Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 23, 2013

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June 23 Box Office Monsters University Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 23, 2013

Turns out the Man of Steel does have a (box office) weakness, and it’s monsters and zombies.

Coming in at number 1 is Monsters University (read our review) with $82 million. This is the second highest opening weekend ever for a Pixar film, behind only Toy Story 3‘s $110 million.

Pixar’s third sequel (technically prequel) in four years has proven that for as much as the studio loves their new IPs, they might find even greater success in familiar territory. Pixar won’t become a sequel factory, though, as they have lined up several original films for the next few years, with the Finding Nemo sequel Finding Dory existing as the lone follow-up of the bunch.

World War Z (read our review) is the number 2 film this weekend with a surprising $66 million. We say surprising because few analysts expected the film to succeed at the box office, let alone open in the high $60 million range.

This strong opening also makes World War Z Brad Pitt’s best opening weekend tally of his career. His previous number 1 was Mr. & Mrs. Smith with $50 million.

Obviously, with the amount of reshoots and rewrites the film has undergone, it’ll take more than a strong opening weekend for World War Z to make back its money, but $66 million is a good start. It also bodes well for the possibility of a sequel.

June 23 Box Office World War Z Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 23, 2013

Man of Steel comes in at number 3 with $41 million, down a whopping 64% from its record-setting opening weekend. Although films that open huge on their first weekend tend to have a substantial drop off in their second weekend, few expected Man of Steel to drop off this much.

Divisive fan/critical reception and stiff competition are the likely causes for Man of Steel‘s steep drop off, but the real test will be determining whether the film has staying power. Either way, the film has amassed $210 million over its first two weeks, and $398 million worldwide.

In at a distant number 4 is This is the End with $13 million. Seth Rogen’s star-studded, raunchy comedy is now up to $57 million, which is good but not great for his directorial debut. Rogen has certainly seen better box office numbers (Pineapple Express, Knocked Up), but he’s also seen worse (Paul, The Guilt Trip).

Rounding out the top 5 is Now You See Me with $7 million, which is only a 28% drop off from last weekend. Now at $94 million total, the film will easily cross the $100 million mark.

Fast & Furious 6 is the number 6 film with $4 million. Universal’s big budget blockbuster is now at $228 million domestic and $645 million worldwide. With Jason Statham now confirmed for Fast and Furious 7, will we see even bigger numbers from that film?

Jason Statham Fast and Furious 7 Weekend Box Office Wrap Up: June 23, 2013

The Internship comes in at number 7 with $3.42 million, which brings its domestic total up to a paltry $38 million. The film will be lucky to make back its $58 million production budget, let alone turn a profit.

Coming in at number 8 is The Purge with $3.41 million. After opening strong with $34 million, the home invasion, alternate reality thriller has tapered off substantially. Luckily, the film will bow out of the top 10 having grossed $59 million off a $3 million budget.

Star Trek Into Darkness is the number 9 film this weekend with $3 million, which brings its domestic total up to $216 million. We’ve mentioned before that Into Darkness has no chance of catching Star Trek‘s domestic tally of $257 million, even if the sequel’s $430 million worldwide total is the highest for the series.

Iron Man 3 holds at number 10 once again with $2.1 million. Marvel’s latest blockbuster is up to $403 million domestic and $1.207 billion worldwide.

Outside the top 10: The Bling Ring (read our review) grossed $2 million on 650 screens for a $3,077/screen average.


[NOTE: These are only weekend box office estimates - based on Friday and Saturday ticket sales coupled with adjusted expectations for Sunday. Official weekend box office results will be released Monday, June 17th - at which time we'll update this post with any changes.]

Source: Box Office Mojo

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  1. Regarding Man of Steel: Yeah I figured that there would be a drop, at least in the U.S.. However, Man of Steel is still not completely released internationally, there’s still some countries who are yet to show it.

    • yeah i was just gonna say this also

    • ” Superman Still #1 Box Office Internationally”

      The kids who work on this site are so brazenly PRO Marvel and anti DC , their basement walls must be plastered with autographed posters of Stan Lee.

      • I’ve been reading articles on this site for years, and I’ve never felt for a second that is any kind of bias. Care to give a non subjective example?

        • World War Z

      • Hmmm, I think he could pull it off. But he should really be involved as Sinestro. Could he do both I wonder?

        • Exactly. Strong was the one of the very VERY few good things about the Green Lantern flick.

          He’d make a good Lex but I think a “super” top notch actor will eventually get the role. As long as he can do justice to the REAL Lex Luthor.

          • Strong was my first choice he has great presence

            • Yeah, I have to admit, I saw a picture of him and he does look like he would make a formidable Lex Luthor.

              He is a fine actor. Maybe it could work.

      • Oh wow, I really hope the tidbit about Jonathan Nolan helping out Goyer with the screenplay is true. I would really love that.

        And man, to me anyways, ScreenRant definitely don’t seem biased to anything. They all want the best from comic book movies, whether it’s DC or Marvel. They want the best films, wherever it comes from. Plus, if they wanted hits from Man of Steel articles, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t go to so much trouble writing that 4 page article they posted today. Not trying to disrespect you or anything, just trying to tell you my view.

        • It’s all cool.

  2. MOS It dropped 65%, but The Dark Knight Rises dropped 61%, and wasn’t facing two new films that made $66 million and $82 million. I’d say the hold is pretty good.

    • And you’re absolutely RIGHT!

      But don’t bother arguing logically with the kiddies who run this site. They’re nothing but Marvel fanboys who will downplay ANY MOS news no matter how good it is.

      And have you noticed? They STILL run with MOS posts because they still know it will get them “hits.”

      • How much do you want to bet that they (Screen Rant) will post this rumor/ news about Zack considering Mark Strong as Luthor? lol

        Like I said, as long as it gets them their hits!!

        • Hey Kryptonic, with all due respect, please just shut the f*ck up if you’re going to be a sourpuss. You don’t like it here then you can go somewhere else, I personally don’t care and will not miss you.

          On the news of box offices, I’m really not surprised. I knew WWZ would do this, I anticipated it and that’s exactly why I was annoyed when I first heard about this film

          • Get lost….

          • +1

            • Is this the best you can do?

              This, coming from a loser calling himself “Slappy.”

              Slap away….

              • Yeah because kryptonic’s a really cool bad-ass name

            • I don’t care about marvel vs dc, etc.

              but IM3 is the worst movie I have seen this summer, I have no idea how it is making all this money because it was Micheal Bay story bad.

            • Just so you know I can’t stand Marvels movies, I find them incredibly immature and pointless story wise.

