‘World War Z’ Original Ending Revealed; Sequel to Begin Development

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World War Z Pitt Scarf World War Z Original Ending Revealed; Sequel to Begin Development




For the past year, Paramount’s World War Z seemed like a real-life disaster in the making, between un-encouraging departures from the source novel and the six month release day delay to allow for a complete overhaul of the third act (courtesy of co-writers Damon Lindelof and Drew Goddard). As a result, the final movie is a passable thriller but – to quote Screen Rant’s Ben Kendrick in his World War Z review“a disjointed narrative experience that presents absorbing information up front and then slides into thoughtless blockbuster fare.”

Nonetheless, the global apocalypse blockbuster has managed to open worldwide with a $112 million gross (that includes $66 million in the U.S.), thanks in part to star Brad Pitt’s unrelenting commitment to selling audiences on the PG-13 zombie-thriller. Hence, Paramount will begin development on a sequel to its $190 million investment, as studio vice chairman Rob Moore confirmed to THR.

World War Z was originally envisioned as the beginning of a movie trilogy, and the finished version still leaves the door open for additional installments (ending with Pitt’s warning, via voice-over, that the titular war “has just begun”). The film’s original third act involved a massive zombie battle in Moscow during the winter, which lies in stark contrast to the to the final cut’s low-key climax – set in a World Health Organization building that has been partly overtaken by zombies.

Interestingly, the original third act began on a calmer note, and did not include the plane crash sequence – a major selling point in the World War Z marketing – that leaves protagonist Gerry Lane (Pitt) and his newly-acquired “sidekick” Segen (Daniella Kertesz) badly-injured and stranded a ways from civilization.

Brad Pitt Daniella Kertesz World War Z World War Z Original Ending Revealed; Sequel to Begin Development

Brad Pitt and Daniella Kertesz in ‘World War Z’

Things took a darker and far less hopeful turn for our heroes, though, according to Movies.com in the site’s breakdown of the film’s original conclusion:

The plane Gerry and Segen board is bound for Moscow. Upon safely landing, everyone on board is rounded up by the military. The elderly and the sick are executed and the healthy people, including a very shaken Gerry, are immediately drafted into armed service, though not before one particularly nasty Russian soldier takes Gerry’s cell phone. The story then jumps forward an unknown amount of time and we catch up with Gerry, who now has a full beard and has been a part of Russia’s zombie-clearing squad at least long enough for it to have changed to winter.

From there, Gerry eventually realizes that the zombies cannot handle Moscow’s cold weather – after he notices how much slower they move in comparison to the swarming hordes he encountered in Jerusalem – and this proves to be the key to gaining the upper hand in the battle. Soon thereafter, Gerry recovers his cell phone and attempts to reach his wife, Karin (Mireille Enos).

Gerry reaches Karin. He explains to her that the cold is the way they’ll win battles, which does her no good because it just so happens she and the kids are in a refugee camp in the sweltering heat of the Everglades. They’re in the type of camp where you have to have something to trade to survive, and it just so happens the one thing Karin had to trade was herself. She doesn’t explicitly tell Gerry this, but after she hastily hangs up the phone we see that she’s in some kind of reluctantly consensual relationship with the soldier who rescued them from the rooftop at the beginning of the movie.

Those who were paying close-attention during that rooftop rescue sequence (in the final cut), may recall that the nameless “Parajumper” in question was played by Lost alum Matthew Fox. So, if you saw the movie – and were left scratching your head about why the recognizable actor had been cast for what amounts to a single shot cameo – well, now you have your answer.

world war z trailer brad pitt1 World War Z Original Ending Revealed; Sequel to Begin Development

Gerry Lane (Pitt) and his family in ‘World War Z’

Lastly, World War Z was (at one point) supposed to wrap things up with Gerry, Segen and Simon – an English-speaking companion the two acquired in Moscow – trekking across Russia and making their way towards the U.S. shoreline, in a last-ditch effort to rescue Gerry’s wife and daughters:

Fox’ parajumper soldier then calls Gerry back and explains to him that he should just stay wherever he is and start a new life like he and Karin have. Gerry refuses to accept this, though, and he embarks on a rage mission to get back to his wife and daughters. Trouble is the nearest port that won’t be frozen is thousands of miles away, so there’s a montage of Gerry, Simon and Segen crossing various terrain until they ultimately end up on a boat. They’re now off of the Oregon Coast and they attack the American shore like it’s D-Day. And that’s how the movie ends. Not with Gerry having discovered a cure, but with him storming across the United States of America to get Karin back.

It’s possible that only certain portions of this extremely open-ended – and, tonally, far more bleak – original third act were actually shot by World War Z director Marc Forster. Regardless, whatever material did make the jump from script to movie form was messy enough to convince the people working on the project to recruit a couple of high-profile screenwriters to help salvage the whole thing.

There’s an argument to be made that the originally-planned direction would have allowed the film to paint a harsher and, in some ways, perhaps a more brutally-realistic portrayal of how social order breaks down during the zombie apocalypse – by showing the terrible effect it has on regular people like Gerry and his family. Still, it’s difficult to imagine that Paramount executives would’ve actually signed off on this ending (for a $200 million summer popcorn flick no less).

