Woody Harrelson Says ‘Zombieland 2′ Isn’t A Guarantee

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Zombieland Sequel Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson Says Zombieland 2 Isnt A Guarantee

Total Film spoke with Zombieland star Woody Harrelson recently, and in somewhat of a downer update (see what I did there?) the hemp-loving thespian let it be known that while Hollywood logic would dictate that a sequel to a $100 million box office hit (and winner of “Most Pirated Movie 2009“) is a no-brainer, Zombieland 2 is not something that is guaranteed to happen – nor should it be.

In speaking with Total Film, Harrelson had the following perspective to offer:

“I didn’t even want to read the script [of the first film]… Then as it turns out, I read the script and I thought it was phenomenal, really funny…Usually, if I theoretically reject it, I’m right, but this one I was dead wrong. And it might be the first movie I do a sequel to.”

“I’m sure it will happen if everyone does it, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do…It’s one thing to do it when it came out real good and it made a lot of people laugh, but then to do a sequel…I don’t know. I don’t feel like a sequels guy.”

My first reaction would be to say that a Zombieland sequel would move forward with or without Harrelson returning – but at this point I’d be talking out of my rear. In fact, the last we heard about Zombieland 2 was well over a year ago, when the writers of the first film, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, pitched some possibilities for the sequel and even floated the idea of filming it in 3D. Since that time, mum has been the word on the Zombieland front.

Flash-forward to today and the possibility of getting another Zombieland has gotten less likely than before. Reese and Wernick have been working hard on the scripts for G.I. Joe 2 and the eagerly-anticipated Deadpool movie, which would suggest that there’s been little time or room for them to tackle an up-in-the-air project like Zombieland 2.

Then there’s the issue of recollecting the stars of the original film for a sequel. Zombieland was made on a modest $23 million budget, but since that time, the stars of the film have seen their careers hit a fast stride, and bringing them back for the sequel would likely not be a moderately priced negotiation. Woody Harrelson kind of meanders through Hollywood these days, picking mostly bit parts or indie roles at leisure (see: Defendor, 2012, The Messenger) but Zombieland‘s other stars are in the prime of their time in Hollywood.

zombieland cast Woody Harrelson Says Zombieland 2 Isnt A Guarantee

L to R: Eisenberg, Stone, Breslin and Harrelson in 'Zombieland'.

Jesse Eisenberg is up for a Best Actor Oscar for his Social Network role, while Emma Stone had a breakout year with Easy A and will be starring in The Amazing Spider-Man next year. Expect her to be tied up in Spidey’s web for at least one more sequel after ASM. Little Abigail Breslin isn’t so little anymore, and her career as a serious actress is certainly wide open. Catch Breslin this year voicing a character in Rango and starring in the star-studded ensemble film, New Year’s Eve.

There are a lot of movies that, when looking back from the present, appear to be small miracles in terms of the talent who came together to make them (Three Kings, looking at you). Zombieland now fits in that category, and the notion of bringing back all the talent involved in the film is just as Woody Harrelson would suggest: not something that necessarily will happen.

As for the question of whether or not Zombieland 2 should be made? I’ll let you guys answer that in the comments.

Source: Total Film

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  1. Zombieland is one of my top five comedies of ALL TIME! It is also one of my top ten favorite movies of all time. What the heck. Do Zombieland 2 and lets see what happens. Just gonna take a little off the top!

  2. I think they should make a 2nd zombieland but maybe go with a different location and cast. I mean we only seen one spot in america that was overrun with zombies. Lets go to a different state and pick up the movie with new characters and how they get through a everyday life of zombies walking the earth. And maybe somewhere in the movie we see the legendary cadillac with the big 3 on the side drive by in the background just to satisfy our hearts. Knowing that our favorite zombie killing cast was safely driving around killing zombs for fun will give us closure with the old characters and let us move on and accept the new ones.

    • I think the should keep the cast because the cast was amazing.