              • That comment was @slappy

              • I was NOT saying that I loved Marvel movies either, actually I thought MOS was better than ALL of marvels movies! BUT THE FACT IS STILL THE FACT!
                It is obvious that the masses want immature and pointless movies!
                IT does NOT matter what you, I or that krytonic girly likes! THE MASSES LOVE MARVEL

          • @ Amazing Fantasy #15


        • Dude, what is your problem? All Anthony did was report the numbers, he didn’t make them up. And did you read Kofi’s review? He raved about MoS! I think what’s really going on here is you’re afraid that MoS won’t catch IM3.

          • It won’t, and it won’t catch The Hobbit, for that matter. MOS may have been a good film in some people’s eyes, but it was far from great, as it had many flaws. Surprising, considering Snyder was at the helm. Major let down for me, personally, as I truly thought it would be better.

          • Some would say that, if you’re going to report box office numbers, report them, and don’t editorialize them.

            • + 1,000,000,000

              • I figured that’s what you were trying to say, Kryptonic, which is why I wrote it.

                Yeah, SR does some things that “bother” me, but I’ve learned to tune them out. I’m looking for other fan sites to visit, just to see some different takes on the genre. aintitcool sucks (or it has to me for a while). I still like SR’s independent nature, flaws and all.

                • Thank you so much , chetc.

                  Yes you are absolutely correct. Everything you said.

                  That is what REALLY bugs me. And it’s even more frustrating when you find this kind of biased “editorializing” on a site that I have great respect for.

                  These are box office numbers and they should be reported without bias. That’s why I posted the DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD link.

                  Your post means a lot, so I thank you. Maybe I’ll see ya around at some of the other sites.

                  • ‘Means a lot’?- are you love starved?

                • GOOD GO and take that whinny girl kryptonic with you….
                  why are you 2 ladies here if you hate it??

                  ACTUALLY Im so sorry for insulting REAL WOMEN by calling these sourpusses girls or ladies!
                  PLEASE ladies accept my apology!!

                  and to the whinny lil bee-otches BYE BYE!!

          • LOL.

            Star Trek Into Darkness is still considered a disappointment simply because it didn’t meet financial expectations. Are you gonna tell ME that IM3 was a good movie??? Compared to “Into Darkness?” IT SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I’ll take MAN OF STEEL anytime over any of the Marvel flicks. It’s already a success only after 10 days of release. The sequel is already green lit. We all know this….

            MAN OF STEEL makes the Avengers look like a Saturday Morning cartoon.

            • Whoa! Is that an opinion? We deal with facts here. Don’t let me catch you doing that again, Kryptonic. Would hate for words like hypocrite to be thrown around.

              This is an editorial site. Want the facts only? Box Office Mojo. I don’t think this site is anti-DC, but your definately anti-Marvel.

              • Actually, I’m more interested in outstanding films that are not only good, but make people TALK about them for many years down the line.

                Where was the “edge” in “Avengers?”

                That’s right. There wasn’t any.

                • Where was the edge in E.T. or Back To The Future? You don’t have to have an “edge” to be talked about years later.

            • The kids who work on this site are so brazenly PRO Marvel and anti DC , their basement walls must be plastered with autographed posters of Stan Lee

              So I guess this last post of yours mean your wall must be plastered with some executive from DC Comics? And I never said IM3 was better than MoS (I thought MoS was better), I just see a lot of DC fans who seem to be hurt because Marvel is doing better with feature films.

              I still don’t see what was wrong with what Anthony wrote. Are fans and critics divided over MoS or not? Did it drop 64% or not? It seems to me everyone at SR loved MoS, except maybe Rob (and he didn’t think it was bad, just not as great as others think).

              • How much of this money are some of these people getting from the box office ? The way people are arguing you would think the cash is going into their bank accounts. Geez….

                • As much as I love Star Trek (I’m sure you couldn’t figure that out :-D), I thought Trek:ID lacked a bit in the Trek-ness but was a very good action/sci-fi film. When people tell me how much they hate Trek, I don’t jump down their throats and rip their guts out for their opinion.

                  That’s my job, petaQ!! :-P

          professing you man love for DC!! damn dude, Im really pi$$ed that a stupid cartoon and a zombie flick beat MOS by as much as it did but YOU post EVERY OTHER COMMENT!!

          Do you have a wife? or are you a 30 Y/O virgin?
          OR are you just an immature 15y/o kid? IT HAS to be one of those, and if you have a wife, GO spend some time with her bro! she has to be lonely seeing that you post THIS MUCH ON 1 ARTICLE, and then ALL YOU DO IS BASH THE SR WRITERS, WTF dude? go to another site if they are all “Marvel Fanboys” THIS IS THE MOST PRO CBM site there is and they love ALL of them, the only reason Marvel comes up more is because Marvel did not have their thumbs up their arses for the last 6 yrs, UMMMM THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN DC..
          I loved MOS but lets be real It Is OBVIOUS the general public LOVES Marvels movies and Would not wipe their butts with DC’s movies!!
          I wish I knew why that is, but if the GP did not like MOS then DC might as well PACK IT IN because they put all their cards into one hat and I DONT THINK they will try this again, WB/DC just does not like to take any chances, IF MOS does not make 700 million I personally do not think we will see a sequel, MAYBE it needs to hit 800 million for them to feel it is safe to make more CBM!!

          • Aw, STFU….

        • Haha, so trolly.

          Children please pay attention to the name of this troll, and also notice the unwinable scenario he constructs for the people working for screenrant. ‘They only post Marvel stuff and not DC but when they do post DC stuff it is only to get hits and not because they like DC.’

          Seriously, you are your own worst whiny enemy.

          • @ Therdal


  3. I would have to disagree that this site is pro-Marvel or even sides one way or another. I find them fair even though have not always agreed with every story or review.(Iron Man 3 for example)
    In this case however all the story is telling is the numbers. If a movie is down 64%, then it is down 64%.
    And there were tons of MOS stories leading up to opening night, and I counted 12 since. That also includes a full SR podcast as well.

    • Seriously?

      Your belief is that Screen Rant ( a site that I’ve always considered the best when it comes to Sci/Fi, Fantasy, and the Super Hero genre ) is not even the slightest biased to Marvel?

      Obviously, I disagree. It’s all in the writing and in the little nit picky wording of the articles. I won’t point that out. It’s there and it’s obvious.

      (However, other than myself,at least three other commenters picked up that bias toward MOS in THIS write up. Their comments are smart and informed.)

      When SR talks about the Avengers, they write about it as if it’s some Holy entity. Virtually NEVER a bad word.

