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sarah connor cast WonderCon Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles PanelJust a few minor notes regarding the Sarah Connor Chronicles panel at WonderCon.

They showed a series of clips from the existing episodes combined into a montage. It looks like it may have actually gotten better since the pilot and I’ve been missing out. I may have to watch this in reruns, online, or however else.

Panelists present were Brian Austin Greene, Summer Glau, John Wirth, Craig Tomashoff, Josh Friedman, and Thomas Dekker (John Connor).

They talked about some of their wacky behind the scenes hijinks.

Josh Friedman wanted to bring back Kyle Reese, but they decided to bring back his brother instead. They figured the initial reaction would have been to have been stalked and killed by the fans of the movies. That last bit is mine, not what they said, but it’s essentially the gist.

The series does not tie in at all with the upcoming Terminator 4 movie. They are different universes and will continue to remain so.

Although the second season has not yet been officially approved as far as I know, they were speaking as if they assumed it was a done deal.

Friedman joked about how after the second episode people were asking whether they were going to hit a Terminator with a car in every single episode. This was actually one of the things that bugged the heck out of me when I got part way through that second episode.

Summer Glau said it’s easier to play Terminator Cameron than her character from Serenity, Summer because Cameron just throws things instead of using martial arts.

There was a small sneak peek of the season finale. It had to do with the chip Glau removes from the Terminators she kills, but not having seen the show it meant nothing to me.

One of the things they stated in the panel is how they refused to “dumb down” the show, despite requests from Fox to do so because they thought the audience was smart and could get subtleties in the series. Personally I found the pilot pretty dumb and containing a number of items I would classify as falling into that category.

So tell us, has the show in fact improved? Has it gotten “smarter?”

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  1. I think you put the wrong headline on your review of Witless Protection starring Larry the Cable Guy.


    SERIOUSLY, Vic: Thanks for all your hard work on this site. I know it’s fun, but it’s still work. I don’t know where you get the energy, but I hope it’s legal.

  2. Vic,

    The show HAS gotten much better. It’s on my do-not-miss list. I agree the first couple of episodes were kind of up and down, but the series seems to have found it’s footing-even if it’s not EXACTLY to canon. The Terminators are awesome (although I can’t figure out why they all don’t look like Arnold. I mean, if they can look different, why did John send back the one in T2 that looked exactly like the one that tried to kill her?), and the new Sarah has really grown on me. I like this John better than the kid in T2, although the Terminatrix (LOL) is taking some getting used to. You should check it out again, because I am REALLY hoping that they renew this series for next year!!

  3. Hey Vic, I second Andy’s opinion on the show.

    It’s weird adjusting to the new faces to the old characters, and the first episode was a bit weak but the series has developed into a bit of a gritty connector with the movies as they start to reference more “behind the mythos” of some of the story lines. If you enjoyed the movies, I bet you’ll find yourself enjoying some of the aspects they bring to light.

    Not to mention I’ve depressed myself by concluding that they did not succeed in stopping skynet, since we’re watching the events in the show, because had they succeeded, no ‘droids would be hunting them down. (Yep, a star trek time causality type thinking.. I couldn’t help it.)

  4. Yes Vic its getting better as far as action and creative avenues however destroying Skynets creator seems like a loop to keep this tv storyline going.
    Anyway besides the actor that plays John Connor, Summer Glau is the best thing about this show! ( I went out and bought Serenity because of her).

    The actress that plays Sarah lost me with her black hair. Sorry to dwell on that point but to me its a pretty big one, as far as loosing myself in the story…she’s ok I guess as Sarah?

    Also the pre-boyfriend now a married Paramedic sure looks alot like Michael Biehn.
    They really should have cast him as the Reese brother, o well another bad casting choice?
    Next is the actor from Deadwood. (Sorry I don’t know his name) but he’s the Bad terminator now.
    He has made it this far from the schoolroom to the bank vault to the present , new skin an all.
    He’s playing the role of an FBI agent. He’s pretty good as well. He reminds me a little of Robert Patrick.
    Anyway like I mentioned they have brought the Reese clan into the mix.
    And during one episode we see that Cameron might be something we didn’t expect.
    There’s hints that possibly Cameron has a back-up Skynet program and its about to be activated. Or something to this direction.
    The plot is twisting and its working into a compelling show.
    (IMO) For all us Terminator fans its going to be interesting to see this thru….

  5. I think the show is very smart, but I’d be really careful about those episodes that go back and forth from the future to the present, etc. There was a recent episode in which I had to watch it twice just to understand the whole “Kyle Reese” connection.

  6. I remember reading the T2 script years ago, and a never filmed scene showed that the time machine was going to be destroyed and that the model on hand was the Arnold version, plus- I think that Schwarzenegger has another job these days.

  7. Yea Niall T2 had alot of cool stuff cut out. I sure hope you watched the Extended Version.
    Personally, IMO T4 should focus on destroying the Time Machine first then Skynet.

    But they don’t take my calls over at Skynet Productions and have my picture hanging up at the guard shack. :-(

  8. Steve,
    For the last 10 years it has been the only version that I watch :-)


  9. 10-4 Niall, is clearly the best version!!

  10. the shows got me hooked, I like it a lot.

    but then again, im not gonna lie, im gonna watch anything with summer glau in it. im in love

  11. Oh no.. “busy” has been bitten.

  12. I guess. I dont know if i can agree with the ‘on my cant miss it’ crowd. I almost stopped watching it several times only to watch the previews for next week and get sucked back in. oh and its got summer glau in it. meow. However i did like last nights ep (The Demon Hand). Glau got to show off her ballerina skills (she was originally a prima ballerina before some sort of injury and was a ballerina the first time i ever saw her in an ep of Angel). I even spent almost an hour trying to find the pretty little piano song at the end of the ep but i couldnt so if anybody knows or can track that down, i would be grateful. I did find out that the score of the show is made by the same guy, bear mccreary, who did BSG and eureka etc., so he doesnt suck. Anywho, next week is a 2 eps back to back season finale (9 eps in a season, what is this jericho season 2?!?).

  13. Yea Patrick Summer Glau is perfect casting. She’s smoking hot. Skynet deffinitly has a good female database.
    That evil bastard!!!
    Also Patrick wasn’t that Demon hand reffered to as the “hand of god?”.
    What’s with casting the Senator from X-men as Doctor Silberman. That was a crap deal. The real actor that played him has got to be availible.
    (IMO) they made the same mistake with Enriqua in episode 2 or was it 3?
    Anyway casting has been hit and miss on this show and that’s pretty sad considering the talent pool.
    9 episodes I believe was all they could shoot at the time of the strike. This 2 hour finale should be continued. I’m allmost positive the show wil get renewed for a full 22 episode season.
    As much as there screwing some aspects up, I still watch every week like a geek.
    One thing I would love to see next season is a evil-terminator verson of Cameron sent back from the future.