‘World of Warcraft’ Movie Gets a New Writer

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World of Warcraft Screenwriter World of Warcraft Movie Gets a New Writer

Sam Raimi may no longer be directing the World of Warcraft movie, but that doesn’t mean that Legendary Entertainment has given up on the film. The studio has reportedly hired Charles Leavitt to write a new script for the project with the hope of attaching a new director in the next few months.

Leavitt most recently scripted The Seventh Son for Legendary, an adaptation of the popular fantasy book The Spook’s Apprentice. That film, which stars Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges and Ben Barnes (Chronicles of Narnia) started shooting earlier this year.

Variety was the first to report that Leavitt had signed on for World of Warcraft. A previous draft of the screenplay was written by Robert Rodat (Saving Private Ryan), but it’s unlikely that any of the former work will be carried over in the new draft.

Leavitt’s hiring is the first bit of good news the movie has had in a long time. An accomplished screenwriter with multiple high-profile movies under his belt, including the excellent 2008 film Blood Diamond, Leavitt may be able to provide the spark the film needs to attract another A-List director. When Raimi dropped off the project, it was surely a disappointment for the studio. There aren’t many directors of Raimi’s stature out there, but a fresh start may be just what this movie needs to finally get going.

Though there have been mixed opinions about the merits of a World of Warcraft film (including doubts from this writer), it would be impossible to argue that the massively popular video game doesn’t offer tons of interesting plot possibilities. Granted, the source material isn’t up to the caliber of The Lord of the Rings, but any fan of the series can probably list a dozen possibilities off the top of their head.

Are you excited to learn that the World of Warcraft movie is getting back on track? What direction do you think Leavitt will go with the script? If you’re a WoW player, share some of your ideas for the movie in the comments.

Source: Variety

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  1. Being a World of Warcraft player going on three years now, I think a Lich King storyline would be the way to go. It’s easily the most epic storyline the game has to offer so far, IMO, and is unlike anything we’ve seen in other fantasy movies so far.

    • Though I won’t be shocked if they just go back to Warcraft’s roots and just show some early conflict between the Alliance and Horde with the Orcs’ arrival from Draenor too. But I’m betting they’ll just show that in flashbacks.

  2. I agree with Phil. The story of Arthas is really awesome. The other plot I would put to the table would be Medivh and the plot of the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.
    I hope this movie gets off the ground one day…

  3. I’m a huge wow lore buff and I actually want to see an interesting angle that fantasy films haven’t considered. I’ll say there’s enough story lines to pull off WoW to make a good story but I would be very pleased to see one through the eyes of the Horde (to any non-Wow ppl the main race consists of orcs,trolls, cow-men, undead) or have protagonists being the Horde. Typically Hollywood villains in fantasy tend to be creatures like Orcs but what if that idea was flipped? That might seem like a tough choice for a mainstream audience to handle but it’s worth considering.

    • i think the problem there….. Is if they are true to following the lore of WoW… We can’t speak the languages that the horde use… And subtitles would just be annoying to many.

      • I don’t think it necessarily needs to make use of subtitles. Especially think that horde as a whole communicating amongst each other. They would settle on a single language and maybe it’s the same Alliance uses as well.
        But I doubt that WoW is going to be tied with these restrictions as strongly as LotR when considering a mainstream audience to present and how generally unknown they are compared to LotR

  4. I think if they are to make a WoW movie they should follow the game’s storyline with the man character being a human who is joined by a few other races of the allies to take on the horde and the lich king. (just saying he would fill the main villain role nicely) maybe even a movie for each chapter (expansion) of the game?

  5. There IS an epic story within all that convoluted WoW lore, someone needs to just find it. This has always had potential to be great given it’s done right.

  6. I don’t care for Blizzard games but I know that their games have the bestlooking rendered cutscenes in the business. If this World of Warcraft movie will be anything else than an animated feature in the exact same style as those cutscenes, they are making a huge mistake.

    • @Patrick: I think you might be right. That would probably be the way to go. Make the movie in that fashion with high end animation.

  7. Hmmm… I for one am looking forward to a plot synopsis or something to just wrap my brain around. The WoW universe is massive both in story and scale. I really hope they stick to one small piece of the story line (i.e. an earlier piece of the story) rather than try to throw us fully into the WoW universe as it stands today.

  8. I beta tested wow & played up to a few months into the last expansion, Cataclysm. I don’t think they should go with an origin story because the people going to see this movie already know the lore. While the Arthas story is interesting it could come across too much like Darth Vaders storyline from star wars if not done right.

    I doubt the movie will get made and if it does it’ll be on par with that crappy dungeon and dragons movie.

  9. Honestly, the WoW movie wouldn’t even have to come from the in-game lore. There’s an entire other set of lore that comes from the numerous books that have been published. The back story of Thrall could be an interesting movie, but then so could the pre Warcraft: Orcs and Humans story involving Illidan and Malfurion Stormrage. There’s so many different sections of the lore that would make fantastic movies.
    I will agree with Bucketts that Medivh’s story would be fantastic to see in a movie.
    I’m coming across as too much of a fanboy. I love the whole history of the game, and have since I first played Warcraft 1. I just hope that, whatever story they go with, they don’t make it a crappy video game movie like Doom.

  10. Any story involving Deathwing will play like a ‘Hobbit’ ripoff.
    I believe the idea of showing this from the orcs POV was a good one, but why not have it from both sides.
    Start with Humans battling the Orcs, then a team-up to defend all life from the Undead hordes. You could have a ‘hero’ from both sides that way, as well as showcase tons of great action and battle scenes.

  11. The problem with World of Warcraft is that it’s a tongue and cheek copy of many different sources from Tolkien to the Warhammer universe. The stories could easily be made into a movie though they are all far from original. That being said, I guess the origin story of Arthas is the only way to go. You can start there and have numerous World of Warcraft sequels. The amount of money these movies could generate if done well is mind blowing.

  12. I’ve played the game for several years, and would like to see any movie start with new characters interacting with WoW as the backdrop. The writers have a problem with making a movie that would engage WoW players as well as not be completely foreign to the general populace. Because of the latter I fear an overly simplistic “humans are good, orcs are bad” plotline. Try and mnimize the exposition, let people learn about the world by how the characters act within it. It’s almost a given it will be “a party on a quest” for the macguffin, but take time to develop the characters and learn who the characters are- it will make the difference between a movie that connects with its audience and a simple paint-by-numbers show that will be inevitably compared to LOTR.