      The Avengers was cool, but nowhere near perfection. What’s up with that??

      Joss Whedon has been elected a Deity. Why would his little flick “Much Ado About Nothing” even be reviewed here? There is NO reason. The only excuse is because he happened to helm ****THE AVENGERS***

      This is what I refer to as “bias.”

      It’s been brought up before. I’m not the first to point this out.

      • “Short answer: while not perfect, Avengers delivers the goods on all fronts, and then some.” form Kofi Outlaw’s Avengers review.
        This was also the sediment form all the SR Underground as well.
        Much Ado About Nothing is a movie, released in theaters, therefore will be reviewed by SR. They review almost everything. It doesn’t matter if the movie is a blockbuster like Man Of Steel or a small movie like Mud.
        Kofi even has said that Wheaton is a TV director and is shows in some scenes of The Avengers.
        Also, if you look at past Box Office Wraps the commentary after giving each movie’s numbers is common place.

      • Maybe they reviewed ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ because, you know, it’s a movie??

        Just saying.

        • I need to reply like that. Short and to the point! #perfect

        • “Maybe they reviewed ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ because, you know, it’s a movie??”

          A movie no one went to see.

          Just Saying.

          • True, but what does that have to do with them reviewing it?

            • The case I make is simple: The only “real” reason “Much Ado About Nothing” was lavished with a four star review, or even reviewed at all on this site, is only because it was directed by Marvel poster boy Joss Whedon.

              Some will argue this: ” Maybe they reviewed ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ because, you know, it’s a movie?? ”

              Really? This flick was reviewed on June 7th, 2013. Were there any OTHER movies released on that same date that WERE NOT reviewed on SR?


              - “The Prey”

              - “The Kings Of Summer”

              - “Rapture-Palooza”

              - “The Wall”

              - “Violet And Daisy”

              - “Hey Bartender”

              - “Syrup”

              - “Hello Herman”

              - “Finding Joy”

              - “Tiger Eyes”

              None of these films were reviewed.

              If Joss Whedon had ANYTHING to do with them, they probably would have been reviewed. lol

              And they would have probably garnered FOUR stars, too! LMFAO

              • Well yeah it was reviewed because of Joss Whedon. The only reason most people know the movie is because of Joss Whedon. If Nolan did another indie film, I have no doubt ScreenRant would be on that too. If Snyder did an indie film, ScreenRant would be on that too. Never heard of the films you mentioned either.

                • You just under scored my case.

                  • Lol one point we agree on. Awesome!

                    Some films flyby without anyone noticing, happens to every review site. Nothing new. Sucks but that’s how the industry works, some films get overshadowed by more popular names.

                    • ^5 ColdSc

              • I say you 1) must be 15 years old because your just so brash!

                2) you just hate Joss wheadon, Marvel, The Avengers , and all the SR writers because your just SOOO BUTT SORE over DC ummm ABSOLUTELY SUCKING THE HIGH HARD ONE (EXCEPT) for MOS.

                3) you just act like a 15 y/o kid going thru puberty and really have a ROD OVER SUPERMAN, OR you must own supes Jammies, bed sheets, and a CAPE!
                4) well Your butt hurt that DC SUCKS AT MAKING CB MOVIES and well that must put a hurtin into your butt like NO TOMORROW!
                5) your mad that your voice is squeaky and Supermans is not!!

                GROW UP homey!

                • ARE YOU KIDDING me SR All I did was to tell this kid the same stuff that you want to but you cant!
                  CMON, I have seen MANY MANY comments that were way worse than what I just said about that 15y/o boy hitting puberty and that he has a major weakness for saying HOW COMPLETELY BAD DC SUCKS at making CBM’s (except for MOS)

                  That and he just has a hate Joss Wheadon, Marvel, The Avengers , and all the SR writers because MARVEL actually knows what they are doing and not just winging it.
                  OR that my daughter can teach him how to be a better man than he is actually being!

                  But really I have saw all kinds of different swear words, and insults but im awaiting moderation because Im telling this guy that he does not have to have 50 of the 65 comments on this article!

                  • You have a daughter? Tragic.

                    Promise us you won’t be the one teaching her proper English and grammar.

                    Oh, and by the way… it’s not your place to be telling me or ANYONE ELSE what to do.

                    Now, settle down.

                    • Look, I think everybody here has made some fair points, but just chill out guys. I’m a huge comic book fan. I love both DC and Marvel. But we’re getting so spoiled to the point that we’re getting into petty fight over which brand makes better films. Why can’t we appreciate all these adaptations, because years ago these films were considered jokes. Yet, now people view them as art and I think that us comicbook fans need to give these characters and the men and women who work hard to make these films their respect and on top of that respect to each other as fans. In my opinion I thought that Man of Steel suffered when it came to the script. I thought the cast and crew did fantastic work, but the script was so cliche and had terrible pacing and structure. A lot of the lines sounded like they were inserted just for the trailer. When it comes to Marvel and the Avengers I think Whedon did a great job with the dialogue. It’s plot was not complex and was generic, but it was balanced with strong dialogue. Call me Whedonite or whatever you like, but the fact is none of these films are perfect, but at least they’re getting made and the characters we fell in love with when we were boys are now on the big screen. I think that we should at least be thankful for that.

                    • @Cruzer Well said :)

                      But I have to agree that if Man of Steel makes less than Iron Man 3. That may prove to be troubling to his status as an Icon. As well it might be a clear sign as to which Superhero has captured the hearts and minds of the public. Tony Stark went from being virtually obscure to a household name thanks RDJ & Jon Favera in 2008 Iron Man. That film reinvogarated the superhero genre.

                      Like it or not, given MOS performance at the Box Office thus far, it would appear that MOS is seen as just another superhero flick rather than a watershed moment in the history of cinema and CBM :(

                    • If I may be so bold, people are paying to watch RDJ play Tony Stark, and NOT the Tony Stark character.

                      There is no doubt the RDJ has supreme charisma. Audiences are simply responding to that.

                    • WHAAAA….. WHAAAA…..

                      Yes I have a daughter, and she is wayyy smarter than me and you combined!
                      that’s why I was saying that I could have her call you and teach you how to be a real man you whiny bee-otch

                  • @Slappy
                    If you claim him a kid, I claim you a baby. You’re being a bit too immature.

              • Maybe they gave it four stars because it was a good film?

                Think of that?

  4. I’ll hazard a guess, and say that MOS won’t go over the billion dollar mark. That doesn’t mean it won’t be successful or isn’t successful already (it’s made over 400 million domestic and internationally, and growing). It’s just a gut feeling I have.