    • great idea! i’d buy that, even a crossing of the paths with a cameo would be sweet.. perhaps the rules become legend and widespread.. also, i think zombie kill of the week could be eisenberg running through pacific playland when the ride took out 3 zombies chasin him! just a thought.. enjoy the little things!

  3. They’re too busy to do Zombieland 2 because they’re working on G.I. Joe 2?! They REALLY need to get their prioirities in order!

  4. The first was amazing and there should be one more at least. Well at least I would want to be in it.

  5. How would I be able to try out for zombieland 2 that would be the greatest thing ever!

  6. I have watched Zombieland atleast six times while here in Iraq. I love this movie and would love for a part 2. On a side note I could really use a GD Twinkie…

  7. I’d love a second film, as long as no one gets killed off. I’m afraid it will go from good funny to retarded funny though, and i hope to god its not 3d.

  8. I think that a zombieland 2 would be an amazing idea and to get all the main actors back would be amazing and would show the amazing determination of cast and crew if they could do it before the end of 2013 I know
    at least 300 hundred people who would see
    it. That would book out our local cinema for a
    entire showing and I bet that every Zombie fan or enthusiast would go and see it which bumps it up to at least a couple million people going to see it before you even start the normal numbers. Do the math. It would be very profitable for the makers. Plus all the fans would go and see your next movie. It is like a never-ending stream of money for you and a never-ending gift for the fans. I am waiting for Zombieland 2 please don’t dissapoint millions of people everywhere!!

  9. I absolutely loved zombieland. A sequel would be awesome and certainly would rake in a lot of earnings due to the popularity of the first movie. I mean who doesn’t love a good zombie movie.

  10. I am one that usually doesn’t go for sequels because most of the time, they fail miserably. Yes, there are exceptions… {Godfather II, Aliens} but there are far more flops as sequels. However, after seeing Zombieland about 30 times… it’s on Starz all the time… I would love to see a sequel.

    As for a “Special Guest Appearance” I think Eddie Van Halen would be great since he was mentioned in the first one… even though Bill Murray said, “He’s a zombie.”

    I’ve seen Christopher Walken mentioned as a guest appearance and he would be sublime. I would really like to see a George Bush-zombie and have Tallahassee rip him apart! LOL

  11. To Woody and all the cast, this is my all time favorite movie. I watch it every time it is scheduled on Dish Network, which is frequently. All of you need to do the sequel. Part of the reason to do a sequel is because the cast all feel the story isn’t finished. In this case it isn’t. You left two of the four characters without partners, and if nothing else, that needs to be resolved for the apocalyptic rebuilding of the new society that comes after. I see the movie opening with two new characters, a woman and her teenage son. And, I see Little Rock at the age of 17 or so, as a real kick ass young gun slinger riding in to bail them out. Come on guys, the FAMILY is not complete until everyone has their someone.

    This show was hilarious, and I want another heavy dose of humor until I O-D. Do you know how few really good movies get made today without a massive budget for special effects? You don’t even have to pay for any of those. This is an easy make, and all you really need is actors to agree that this movie needs a few finishing touches.

  12. It would friggin’ awesome if there was a second Zombieland, but if any of the people decide not to return for he sequel then I don’t think it should be made. Honestly I think it would blow.

  13. Zombieland is one of my favorite movies. If they make a sequel, I know I will not be the only one psyched. I REALLY hope the cast can make this movie because I will definitely go see it.

  14. I strongly feel that they should make a sequel because. The first was really good and I watch it over and over again.

  15. Were the original dozen tv episodes supposed to follow the whole cast of what became the film? If no sequel is coming, mebbe the series should be reconsidered.

  16. There should be a zombieland 2. It was a fantastic movie, hilarious, and a refreshing change from the average zombie thriller. I am actually an upcoming actor and I will throw my hat into the ring for the sequel but only as an add in to the origanal cast. It wouldnt be the same without them.

  17. the only way to serialize this movie franchise is to focus on a solitary character for the sequel–it shouldn’t be a reunion. in other words, you only need one of the original actors to write a worthy continuation plot without bleeding the stone dry. really though, i’d just revive bill murray.

