Brad Pitt Talks ‘World War Z’ Sequel

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World War Z Sequel Brad Pitt Talks World War Z Sequel

World War Z was one of the biggest box office surprises of 2013. The big-budget zombie film, which faced several production delays and a rewrite of the entire third act, seemed destined to bomb. Instead, it ended up becoming Brad Pitt’s highest-grossing film ever, earning a healthy $533 million worldwide.

The unexpected success of the film led to immediate talk of multiple sequels. In a recent interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Pitt confirmed that Paramount is working on a script for the first follow-up now.

Speaking with Variety, Pitt said:

“We gotta get the script right first to determine if we go further.”

And that’s no small task. As Pitt went on to explain, the time spent working on the first film has given them plenty of options for the second film:

“We have so many ideas on the table from the time we spent developing this thing and figuring out how the zombie worlds work… We think we have a lot of stuff to mine from.”

World War Z deviated significantly from the original novel by Max Brooks, mainly because the book’s epistolary form made a straight adaptation impossible. That being said, if Pitt and his collaborators wish to truly expand on the zombie world they created, returning to the book would be a great start. Each chapter offers a unique character and situation that could potentially warrant its own full-length movie.

In reality, however, the sequel will need to feature Brad Pitt’s character returning, which presents some interesting options.


At the end of World War Z, Pitt’s character figures out that zombies don’t attack sick people, leading to the development of a vaccine that’s actually a deadly, but treatable pathogen. By disguising themselves with the pathogen, soldiers are allowed to roam freely among the zombies and efficiently execute them.

On its own, this provides a pretty tidy ending, but there are many different directions that you could take in the sequel.

World War Z helicopter swarm Brad Pitt Talks World War Z Sequel

What happens to all the zombies? Is the goal to kill each of them? In the zombie genre, there’s always somebody out there who keeps working on a cure. Could a misguided scientist make the vaccine ineffective through an experiment gone wrong?

Or how about this one: in the aftermath of the zombie takeover, global politics are out of whack, leading a rogue dictator to amass a private army of zombies to…do something. Okay, okay, that’s enough. I’ll let the pros do their job.

What do you think of the unexpected success of World War Z and where would you like to see a sequel go in terms of plot? Let us know in the comments.


World War Z is currently back  in theaters as a double feature with Star Trek Into Darkness.

Source: Variety

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  1. It should be about where the origin started. I want to know what caused all of it and how they find a cure, because the virus expert was talking about how if they find the origin they can find the cure. Anyways in my opinion every time someone watches a zombie movie they want to know what started it.

  2. Many ways this can go, but can I say how I do NOT want this going? Please do not let this sequel be about what it is like at the refugee camp and how the “New” post apocolyptic world order redefines human nature and governing. I really enjoyed the book and the various aspects of what people did.

    It would be cool if they ran a parellel story with someone else escaping it for the first half of the movie to relive the outbreak from another point of view, and perhaps they end up at the same refugee camp in Nova Scotia.

    The origin or cure plots should be avoided if possible, as it will surely disappoint.

  3. I am not overly surprised that the movie was so successful, given the times in which we live, and the story lines of our popular shows, movies, and culture. I was impressed with the plot of the movie, as well as, the special effects. I would enjoy a sequel, of course, and that being said, my hope would be that if there is one, it would begin with the search for the source of the zombie disease. It stands to reason that to develop a vaccine, you have to have the source, not just jump to conclusions. It’s a pathogen, similar to rabies, spread through saliva, however, it has evolved from four legged animals to two legged, so to develop a vaccine, you would have to experiment with a zombie from North Korea. I suspect that is the original source of the initial outbreak because of Gerry Lang’s first stop in the movie, not India. I theorize that the Korean soldier, that the South Korean base doctor was called to treat, perhaps had escaped from North Korea to avoid loosing his teeth, or maybe even to go home to help his family and was bitten by an animal that had contracted rabies, he may even had already a comprised immune system, been from a rural area, little education, etc., consequently, the soldier did not disclose this and the bite went untreated, rabies will eventually kill the host if left untreated. We know from research that involves animal rabies, but not so much, human rabies, left untreated and how it would evolve in humans if left untreated, especially in an impoverished country like North Korea. The email the movie mentioned originally was from India and intercepted, however, India is part of the United Nations, and therefore, I think, would have been able to treat a human that had been bitten and contracted rabies.

  4. As a Zombie junkie and has read the book many times. I would really like them to use some of the story lines from the book. There are so many great roads they could take. Two of my favs could make great movies: The story of the female pilot losing her crew and plane while using the crapper and parachuting into no mans land, and the other is about the Japanese fella who is glued to his computer and finally realizing what has happened, and makes his way out of his building and out of the city. Another great one, the crew of the Chinese nuclear sub. This one alone, has all the elements for a great story. Which ever way they go, the fans of the book are not going to be happy until they include some major portion of the book. Either case, I am waiting with bated breath, for the next installment.