  5. MOS is just not that good of a film, at least not as good as all the hype leading up to its release. I was expecting a much better film, with Zack Snyder, who did an amazing job with 300, but the editing and storytelling here were just mediocre at best. Hence, the larger than expected drop off, and I don’t believe it will surpass the billion dollar mark worldwide. Still, there is no denying it is a money maker.

    • “Still, there is no denying it is a money maker.”

      That one sentence of yours has more integrity and validity than the entire write up that this Anthony Taormina dusted together.

      • As an adult, I can’t at all fathom where all this venom is coming from. It is a simple “if you don’t like what’s on, change the channel” situation. If you are so sure that this site and/or the writer of this article lacks integrity then the internet has plenty of other sites for you to visit. If it doesn’t live up to your standards, no one will fault you for leaving. I do find fault in you just attacking people just because their view(s) and angle(s) is a bit different than yours. If you’re so convinced and upset that SR is the FOX NEWS for Marvel, then you really have no reason to complain if you stick around for it.

        • +1

        • Ah, don’t you mean “the MSNBC for Marvel”? Oh, no, of course not, because then, they would be lavishing all kinds of undo praise…

          “thrill up my leg”

        • @ Adrian


  6. wow… krypyonic must be on its period

    • How did you know?

    • No, he’s on red krypton it’s!

  7. I say Supes with just under $400 million after only 11 days in release
    is flying high in the face of all the considerable unjustified mud slung its
    way by all the many “professional reviewers” who squat at the likes of Rotten
    Tomatoes stinking up that place typing their venom from their parent’s basement.

    • Can’t stand RT.

    • @ Robert Palmer

      I know we’ve had a few run ins, here and there, mainly because I can be a jerk, but do I appreciate every word you just said. Everything you’ve just said is true, honest, and intelligent.

      And part of my frustration on THIS post has to do with what you posted: “unjustified mudslinging.”

      If this write up is about the box office NUMBERS then REPORT THEM. Take a lesson from the pros like Nikki Finke.

      • Where was mud slung? I love MOS, seen it twice so far. I also love marvel films… For completely different reasons. The article only stated that MOS had a steeper drop than anticipated by most analysts, this is true and pretty much directly in proportion to world war Z’s over-performance. MOS will hold strong worldwide and still has an (outsider) chance of cracking a billion. Crazier things have happened. None the less any CBM that does well is a win for DC and Marvel in it shows continued health and faith in the genre. Stop being a sad cry-baby

        • The mudslinging I stated in my post was
          specifically attributed to Rotten Tomatoes
          and the unfortunate decline in that site due
          to a growing group of agenda driven reviewers.

          Nothing in Anthony’s post was remotely slinging
          mud and I found nothing offensive in his reporting.

          • @Robert Palmar. I don’t disagree with that.

    • That is what I thinking.
      The film is a success with all the opposition:

      It is a reboot.
      Mixed Reviews from Critics.
      Facing 2 big films competition.
      Snyder, Nolan, Goyer bias.
      It is an origin story.
      Trying to bring Superman in the modern day and open him up to wider audience.
      Must still recover from Superman Returns.

      While the film has much going for it, it has considerable barriers keeping audience away. The film is doing quite well in numbers. I am happy because this is what DC need to see. The film holds.

      • Archer:

        You summed up the whole MOS predicament most accurately.

        The only thing I would add is that too many people are still clinging to to old school Supes. Not just from the comics, but the Donner film as well.

        Superman is a universal and cultural icon unlike any other superhero. This is what will always make him so difficult to translate to film. He is accepted by virtually everyone. However, that is also the one thing that would make it the ultimate challenge for any film maker to translate to screen. Because Superman means a lot of different things to a lot of different peoples.

        in the end, not everyone is going to agree.

        • I think for me, as long as they can capture the essence of who the character is, I can take some lapses in story/effect/etc.

          I felt they did that well in MoS, an alien trying to figure out more about his origin and wants to use his powers to help people… the Big Blue Boyscout.

          That’s why I had problems with Nolan’s Batman, he just wasn’t what I felt Batman/Bruce is.

          It’s also why I think Iron Man is good too, RDJ is what I expect Stark to be like. Captain America, on the other hand, not so much.

          • Right. It all comes down to our OWN individual preferences and the way we PERSONALLY FEEL about the character.

            And the more universal and acclaimed that character is, the more complicated it becomes.

            That’s the Suuperman problem.

            I’ve talked to a lot of peeps about Supes since MOS came out. EVERYONE KNOWS who Superman is. But almost everyone feels different about him.

            Really no different than Jesus.

        • Kryptonic:

          You are correct that a lot of source from the film’s negative impact is from the different idea’s of how Superman should be. I kind of included it in the list with my point that the film is trying to go in a new direction with the character.

          For me Man of Steel may not be perfect but it is the film we all deserve. The film manages to push the character forward while respecting and celebrating the character 75 years worth of essence of mythology.

          The film is a response from what many wanted in a Superman film and did away with some of the more sillier/controversial parts of the character. Then, people complain about those changes.

          Superman is subject to different interpretations. Man of Steel successfully tackles the essence of the character and boldly gives the character a conflict that compels the characters to make dramatic choice.

          People have a hard time embracing the new. They focus on what is different, but not what is the same.

          Again the film could have executed some areas better, but the film succeeds in its goal of reintroducing Superman in a big way.

          • + infinity

  8. MoS is a great movie, its better than the nolan movies but its not better than IM 1&3. The avengers is the best comic book movie and the second best is spiderman 2.

    if it wasnt for marvels success then justice league wouldnt happen and this version of superman wouldnt happen.

    • That’s quite an endorsement. To each their own, of course. Unfortunately for me, I was disappointed by Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. None of it stems from what happened with the Mandarin or from Man of Steel’s lack of similarities to the Donner films, of which I’m not even partial to. They just happened to be lackluster to me, which is a bummer since I was looking forward to both of them for a while. Oh well.

      • Shh! Stop talking like MoS isnt the most perfect piece if cinema ever. Quickly talk about how perfect MoS is or you’ll be called a Marvel FanBoy!

        • Marvel Fanboy !!!!!!!!!!

        • I would if Man of Steel, or any film for that matter, were perfect. If someone wants to say that I’m a Marvel fanboy when I clearly stated that I was disappointed with both comic book films this year thus far then they clearly can’t read.

    • 1. Man Of Steel

      2. The Dark Knight

      3. Spiderman 2

      4. X Men 2

      5. The Avengers

      • My personal list. Not to refute yours or anything. Just to share perception.