Which World War Z ending do you prefer – the original or the final version? Are you interested in seeing a sequel? Let us know in the comments section.


World War Z is now playing in theaters.

Source: Movies.com, THR

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  1. Great movie. The final ending was a bit weak but a bit more believable then the Moscow ending. A sequel will hopefully finish the story off better then this did. I still give it a solid 8 out of 10

  2. The begining of the film did not impress me all that much; it did get better as it went along. I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

    I did recognize Matthew Fox in the rooftop scene, and was left scratching my head, especially as I saw him being given third bill, I believe, on the credits (albiet the original credits; how I missed that, I don’t know). That does explain things. Hopefully, they can get him back for the sequel and expand the role a bit.

  3. This film was terrific!!!!! The best film I’ve seen this summer. The ending was great, and I prefer it to the original ending described above. Finally one movie this summer that didn’t suck and lived up to the hype.

    • Terrific? What movie did you watch? OK please help me then since it was so terrific and answer a fee questions for me. What was Brad putts job at the UN? What caused the virus? Why did the power go out like 20 minutes after zombies starting running amok? Why didn’t Jerusalem have any sentries watching the wall when the zombies started climbing? Where did that zombie come from in the plane? Why did Jerusalem have literally 2 helicopters fighting the zombie horde? Why did the zombies start raging when the people we’re doing their loudspeaker prayers? Was that the first time they’d ever done that? I mean seriously, what a s***** movie.

      • It’s just a movie. Relax, and enjoy. You have to extend disbelief, it’s a movie about walking corpses for Pete’s sake.

        • He probably wants to *suspend* disbelief, not extend it.

      • UN investigator( war crimes, combat zones etc.) Rabies outbreak is mentioned in the begining. Power won’t just “run” it must be maintained by workers, and workers that are infected destroy things and don’t work. Sentries were there but watching the prayer song. The zombie came from the cargo hold, probably up the landing gear, which IS a way people have and do sneak on planes. There were more helicopters, the 2 that were featured were trying to evacuate key personel. They react to noise which was explained by soldiers in Korea. No it was not the first time or the last time they did this: apartment, Korea, plane, W.H.O building, etc. So inconclusion you are a horrible movie goer, and possible mental defect. May god have mercy on your soul.

        • Thank you very much, Zak. You saved me the trouble.

        • Zak, outstanding. I wish I could follow your comments here like twitter. Nice job GREEKO.

        • You can’t get into the baggage area from the wheel wells. The wheel wells are sealed to maintain cabin pressure. In the movies, they suggest that you can, but in reality, you can’t. People who sneak aboard in real life, do so with the baggage… which couldn’t have happened in this case as they would have already sealed the hold before taxiing to the runway from the terminal.

          Call to prayers happen multiple times a day and would have thus agitated the zombies each time. Thus, it’s a legitimate complaint. There would have been both sentries *and* cameras (with 24/7 staff) watching the walls.

          Of course, like almost all zombie movies, it’s commonplace to depict military operations as super-incompetent. It depends on the writer’s perspective and is probably used to show that the characters can’t depend upon the military for safety and must find a solution on their own.

          • Though you have a point about the sentries and the plane, but its not a call to prayer that draws the zombies into jerusalem is a very loud song being sung by refugees that have just entered through the gates of the wall. I highly doubt that they’d just start living right in front the the wall gates so its a possibility that they gathered there while waiting to move inwards.

          • It wasn’t the prayer that attracted them you idiots IF YOU GUYS WATCHED IT AT ALL it was when the little girl grabbed the microphone and the prayer was played over the loud speakers thats when they all heard it! Watch the movie before you complain!

          • I recall one part of the book mentioned people were smuggling family members in luggages. Perhaps that’s how the zombie(s) got into the cargo area. However, I do agree the film did not do a good job explaining that.

            • Baggage Check Zombie:
              Perhaps it was a gentleman who had the presence of mind to separate himself from others to avoid killing them.

      • Of course they had soldiers patrolling the wall, but you have to remember that this is a wall built around a whole city. It’s huge. When the zombies start forming a pile half way up the wall, you see soldiers running around in panic, trying to evacuate officials. It wasn’t like they noticed the zombies after the first one fell over the wall. Not to mention they climbed the f*ck out of that thing in seconds. But you seem to be more interested in proving your point than reading answers.

        I actually like the events leading up to the original ending. If they concluded it with him finding his family, it would’ve been much more epic and grand than the quiet ending they used.

      • Just because you didn’t understand the movie doesn’t mean you have to prove person’s opinion wrong. I’ll try to answer.

        What was Brad putts job at the UN?
        - I think he was a UN investigator, I remember the chief army guy saying something ‘investigator.’

        What caused the virus?
        - obviously, it is a question for the sequels for the movies. I would have disliked the movie if it answered that- I like the ambiguity and movies and plotlines don’t have to answer all the questions as this leaves room for more interpretation and thinking and such.

