‘Green Lantern’ WonderCon Trailer and Panel

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green lantern movie reception Green Lantern WonderCon Trailer and Panel

The popular DC comics character, Green Lantern, will be featured for the first time in a live-action film this summer under the direction of Martin Campbell (Casino Royale).

Ryan Reynolds, who stars as the title character, is at WonderCon in San Francisco today with his co-star Blake Lively (Carol Ferris), and DC’s chief creative officer Geoff Johns for a panel discussion – followed by select press interviews.

We were there to attend the panel and speak with the stars, and have created a video breakdown with our friend Eric Eisenberg from Cinema Blend on all things Green Lantern.

But first — take a look at the abridged version of the WonderCon Green Lantern footage!

(Head over to Apple.com for uber-HD versions)

As you can see from the opening in this trailer, the CGI for Mark Strong’s Sinestro is phenomenal, it seamlessly blends actor and character; though, this rousing speech came at the end of the full sequence that we were shown. The full scene included the introduction to Parallax (mostly effective here as the embodiment of fear) and his defeat of Abin-Sur, Hal Jordan’s acceptance of the ring, his journey to Oa and the inception of his training with Tomar-Re (the first footage of Geoffrey Rush’s voice work), which is perfectly suited to the role.

As we discuss in the panel wrap-up below, the look of the footage is a vast improvement over the original trailer that was released. Warner Bros. has made the necessary adjustments, and the suit on Hal Jordan is one that most fans will likely be able to get behind (thought the mask still needs a bit of tweaking). The tone of the film, as seen thus far, is grounded yet inspirational as well as exhilarating, and entertaining – while maintaining a sense of the consequences and responsibility involved in becoming a member of the Corps. The focus here is on Jordan becoming a Lantern and beginning to learn who and what they represent. We look forward to seeing more footage of his time and relationships on Earth in the near future, and hope that it’s as exciting as what we see have seen here.

As to the panel itself, and a recap of the footage we were shown check out the video of our breakdown below:

Highlights from the event included:

– As mentioned, several minutes of footage establishing Hal Jordan’s introduction to, and relationship with, the Green Lantern Corps – including a preview of Geoffrey Rush voicing Tomar-Re (in short — it works). The tone of the footage was lighter than The Dark Knight certainly but not without some sense of the  situation’s weight. Warner Bros. brought footage geared towards the fans of Green Lantern and the crowd was enthusiastic about what they were shown. There was a deafening roar when Hal was able to make the oath (after a moment of stumbling with “I pledge allegiance to this lantern, that was given to me by a dying purple alien”) – and Sinestro’s speech to the Corps at the close of the clips inspired an equal amount of excitement.

– Reynolds responded to a fan making reference to Deadpool as a villain by saying “he’s not a villain, he’s just an a**hole.” He also elaborated on a potential Deadpool spin-off: “There are so many unknowns,” and though he had a lot of fun playing Deadpool, “there was a lot I would have done differently, and if I ever do get to do it, we are going to do it the right way. A hard R [rating].”

Geoff Johns confirmed that a Justice League movie is in development (as we know), though Reynolds has not yet been approached to be a part of the film.

– When an audience member asked what Green Lantern had to offer in a field full of comic-book films, Reynolds responded: “Does it seem like this crowd is being bombarded by superhero movies? Do you think they’re waiting for ‘Black Swan 2?'”

Reynolds also indicated that he feels Bradley Cooper would make a good Flash.

– Blake Lively mentioned that she would be exited to see Star Sapphire come to life – but would like to see her wear a “few more scraps of material.”

– Last, but certainly not least, a much improved CGI costume for Reynolds – sans a few lingering issues with the mask. When asked about his thoughts on the costume Reynolds replied that he had “argued for straight up fish-net, but the suit is pure energy, so CGI is the only option.” Warner Bros. recently apologized for the first Green Lantern trailer and have waited to release another official look at the film until they are happy with the effects – so expect next GL trailer to screen in front of Thor on May 6th.

