldiers standing in line whilst stabbing zombie heads sounds extremely boring, and that’s the end? I like the entire film more than that…no offense but your version was not climactic at all. Films are made by studios to make money and that is the stuff of independent films in my opinion.

        • But I think you are wrong in what you are saying. By the end of the movie, they have made a vaccine. They are past giving someone a deadly virus. they have made a vaccine which makes them look to the zombies as terminally ill while being OK (same strand of the virus but manipulated like in a real vaccine). Brad Pitt says it’s the biginning, because if they are invisible to the zombies, then they cannot reporduce, and the humans can kill them gradually until complete erradication

          • and think of how boring that would be……

            it would be like the ‘road to New York’, but with absolutely no danger from zombies.

  10. anyone else notice matthew fox as the helicopter soldier that saves Pitts family on rooftop and then again when family is being taken off ship? the movie was good. nothing amazing, but it did do a good job of telling a story. not sure about the camouflage plot point to just make things easier t0o kill Zeke, but it was an interesting idea.

  11. The problem I have with the movie is that it had absolutely nothing to do with the book.

    The movie itself was entertaining and a decent zombie flick, so why go to such lengths to lock up the rights to the book and not use any material from the book (other than calling the zombies zekes)? The movie should have never been branded WWZ. I also acknowledge that the book would have been hard to translate into a movie, but it would have been perfect on something like HBO shot like Game of Thrones.

    If you haven’t read the book, I can understand why the “source” material means little to you. But I am disappointed that this movie prevented further development that more closely followed the book.

    • Exactly, WWZ would have been way more better in the smaller screen and yeah it would have been better if it wasn’t branded the same name as the book.

  12. If I remember correctly from the book, it was heavily implied that the zombie epidemic arrived in the U.S. by zombies traversing the ocean. At least one chapter tells the story of a family in a coastal community before any major outbreak has occurred being suddenly ambushed in their home by water-logged zombies covered in seaweed.
    Remembering that, I felt it was a real missed opportunity to not have a horde of zombies attacking the aircraft carrier by climbing up the anchor chain. Oh well.

    • Not enough time passed for that maybe?

  13. Anyone who has read the book, did you notice the nuclear explosion? If I remember correctly Pakistan and India wound up nuking each other. Interesting bit.

  14. I put this in another section but here:

    I don’t know if anyone’s suggested this or not but who would have bagged on the movie less if it wasn’t called World War Z? I think that’s what bugged me: it was too unrelated to the book to be good enough as a stand alone attempt at an original take on the genre. Obviously a few details from the book like the nicknames for the zombies would have to be altered or excluded.

    • Nvm it has been mentioned.

  15. Horrid movie it seems like nobody gets fired in hellywood anyhow.

    Boring to zombideath, so predictable that the only thing you cannot predict was the youtube grade misleading title.

    Sorry man, but in 21 century if you say world war, I myself alone, expect more than one sigle isolated disconected ill scripted second hand drama extender wifey-pysco-phone-not-working-you-in-stripper-bar scene nuke, wich was awesome by the way.

    Great EMP for some time until the satcell comes up again, pfff.

    even worse that disapointheus