        Why did the power go out like 20 minutes after zombies starting running amok?
        - I don’t think the power went out. Remember how the supermarket still had lights? I think when the family entered that building, the lights were faulty.

        Why didn’t Jerusalem have any sentries watching the wall when the zombies started climbing?
        - A mistake from their part. I think because the zombies weren’t reacting much they kept their guards down a bit- they didn’t know that sound attracted their attention.

        Where did that zombie come from in the plane?
        - as far as I know, the button the woman pressed goes down to the food carts and I think they’re at the bottom of the plane so when Segen and Gerry were getting on the plane, the zombies that were running behind them got into it. But I may be wrong.

        Why did Jerusalem have literally 2 helicopters fighting the zombie horde?
        - Just because movies don’t show all the humans in America or all the cities in America doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Similarly, just because they dont show 200 helicopters fighting doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

        Why did the zombies start raging when the people we’re doing their loudspeaker prayers?
        - Loudspeaker *songs. If you paid attention more closely you would have realised the zombies are attracted to sound (example when Gerry’s phone started to ring when he was cycling to the plane in south Korea.

      • to all those who answered this guys raging questions…THANK YOU SO MUCH :D

      • One of the final lines from the film is, “We still don’t know what caused it…” which means you shouldn’t be so caught up in the details. Considering this is an action – zombie flick wow!

      • It never actually told us Brad Pitt’s job, though he did fight on the ground in several key “secret” insurgencies, things that the American government wouldn’t publicize to its people, and yet happened. Think falling dictators, I believe they mentioned some country that started with an S. The power goes out twenty minutes after the zombies start attacking because security forces are using grenades and weapon launchers on the zombies (not shown in America, but implied by scenes in Israel), to decimate the zombies, the chain reactions then left more and more buildings blowing up and their security generators leaving lights on (remember, all you are shown are the inside of apartment buildings). Jerusalem didn’t have sentries watching the wall because the wall was some 40 stories high, (an average story being twelve feet, the size of two average human beings, and the giant line up the wall that the zombies made helped me arrive at this conclusion of the walls height), because they know humans can’t normally stand on top of each other and climb giant walls (though, I don’t know where the “tenth man” was on thinking of that illogical conclusion). They had two helicopters because they were not fighting the horde at that time, they were merely flying over and collecting information about that horde, the way they move and react, checking out their enemies capabilities. The zombie in the plane came from the elevator, which lowered to the baggage area. I think it climbed through the wheel well. The zombies started raging because the zombies hated noise. That was also why everyone tried to be quiet, and why in the WHO headquarters, everyone was tiptoeing around, the zombies hate noise. Yes, that was the first time they had done that with the loud speakers. Did you see the ending?

  4. Honestly, I was quite disappointed in this film. The fact that it was pg-13 really made it too bloodless and disneyesque, and the pacing was just so terrible. I mean, they’re driving down the street, then a dump truck made of solid steel plows dozens of cars, then people immediately start stealing cars and looting. We find a Mexican family holed up, they offer food and beer then refuse to leave and abruptly get killed. Brad Pitt and his stupidly screaming kids make it to the roof through a horde, but the Mexican boy just walks up there. OK fast forward to the naval ship, wait they’re gonna kick off Gerry’s family because they think he’s dead? Harsh. OK scientist blows his brains out by slipping on a slick ramp. Wtf? A prop plane can fly from the east coast to Korea in a single night? OK Jerusalem was prepared and built a Major wall, but praying Muslims with loudspeakers enrage the zombies and they scale the wall and not One sentry sees this? OK there are hundreds of jumbo jets at the airport, weird. They escape, a phantom zombie appears in the galley elevator, grenades are thrown and they end up at the WHO facility. Dude I can’t go on. This movie was bad. I so wish they’d done the Russian ending, lobos and death squads? The battle of red square? Jack shepherd carpooling Gerry’s wife, Sweet. Oh what rich dudes will do to make more cash. What a bummer.

    • ive noticed people that claim the movie sucked are the same type of people you asked if they liked avatar. and they claim its a horrible movie but movies like that do horrible in the box office they claim they like. the same type of person that says indie games like minecraft is amazing and games with a big title like battlefield 3 has horrible graphics and game play. they simply automatically hate anything that others enjoy and just do it because they have no voice or opinion of their own and feel like taking things that others find joy and happiness in and try to take it down a peg to make themselves feel important. i had herd from several people this was a bad movie. but every single person i who said that also said avatar was horrible and movies like scary movie 5 was the funniest movie they had ever seen. not saying this for all of them but most of them fallow that pattern.

      • Thing is , I too noticed the flaws that were pointed out above. Thing is , I didn’t care. Movies like this are meant to entertain and as long as it lives up to that , I’m happy.
        Some people try dissecting films like WWZ or Avatar as though they were originally meant to be artistic or warranted the same respect as classic literature. They aren’t. If you decide to see a film about zombies taking over the world , you have already wondered into the realm of fiction. If you can accept the main premise being as ridiculous as it is , then why can’t you overlook the minor flaws?
        The people who b**** about flaws like this are not there to enjoy a movie. They just want to appear smarter than they actually are. Thankfully , there are plenty of us who know better than to give them credit they don’t deserve.