Take a look at the newly released poster for the film below to get an early sense of what the costume adjustments look like.

NewGreenLanternPoster Green Lantern WonderCon Trailer and Panel

As we summarized at the close of the video, the general consensus is, it’s safe to get excited about Green Lantern again.

Green Lantern comes to theaters on June 17th, 2011.

The cast includes: Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern; Blake Lively as Carol Ferris; Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Hector Hammond; Mark Strong as Sinestro.

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  1. Sinestro looked good. Everything else looked fake. Episode 1 fake.

    • Umm….it’s a SCI-FI film. It looked about as fake as fake as Avatar, Tranformers and your mom! LOL Looked waaaaay better than Fantastic Four, Thor and Cap America….without a doubt!

      Your an obvious troll. haha

      • Transformers actually doesn’t look fake. This does.

  2. To all the haters, complainers, and dare I say whiners…IN YOUR FACE!! 😉 I kid..no seriously though..those that rag on this film will always do it no mattter how great the trailer, promotional material or final product actually is because that is what some people do..whine and complain..

  3. It might be better than the still to be written Deadpool. It will be nice to see an intergalactic team for once.

  4. HELL YEAH, thats more like it.

  5. I guess I don’t have an eye for bad special effects. Honestly the only thing that I had issues with was the costume appearance at the end of the first trailer. Aside from that everything else looks good. I am however a writer and more intuitive to the dialogue and script. A few of those one-liners and Blake Lively’s performance have me a bit worried. But then again,one-liners seem to be a staple in big summer event pics.

  6. MUCH better. I’m seeing this movie, for sure now.

  7. I have hope once again… The CGI looks much better. Still think the a real suit would have been better but I’m happy to see that the story looks to be pretty good.

    GL is back on top of my list of most anticipated movie of 2011!!!

  8. Wow, looks way better than Thor or Cap.

  9. DC haters beware! This trailer just got me super hype for a JLA movie.

  10. Oh, dear lord…THAT was a thing of pure beauty.

  11. In the words of the philosopher Stone Cold Steve Austin…
    “OH, HELL YEAH!!!”

  12. A clear improvement. I’m now excited to see it. What a movie summer us fans have to look forward to.

  13. special f/x def look better then all previous previews, this just went from ‘i might check it out if i have some spare cash lying around’ to ‘gonna watch it 1st week of release’. btw who/what’s the villain in the movie,and what’s their ability/power ?

  14. The blood is rushing all over my body, Now this is more like baby!!!

  15. Yes, I have to admit this makes a much better impression, and appeals to me a lot more.

    I think the producers were clearly conscious of the negative reactions to the film’s comedic tones and wanted to present the film as a more serious epic adventure in the same vein as Thor

    I also share the view that expectations should be kept in check. Hal’s meeting with Abi Sur, the introduction to the Corps in Oa etc, all the scenes should have a serious tone to them. This was to be expected. It’s how much of the scenes on Earth will be more humourous that’s a concern for me. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be any humour, but I’m just wary of going in expecting one movie – and then getting something completely different from what the the trailer is showing me.

    Most of it looked good, a bit CGI heavy but again you would expect that for this adaptation. The Oa landscapes, Tomar, Hal creating the machine gun – quite cool. Still not sold on looks for Sinestro who seems a bit wimpish in physique when compared to Jordan, some other Lanterns look quite garish and the parallax wasn’t completely convincing for me. The mask still looks wrong, and it’s someting they need to fix, it will put off a lot of people who are new to the character. Can’t they make it black instead? – or just remove it completely? Yes there’s the idenitity issue, but am I right in saying that John Stewart doesn’t wear one? I still feel the CGI suit doesn’t work either.

    I have to say, people with negative views shouldn’t be seen as haters, each to their own, and this site would be boring if everyone had the same opinion. Remember weve be burned in the past with terrible movies from initially impressive trailers.