  18. i loved the first film and if they make a second i would love to see it but for me it wouldnt be too bad if jesse abigail emma and woody didnt come back nothing says they cant focus on another group of survivors which opens up the possibility of a third in which the two groups meet

  19. Yes there definitely needs to be a sequel! This movie was one of the best zombie comedies yet with its unusualness. Even though the film wasnt that long I and many others find ourselves constantly watching and enjoying this unique film. To not make a sequel would be severely disappointing and upsetting to many.

  20. I really disagree with patina’s comment. “Pirates of the Carribean” made millions if not billions off of sequals, and “Zombieland” would do the same. I also liked the idea of a series if the original cast couldn’t be gotten, as Alan Alda and the networks made millions if not billions on “Mash” both of which were humor in kind with Zombieland. You pack the right kind of humor in anything and people want to see it. See, “The Mummy”. The studios refused to do another mummy movie until someone proposed to do it as a comedy.

  21. I think I’ve watched zombieland almost 50 times, no exaggeration I swear! Zombieland 2 would make me so happy, the original cast were epic, they need to be kept! Any storyline and setting for this film would be amazing! There’s no doubt of making it!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think a second would be great but i hate greedy actors. so if the original cast what come back get a better cast like replacements for woody could be the Rock or steve austin or silvester salone. Yeah wresteling stars are great for zombie movies i say. so yes please come out with a second.

    • It’s really not about greed. It’s about time management. The more popular an actor becomes the higher the price their time goes for. It cuts down on offers that they won’t be able to make time for anyway. However, if they really want to do a project for the fun of it, then they might discount the project to the producers just to do it. I hope that the entire cast does, because it is a very popular and fun movie. The thing is, if the producers don’t plan for sequals at the start and contract the crew for them as a whole package, then the subsequent costs of the movies goes up. One of the reasons that “Pirates” is making so much money is the producers were planning for them at the start. In the case of “Z-land” they had no sure fire hit at the start so they more than likely didn’t have an option on the actors at the time for any sequals.

  23. zombieitis is reaching an all time high we see “Dead Island” and “survival of the dead” and we know that the zombie franchise is a genre that will never die because we can keep finding new ways to make it interesting zombieland 2 should be same cast but they meet a “rival group” of survivors and they eventually have to join forces to deal with a big threat!!

  24. please omg do another zombieland. zombieland was my favorite movie of all time ext to the hangover and if there doing a sequel then why not zombie land to.

  25. Hi, Zombieland 2 would be great, but it would be great also if you can get the original actors plus some others to join the crew, that would be awesome plus if the film is made by 2013 Abigail Breslin would be 17 already so they can make it like if the years passed and in case Woody Harrelson does not appear anymore, the could arrange it as if he took his way to Mexico to find “Los Submarinos” (mexican Twinkies) also I kind of see great in the movie to appear ChloĆ« Grace Moretz and Aziz Ansari from 30 minutes or less, That guy is Hilarious!! hahaha!!! even I would like to appear in the movie at least a little bit of time, also the appearances of Great sports cars like I mean if your alone in the world what are you doing with a crappy vehicle when you can get a Corvette, Mustang, Ferrari or a BMW or Mercedes Benz…. I really hope they make the 2nd part… would be awesome!!! =)

  26. most the people commenting on here are sooooo stupid, they are not going to make another film all the actors and writers and amazingly rich and as moved onto bigger and better things such as New years eve, GI joe and even spiderman, its not like they are struggling for money so get it out your thick minds they are gunna make another one, but as much as id like em to they are not!!!!!!


  27. Sam, they have moved on to bigger things, but New Years Eve, GI Joe and Spiderman are in no way better than Zombieland.

    If all the actors and writers are amazingly rich, that would actually make an argument FOR getting them together for Zombieland 2. If they’re set financially, then they can afford to do something like Z-Land 2 for fun even if the pay isn’t as much as it is for big-budget cookie cutter crap.