  5. Honestly, I was quite disappointed in this film. The fact that it was pg-13 really made it too bloodless and disneyesque, and the pacing was just so terrible. I mean, they’re driving down the street, then a dump truck made of solid steel plows dozens of cars, then people immediately start stealing cars and looting. We find a Mexican family holed up, they offer food and beer then refuse to leave and abruptly get killed. Brad Pitt and his stupidly screaming kids make it to the roof through a horde, but the Mexican boy just walks up there. OK fast forward to the naval ship, wait they’re gonna kick off Gerry’s family because they think he’s dead? Harsh. OK scientist blows his brains out by slipping on a slick ramp. Wtf? A prop plane can fly from the east coast to Korea in a single night? OK Jerusalem was prepared and built a Major wall, but praying Muslims with loudspeakers enrage the zombies and they scale the wall and not One sentry sees this? OK there are hundreds of jumbo jets at the airport, weird. They escape, a phantom zombie appears in the galley elevator, grenades are thrown and they end up at the WHO facility. Dude I can’t go on. This movie was bad. I so wish they’d done the Russian ending, lobos and death squads?

    • Hye greeko I’ll fill in all the blanks for you since I analyze movies for a living… In the scene with the dump truck they show the driver has recently been bitten and in the state of being changed which caused for him to drive so very recklessly. Gerry’s job at the UN was thoroughly explained as him being an investigator. Funny anough this job actually exists in real life and the men that hold it have to be smart, strong, and as fast as Army Rangers… Continuing on if you watched the beginning of the movie thoroughly you’ll hear that the outbreak of a “rabies type virus” has been spreading and the un has been criticized for not doing enough to stop the outbreak. I’m pretty sure that on day one from hour one of any major outbreak, the smart and the fearful will do whatever they need to do to survive which is looting, stealing cars, etc. etc. I’ll grant you that his kids are crazy stupid loud and attracted too much attention, so maybe the mexican kid got to enjoy that advantage or also possibly he was immune in his own right with cancer or something. Continuing on Naval ships are extremely limited to how many personnel can be on it at any given time so if they aren’t essential then they have to go, harsh or not. (on another note, I am looking forward to when someone shows what happens if there’s a zombie horde in the ocean or on a ship) Continuing on the plain is a C-17 it is a national asset that I have had the honor of flying on repeatedly.. and it is quite capable of flying from korea to washington without refuelling if necessary not to mention they do have areal refueling stations available around the world. The doctor killing himself is just what happens when you give someone that’s not trained how to use a gun, a gun in an extremely volatile situation. Continuing on the muslims taking out the microphones and loud speakers and getting stupid I think was actually just a writers crack at how the muslims are gonna be the end of Isreal. I saw 5 helicopters patrolling which sadly wasn’t enough cuz it didn’t seem like they were carrying rocket launchers to properly blow down the horde on the wall anyways. Continuing on… if you watch when the plane is taking off when they are escaping from jerusalem you will actually see a door opening up on the bottom of the plane which is how the zombie got on board. And the reason why they crashed so close to the WHO is because they were already on final approach when the dumb ass stewardess let the zombie out. Anyways i think I hit all your points. Watch a movie more than once when you have so many questions, rather than just calling it sh*tty and moving on. It’s quite possible that you might have missed something.

      • just FYI , the part in israel with the muslims “praying” actually shows muslims with jews singing a song about peace in mixed arab\hebrew . the lyrics of the part theyr’e singing are ” salam (peace or hello in arabic ) on us and the entire world ) . which you probably wont get unless you understand hebrew or know the original song.

        i personally think its a s***** movie

      • Okay so if you u analyze movies I have to ask, how does this high end un investigator who’s top in his field kick a can when trying to be sneaky. I get the restwhole idea of ttrying g to build suspense but let’s be real that wouldn’t happen. I’m not even a top un guy and I could have seen a can not to kick. Also what type of pop was bead drinking? It’s a purple can but blank. Get a sponsor dammit. Lastly ut shows them landing in the middle of a forest and Brad has a piece of metal in body. He walks all the way to some distant land?… Right

        • Well since you asked so nicely, the fact is they did have a sponsor, and gave advertising to Pepsi and mountain dew. The can he kicked clearly showed mountain dew, and the cans he dropped out were Pepsi, as for the soda he drank, all I can say is that since this part of the movie was a last minute edit its quite feasible that they just simply didn’t give a crap about having a sponsor for a drink that they wouldn’t be able to show a label on since his hand would be wrapped around it. As for kicking the can, he’s an investigator, who had in fact retired, not a navy seal. People make mistakes… also its a movie, gotta have suspense. As for the metal shard in his body, you’d be amazed the things people can live through, that is extremely possible. Furthermore since the pilot also announced that they were on final approach to there destination it is extremely likely that the town and the WHO was only a few miles away. Also keep in mind that they didn’t show how much time had passed for his walking but only said he’d been asleep for 2 days, when he woke.
          Now if you want me to argue for your point I will point out a few inaccuracies. #1 being that he wouldnt have left the keys in the rv, and I doubt they were in the store long enough for someone to hotwire it. #2 the apartments were at a distance of at least a mile away, not a distance they could have safely gone at night in the middle of the raging zombie apocalypse with the 2 kids. #3. When hitting the roof top he ran up and left the door open for 12 seconds worried he would turn. 1st off on this instance it would have been at least 10 seconds already have passed before he got on the roof, and 2 only a moron would have left the door open and unprotected like that. (Again movie suspense). I could go on but I’ve said enough. All in all the it was still a pretty outstanding movie.

