Woody Harrelson Says ‘Zombieland 2′ Isn’t A Guarantee

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Zombieland Sequel Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson Says Zombieland 2 Isnt A Guarantee

Total Film spoke with Zombieland star Woody Harrelson recently, and in somewhat of a downer update (see what I did there?) the hemp-loving thespian let it be known that while Hollywood logic would dictate that a sequel to a $100 million box office hit (and winner of “Most Pirated Movie 2009“) is a no-brainer, Zombieland 2 is not something that is guaranteed to happen – nor should it be.

In speaking with Total Film, Harrelson had the following perspective to offer:

“I didn’t even want to read the script [of the first film]… Then as it turns out, I read the script and I thought it was phenomenal, really funny…Usually, if I theoretically reject it, I’m right, but this one I was dead wrong. And it might be the first movie I do a sequel to.”

“I’m sure it will happen if everyone does it, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do…It’s one thing to do it when it came out real good and it made a lot of people laugh, but then to do a sequel…I don’t know. I don’t feel like a sequels guy.”

My first reaction would be to say that a Zombieland sequel would move forward with or without Harrelson returning – but at this point I’d be talking out of my rear. In fact, the last we heard about Zombieland 2 was well over a year ago, when the writers of the first film, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, pitched some possibilities for the sequel and even floated the idea of filming it in 3D. Since that time, mum has been the word on the Zombieland front.

Flash-forward to today and the possibility of getting another Zombieland has gotten less likely than before. Reese and Wernick have been working hard on the scripts for G.I. Joe 2 and the eagerly-anticipated Deadpool movie, which would suggest that there’s been little time or room for them to tackle an up-in-the-air project like Zombieland 2.

Then there’s the issue of recollecting the stars of the original film for a sequel. Zombieland was made on a modest $23 million budget, but since that time, the stars of the film have seen their careers hit a fast stride, and bringing them back for the sequel would likely not be a moderately priced negotiation. Woody Harrelson kind of meanders through Hollywood these days, picking mostly bit parts or indie roles at leisure (see: Defendor, 2012, The Messenger) but Zombieland‘s other stars are in the prime of their time in Hollywood.

zombieland cast Woody Harrelson Says Zombieland 2 Isnt A Guarantee

L to R: Eisenberg, Stone, Breslin and Harrelson in 'Zombieland'.

Jesse Eisenberg is up for a Best Actor Oscar for his Social Network role, while Emma Stone had a breakout year with Easy A and will be starring in The Amazing Spider-Man next year. Expect her to be tied up in Spidey’s web for at least one more sequel after ASM. Little Abigail Breslin isn’t so little anymore, and her career as a serious actress is certainly wide open. Catch Breslin this year voicing a character in Rango and starring in the star-studded ensemble film, New Year’s Eve.

There are a lot of movies that, when looking back from the present, appear to be small miracles in terms of the talent who came together to make them (Three Kings, looking at you). Zombieland now fits in that category, and the notion of bringing back all the talent involved in the film is just as Woody Harrelson would suggest: not something that necessarily will happen.

As for the question of whether or not Zombieland 2 should be made? I’ll let you guys answer that in the comments.

Source: Total Film

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  1. A sequel with the original actors wouldn’t even come close to being as good as the first movie. So if Woody Harrelson doesn’t return I say, “Please, PLEASE don’t make a sequel!”

    Don’t get me wrong I loved the first Zombieland, but some movies should end where they were meant to end. A sequel would seem forced and dragged out like a mother chimp dragging around its dead baby chimp.

    If all the main actors return then go for it, but I still wouldn’t expect much from it. I mean Tallahassee already got his twinkie so there’s not much to look forward to.

    • That seems like a pretty narrow evaluation. You think the story was all about a twinkie?

      • Shut The f*** up

  2. There should be more then one sequel cuz if they can drag things out like saw an lord of the rings to all there glory then why can’t they make like 50e zonbielands with all the excitment about walking dead it would fall right into place.

    • The Lord of the Rings was written as three parts originally. It wasn’t dragged out that was the original story on film. In the case of Zombieland it was written as a single script and a whole new story would have to be written to continue it. Honestly I think that at least one sequal is all that is needed, and that would just be be like the “cleaning up of the mess and starting all over again” kind of thing with the original actors and characters, but, some years later, after the little girl has become an adult and Talahasee could meet a new girl friend and she could meet a new guy friend. That would pretty much finish the story. After that it would lose its charm as a great dark comedy. That is just my opinion.