  5. I have never read the book, but I would like to see the next movie introduce something beyond the zombies.

    So they go on a searching for a cure while using their new found camo-vaccine to start reclaiming territory and setting up more permanent bases. There is some tension between political figures and the various military forces are not really working in sync. Blame starts getting thrown around as to who started it. Did someone research a new weapon?

    Anyways, as it turns out, the infection is just the first stage. The infected eventually group up and start decomposing en masse. Within these lakes of putrid flesh a new airborne pathogen is released. Whole regions deemed safe are now getting reinfected. The race to create a vaccine is on as anyplace not breathing filtered air is going to become lethal.

    People infected by this new strain essentially liquify and cough and spew this mist of flesh trying to infect even more people. So less biting and more spraying.

    So it’s back to north Korea and India to see if the origins of patient 0 can be determined. The military is getting desperate. All hope is lost… then the nukes hit. Now what…Is there enough of a world left to even save? Who is left after the rubble settles?

    But the most important question… does the IDF chick get a sweet chainsaw fist for her stub?

  6. There are some basic rules to writing a sequel that our ideas here are breaking. First, we’re here to see a sequel tip Works War Z. That requires it to be a zombie movie. The air pathogen is great, for another movie. Not this. Second, hopefully we have learned not to invalidate everything the first movie accomplished. That means the sequel should not be st in a world where the vaccine had already been made ineffectual. Instead, it is a chance to explore the visual opportunities of suck a situation. It will become necessary though for this defence to vector compromised.

    In addition, we can expect two realities: more of the same and more like the book. The story will once again send Pitt around the world his quest allows him to give the audience a view of a world wide epidemic. The filmmakers will look to the book for fresh ideas, though. As many have suggested we can expect Pitt to interview survivors and get their POT of the apocalypse. This will be limited, however, a shade added to the structure set by the first movie rather than a substitute for it.

    This is the formulaic aspect that we really should expect to escape. Departure from these rules are generally catastrophic.

    How the writers create within that framework will be interesting to see. In the first, a vaccine is found to hide from the infected. The hero’s family is hiding. There’s a thematic connection. The progression from this could be a way to delay the disease in part two and a way to cure it in part three. The family is exposed to a slow contamination in part two. This would mean that we discover that there is a secondary way to be infected, beyond being bit. In part three a family member could turn, to be saved (or not) by the cure at the end. This, however, is pure speculation, one possible scenario with a framework we would be wise to expect.


  7. sorry no more, movie with the agenda of population control. brad pit destroyed the movie

    • You’re the one who truly sucks Hassan read a book or two and expand your thought process a little before degrading something you couldn’t do any better yourself. I smell a hint of jaded jealousy.

  8. North Korea created this virus.. At least I tell myself that hahaha

  9. all zombie movies are great movies…even the ones with brad pit

  10. They run out of the Pathogen. They have to go underground but end trapped as people start showing symptoms of the virus. The 3rd and final film, he finds the Origin and seeks out a cure to save his eldest daughter.

  11. I read the book. The sequel movies easily can move into the safe zone evacuations and the retaking of the world from zombies. Perhaps a bit on patient one in china and first year spread

  12. Why don’t they just do the book for the sequal and highlight the different characters from it? Brad Pitt can even do the interviews for people who need him in it. Then they can give back to fans of the book and cover the origins and the endings. Problem solved, where’s my $1,000,000?

  13. i really liked the film i have watched it about 20 times. i like the ending , i request that in the sequel if they define the source and actually the cause and some temp. cure it’ll be kin of cool and at last i think brad pitt has done an amazing job …..

  14. Brad Pitt was amazing in World War Z. He had so much raw emotion. It would be a tragic loss to replace him in the sequal!

  15. I like the idea of knowing how this got started. It seemed that the disease combined the behavior of different animals and insects. For example, they attack like wild dogs and they swarm like ants. I’m curious on how a sickness of this kind came to be.

  16. Deve ser sobre o fim do virus.E já viram um filme depois de acontecer o virus?Era giro ver como as pessoas se organizariam depois do virus.

  17. WWZ 2: origins my idea of a good sequel should deffenetly be about where it all started. The only way to make succesful squel is to go bigger n better n more interesting then the first. My idea would be that this virus came from space on a meteor witch that soldier saw n investigated and when he came in close contact with it he cut himself on it therefore he was infected but wanted to keep the meteor a secret n then started getting ill then yah u know what happens after that. Brad pitt should deffenetly be in the sequel and get him to investigate the meteor site and maybe some intel on this meteor was detected by nasa n they never realy knew that this deadly virus could come from it. With that said the camouflage must fail eventualy they evolve to still attack the sick hosts because they pose a threat. Would also like to see this war on a massive scale i think the audience would realy like to see that i know i would and of course alot of action and eventualy a airborn pathogen in the third movie. Also want to thanks for lettin us the fans to express our thoughts n opinions on what we wanna see ! Thx again