        • Perhaps you forget that he has been working on little sleep, aside from the 2 days he was passed out from his injury. At 100%, perhaps he wouldn’t kick the can, but at the 60% or so he might be at by this time, missing it is quite easy.

        • Maybe you should watch the movie again. I watched it a second time and Gerry did NOT kick the can. It was the WHO employee who kicked it.

          As far as him walking to the WHO office with the metal in him, that is possible. Far more likely he could make it with it in him than if it was removed. We have no idea how far away they were either.

          When watching any movie, you have to suspend some reality in that while many things that happen aren’t likely, they are possible and that happens in many many movies.. the unlikely events are the events that we see. After all – does any one dispute what happened in Israel being possible? No – certainly it is possible, but how likely is it that it would happen at the moment Gerry is at the gates? Very unlikely, but again – possible. That’s simply what happens in movies, plain and simple.

          Having watched a second time, I really saw nothing that is beyond belief of being possible.

      • Great response. I couldnt have said it better myself.

      • And could you explain me how did the infection came? also the dumbass stewardess must be smart enough to not walk in a plane while the plane is going to land.My opinion this movie still sucks. your nosense story gave me a broken eyebrow.

    • blood and gore does not make a story any better. its just eye candy.

  6. I think is was a great movie. Both my wife and my 13 year old son loved it, and we’re all looking forward to the next one. I prefer the new ending to the original they had scripted but never shot. I actually like that it was a more hopeful ending, in contrast to 100% of the zombie movies that have come before. 8.5 out of 10

    • 13 years old? seriously? what kinda horrible parent are you? So you wants to make your son a psychopath? your parenting would be 4,7 out of 10

      • Well this movie is PG-13, right?
        Plus a 13-year old child can most likely handle a movie like this and with his parents, well…they’re there to enjoy a movie and nothing but that.

        Also Psychopath, seriously?

        You believe that watching this movie will make a child/teenager turn psychotic? You clearly don’t know a thing about mental illnesses and how people are affected by them.

        You sir, need to stop.

        That is all.
        Lastly, try to respect those who like the movie.
        It’s okay to give your opinion, but try not to insult or disrespect those who enjoyed the movie.

        That is all and take care.

  7. I think i would prefer the new ending, the orginal ending is too devastating for the protagonist.He sorta saved the world and his wife cheated on him for survival reason?. Maybe i am to sensitive about betrayal, but i think the movie’s ending would be more suited for movie needs.

  8. After hearing some pretty scathing comments about the film I wasn’t expecting too much…… However,I really enjoyed it , I also liked the the new and improved ending. Thought Pitt was excellent throughout and film never slowed , which has been a major flaw in most other zombie films I have seen (lots of action for 10 minutes then quiet or safe for half an hour or so then lots of action for ten minutes then quiet……)….. Delighted they’re going to make a sequel!!!!

  9. The book is in my kindle waiting for me to read it, after I finish my current book series. However, I enjoyed the movie and went back to see it a second time. Now that I’ve read about the original movie ending, I would also like to see it. Will probably have to wait for the DVD to become available though.

  10. Fantastic movie, fantastic book but don’t expect them to be the same. I’m thrilled they’re making a sequel and hopefully more of the book will be included. LOVED IT. 7/10 bc they didn’t stick to the book but as a movie by itself 8/10.

  11. I thought the zombie from the plane broke out of the bathroom/lavatory?

  12. I just saw the movie a 3rd time and loved it. The original ended just sounds kinds dumb in my opinion but would still love to see it. But I noticed a few things. First any one who’s ever been in a car accident or something else can tell you that there are things you could have done to prevent the situation from going bad. But when you yourself are in that situation with the adrenaline kicking in the fact that you cab think at all is a miracle. Like when he was on the roof. Yes closing the door would have been the smart thing to do but you really expect him to stop everything sit down for 5 minutes and think what he should do next? No not happening. Also the plane. Lots of planes where just flying in. And from the passengers on board it didn’t look like they were native. That plane could have just landed then turned around and start taking of again. Who knows how long that zombie was on board for or where they picked it up from. Could have been an infected plane before and done one didn’t do their job clearing it out. And another thing that bugs me about what you guts are winning about I’d the fact that they built a 60ft wall. I never would have thought in my entire life that zombie instead of acting as a single unit would gain the instincts of a ant colony and all act as a single being to reach agoal. Like working together to climb over the wall. And for something that gas been around for less then a couple of weeks no one in the world would have had the time or resources to do a massive study on how these zombies work and think as a group. Bugs like ants are pottery much the only life found I knowof will do that. So how could any one ever expect to watch for that? The zombies herd the sounds coming over the wall then worked together to fallow that sound. And the last thing. No military would ever have all of their resources like choppers in the air all at once watching the zombies during a peaceful time. Takes to many resources that they don’t have. For no reason. Yes they could have had rockets or more choppers and this and that. But at that point a week went by with everything under control. And when s**t hit the fan it happens so fast you can’t wine because you the viewer think they should have done it your way. I personally thing they did an amazing job with it. And have no complaints other then what happens to the chick with no arm? Lol.