        1) The Dark Knight
        2) Batman Begins
        3) Iron Man
        4) Man of Steel
        5) Spider-Man 2

        Honorable Mentions: X2: X-Men United and The Avengers

        Both my honorable mentions were at one point in my top 5 films.
        I love good story and writing, along with visuals and action.

        My list is of course subject to change, but even at this moment Man of Steel can be higher on my list. Iron Man and Man of Steel are neck at neck. I have to think about it more, maybe another viewing (darn ;) ), because scale and emotion is just powerful.

        I’ll keep you guys updated lol.

        • Well I want to join in if you guys don’t mind,

          1) Batman Begins
          2) The Dark Knight
          3) Man of Steel
          4) Dark Knight Rises
          5) X-Men First Class

          I’d love to include The Amazing Spider-Man too, since I also loved that film, but I just don’t feel it was ‘worthy’ enough aha. The sequel looks like it’ll change that though. The Avengers would have to be a close 6th.

          • The Avengers I felt was more of a celebration of the first superhero team up. It tried to be straight up entertainment and it succeeded with flying colors. I walked out of the theater thinking that was awesome but the sequel will be the one that truly grabs me. The one where Joss Whedon will not hold back on his storytelling and his talent in creating character depth, since he’ll be comfortable with a film this magnitude as well as knowing there’s an intense amount of people waiting for it. It’ll push him to give it his all.

            • Agree with you on “The Amazing Spiderman.”

              But the sequels are shaping up to looking pretty good!

              • +1

                Let’s hope Marc Webb doesn’t hold back, especially since this isn’t an origin tale, he’s got ten times more freedom than he did for the first one.

                • +1

                  This is great.
                  The first one started out on the right track and was definitely aiming high but somewhere the studio wanted it to be a more traditional superhero blockbuster and scrapped most of the subtext and subplot. This really hurt what seemingly looked to be a great film.

                  The second points to a better interpretation of the character. The suit looks better, the story sounds more epic, and hopefully the subtext/plot of the first film that was dropped find its way to this one.

                  • Very true, seen some of the deleted scenes and always wondered why they took them out. Those scenes alone really fleshed out Curt Connors and the character would’ve made much more of an impact on the audience.

                    It’d be awesome to see several bridges forming between the first one and sequel.

            • I agree with your comment on The Avengers. On entertainment value, it succeeds greatly. It is a celebration.

              But The Avengers 2, this is what I wanted to see. The Avengers was a bit of a gimmick that gets people excited about these relatively unknown characters and make a brand name. Whedon tried to make the film bigger and better but had limitations:

              1) Whedon was restricted in what has to happen in the story (alien invasion) and just making the film fun and entertaining. The deleted scenes show Whedon wanting to go deeper with the characters and the arcs.

              2) Similarly, Whedon was restricted due to some of the limitation/weakness of some of the lead-in films. Whedon has to give Tony Stark a redemption in our eyes after Iron Man 2. Whedon has to better flesh out Bruce Banner and make him interesting compared to the last two. Make Black Widow more of a bad ass. Sacrifice scale and detail (such as explaining the cube, the quick alien win) to better develop the characters than their lead in films were able to do.

              3) Whedon had little to actual experience with a scale such as this film needed. He did fairly well and in some parts exceedingly well, but has much that he can improve on.

              Phase 2 films seem to have a better grasp at the character and developing their story while maintaining to be stand alone. So hopefully this allows Whedon the freedom to build on top of that the story he wants to write, especially now that he has creative control. Whedon has stated clearly has more leeway to write the story he wanted to write from the beginning and is in the situation to do so well and execute it well.

              Avengers 2 is one I am looking forward to and hope is greater by a long way than its predecessor.

              • +1 Agree with all your points

                I’d love to see the sequel have a little more “Indie” film making running through it. I just want there to be more of a struggle within the team as well as friction in the relationships. Now that he has everyone’s attention after The Avengers blowout, I have no doubt he will deliver a much better sequel.

          • Batman Begins and The Dark Knight always wrestle for the top spot. I love both but they are different and thus hard to truly compare. I usually pick The Dark Knight as my top favorite.

            Similarly I have the same for Man of Steel and Iron Man. I think I am going to choose Man of Steel to be my third on my list after much consideration. Iron Man has a strong character story that is brilliantly balanced between dramatic and humor, but lacks thematic weight in some emotionally charged climax and a compelling external conflict driving the plot forward.

            The Dark Knight Rises is the type of the film I really enjoy in parts but feel some of the details connecting those parts are not as well as executed as they are in concept. I enjoy the film but it is the weakest in the trilogy in my opinion. Although the film is in my top 10- even with it flaws it proves more entertaining than the usual superhero flick.

            X-Men: First Class I like very much, top ten definitely. I still prefer X2: X-Men United as my favorite X-Men film to date but First Class is enjoyable and fun to watch. I would say however, the film is not as much fun for me as it was the first time and I believe it is due that I notice where the film could have improved had it not been for all the production problems.

            Solid list ColdSc

            • *Really makes me wonder how First Class would have been without any production issues. If it was decent with its issues, imagine if it was smooth sailing production.

            • One of the reasons why I enjoyed First Class so much is because it offered so much fresh blood to the almost dead franchise. It also introduced me to Michael Fassbender, excellent actor. I always love me some Origin stories as well, which may have played a part in me preferring First Class over the other films.

              Dark Knight rises, while not the best, I thought it did an excellent job of rounding all the stories off and making it a full circle. The ending of that film has to be my favorite ending ever in a film as well.

          • If you don’t mind, I would like to post my “list” as well:

            1.) Batman Begins
            2.) The Crow, Man of Steel, TDK, TDKR, A History of Violence, Superman

            I love the The Amazing Spider-Man, Hellboy 1 & 2, The Watchman, can we include 300, The Losers, Kick @$$, The Punisher with Thomas Jane, the Punisher with Dolph L. (loved that movie as a kid), X2, Iron Man, Thor, and Spider-Man 2. It’s so hard trying to come up with a list, but that is the best I got.

        • Cool. Inevitably my lists change from time to time… but this is where I’m at now.

          Even though my first two spots are DC, the other 3 are Marvel. So I am not a hater. I grew up with both Marvel and DC. It all depends on how good the flick is. Bottom line.

          • If the film is good, then it is good. I like good movies.

            Man of Steel is my most enjoyable experience of each of those films (maybe challenged only by The Dark Knight) and thus I am fairly certain it will climb higher. After much thought, my list will be alternatively:

            1) The Dark Knight
            2) Batman Begins
            3) Man of Steel
            4) Iron Man
            5) Spider-Man 2

            It was always between Man of Steel and Iron Man. But Man of Steel is such stronger film for me, emotionally and on scale. Of course, another viewing is necessary.