    Thor is still the one for me and when we see more footage, I think it will put Green Lantern in the shade.

  16. the first trailer i was like ok it may be alright but this one i had a fanboygazum

  17. Cap – initial thoughts were that it looked okay but as I see more I like what I see.

    Thor – initial thoughts were that it looked pretty good but as I see more I am starting to think it will disappoint.

    Green Lantern – initial thoughts were that it looked mediocre but as I see more I’m pumped. Every time I watch this latest trailer I say “holy crap it’s a must see”.

  18. Wow, much better now, hope the jokes they showed in the previous trailer are the only ones in the movie. Seems cool, and looks like it has “a” real plot. Looking forward to see it, can’t be as worse as Sucker Punch and Snyder’s upcoming Superman.

    • How could it be worse than Nolan AND Snyders upcoming Superman, when it they are not even going to start shooting that film until August? Have you seen classified footage or are you an Oracle or something? Please tell me who is going win the 2011 World Series while your at it, so I can make some money betting on that team!

      hahaha….Your a goofball!

  19. this just looks amazing im getting chills here. Early predictions I say this movie makes over 65mill in its first weekend at theaters.

  20. Sorry, but it looks awful and the CGI looks rubbish. Not something I’ll be watching.
    There’s too many superhero films coming out.

    • rhino

      if you think the cgi looks awful then you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to sfx and cgi.

      • Exactly. Plus that CGI and SVX shown in that footage was worked on probably a month or two ago. Can you imagine how much it better it will look even more when the final cut is released in June?

        They are stil working night and day on improving the effects for the final cut. This footage proves to me that the final phase of CGI and SVX will look awesome in late June for the release of the film! This latest footage gave the chills and goosebumps. That’s how you KNOW it is good!

  21. God of god 😀 .. that was pure pure puree…. AMAZEMENT OOZING.. piece of trailer ever seen for a Superhero movie of this caliber 😀 … AWESOME.. that’e more effing like it :D.. Everything is beautiful.. i will be there first day for this..

    “BEWARE MY LIGHT” at the end of the trailer.. gave me a smile and goose pimples..

  22. Its looks muuuuch better now.

  23. I’m not convinced about this film being a success, i dont think people are going to get it!!

    although im a big fan myself your average joe soap who doesn’t know anything about green lantern is just gonna be like, whats the hell is this?!? haha

    Good casting tho all the same, has the potential but i reckon only comic book guys like myself are gonna get this film, here’s hoping :)

    • If people “got” Avatar and if they “got” Star Wars and Star Trek, and Transformers then they will most certainly “get” this Green Lantern film. The great buzz on this film is back. The SVX, SFX, and CGI is not even completed yet and they have been working hard day and night to make them better and better.

      This footage was probably work they did about a month or two ago. Can you imagine how much better the CGI and effects will look by the time the film rolls out in late June?


      • yeah i understand what your saying but what about daredevil, ghost rider, spawn, the first hulk, jonah hex, catwoman, batman & robin, the list goes on……………………………………………………………..

        Lets just hope it doesn’t flop

        • Those movies were not very good (except for Daredevil and Ghost Rider (I thought they were OK)), they had horrible scripts.

    • GL, at its core, is science fiction (yes, with adventure and action elements, with a couple of other genres thrown in for good measure), so if people understand other SF movies, they should be able to catch on to this.

  24. summertimeblockbustersuperheromoviescokepopcornTheHammerTheRingTheShieldbringitbringitBringitBRingITBRRRIIIINGGGIIIITTTT

  25. BRINGITBRINGITBRINGIT!!!!!! I’m pumped.

  26. Yeah, a great improvement! Very happy with this! I’ll be there this summer.

  27. Wow. Can’t wait.

  28. I had shivers running down my spine. This is looking like a great cinematic adapation. I say Cinematic, because it’s impossible to match the print.

  29. I think I just had one! That was @$#%&* awesome!!!