    • You love it? well could you explane me in details what did you liked about it? i dont get it.this movie was a huge dissapointment .I rather watch Justin bieber the movie.

      • So stop whining and go watch Justin Bieber the movie. Its a movie, it’s made to entertain,.

  13. Loved it. Yes it is not anything like the book. Unlike other zombie movies, it didnot focus on the blood and gore but how it happened and how to fight the actual virus. Loved the idea of the “10th” man in Israrel.

    The zombie on the plane came out of the tiolet and the zombies climbing the wall in israel feasible except they were not working together, they were climbing over eacj other.

    Thought the idea of the camoflage defense simple but workable.

    • Loved? why are you in love at a total money ripping waste of time? dude this movie is a total b*******.tell me more in details what do you love about it?

  14. This movie sucked and not because of the plot holes. It was boring, poorly paced, bloodless and unoriginal. I’d personally rather watch 2 episodes of The Walking Dead, which is about 100 times more engaging than this crap.

    • Agree this movie was a crap

  15. Didn’t enjoy this film (a tad on the disjointed side) and would have much preferred the ending mentioned above. Hopefully things will improve in the sequel, and the make zombies a bit more intimidating.

    • I hope there wont be any World war Z movie.This movie was a huge dissapointment.

      • Kind of funny considering how many times you’ve posted.

        What made the movie good? It was entertaining and suspenseful. All the things people have picked apart are easily explained or not meant to be explained.

        Zombie on the plane came from the galley/cargo below. Who knows how long its been there – it doesn’t need to be explained. The scientist shooting himself – it can happen in a situation like that and it is what put Pitt in the role he needed to be in for the story to continue – it was now up to him alone to find out what he could.

        As far as the wall in Israel is concerned, if you build a 60′ wall and don’t think anyone can get over it, there isn’t a need to waste resources monitoring it. As others mentioned, who knew they’d be able to climb it? Who knew that noise would put them in a crazed frenzy (more crazed than normal).

        What exactly did you dislike about it so much? I think it was probably one of the more interesting zombie movies I’ve seen and probably more realistic than the others – at least they weren’t out to just eat brains.

  16. Well, the problems his wife has in the original ending definitely explain why the movie took the trouble to take her off the aircraft carrier. There wasn’t a real need for them to have their reunion in Canada vs. having it on the ship in the final version. An ending where Pitt had to save his wife would’ve been stronger, because these things are always stronger when they’re personal. But the sexual content would have made the audience way too squeamish and would’ve come out of nowhere since the film didn’t get into conflicts between the humans quite that ugly before. Humans were basically on each other’s side here, other than the attempted rape in the drug store. Ideally, maybe they should’ve cut out the Korea sequence and had Pitt go straight to Israel. Then have a new sequence with his wife in peril from zombies at the camp at the end, where he could show up and use the newfound immunity to help save his family one last time. The family really becomes dead weight to the storyline after Pitt heads to Korea. That’s the reason Zemeckis wrote Jennifer out of the Back to the Future sequels at a certain point with some sleight of hand, she was just going to add dead weight to where the plot was headed. Same problem with Josh Baskin’s mom in Big.

  17. Just finished the movie and I really only had 2 MAYBE 3 problems with it.

    #1) Why on Earth was there not sentries and/or cameras on the wall in Israel? I mean, c’mon, you’re gonna build a 100 foot wall and then not gonna put something there to see THAT LITERALLY THE ENTIRETY OF EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE HAS TURNED TO SH*T!

    #2) When the zombie-grime-mouth-juice fell into Brad The Pitt’s mouth, and he had previous knowledge of the time it took to turn into a raging sprinting death dude, it took AT LEAST 10 seconds to get to the ledge. Like, maybe 11 seconds, but still he should have been counting much sooner. (To be fair, I assume that if had started twitching or showing symptoms before he got to the ledge, he probably still would’ve done *the thing*(jumped))

    #3) Not an adaptation. Not really a big problem considering that the book is a collections of stories/interviews/personal logs and that is pretty much impossible turn into a movie. I mean, yeah Movie 43 did it, but screw Movie 43.

    -Brad Pitt didn’t play “Gerry Lane”. He played Brad Pitt. Which, to be absolutely fair, I din’t mind because I enjoy Brad The Pitt’s style.
    -Segen, however small a part she played, made to movie work in the end. (For me, anyway.) I would have liked to see a little more character development with her, but it definitely was not a problem I had.
    -Daniella Kertesz was all the eye candy you needed.