      • Nice list, Spider-Man 2 was definitely the best out of Raimi’s trilogy. A traditional comic book movie to me. I can’t remember X-Men 2 though, I remember it was really good but haven’t seen it in quite some time. May have to revisit that and the first one. The Dark Knight, honestly, there’s really nothing else to say. May not be my favourite but I firmly believe it’s the best film based on a comic book character of all time.

          • I have not seen the original X-Men films in a long while, really need to revisit them..

            Spider-Man 2 was brilliant, I felt that was the film where Raimi truly understood the character and really ran with it.

            One of the reasons why I loved the Dark Knight so much, Nolan didn’t try to make another comic book movie but make a straight up thriller that included characters from the Batman mythos. The pacing was excellent, I felt the climax stretched out for a great deal of the film but never got old. It just got more and more intense as it progressed.

    • “The Avengers” is NOT the best comic book movie…it’s purely fluffy fun. I enjoyed it in the theater while I was watching it; then, I promptly forgot about it as soon as I stepped out into the lobby. MOS had me considering its various aspects long after I left the theater and happy to see it multiple times, enjoying and appreciating it EACH time. The Dark Knight trilogy made me feel the same way, though not as intensely for the individual films. IM3 was simply…CRAP.

      • @ Archaeon

        Everything you said.

      • The Avengers I loved during its midnight release but took mental notes of the things I did not like:

        Humor cutting the drama in a scene.
        Tesseract is the all powerful McGuffin that is never really explained.
        Loki’s staff corrupts someone by the heart (the chest), but it then goes away and frees the victim due to a blow in the head.
        -Kind of cop out in terms of Hawkeye being “cured”
        -For some reason, does not work on Stark.
        Some of the character’s story got sidestepped for fun
        -Cap. America transition could have been powerful, left for sequel
        -Thor appearance negates his own movie’s ending
        Aliens dropping after mother ship hit with Nuclear Missile.

        Beyond that, I really loved the film and had fun. Saw it again in theaters but then was not quite amusing. Then, the film was not interesting anymore until I saw the film a few more times- now I enjoy the film but mainly due to the subtle character-driven scenes and some “hero shots”. Some of the humor still work but others not so much.

        The Avengers is a great film, but not to the standard that I consider it to be the best comic book movie.

    • In my personal opinion, The Avengers is not the “best” comic book based film. Film is subjective, but objectively the film could have been better.
      I loved the film but it is not that strong thematically or emotionally investing. Over time I realize I love the film for it subtle character driven scene and the aim of what Whedon really wanted to do. I broke it down in another comment replying someone in this same thread.

      Iron Man 3 is better than Iron Man 2, but suffered from similar problems plaguing The Avengers- only the Avengers did it better. Spider-Man 2 is a good call, great film minus some corny moments but still very solid work.

      Marvel Studios took the initiative and succeeded in their overall goal (getting people to know these lesser known characters in order to sell them) but Justice League was planned before but it never got off the ground originally. Superman Returns came out before Marvel Studio first venture Iron Man, and this Superman is the result from that film.

    • @ COREY_1993


  9. Zombies are Hot right now. The book was very popular. Computer animated movies all seem the same to me, but I am glad a movie including Nathan Fillion did so well. Superhero movies are most popular. Glad people are still going to the movies at all they are so expensive. Can’t wait to see how The Lone Ranger does at the box office.

    • That’s a great point, it was a killer weekend at the box office.

  10. Man of Steel on the surface to not do so well, but considering it is facing two big competition the drop is not that much.

    Plus Man of Steel is not following a big predecessor and fighting an uphill battle of bringing Superman on screen. The film is doing financially great and will be holding its own

  11. Wasnt IM3 droppof also around 60+%? Not trying to argue just clearly dont remember

    • 58.4%, according to boxofficemojo.

  12. I think Man of Steel is doing pretty well, wasn’t expecting that big of a drop but it makes sense considering the Monsters Inc sequel and World War Z. So far it made as much money Superman Returns did in Returns’ whole theatrical run, and it’s only been two weeks. I’m expecting 600 – 700 million by the end, wouldn’t be surprised if it made more.

  13. Monsters did surprisingly well considering it’s such an old franchise. The power of kids still rules. I wonder if Despicable Me 2 can do $82m as a non-Pixar film.

    My predicted over/under for WWZ last week was $50m so $66m is pretty good.

    Put me in the pro-MoS group, Cavill was a great Supes, I had some nitpicks with parts of it but overall it was a good movie. I would put it ahead of IM3, Batman Begins and TDKR but behind IM 1 and TDK. I still think it can do $1bil worldwide.

    I didn’t like Fast 6 as much as Fast 5, it would be sad if it makes more than MoS.

    I wonder if Summer 2013 will be better than Summer 2011.

    • I bet you there’s more adults than kids for Monster’s University, the kids who grew up with Monsters Inc. like me lol.

      I’m glad World War Z is doing so well, Brad Pitt is an awesome actor and I can’t say no to a good zombie flick. I usually stay away from zombie flicks since quite a few of them are just downright terrible but WWZ seems like it’s getting good reviews.

      I’d have to put Man of Steel at the same level as The Dark Knight Rises and Batman Begins. Had potential to be as good as The Dark Knight in my opinion, but the story felt a bit rushed. It just needed to be ironed out a bit more.

      • Include me in me in the adult but was a kid crowd during Monsters Inc. I haven’t seen Monsters University but I am eager to see it. Of course it would not match Monsters Inc. ;)

        Despicable Me 2 is going to be an interesting competition when it is released.

        I agree Man of Steel has some flaws the did not bring the film down but prevented the film from reaching its true potential. For some reason, I feel Man of Steel was cut in some places due to run time and perhaps their is an extended/director’s cut of the film. Considering Snyder there may very will be, and I know I’ll definitely shell out for that.

        • Monster’s Inc use to be favorite when I was a kid, watched it way too many times to count. I’ve given in to How to Train Your Dragon though, truly phenomenal film.

          +1 Agreed. I felt the exact same way. Really wished they included those scene if there were any. It could be 3 hours for all i care. And definitely, if there’s a director’s cut, count me in first day.

        • I’ve also heard a lot of talk surrounding Despicable Me 2, around the same amount as MU to be honest. It’ll def be some interesting competition.