    • This movie is awesome. and the Walking Dead sucks ass !!!

      • The first two seasons of The Walking Dead suck ass.I’m waiting for the third season

        • Zombieland is awesome and so is walking dead.

  3. I LOVE ZOMBIE LAND, i want a part 2

    • Ya

    • Me too!

  4. YES! I really loved Zombieland. It is still my favorite movie and I think the movie ended with a bit of a cliff hanger. Like, where did they all end up? Did Zombieland get any better then before? I just think they should make another movie because I would really enjoy it. :)

  5. I would say “Yes, make a sequal.” because i think theres some more rules that need to get out there.

    • maybe if they have a sequel, have it where Columbus tries to be a crack dealer and fails from the beginning but still tries to sell it anyway and tries to sell it to everyone else but they never want any and he sets up traps to get the zombies high and the are all zoned out so he can get an easy kill.

      • what?????????? bad idea. there would be hell from hollywood from that idea, and to top it off, WHY WOULD SOMEONE WATCH THAT?!!!!!

  6. Zombieland was probably one of or the greatest zombie movies ever make a sequel no question

  7. Please make zombieland 2

  8. Instead of a sequel that stars the old actors, why not make a sequel that focuses on other survivors depending on DIFFERENT rules? Then the old stars could make cameo appearances where they would clash with the new stars because said rules of new stars make them go absolutely uninterested in guys with different views as them?

    And since this is Zombieland we’re talking about a sequel filmed in a zombie’s perspective wouldn’t feel out of place since, well, this IS Zombieland we’re talking about.

    • thats a good ass idea i like how you think

    • I know this was a year ago but that idea isn’t bad, could work but it falls apart (for me) because I thought Eisenberg (forgot characters name except Tallahassee) started the rules. I didn’t hear anyone else say any of the rules and I’m sure he pinches one of Tallahassee’s and adds it when they meet. So for me I would say he’s vital to the story plus Tallahassee was a boss in that film. Plus, we all know you always want another Twinkie, I don’t live in the US and I know that.

  9. Well, I honestly think that they should, like others have said, it leaves with a huge final thought, which actually is a good thing. It’ll let you imagine the rest, but, people should leave that to books, not to movies. Movies shouldn’t leave a final thought in my opinion, it should clear up everything. I’d feel way more comfortable with everything being cleared up at the end, or a part two. It wouldn’t have as much action though, or would it? That’s the thing, it doesn’t clear up much. Like, did the zombie apocalypse end? Did they reproduce to make more survivors? Honestly, I hope for a part two of Zombieland. I think it should star maybe the children of the final survivors? Like, he passed down the rules, and the children add on to it. But honestly, if they make a Zombieland 2, it’ll be a hit or miss. It could be just as good or better than the first (which I highly doubt unfortunately). Or it could utterly fail (which I doubt also). I think if they make a sequel it’ll be not as good as the first one, but close to it.

    • That’s a very clever idea. I kind of like it. If it isn’t possible to get the old crew back, that is actually a very good way to continue. Zombieland 2: The Next Generation.

  10. I would absolutely love to see a second zombieland made! I think they should go for it!

  11. They can do a separate story line… there have got to be more than 4 survivors, right? Tell the stories of another group that gets together and maybe survives.

    They should avoid the mistake of the TV Pilot (re casting for the same characters).

  12. Make a zombieland sequal the first one was funny but they weren’t trying to he funny to the point to where it was just dumb it was perfect do that in the 2nd one and there will be a hit

  13. I love zombieland! they should definitely make a sequel.

  14. a prequel could be pretty interesting too. Adding excitement from when the S*** starts to hit the fan 😉

  15. I reckon a sequel would be great, there’s got to be more novelty ways of killing zombies that need to be thought up

  16. please please make zombieland 2 i love the zombieland i have watched it many times but every time i watch the twice fun i get please make zombieland 2

    • I love zombieland aswell but most sequels always end up ruined. I don’t want zombieland 2 to suck.

  17. The only way any one-hit wonder “cult classic” original ever gets a sequel is one of two ways: either a new director comes on board and takes it in a really special direction and the original cast come back out of sentiment and their love of the original film, OR the cast fall out of popularity and need a refresher to make people remember them again

    I hope one of these things happens