    • I know right? this movie was a huge dissapointment and very unrealistic.

      • I don’t think you understood my review. My fault for not making it to clear. I rate it 7/10. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit and thought it was fairly realistic. The reason I gave it a 7/10 instead of an 8/10 is because of Israels walls not having cameras.

        -Update to my review.

        After re-watching, I noticed Pitt’s character didn’t start counting from 1 when the juice got in his mouth. He actually started from 7, I think.

        Greeko, although I can appreciate an opinion that disagree’s with mine, I do not understand all the hate. Seriously dude, it’s not that bad of a movie.

      • What was unrealistic? We’re talking about a fictional virus and things that happen because of it. Pretty much everything that happened is plausible even if some may be unlikely, that doesn’t make it unrealistic.

    • 1. Can intelligent people with no equipment climb a 60′ wall? Why would anything think a crazed zombie could? Maybe they did have more sentries originally, but seeing that they couldn’t possibly have the intelligence to figure out how to climb the wall, they decided to use these resources where they were needed more. Don’t forget – they were letting more people in and had a lot to deal with inside the city as well.

      2. Really? This is a problem? Maybe he padded a couple of seconds.. who says it would have taken 10 seconds to get to the ledge – maybe it would have just taken 5.

  18. Movie ratings fact 5/10

  19. Sequel? Yes please. Say what you will, but I thought the movie was great. 9/10

    Then again, I LOVE the zombie genre.

    • Tell me what was great about it if you find is all so great.Then tell me how did they’re driving down the street, then a dump truck made of solid steel plows dozens of cars, then people immediately start stealing cars and looting. We find a Mexican family holed up, they offer food and beer then refuse to leave and abruptly get killed. Brad Pitt and his stupidly screaming kids make it to the roof through a horde, but the Mexican boy just walks up there. OK fast forward to the naval ship, wait they’re gonna kick off Gerry’s family because they think he’s dead? Harsh. OK scientist blows his brains out by slipping on a slick ramp. Wtf? A prop plane can fly from the east coast to Korea in a single night? OK Jerusalem was prepared and built a Major wall, but praying Muslims with loudspeakers enrage the zombies and they scale the wall and not One sentry sees this? OK there are hundreds of jumbo jets at the airport, weird. They escape, a phantom zombie appears in the galley elevator, grenades are thrown and they end up at the WHO facility. Dude I can’t go on. This movie was bad. I so wish they’d done the Russian ending, lobos and death squads?

      • Sentries did see the zekes scaling the wall, that’s why they were running around prior to them overtaking it. Mexican kid was quiet and had the benefit of following after Gerrys family had already drawn their attention. Also, it’s his apartment complex, so chances are he was more familiar with how to get around. The Mexican family died because the zekes were drawn to the room as a result of the chaos going on with Gerrys family, so the zekes were searching. The Mexican family moving furniture and closing the door was enough to alert them.

        Another post addressed your prop plane concern, so I won’t bother.

        There weren’t hundreds of jets at the airport, you’re exaggerating. There were an appropriate amount of jets for such a large hub airport. Your issues there are moot.

        The plane crashed as they were en route to the Who facility anyway. Gerrys was handed the location of the facility prior to the chaos on the plane. The pilot handed the paper to him. The pilot received that information over the phone. He probably used a pen to write down that information. It may have been a BIC. Not sure about the color of ink, but wanted to fill in the details for you.

        This movie was well made, but had some issues. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. No amount of reasoning or logic will change your mind.

      • When a movie is great, the best way is to count how many people here saying its great over how many pathetic ones saying it isn’t. If you dont understand any part of thd movie it does not mean its senseless. Blame it on your own general knowledge and imagination. Stop wasting your time making desperate attempts proving people wrong. Get married and make some kids.

  20. I was kinda disappointed about this ending, there isn’t a huge difference between this movie and ‘I am legend’. I really like the Moscow ending, it would have been great showing how people would change during war or a zombie Apocalypse.

  21. Greeko: Did this movie somehow kill your family or destroy your life? I’ve never seen someone state over and over and over about how a movie is terrible. It is perfectly fine if you didn’t like it. I happened to find it to be a pretty decent and entertaining movie. I’d probably give it 7.5/10…..more if I hadn’t read the book and wished for so much more from the book to be included in the movie (but I get how hard the book would be to make into a movie).

    And in response to the original article, I wish they would have kept the original ending. The Russian part sounds like they could have included many more things from the book. The part about his wife and the soldier would have been harsh but reflective of the possible changes in society that would happen during a zombie Apocalypse. And as a few other people have already pointed out, fighting to “save” his family would be a strong device to connect the audience and provide empathy for Pitt’s character. Lastly, I didn’t like the camouflage idea to end the movie. I did find it very interesting and creative but I don’t see how the Zombies can still be a real threat to those fighting them in the sequel.

    • SampleSam Then please explain everything in common sense?If you find it all so ”perfectly fine” then give answer on my questions with ”perfectly answer”.or stop talking to me.This movie doesnt make any sense.Total boredness…and a waste of time.