  14. I LOVED MOS but how incredibly sad is it that it got beat out by a cartoon and a lame zombie flick!

    I can honestly say that WB/DC is thinking HARD about a sequel right now, and if you really believe that im wrong you are crazy!!
    NO WAY did WB expect that…. NO WAY IN HELL, I honestly expected it to stay at #1 for at least 3 weeks, THIS WAS A VERY BIG BLOW TO WB’s confidence that a MOS 2 should be fast tracked, it cost a ton of cash to make MOS and I believe it needs to make 500m-700million to be a real success, TIH was not a “success” and it made money, many movies made money and are not considered a success! they need to at the very least double if not triple the budget it cost to make the movie for the studios to consider them a success!!

    I AM ABSOLUTELY STUNNED THAT IM3 did so good but MOS is already #3 in the country!! IM JUST F-ING STUNNED, wtf are ppl thinking that a cartoon doubles MOS???
    I have just lost all my faith in humanity! wow, I may be more stunned that WWZ beat MOS??? a damn zombie movie! I wanted to see it until I read that it beat out MOS… I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO PAY MONEY TO SEE THAT POS NOW, I hope brad pitt FALLS off the horse he rode in on..
    I would love to be a fly on the wall at WB to hear how they will start to back track out of MOS 2, maybe we will just NEVER hear about again because of the STUPIDITY of the ppl in this country!
    ALSO wtf was WB thinking by releasing MOS in such a STUPID way across the world?? Japan does not get it until Aug 30 I think that is the day, BUT WHY DID THEY DO IT LIKE THAT?? are they that un-sure of themselves?
    why are they NOT following how Marvel releases their huge movies?? overseas THEN HERE? seems like just another blunder by wb/dc IMO

      • +1 I’m counting just over 500 mil, maybe 600. One of my friends told me he saw it a couple of days later and theater was half full only. Most likely the timing though, it was early afternoon.

    • You’ve lost all faith in humanity because a movie you like is only 3rd in the box office after two weeks?

      Someone needs to sort out their priorities…

  15. “MOS” rules you sons of a *******. Simply as that.

  16. I have quite a few friends who were scared off Man of Steel because of the reviews they read. It’s highly annoying.

  17. You MOS fanboys are annoying as hell. You act like this movie is the second coming of Jesus.

    • @ ihatefanboys


  18. Man Of Steel in 3D made $400 Million Dollars already and is #1 Internationally…

  19. I’m sorry, I fail to see the anti-DC bias in this article. It’s true that Man of Steel is now number 3 on the domestic box office. It’s true that it dropped 64% from it’s first record, which I don’t think many people saw coming. It’s true that it’s had a mixed critical reaction (although audience reaction is more positive)and it’s true that it faced stiff competition this week. Where’s the bias? It’s pretty much all facts.

    For the record, I really hated Man of Steel, but that’s not down to any ‘anti-DC bias.’ I just thought it was a terrible film. Heck, I actually prefer DC comicbooks to Marvel (although I’m not a huge comic book fan). And I don’t even need to mention how much better DC’s animated universe is compared to Marvel. And the Dark Knight is my joint favourite Superhero film, along with the Avengers. So you don’t need an anti-DC bias to hate Man of Steel.

  20. It’s still great to see Man Of Steel pefroming realy well. Yes it had a big weekend drop in the us but amognst that competition it was to be expected.

    $400 million over two weeks is great going and it still has some more markets to open up to internationally. I expect anything within the range ot $600 – $800 million total to be acheived which would indicate a resounding success.

    We will now need to see how well Thor Dark World now performs.

  21. MoS dropping 64% is not good. That is stunning.

    It seems this movie is not being widely excepted outside of CBM fans. People aren’t even giving it a chance.

    I went and saw it again on Saturday evening and it was me and two couples in the theater, that’s it, and one couple left after the oil rig scene. I couldn’t believe it. It was also only showing in 2 of the 16 theaters, one 3d, one 2d.

    I hope this movie makes at least $500 million to encourage DC to keep going.

    • I’m sure it will make over 500 million dollars. However, IMHO, it won’t reach the billion dollar mark.

      • @ Chetc

        I think 500m+ would be good for MoS.

    • Wow that’s crazy, only 2 theaters? Theaters around me are showing it, but mainly 3D though, I think there was only one 2D showing I was able to find.

      • @ Coldsc

        I need to clairify. There are sixteen screens at the complex I go to. Of the sixteen, only two had MoS playing on them.

        I didn’t mean only two theaters in my area. Sorry for any confusion.

        • Thanks for the clear up :D

        • Ah gotcha!

    • The film is doing better than Superman Returns did in its entire theatrical run. I think DC will look at that as very much a success.

      Domestically: Man of Steel is at an estimated $210M. This is higher than Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Incredible Hulk. By the end of the run it may even catch up to the first 2 Iron Man films, maybe not pass but be up there- and those films have become very popular. Plus, Man of Steel earned more than Batman Begins which led to the successful Batman Series.

      International: Man of Steel is an estimated $188.3M. This is close to passing CA:TFA, and already passed TIH. Passed Batman Begins.

      WB/DC financially should be well encouraged by now. It is bigger than the flops of Superman Returns and Green Lantern, and the good film Batman Begins. It is bigger than most Marvel films that do not include RDJ yet close to the first two IM films- I say it will be around there in the end if not bigger. Which is not bad at all.

      Man of Steel is no way nearing 1 Billion dollars but it an origin-reboot that is not following up a big film and has mixed reviews from critics, film should warrant a sequel and encourage DC/WB to play the game and make more film.

      • I really think that WB was thinking that MOS would do a lot better than 500 mil. I sure do hope it makes that much and I sure do hope that encourages WB/DC to keep moving forward with their shared universe, but honestly I feel that it will only scare them off! MOS was by far their best CBM and if that is what their best can do…YIKES

        I did like TDK trilogy but it was not the holy grail ppl make it out to be! I don’t think WB was expecting Batman Begins to be the start of the machine it turned out to be, but I do think they wanted MOS to become that machine which it is NOT becoming, I think them worthless critics hurt this movie brutally bad with the general public, by giving it the bad reviews they did scared off a boatload of people and their wallets!
        People were just expecting way too much out of this movie!

        Im a fan of most CBM and I want a DC shared universe to go alongside the MCU NOT to fight about but to have great movies from both, but with critics that drool all over the Marvel movies and S**T on the DC movies WE WILL NEVER GET A DCU, which would only be great for ALL cbm fans not just the DC or Marvel fans!!!
        SO SAD!!!

        • Geez, how dare those worthless critics dislike the movie! It’s not like, you know, they’re entitled to their own opinion! And obviously, all they want to do is s**t on the DC movies. After all, it’s not like they gave the Dark Knight, a DC film, a higher rating than any Marvel comic book movie. Oh, wait.