      ”I didn’t like the camouflage idea to end the movie.” <<this just made my day.

    • I can’t believe you are wasting so much time whining about a “time wasting” movie you don’t even like. Pathetic man. Movie had a lot of flaws, sure, but the action and acting made up for that. I understand wanting a little realism/plausibility even with fiction, but nothing is perfect, and the film’s flaws, while many, were minor. Go jack off to Justin Bieber the movie like you mentioned you would like to do instead of being an internet troll. Anyway, I’m getting pissed at myself for wasting my own time commenting.

  22. Basically I feel that this movie does everything that greeko does not. Mainly, get girls and have a life outside of chirping a movie like it’s his job at burger King.

    • I fininshed reading this board 2 minute ago and I’m starting to feel pity about this guy Greeko.

    • John Paul, make sure you follow the rules.
      Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

  23. No movie is perfect this was a brilliant way zombies were portrayed the uncut version of this I recommend much more action than cinema version I liked it I wish that there was more action more zombie character build as for as why they probably swarmed movie was 9 out of 10

  24. I thought it was a cracking movie and really enjoyed the final sequence in Wales. It was a a welcome break from the madness but was intense in its own way. The alternative ending sounded rubbish. Role on the sequel

  25. I thought the movie was very good. Of all the complaints people have about the movie i cant think of one i agree with. its not a perfect movie, its just a very good movie. To be clear, the stewardess hit the elevator button, i dont know of a bathroom in a jet that has a button for “up”. The kid was most likely 99% not mexican but since he spoke spanish you automatically assume he is. The % of mexicans in new jersey isnt as high as you might think, the east coast is more populated with cubans/puerto ricans/dominicans.

  26. Just so y’all know, the mexican family is actually brazilian. They were talking in portuguese, not spanish.

  27. I thought it was good, not great, but I didn’t hate it either which might be good. It leaves room for a sequel to be just as good if not better, which I’d like to see. The book has lots of individual stories they can go off or incorporate in a sequel.

  28. This movie was a 6/10 at very best. A movie aimed at thick people.

    So, so many plot holes. However my biggest gripe by far was how (suprise suprise!) Brad and Israeli managed to walk out of a jumbo jet crash.

    Not any old crash though, a crash into a forest after a grenade had gone off in a land inhabitted with killer zombies.

    Next scene: they’ve managed to find themselves at the door of the WHO building in a town and country they’re unfamiliar with.


    • Surviving the crash is just one of those things you have to get over. Is it likely you’d survive a crash like that? No. But possible? Yes.

      As far as finding the WHO building – he could have simply been given information as to where it was before the crash when on the phone. We have no idea how long it took them to get to it, just that they did end up getting there. Again, certainly possible for them to do.

      What I find interesting about all the little things people seem to complain about is that they can’t simply explain everything. I don’t think everything was explained in the series 24, yet they had 24 hours to explain it all. Here they had two hours – movie could probably have been 4 hours long and they still wouldn’t have filled in all the holes. Sometimes you just have to use your imagination.

  29. This movie was good. Not great, but good. Lets throw away reference to the book because obviously the only thing they wanted to take away from the book other than the name was a global effort to curb this outbreak (as oppose to most zombie story that depicts an apocalyptic world with isolated survivors).

    It was entertaining and told a well thought out zombie story. I really found no issues in the storyline that are obvious incongruenties to the reality painted by the movie. Which means most of the “flaws” described above to the movie are not flaws to the storied reality, but more of a hind-sight.

    The biggest fault to the storied reality is the Israel breach part. I think the only way for the zombies to have scaled the wall that quickly was if they were working together, which supposedly they are not capable of. Otherwise I think that should have been a very slow process. Imagine a lot of people fighting each other to climb a wall, they would be pulling and tearing at each other. Meaning the zombie on the lower part that has just been climbed over by another zombie will not stay still. It would be trying to climb upwards too. I think that means they won’t have the capability to pile up that quickly as that would require the zombies below to be “dead” and not moving. So I think it should have been over the course of hours instead 2, 3 minutes. With that type of “manpower”, I would imagine them tearing through the simple chain link tunnel much sooner then them scaling that wall.

    The second fault to the Israel scene is they’ obviously have the quarantine area to allow processing and… “quarantine”. This is an area that’s connected to the outside zombie horde and would thus be heavily fortified. In the scene, this secondary check point appeared to be non-existent.

    However, these are not that distracting from the movie as a whole – unlike the Ironman 3 scene of flying armor plates from 800 miles away with no obvious power source (solar?) – and should be simply taken as movie eye-candy. They could have easily shot a breach through different weakness in the wall, such as the outside entrance these tunnels are connected to. But the wall scaling looked cooler.

    The part of the movie I find most disturbing is the way they kicked their family out after Pitt was FORCED to leave his family to take on this mission. Not saying or government won’t do that, just saying its disturbing and saddening. But at least the ending shows that the Nova Scotia Safe Zone looked pretty safe and peaceful.

    Bottom line, enjoyable movie, and hopeful for a sequal (or prequal).