          Personally, I disliked Man of Steel a lot. It overused shakey cam to a ridiculous degree and, as a result, most of the action scenes were just messes of grey blurs. None of the characters really seemed to have any real personality and, even worse, some of them came off as horrible people (yeah Superman, don’t worry about the thousands of people probably trapped under rubble and dying from the attack on Metropolis. You just go ahead and kiss your girlfriend.) It felt like they were trying to combine the interesting themes/philosophies of Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and the fantastic climax of the Avengers and failed at both of them.

          But that’s not to say I don’t want to see a DCCU. I’m actually more of a DC comic fan than I am a Marvel comic fan. And I absolutely love the DCAU. But I don’t think Man of Steel is a good foundation for DC’s universe.

          • But it IS the foundation for a DCCU and without it doing good there will never be a DCCU!

            I If it is not cute and funny then the critics don’t like it!
            They will love the fuzzy cartoon Monsters U, Cmon, its a cartoon!

            Im not a huge fan of animated movies and will always take a real movie over a cartoon anyday!!!

            Just because a 5y/o would not like MOS does not mean that it is a bad movie but it seems if the kiddies like it the critics love it as well…. family friendly is all good but not every movie that is family friendly is good and not every 1 that is not ff is bad!!!

            Im kinda sick of the critics choosing what movies do well at the theatres, and you know if they said MOS was a great movie it would have done a lot better this past weekend, and that they can decide what the masses go to see is BS, but then again im not a follower of what the critics say so I don’t base what I go to see by those biased idiots, like the masses do

            • That is quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen written. You’re seriously saying that critics only like ‘cute and funny’ family films? And that any family friendly film critics automatically love? There are so many possible examples I could throw at you to prove that wrong, it’s not even funny.

              As for ‘critics choosing what does well at movies’, while critial reception does play an important part in box office, the success of movies like Transformers proves that critics don’t ‘choose what does well’.

              Also, suggesting ‘animated films aren’t real movies’? Do yourself a favour and watch something like Grave of the Fireflies (or almost any Ghibli film), then come back here and try saying that.

              And if critics don’t like it, then that’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. I agree with them. I thought it was an awful film.

              • WHY TF are you so worried what I say about critics???? is it making your ears ring??
                I would swear that your one of them ignorant critics!
                ALSO I am an adult with kids I don’t watch cartoons THEY do! I know some adults do like them and to each their own, BUT I will say that I THINK IT IS LAME to see a 20, 30 or 40 something guy watching a cartoon!
                YOU KEEP SITTING IN MOMMY’S BASEMENT AND WATCHING YOUR CARTOONS, I will keep doing what adults do! Like work and raise my family!! NOT spending my time watching Japanese animae for my kicks!

                • So, because I disagree with you you’re going to mindlessly insult me? What a very grown-up and adult thing to do. I feel somewhat sorry for your kids (provided they do exist and you’re not really a 13 year old trying to get attention). Because, after all, isn’t watching Superhero movies so much more of an adult thing, than watching things like Grave of the Fireflies or Perfect Blue?

                  Now am I ‘one of those ignorant critics’? Well, considering I occasionally criticise things, then yeah I suppose so. In which case, everyone who’s ever disliked a film is technically a critic, including you.

                  Also, considering you believe that adults can’t enjoy anime, here is a small list of famous adults who are large fans of anime: Stephen Spielberg, Samuel L Jackson, Robin Williams, Leonardo de Caprio, James Cameron, Christian Bale and that’s just a small selection.

  22. Okay, seriously, there are a couple people on this thread who need to cool their jets. You know who you are.

    As for the Marvel/DC thing: over the past two weeks, we’ve posted a positive Man of Steel review, a defense of the MoS ending, a feature about how an Aquaman movie could be great AND a feature suggesting that Justice League could build on MoS’s success. Not to mention, that post from a while back about how Marvel and DC movies are just different, as opposed to one being superior to the other. I think that speaks for itself.

    • @ Sandy Schaefer

      Sandy, you guys at Screen Rant do a great job. Don’t let a few over zealous idiots tell you otherwise. You guys keep doing what you’re doing, and ignore the fools, jerks and trolls, eventually they will go away. Water seeks its own level and SR is far above the level of these clowns.

      Keep up the good work!!

      • Yes. The record speaks for itself, Sandy.
        The integrity of Screen Rant is self-evident.

    • @ Sandy
      THIS IS the place I get all my cbm news, and in no way do I think this site is biased one way or another! Please keep up the great work…. all of the writers at SR do a great job IMO

    • You guys have a great site. I can’t, for the life of me, see why anyone who posts on SR would think SR was biased towards one studio over another. There was nothing wrong with this article; it stated the numbers without bias. As others have said, keep up the good work.

    • Yes. The record speaks for itself, Sandy.
      The integrity of Screen Rant is self-evident.

      (properly placing misplaced reply)

  23. My top CBMs
    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Iron Man
    3. Avengers
    4. Spider-Man 2
    5. MOS

  24. Reading some of the incessant DC vs Marvel and vice versa comments above all I can say is sheez guys, I am very much pro DC, but can’t we just exist in a world where we appreciate both DC and Marvel films and not have to resort to vitriolic retorts. I will critique a film if it merits it but will also appreciate other people’s view of a film/franchise, whether it matches mine or not.

    As far as I am concerned, strong DC and Marvel films can only be good for us the consumer. So on that note, I really hope MoS stays strong and honestly who cares if it passes IM3 or not.

    • Agreed, and well said. I am neither pro DC or Marvel – but I AM pro entertaining films, and I loved M.O.S.

  25. Wow…so much vitriol.

    I have a feeling M.O.S. will stay in the top ten for a while…people just want to see a Superman movie AND see what the fuss is all about. I think it will last longer than W.W. Zed and Monsters U., which will certainly be rentable but not big-screen worthy.

    On a side note, we (my wife & I and two teens) saw Now You See It over the weekend. I would have waited to rent this and chosen Fast 6 instead, but it was her turn to choose.
    We were all a little disappointed, especially with Mark Ruffalo.

    • I think reviews do play into the box office. It might not for people like you and me who regularly read movie news, but there are a lot who use reviews to gauge what is worth seeing. However, I think reviews on movies with large fan bases (like Man of Steel) don’t play into the opening weekend, but actually the second weekend. We were going to see Man of Steel regardless, but I might guess some of the people that see it second weekend (that aren’t repeat viewers or fans who waited) did so because they heard good things.

      • Right, Anthony. Reviews have an effect further into its release.
        Particularly to the not insignificant portion of the audience
        who are on the fence about seeing any given film.